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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, Have been absent for a long time but after my first (semi-failed) grow i have started my fourth grow a few months ago. First time using feminized seeds (BF liberty haze, glookies and pineapple chunk) instead of autos and finally growing in a proper tent instead of a stealth pc build. I am using soil (Biobizz light mix), first time properly using nutrients and i am currently on week 8 of the veg period. I have used Biobizz root juice, bio grow, alg-a-mic and molasses until this point in time. I was planning to use Biobizz Top Max and Bio Bloom. After speaking with a few growers and doing some research online i was told to use Advanced nutrients Bud Candy as well with the two previously mentioned nutes. I also have AN Big Bud (wanted to try it in my next grow). Lastly i was gifted a bottle of Atami bloombastic which is apparently very strong. My question is the following: Can i use this two different brands together? For example can I use BB bloom and top max in conjunction with AN Bud candy? Also can i fit Atami Bloombastic in there? (It is stated in the box that it should only be used during week 4-6 (8 week period)) Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, Im just curious as to when I should top my plants, Can I top in veg? How often should I top in veg and flower. Cheers
  3. Hi all. So I feel a lil daft having to ask this question. did i FIM wrong? I had a go for the first time tonight and I trimmed the new shoot just below where the new leaves come off the brand new branch instead of just above, leaving a tiny bit of leafage on the plant. I have an image on my profile gallery as I don,t know how to upload one on to this post. I really just want to know if this will negatively impact the whole idea of FIMing in the first place. If you need a pic I will try to figure out how to do it. Or just go on to my profile gallery. Thanks y'all
  4. As we are chatting hazes, but I don't want to encroach on other threads.... I've also never grown out or even smoked a true haze, which is pretty shocking.... So it's on my list to do this year. How do they respond to topping and scrogging? I have a spare Ds60, I'm thinking of dedicating that to a haze so it doesn't matter how long flowering goes in a mixed tent full of hybrids and also used for drying. I can leave the DS60 go as long as it wants, height dependent. I'm used to topping, LST, and scrogging to control shape and height with hybrids/indicas. Can the same be used for the traditionally taller, lankier hazes or do they suffer? Later this year or even next year I will look at a full tent haze run but as grows are limited this year I like the Idea of just sneaking one in the DS60