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Found 17 results

  1. Hi @HSO-Markkindly selected San Bacio Gelato and Purple Matcha for me in this wonderful seeds4diaries promo. I've got my 400w HPS out of retirement. Currently with a Philips veg bulb soon to change to a flowering bulb. Plus a 220w Strip LED Both lights slightly to the side and angled a little to add some side lighting. It's busy in there. They are on 24/7. I have flowering plants on large drip trays which slide across the tiled floor into a nearby dark bedroom with an oscillating fan set up. So I rotate two sets of flowering plants. It also means I can veg in the same space. So the San Bacio Gelato and Purple Matcha are joining this rotation. They arrived really early and I planted them that night 29/05/20 I planted 2 of each into a seed tray with new compost. A Purple Matcha broke surface in 4 days, the San Bacio Gelato took 7/8 days. One Purple Matcha didn't make it. It germinated and I could see the cotyledon leaves but it didn't grow any stalk and after about 4 days started going brown. I potted them into 1 litre pots 3 days ago. They look happy. SBG @ 8 days old today. The brown blotches on the first true leaf are from an accidental splash from a nearby Neem oil spraying. My mistake, I thought they were out of range. It only hit the Purple Matcha and she's fine. PM @ 11 days old Looking forward to growing these. They sound a bit special. Fun Summer Grow 2020 ... fat fruity nugs is the goal.
  2. The New.png

