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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys. First timer here. I noticed the tell tale silvery looking leaves and after thinking it was a DEF at first I now know it’s thrips. I’m in the uk so can’t get hold of Spinosad. People say use soap and water but not sure what to use to be honest and iv seen photos of some people half killing their crop. I’m in soil and keeping it around 25.c with 55%rh. Iv been trawling the web for about 5 hours to prepare for today’s assault on them and just want a decent way of fighting them. I watched the guy on YouTube talking about using cinnamon and wondered if anybody had any luck with that. I have some flying/crawling bug spray killer which I was thinking about just spraying around the room briefly. My plants are in veg and I would wash down after half an hour or so just Incase. Has anybody tried that ? I have blue sticky paper coming tomorrow as they are attracted to blue, and going to use double sided sticky tape on the main stem to catch them on the way up but would the spray harm the plants ??? new to the site and not sure how to upload pictures from my iPhone ?
  2. Help guys and girls, growing 6 critical kush in a 1.8x1.2 Diy tent, H&G mutes, in canna coco, I’m currently at week 7 of bloom and my plants have stated looking sick so i thought I would give them a quick flush. These insects are what I found in the run off. An help on what they are and how to get rid of them. thanks in advance
  3. hello there, so I got new clones from a friend. and few days later when I put them in a rockwool cubes I released something is eating them, they had those little white lines like if it was infected with thrips, I couldnt find them crawling, or anything. Got some treatment going for thrips and spidermites just in case its spidermites. I couldnt see anything moving after that either, ofcourse. Got some magnifying glass so I could see better and nothing. Are they very small in the beginning that its impossible to see them? and then my girls started developing some brown patches on their few leafs. Maybe because of those two different sprays I was using? one of them is for spidermites, the other is for thrips. Could it be? Now waiting for new leaves to grow so I could see if anything is damaging them, and if those brown patches develop. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Seems like a pest damage, but you cant see them, applying some sprays, getting brown patches on leaves as a result of it. Stressful :/
  4. Today I've noticed white and yellow spots on leaves, which I don't recognize as a sickness or some nutrient problem. I think it could be thrips, although I could be mistaken, as I couldn't spot any with a magnifying glass. Maybe its too early to spot them yet. I havent had any problems with pests yet. So I'm very worried. I made a gallery and will update it accordingly. I have 10 plants. Half of them are effected by these white and yellow spots. Please let me know comrades!
  5. hello fellow growers, well another grow another problem! i have 9 autos almost at 4 weeks with popcorn bud. and they have what i think is thrips (see pic). im using biobizz all mix and nutes all of which are organic and im concurred as to what i should use as i don't want to kill the micro heard? but i do want instant death to these SOB's really gutted, i've gotten a few bugs normally springtails it must all come from the soil as where i live there is no plant matter for quite a distance and the environment is relatively well controlled. hydro is really appealing to me these days! thanks for your helps guys, hope you had a good christmas edit i found these guys http://www.defenders.co.uk/pest-solutions/biological-thrips-control.html but from what i read on here, there no good because they need really high RH? + lower temps
  6. Hi all I see folk asking for help with thrip infestations constantly in all forums. So I thought I should share my experiences of using Diatomaceous against thrips, which HAS been affective. Recommended by Our Man in Malana...............................Thanks dude This hasn't completely eradicated my trip problem, but it's reduced the infestation by at least 98% and it's stayed at that. I was using fly paper, when the problem originally surfaced, and a strip would fill with thrips in a couple of days! I still have them hanging in my grow room and haven't needed to change them since the addition of Diatomaceous. There are only a few on each tape. But Diatomaceous does have to be used in a certain way: 1/ Purchase some Diatomaceous, which is readily available on eBay. 2/ COMPLETELY cover the soil of all your pots with Diatomaceous. Any uncovered areas will leave an access point for thrips. 3/ ONLY water from the bottom of the pots, so not to disturb the Diatomaceous. This is very important as I top watered at first and the trips kept breeding! I've just bottom watered my girls for the past 2 months now, since adding Diatomaceous for the second time, and my girls are looking stunning, Except for the spider mites, which Diatomaceous doesn’t stop! But that’s a separate issue. 4/ Keep adding Diatomaceous if any of the soil becomes uncovered. The remaining thrips are breeding in the base of the pots, so you could try adding Diatomaceous to your watering trays. I've not tried this yet, as the small amount of trips that I've had, have not concerned me. But I am going to try it and will report back my findings. NOTE: Use a dust mask. It's very fine dust and I'm sure it wouldn't be a good idea to inhale too much of it! If you do try this method, I hope it’s as successful for you as it’s been for me.
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  9. Hi guys as the title say we got thrips on one of two plants not bad but thy over half way dun so i dont realy wana neem thm but i need to add a couple more plant to the flower room what would u guys do? Cheers
  10. I built myself a new sealed grow room with 6" in and out fans that are both filtered, to avoid pest suck in on the intake. This was all great until I chose some of last years compost to put me seedlings in. I seem to recall Messer’s Titmarsh and Flowerdew warning against using old compost........................I think! Anyway, it wasn't long before the little buggers were appearing in my lovely new grow room. I'm sure the larvae were lying dormant for the winter, in the compost, until they were subjected to 600w of lovely sunlight I've given them a dose of horticultural soap, which they seemed to enjoy! I have blue tape hanging that’s snagging the odd one but they are still on the increase. Does anyone have any new treatments to eliminate the little sods or do I, as usual, learn to live with the lilttle buggers? I know this a common and well covered problem but thought I'd ask in case any new discoveries have been made on treatments. Thanks
  11. Thrips in growing medium ! I can get rid of them on the plant but not in the coco, so wondering if it might be worthwhile mixing 0.5 ml / ltr to drench them, every 3 days x 3 ? Thanks in advanced
  12. Evening UK420ers, Finally after 10 years of growing I've gone and caught me the trips. I say me I do mean my girls So anyways on a popular auction site I've found what is called neem repel, but at £17 inc postage is there a cheaper solution available? If I have to pay it so be it, im week 2 into flower in soil and don't wana lost my Xmas smoke ATB SW
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