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Found 12 results

  1. I have the fortunate problem of more flower than usual this season so 80% of the harvest will have to be spinpro'd then onto drying racks. I'll keep all the main colas on stalks for a dry trim but the rest will be on racks. Looking around google images, some people have the racks pretty deep with buds, some with loads of space between buds. Is there a sweet spot with how much you can pack onto one of those stackable trays? A few cm's or inches? How often to they need jiggling? I realise it's not the best way to dry them, and they are dry in around 7-9 days, and lose trichs but it's the only way this year.. Any tips and advice welcome.
  2. Hey Guys and Girls. I am living in Span, Mallorca I have recently purchased 120x120x200cm Cabinet. I Have 5 Seedlings going at the moment. (OG Kush) Past Germination Stage Set tent up with 2 small fans plus fresh air Extractor at the bottom and Outtake Extractor at the top. Potted the seeds in Coco and for the first 7 Nights of Light (NoL) i had them under a house hold 3 bulb lamp i adapted. I then placed 2 new 20w Led Flood Lights i purchased from amazon and have adapted also to go into my grow cabinet. Now they are on there 10 Night of Light. Hours [18h on] [6h off] I have noticed some stretch in them. First week fed them with only Ph Correct water then i have done 2 Feeds with Rhizotonic and Cana Veg mixed in. This is where i am at currently. I have tried to add images however cant seem to do so. Here in these 2 links are the images i have taken so far.. HOPEFULLY THESE LINKS WORK Off site links removed.
  3. Im currently waiting to harvest, i started the flush 5 days ago. Iv been checking the tricombs and idd say most are milky but dont see any amber. My question, how quickly do they develop from milky to amber and have i started flushing to soon?
  4. Hi, iv been given a small plant by a mate, he got it from a friend but he dosnt smoke so gave it me. It’s a single very small shoot at the min with a couple of tiny leaves sprouting, It’s Only about 50mm tall. However iv never grown weed before have zero kit and not untending to buy any for 1 plant. Just after some very basic tips like how often to water, what sort of pot and soil to use, when to harvest etc. To get the best weed given the lack of UV lighting and kit Thanks for any advice
  5. tips

    Hi I've got an auto blue mammoth 58 or so days looks good, but I'm not exactly expert at drying and the whole harvest thing, 2 blue treacle last time pulled about 50g each plant which I had to cut at sixty days as the room was needed let's say and not all the buds wert fully ready as a said any tips I'm going to start flushing this week a think I shall try upload snaps see for yourselfs
  6. just wondering if anyone had got any tips for me, im hoping to plant mine start of april, ive got my location of where im going to put them, whats the best to start them off through veg for nutrients and also when there flowering, so far i know im going to turn all the grass/soil over at the location and mix in some horse or cow poo to use as a natural fertiliser, any tips would be a great help for me as its my first ever time trying the great outdoors but ive done a few indoors so kinda know whats what, also ive heard people mix in nutrients with the soil before they plant etc any help is much appreciated
  7. Hey guys and gals, So, this is my first post on uk420 and looking for some tips regarding anything i can do to my plants to make the final weeks of theirs lives the most productive they can be. I have a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with a 600w HPS. Obviously i'm now on my 12/12 cycle and i'm growing in coco ( using Canna Coco A+B for feed ). I am currently growing out a couple of Lemon Kush and a couple of Special Queen. Currently they are on day 27 of flower and looking great. That being said this is my first grow and any ' top tips ' to ensure the best quality at the end would be appreciated. I spend a lot of time online watching videos and reading forums so i'm aware of the main methods ( Low/High stress training, flushing ect...) but i'm looking for the ' old wives tales ' that have been tried and tested in the final weeks of flower and have seen great results. Thanks in advance peeps. Peace & Love Jay420
  8. Hi I'm wanting to install a dripper system into my setup as hand watering 28 coco pots is a bit of a chore Basically looking for advice on what pumps, drippers etc are good ,and what not to use. Any advice or tips etc would be very much appreciated. I understand the basic concept just unsure what will work for my setup.