    From the album August 2020

  3. Blue Dream x The New F1.jpg

    From the album August 2020

  4. Hey Guys... Apologies for being abit absent on this site.. It has just been abit crazy recently... Seem to be working twice as hard and as long what with all this strange times we are in... So right off the bat I will say that this will not be the greatest attempt at a diary... More of a general update every now and then. I will also add that i will try and do a diary for other breeders so there will be a few group shots and probably a fair bit of copy n paste.. As doing multiple updates can take a surprisingly long amount of time... So i have had a bit of a wierd month where i thought someone had stole my whole seed collection....(moved house and stored them at work) So bought a few more seeds started them... Then found my collection..with some seeds i really wanted to try.... . Duh! So that has thrown me sideways alittle in terms of what i want to grow... I have also found that some of my plots are no longer usable... And found new plots... But they rely on Maize being planted for pheasant cover... So this may become interesting, anyways this year i will be growing: The New ( very kindly donated by Jadenugs Thanks dude) CMOGX4 (because its my favourite strain) BLACK DOG Maybe Mango Saphire... We will see if i have room. Thats about it! Good luck with all your grows guys! Oh yeah.. And just one more thing... The other reason I may not have alot of time is because of my collaboration with RQS: I have been busy flying around the world! Hosting massive parties Doing guest appearances and hosting talks around America And of course signing seed boxes! (i love the way that all the pics look empty) Stay safe guys! W. Macganja. Mitty
  5. Alright there Uk420, How are you all doing? I have been enjoying the fruits of the kingdom a little too much,but now I am back, with a selection of strains from HSO that @HSO-Mark has kindly sent me Cheers buddy. I am starting this year off with a couple of the Ogzk fast versions with the hope of getting some cuts outside somewhere, also to mix it up a bit I have a pair of accompanying plants, one Green Crack and one The New. Both of the Ogkz have been growing well and are almost at the reppoting stage, from 3.5 to a 6. Both of them are very similar almost identical, the only real difference I have observed is that one is slightly taller than the other, nicely spaced nodes on both, big seven fingered leaves,here’s a Couple of pics. The Green Crack is easily the most vigorous out of the bunch of them, gobbling up the feed and sprouting out good new growth all the places where I want to see it, just the one picture I took, here it is, That brings me around to The New, well to be honest it is a bit of a gangler, really large internode gaps, probably from its Larry Og parentage? Kinda excites me that little bit more the difference in it. I tried a gentle bit of training but it laughed at me, so I assaulted the main branches into a better position to allow the lower shoots to do some shooting, mainly the plant looks a bit battered but I did go in heavy sure she’ll perk herself up in a few days, here’s a pic, As for the lights, I have been running two boards @ 100 watts each,18/6 won’t be long before the other two go on. Still using my Mountain Air filter attached to a four inch rvk fan controlled with a sms thingy bob probe jobby. Couple of heat mats for under pot heating, controlled with another one of them plug in watchca me call it’s, and a couple of tube heaters, and it’s still freezing. Feed this year is going to be bio bizz, probably next year too. Next up, who knows maybe some Chemdawg regs, or some Three blue kings, or perhaps I’ll finally get around to growing out some bubba kush, the possibilities seam endless. Take it easy. Jj
  6. hello again. im back with a brand new adventure. And it should be a good one... This time im doing this fine selection of seeds. im waiting patiently for the gelatos to drop, but they shouldn't be long.... I kept back a seed from the new and ogkz from my outdoor adventure specifically for this grow. Some of you might have noticed my pathetic attempts at amateur breeding in another thread, and I have got to the stage where I appear to have finally managed after 4 attempts , to reverse some females to sprout nuts, woohoo. so this collection will be grown out to be pollen recievers, as well as some personal stash for special occasions, like,...…. say Mondays, or Tuesdays, maybe Wednesdays etc, they wont last long …... they will be receiving pollen from another couple of HSO and dina strains (|Black D.O.G , critical+2, moby dick and cali hash plant, if it survives, its looking grim, but you never know) the velvet octane and lemon citron are all new strains from HSO and the descriptions had me drooling so when I got a chance to grow them out, I jumped at it- Thanks Mark for the seeds, its much appreciated, and i'll try and do them justice. im going to be growing these in hydro, because I suck at mud and coco, but seem to get on better with water. so, once germed they will go into my mini bubbler, till by dwc buckets arrive . mini bubbler below. from here, most of them will be going into some 37 litre bubblers, and will be fed my usual nutes, which are ; IOnic grow IOnic bloom growth tech silicone Canna cal mag Growth tech ph down and that's it, that's all you need imho. more once the seeds crack. im only doing one seed of each, I need to be careful with plant numbers, so if they don't sprout they aint coming in. Stay tuned
  7. Hi All, I popped a few seeds on Jan 28th 2020. Chemdawg (Femmed) was one she broke surface on Feb 1st 2020. Here she is at 24 days. I waited until I'd seen all my seeds germinate before I planted 2 x 'The New' on Feb 2nd 2020. The first appeared on Feb 5th. The second gave me a scare and waited until the Feb 7th. She appeared with only one cotelydon leaf. Over the next three weeks TN#1 was slowly outgrown by her slow starting sister. Both looked similar until the 5 fingered leaf appeared. After that TN#2 grew taller. She looks more relaxed with leaves flattened. TN#1 looks more indica and has raised leaves with serrated edges and ridged surface. The New #1 The New #2 Both had a strange kink in an early leaf and they seemed weaker than the other plants I had. They soon picked up and from week 2 onwards looking stronger and have caught up with the Chemdawg. I'm growing in a mix of last seasons rootball, a little new Canna Pro and worm poo + bat shit. I feed with compost teas mainly Borage in early Spring. Later I have some PK13/14 although I'm not sure when to give it as online advice is mixed. Last grow I gave it 3 weeks before harvesting. Then just plain water. I'm not sure it does much but I already have it ... the tomatoes will love it. At the moment I'm growing in my homemade winter tent. Two picnic tables and four zip ties. Plus a roll of mylar. It works ... bottom table upside down ... The other plants in there are a Blue Fire (separate report) a White Widow (Dinafem) and 2 x ((Satori x Krystalica) x Marley's Collie) a weird personal breeding line. (Mandala & Sensi). All are growing under a 220w Scope. Dimmed right down and at least 12 inches from the tops. Strange Calcium deficiency signs under LED's seem to be light burn minus the heat. So pure light burn. Raising high enough cures this. After years of trying to get the HPS bulbs as close to the tops as possible, it seems easy with less heat from the LED's. Big mistake. I'm going to need a light meter of some description to nail the correct distance.
  8. The_New_seedy_girl_2.JPG

