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Found 10 results

  1. Just a quick one not sure if this is in the right section. I’m after some help regarding plugging to 2xPAR+275 into one timer is it safe to do so? this is the sort or thing I’m talking about so both plugs into this and then into a single 600watt timing contractor. thanks in advance.
  2. Hello all, Winter is coming, and when flowering I'm happy to leave the fan on low, this year I've only got little seedlings poking their heads out so no way do I need continual air exchange. I intend to use a couple of timer relays to turn on the fan for a few minutes every few hours (plus a thermostat to do the same if heat builds up in the meantime). I have what I hope should be a simple question regarding wiring one component in the chain that I hope a sparky can quickly confirm. I'll be using the call for heating on the thermostat to power an H3D-M timer relay that outputs open-closed to a single fixed timespan (eg. one hour open, one hour closed, and so on). Because I want a shorter 'on' period for the fan, I bought an ALST-8 staircase timer to change the long H3D-M closed period into a shorter period of a minute or more. The diagram for this device is below: I believe that terminal (3) is the live output when the relay is closed. I believe that I can wire that (along with a neutral) to the next relay (an SMC-2520-240) that will finally drive the fan. I have no idea what terminal (4) does, and suspect I don't need it for my simple case. I expect that I can use the staircase timer configured to screwdriver setting '3' (left-hand side diagram), although if I'm only using terminal (3) it doesn't matter. My question is: am I correct in my assumptions above? Big thanks in advance for any help, I really do appreciate you taking the time to help keep me safe. If anyone would like to see the finished setup, I'll be happy to post back here when I'm done (assuming I can work out how to upload images -- it seems to have changed again ).
  3. Hi all, recently purchased a greenpower contactor because I don’t want to set fire to my house. I didn’t realise that it has 2 plugs on, which is a pain because now I have nowhere to plug in my exhaust and oscillating fan. Could I turn the timer on the contactor to 24 hours and then use 2 plug in timers for my lights on 18/6. So that I could plug my fans into the contactor and have them on 24 hours? So on the contact I would have that permanently on with the fans plugged in, then 2 ballast/lights plugged into a timer each and then into the contactor. Sorry if I'm rambling, just need a bit of advice.
  4. Going to be installing my feed timer next cycle. So in the next few weeks, be setting up my pump system to be automated. Has anyone seen a jump in their yield from this? I currently feed anywhere from twice daily to every other day. Depending on the amount. Guidance on the subject also welcome!
  5. Hi all. Just wanting to find out how many people use auto dripper system up in theyre loft grows. I have experimented once but it was not on a timer. I simply turned it on manually and waited until I acheived good run off before turning the pump back off. That way worked, although I lost 5 inches of height which can be a bugger I felt I had much more vigorous growth than I do handfeeding. I would love to go onto an automated timer that came on for every 12 hours and slowly dripping through for 1 hour per feed, but Id like to know if anybody does have an automated drip setup in their loft and if they have ever had problems, with leaks or flooding, due to something going wrong? And, if you have any tips for collecting run off whilst limiting height loss would be sweet. The glass on my hoods are at 1.6m high.
  6. Hey Ready to start growing, finally, now need a contactor/timer for a 315 agro, are the plug and grow styles good to go ? Only £10/£15, if so any recommended brands ? confused by the expensive prices of the contactors being sold in grow shops. Seen surge protected 4 way ext plugs being sold in supermarkets for about a tenner are they the same thing? Or worth throwing in the mix? Cheers
  7. Hello guys and gals, As the title suggests I'm after a good quality oscillating fan, surge protector and timer for my 1.2mx1.2m tent. I thought I'd ask the experts seen as you've probably already done the research and tested some products. I'm currently using a very old smith timer which is working fine but am in need of another. Not really sure whether I need a surge protector but the fear of a fire makes me want to buy this to put my mind at ease. Let me know your recommendations please, I appreciate your support and guidance. Dave
  8. Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this. I started growing recently on Jan 2. My light is a minimax 150, heavy duty plantlite timer on 18/6, bulb is sunmaster metal halide that came with the light. It worked fine for nearly a week, then it did not come on one day. I thought the timer must be the problem so I plugged the light straight in the mains socket and it still would not start. Ergo the timer does not seem to be the issue. I was able to get the light working again by removing and then replacing the same bulb. It worked fine and went off at lights out and I hoped that the problem was resolved. But it did the same thing the next day (today), it didn't come on at lights on. Again I fixed it by taking the bulb out and putting it back in again. I have avoided touching the bulb with my fingers and I am sure I have been properly inserting the bulb. Now I am expecting it to not start again tomorrow at lights on. The light is brand new and only been on since Jan 2. I have emailed the site where I bought it but no reply yet. What could be the problem? Any suggestions? Thanks for reading
  9. On Saturday I switched from a 300w flourescent to a 600w HPS with maxibright digital ballast and sunmaster dual spectrum lamp. I set everything up, the timer turned off the light around midnight as planned but when checked at 10:30am, no light. This should have switched back on around 6am. Unplugged it, check it, everything seems fine. Next day (today), same again. The time on the time is still correct (ish) so it's still running. When I unplugged the ballast I plugged it directly into the socket and the light fired straight up. When I plug it into the timer and flick the switch on the socket, the light powers up. I even rotated the timer wheel, the light went off and back on as it should. I got the lamp with the ballast and 'Heavy Duty Contactor Timer' from the same supplier but have not yet contacted them. I thought I'd try to find out more first. I've had a quick search online and there is some history of other people having this issue but I cannot find anyone who had a resolution and then reported back about it. Does anyone have any experience of this issue?
  10. Hello, Im buildig my own day/night controller for my extractor fan. Based on some work done by other forum members (laphroaig, Joint hogger) my purpose is to control a singular extractor fan with two modes, day and night. My fan is 70W 220VAC. At day time, it would be blowing at 100%, but at night I want to take control of speed (such as 60%) using a variac. A din timer would be used to indicate night time. When the timer is on, it would activate a coil relay that connects the output from the variac and sending the speed to 60%. The normal state of the relay would send input voltage (220VAC) to the fan blowing at 100% I have made a electrical sketch and I would like some advice if this is electrically correct? or I would die trying it? *haha Im missing something? Thank you forum members and sorry for my english I have placed 2 fuses for security purposes, a volt meter to monitor output, 2 pilot lights indicating /system on/ /timer on/