  9. On the recomendation of a UK420 member(sorry but can't remember who),ive broke my back doing overtime to buy a hot meat smoker.I bought a cold smoke generator with it in a money saving bundle and should take delivery in the next week. The hot smoker is a ProQ excel 20 and a fine looking piece of kit.The same people made the cold smoke generator which I intend to use inside the excel 20. I imagine this its going to take plenty of practice and failures before I can get the best out of this kit but I'm hoping to cure and cold smoke some bacon,ham and cheese to put in hampers as gifts for my friends and family for Christmas. Cant wait to do some low and slow brisket and shoulder of pork and cold smoking haddock and sausages will be interesting. Have any of you guys cured or smoked anything besides your weed,if so.I'd love to hear about it and recipes/tips are very welcome! Thanks! dd
  10. Ok, so this is my first ever post on uk420. What inspired me to post is my experience so far preparing for my first GG. Just a quick introduction, i first smoked weed when i was 14 enjoyed it with friends, all innocent fun. Come adulthood i learned to potential in cannabis' medicinal qualities and so was inspired to be a part of the uk movement in some way. Although its not currently legal or reasonable to set up a medical farm and dispensery in the UK i wasn't to let it stop me so i came across GG'ing and knew i was going to pursue it. After much research and revision i'd come to understand what an undertaking it was going to be, or so i thought, first tip: its likely that until you've completed your first grow you will not understand the amount of work and discipline it will take to pull of a successful harvest so bear that in mind. So anyway, i'd "scouted" many locations i thought suitable on google/bing maps and saved them (maybe not advisable, instead write the co-ordinates somewhere safe) and had begun to see them on foot. Tip two; never rely on a spot if you've only seen it on google or bing maps, you must go to the location and walk around, inspect and analyse: Are there any signs of human activity? rubbish, footprint, snapped tree branches ect. My experience was that some locations had changed drastically and were no longer viable and new plot locations had opened up, this is because the pictures on these programs are out of date. So ive picked my first plot, ill make it quick, due to too much human activity (snapped braches and tyre tracks) plus unsuitable ground (it floods) and little light this spot although discreet wasn't viable. (This was the same with many others, i'd visited several spots before i found the best ones, google maps was still invaluable). A spot near by however got my interest peaked; an island. I'd read about people suggesting island grows but never seen anyone who had attempted it or at least journaled it. So that same night i decide that early morn i will go to the island, balls to it. I got our blow up boat, a spade (which i stashed in a guitar bag) wellies and all the other gubbins and headed of on my bike. All was going well, my routine was i would arrive, inflate the boat as the sun rose and paddle over with my spade and start digging and prepping, get tired, paddle back, deflate and return home before i was ever missed. The islands was perfect, plently of space, surrounded by trees, and vegetation that cover the raised grow bags i was gonna use and 8 hours of direct sunlight. However, one day, in my blind enthusiasm disaster struck! So, i'd bought my fbb, my steaks, slug pellets and copper tape, ready to take it over and stash it on the island, i put by bag on the boat and slide on after it spade it hand. I pull the spade up and the corner tugs agains the boat, it loses buoyancy and i realise ive gashed the boat and its deflating rapidly beneath me, my bottom half ends up in the water and i'm out of my depth lets just say. I get back to land, bottom half drenched, i wasn't too far out luckily because me and my bag would be under if i were. I get back to shore, stand there in disbelief, seeing the dream melt infront of my eyes and drip down my jeans. I take of the drenched clothing wring it out and mark it down to experience. jokes story i thought, had to share it. I always wonder what would have become of me had i burst the boat returning from the island, i'd probably still be there drinking my own piss and trying to eat the local wildlife. So its not all bad news, turns another area that i hadn't explored deep enough came up trumps and i've found a enormous field of disused land literally carpeted with nettles so the ground must be good. Tip 3; exploring is the key, you can look on google and bing maps for hours but the key it exploring on foot and finding those places that are truly worthy of your plants. My northern light are ready to go out, so i'm gonna scatter them deep into the field in large holes, im looking for some monsters. Gonna get some PM's and they can go out start of may. Reason why the NL's are going out early is because i'm housing them in diy mini cling film greenhouses to help further acclimatise them and hold the pest of till they're ready. Any questions are welcome, and have you got any calamity stories while growing.
  11. Hey I just started using floranova by gh and as much as the final crop turned out ok, the solution was hard to deal with. I found it was too sludgy and left a nasty film on my nutrient tank. And considering I lost a quarter of the product to a hardened state in the bottom of the bottle, I was a little disappointed with gh this time. So now I'm asking, is there an alternative 1-part nute that you could recommend? Something that's a little easier to deal with and has less of a mess left behind. Anything helps, Cheers
  12. Hi everyone. I'm a very competent old skool indoor grower from the UK. I just moved to Brazil, a few hundred miles south of the equator. I have some good local seeds and plan to start a personal outdoor set-up. I've been out of the game a few years, and wanted to know what strains are doing the biz currently. I'm back to Europe for a vacation before the end of the year and will be stocking up with new seeds, so any names would be great. Also, any experiences from growers in sub-tropical climates. Thanks.