    From the album Geoff 2020

  9. The_New_seedy_girl_1.JPG

    From the album Geoff 2020

  10. I was lucky enough to be gifted a 3 pack of the much hyped and discussed HSO strain The New. Like the other diaries this is no place for taking the piss out of the breeder or the price of the seeds, I personally think they are too expensive and I would never spend that much on seeds no matter how good they are. @HSO-MarkThanks for the seeds dude, you know I will do you a detailed and honest photo diary of these, let the fun begin. With that out of the way I will be doing an honest warts and all review of these when I grow them out, I don't know Sherbinski, I never heard of him before all this started on here so I don't mind calling him out if these turn out to be shit, I will be taking a ton of photos from germination right up until harvest so its all going to be here in black and white for everyone to see. As usual they have arrived in the nice wooden packaging that all HSO seeds arrive in. I am not opening them yet as I have other plans germinating the PS regs for now but when I do I will probably end up breaking the glass like I always do. I doesn't really matter if the glass breaks as I will be getting all 3 of them wet in around 6 weeks time. HSO & Sherbinskis The New
  11. Hello 420 Start off with a massive thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending me a 5 pack of THE NEW by sherbinski much appreciated Iv also got .. Choc mint og Sapphire og Black d.o.g Bubbas gift Sugar breath Ogkz Soil:plant magic Ferts:biobizz Veg/clones :5-45w led/100w cfl/ 200w cfl Flower:400-600w hps This will be a timeless grow journal will do bits on clones,veg ,flower & Harvest won't be any Schedule/Organization will try and do regularly updates through veg and flower from the seeds/1st clones then after that will just do updates of the clones in flower with the odd update of mothers/clones/bits&bobs when have the time also any new HSO seeds i start Still in the boring stage at the moment... few will be going into flower in the next couple weeks .. don't want them going in very big until i see how they express themselves in my flower room ...
  12. "The New" beginnings and CMOG. Hello dudes and welcome to my HSO diary. This will be the first indoor diary I've done with HSO strains. It's going to be a 9 plant grow consisting of Sherbinski's "The New" and "Chocolate Mint OG", with 3 plants from another breeder in there for company. You will see these plants in the diary as they are germinating alongside these and also there'll be canopy shots throughout the diary but they won't be getting a mention in here. There's another diary for that A massive thankyou to @HSO-Mark and HSO for giving me the opportunity to grow these expensive "New" seeds and also to @Smokebelch for suggesting me I was meant to be starting them at the End of July but the heat in my attic was still far too hot to risk messing these seeds up and it was still 28C ambient temps up there in mid Aug. While I was waiting for things to cool down I asked Mark if it would be possible to grow CMOG alongside them and he agreed, being the true gent he is The CMOG arrived a few days ago and the temps have dropped so now's the time to start. I was surprised to find Mark had sent me a 10 pack of CMOG so I feel a bit bad now for taking on seeds from another breeder before these arrived. The bonus is though, that if any of "The New" or CMOGs fail in germination I've got plenty of CMOG to replace them and still have a full house. If not needed they'll be in deep freeze for another time This might be another bumpy ride as I've been having problems with my water for quite some time. I checked my local water report and it said I had a Ca/Mg ratio of 4:1 so that's what I was going on to try and sort my problems and things were getting worse! Had my water checked at Growers Ark and the outcome was totally different. Ca is moderate and Mg is high so my ratio is only 1.54:1, lower than the 2:1 to 4:1 that is generally considered to be good for Cannabis and certainly much lower than the 4:1 I thought it was. No wonder I've been messing things up. So I'm back to the starting block for this grow and that's why I'm calling it "The New" beginnings