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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to my new grow..... I'm on a mission this time. My Landlord is about to start building a new house next to ours, so we have lost our privacy We are definitely gonna move out in the next month or so, and supplies are running low, so I wanna grow some strains that I know can deliver a sizable harvest so we can move halfway through and get a good result. Right off the bat, I'm gonna do a Daiquiri Lime.... consistently a winner as I managed half a kilo last time I grew her. Toofless Alien did well last time, and I really love smoking Night Queen (my last seed). So on 26th June, I put up the tent, and made up three 20L airpots with H&G Coco and soaked them in a EC 0.6 nute mix. I planted the seeds and covered the pots with cling film and some dark card, leaving them under a couple of Skyline 400Ws for warmth. I didn't have quite enough coco (as always) so I ordered some more to top up the pots in a week or two. The seedlings sprouted on the 28th 29th and 30th.... Toofless Alien first, then Night Queen, then the Daiquiri. Here they are on day 5/4/3.... Then the new Coco arrived, so I topped up the pots, and thought I may as well fill another airpot up and plant a new Think Different from the batch of seeds I won from AFN. I also received a new Skyline 400W unit (thanks Mate!) so I had my 3 seedlings under a Skyline each, while I waited for the TD to sprout. She eventually showed her head on the 10th June, 12 days after the Alien.... so a bit of nute juggling will be going on these next few months! Here they are now..... Toofless Alien day 17 she really is flying away! Night Queen day 16 looking really good and healthy. Daiquiri Lime day 15 she started sluggishly and has now picked up. She did this before, so no worries They older ones are on an EC 0.8 nute mix and the TD is on EC 0.7. Think Different day 4 early days yet! I have now put a Photon 126 over the TD. She should take off! Hope you enjoy following this grow, more updates on the way!
  2. 2 Mazer Scrog..2 StarRyders..1 AutoExtreme..1 Think Different Set up ..... Grow box 5 1/2 foot high, 6 feet long ,3 1/2 feet wide Light 600w hps Light cycle 18/6 for 10 weeks for autos ,then 12/12 for flowering the mazers Rhino filter and extraction fan 4 inch 12 inch Desk fan blowing 24/7 2 shower fans bring fresh air in to box 24/7 ok hi all trying something a bit different am going to veg the Mazers in the scrog for 8 weeks with the autos that have been in for 2 weeks already Then chop the autos and flower the Mazers hopefully its .a good idea Have been told great things about the Mazers so looking forward to these I love the StarRyders ,,smell, taste,buzz lovely all round .the Think different is a lovely smoke as well and the Auto extreme has great yield and buzz also ok here are the mazers , am calling day 1 and the StarRyders at 2 weeks are flying up 6 litre pot and again 11 litre pot and the Auto extreme the Think different is only at week one so pictures next time This Think different was under 12/12 for 8 weeks with my Freddys best then 3 weeks 18/6 this is how she turned out ..about 10 inchs in hight but smells lovely with loads of frostyness .. i made a mistake with nutes and gave her 5 mill bloom and grow and fish mix 1 watering and she nearly died Well thanks for looking
  3. StarRyder..Think Different...2 Auto Ultimate Here we go again with an other grow i just love doing diarys Ok my package came in the post yesterday was a lovely package too:) Nice stickers ,rolling papers, catalogue,labels and of couse the seeds "Colour mix Number six" 2 StarRyder 2 Think Different 2 Auto Extreme 400 watt Hps...might be upgrading to 600 watt 2 shower fan fresh air intakes 1 Rhino extractor fan and carbon filter 12 inch desk fan 1 1000 watt oil filled Rad with termostat on wall away from rad Nutes are Plant Magic Bio Silicon Bio Bizz Bloom Bio Bizz Fish Mix Soil BioBizz All Mix Temps are 28 lights on 21 lights off Will be putting on 1 StarRyder and 1 Think Different only from the pack as i have 2 Auto Ultimates on nearly 4 weeks I put the 2 seeds into a shot class for 12 hours then will put into root cubes and small bit of light mix soil After the seeds are up will give it a week then put them into their final pots ...2 10 litre airpots The Auto Ultimates are weeks ahead but i can see the other 2 catching them up and they should be all finished together Thats the plan anyway I will be tieing the 2 AU down later here is a look at them I think thats all for now I do Love a bit of StarRyder
  4. Hi all, been a member for a while and read quite a few grow diaries and last week finally took the plunge and bought equipment. I've been doing a bit of research and wanted to try a Think Different grow due to the great yields some of the diaries have shown, I'm not naive enough to think I'll be able to emulate some of the 200g+ yields on my first attempt but am interested to see how it fairs as it seems like a good strain for a small grow. The space im growing in is pretty restrictive and doesn't have fantastic air flow but we'll see how it goes. I was hoping to try and fit two plants in the small tent I've got but not sure if the plants will suffer later on in the cramped conditions so I think the plan atm is to just have one plant on the go and see how much I can get from putting all my efforts into it. I also bought a 15L Airpot as I had read that TD does better if its put in 10L - 20L pots, anyone know if this was a good idea or should I have gone for maybe 2 7.5L's or something? I have gone the cheap route, something I may regret later but was looking to get everything for under £250 (the missus wasn't even happy with that when I told her!) which might seem tight but so far i've nearly got everything I think and have only just brushed over £200. I'll list what I have so far: 60x60x140 Tent - £52 : in hindsight I probably could have fitted the size up from this and don't know if it will even fit two TD 400W HPS - £45 4inch Fan and Carbon Filter - £47 Seeds £30 4x Yoyo Hangers £8 : total rubbish from what I can gather so far, think I'd rather just use some string to hold everything up 15L Airpot - £10 Thermometer £3.29 I know its a cheap hong kong jobby but its a thermometer for gods sake it either works or it doesnt 50L Coco - £14.49 5L Perlite - £5 I haven't bought any nutrients yet, tbh I don't really know much about nutes and wasn't really planning on using many if any at all. I haven't really bothered to learn up on them can anyone offer any advice as to nutes they've had success with and when they used them? if its on a TD grow as well that would be really helpfull. I have a couple queries I've come across since trying to set up so if anyone could answer these I would be very grateful: I followed the following guide: to put the Airpot together and it recommended putting the bottom of the airpot a couple rows up from the bottom on the longer cones, when I water it what is there to stop the water just going all the way through and out the bottom and being wasted? I've seen a bit of a debate as to whether to plant seeds straight into their final pots, which is what I plan to do but I was wondering what you should put the actual seed in? as in can it just go straight into my Perlite/Coco or should I put it in a small section of some other medium that is good for seedlings in the middle of my coco? Also how do you upload photos on here? I cant see a button and the image button only links to URL do you have to upload on another site? Thanks for any help you throw my way I'll be very grateful for it