let's hope it runs smoothly The strains. The New. Feminized Genotype 80% Indica / 20% Sativa Cross Girl Scout Cookies x Larry OG Suitable for Indoors and outdoors Indoor flowering 65-70 days Indoor yield 400-600 g/m2 Outdoor harvest time Mid-October Outdoor yield 2500-3500 g/plant Outdoor height 3-4 m THC 28% CBD 0.1% THC/CBD ratio 280:1 Our Debut Collaboration with Sherbinski Gassy, intensely fragrant buds The New, descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies (Sherbs cut) and a selected Larry OG, is our first of many collaborations with Mario Guzman, aka Sherbinski, known worldwide for his passion for top-of-the-line marijuana. The resulting hybrid is a stunning quality-oozing plant with above-average resin count that boasts buds wrapped in a delicious subtle gassy cinnamon aroma. A medium growth is recommended indoors, while outdoors the greenhouse and dry, warm, temperate, and Mediterranean climates are preferred. Strong earthy flavor A full-bodied, soothing effect, perfect for chilling The New was first in Sherbinski's stabilization process. Her flavor is sweet and gassy with hints of cinnamon and petrol, and her crushing THC levels (28%) endow her with a sense-awakening hard-hitting buzz. In a nutshell, a top-of-the-line cannabis strain. Perfect for chilling out and experiencing that nostalgic Cookies effect and taste. A cannabis jewel that is now available to everyone! Chocolate Mint OG Feminized Genotype 80% Indica / 20% Sativa Cross Emerald OG x Grandaddy Purple Suitable for Indoors and outdoors Indoor flowering 55-65 days Indoor yield 400-600 g/m2 Outdoor harvest time Early October Outdoor yield 1000-2000 g/plant Outdoor height 3 m THC 22-26% Top-quality genetics A well-conceived body Deriving from the cross of Emerald OG and Grandaddy Purple, the origins of Chocolate Mint OG are pure and of great quality. It is an exceptional fast-flowering marijuana plant constantly radiating quality which is especially beautiful to observe during the flowering phase due to the purplish hues it takes on. Not particularly resistant to moisture, it is advisable to control its growth when growing indoors. Sybarites will fall for this Californian wonder from the very beginning. The icing on the cake is its incredible yield, allowing for the production of generous crops of dense big buds with an intense scent. Richness and diversity Intriguing and substantial properties This cannabis hybrid has a very deep flavor and aroma, with hints of chocolate, mint, pine and spices, with an acid aftertaste. The effect, providing both physical and cerebral long-lasting sensations, is so potent that only the most experienced users ought to make use of it. This marijuana seed should be present in the collections of those in love with high-potency strains. Equipment, medium and nutrients. Root riot cubes. 1L square plastic pots (I've just ordered these but if they don't arrive in time I'll use the little white nursery bags I use for autos as an intermediate until they arrive). 7.5L round fabric final pots. Clover MP compost with 10% Canna coco pro added for extra aeration in first pots. I'm thinking of House and garden bat special for finals and flowering. TNC MycorrMax. Shropshire liquid seaweed. PM rootstim. BioBizz Fish mix. Bio silicon (maybe). PM Oltimer Grow. PM Oldtimer Bloom. PM Oldtimer Organic PK4-8 (maybe). Propagation and early veg. DIY veg cab 60 x 55 x 115cm. The cab has been upgraded since I built it with thick aluminium sticky back foil, white sided for reflection. 4" RVK extractor with a passive intake from a rad box housing a 1200w oil rad with 3 settings and thermostatic control. 50cm heated prop base with no lid. Gravel tray with prop lid. 6" desc fan for circulation. Dimmable 135w HLG Quantum board V2. Late veg and flower. 120 x 120 x 180 tent in an uninsulated attic room. I've insulated one side in the eaves but the roof and other side are just plaster so I have a duvet and some large bubble bubble wrap draped over the tent roof to keep heat in. TD Silent 6" 2 speed extraction with 6" Rhino pro filter. The filter will be renewed during this grow. Intake from 2 x 4" RVKs into 6" ducting through a y piece and reducers. One from the rad box and one from the veg cab. Both can be adjusted independantly to balance the veg cab environment and flower tent environment. Electric blanket for keeping the roots warm, plugged into an Inkbird thermostat with probe. Circulating fan is a 3 speed air purifying fan with carbon filter removed and negative ion generator switched off, so basically a 3 speed fan. The neg ion switch can be switched on if there's a chance of mold. Both 4" fans have speed control since this diagram. The leccy blanket covers the whole floor with some up the back side giving extra heat from the side. Ignore the saucers, there'll be 9 in there hopefully when the time comes. I was thinking of cutting the intake ducting so it only just comes through the tent sock, and making a diffuser for the end of it so the air is blown out to the sides as soon as it comes in, thus making more room for the plants to be equally spaced by allowing me to have the front left plant closer to the wall. I might get away with it as it is though with using smaller pots than usual. We'll see how it grows. The lamps. 2 x Maxibright 315w CMH in daylight reflectors. I have one 942 daylight bulb and two 930 agro bulbs. Late veg will be under the 942 and flowering will be under that and a 930 or two 930s. One lamp hooked to side out of the way for late vegging, so I can slide one lamp to the middle of the tent. Easily put back in place when I fire up both lamps for flowering. Access door in rad box for rad controls. Circulation fan. It's a cylindrical type fan so puts out a broad airflow across the top of the canopy. I was thinking of using a tower fan hanging on it's side to make the airflow even broader but I like the idea of having the neg ion switch in case of mold so this will stay in until it packs up and the other will save. Training method. Being a multi strain grow I'll decide on this as I go along, depending on vigor and stretch. If you've managed to read this far into this long intro thanks for the interest. Long winded I know and I'm sure many of you know plenty about the CMOG and also the New from the few diaries that have been done. Both new to me though so I've included the strain info in my diary to keep it in one place for reference. Onto the grow then which starts from the early hours of the 6th when I got them in for germination with the prop lid on 6th Sept 01:00am. As mentioned earlier I've not been growing indoors over the summer and don't have any mother plants so I fired the veg cab up late on the 5th to dial it in for a few hours before putting the seeds in to germinate, everything apart from the 6" circ fan was switched on. The LED was dimmed to the lowest which is 60w I believe and hung 21" above the riot cubes for warmth. I took some already wet from the bag cubes and put them in the tray with prop lid on and vent closed, to warm up while I was dialling in. I also put a container of water in the cab to warm up for mixing a liquid seaweed solution. The tray was put in the heated prop base that was set to 8 of 10 on the dial. The extractor fan was set to half speed. The temp had settled at 24C and humidity at 71% so I got on with preparing the seeds. Seeds. All 3 New and the 3 best looking of the CMOG seeds were chosen and inspected for cracks or damage, giving them a gentle pinch to check their firmness. All good and a nice colour to them. The CMOGs are a bit lighter than the New. The New. CMOG. The seeds were placed point down in the holes. I got a wooden BBQ skewer and marked it 10mm and 7mm from the blunt end. I used the blunt end to push the seeds down until the 10mm mark was level with the cube tops. Corners were ripped from the cubes and placed in the holes. Then I used the skewer to push the corner pieces down to the 7mm mark, thus ensuring there was damp sponge in all round contact with the seeds, and all seeds were at the same depth giving them all the exact same conditions for germinating. I did all this while the tray was still in the prop base, hoping not to lose to much warmth in the cubes. I then gave them 2ml each of seaweed solution at 2ml/L to aid germination but not soak the cubes too much as they're already wet from the bag. 01:00 The prop lid was put back on, sellotaped to the tray around the join and the top vent covered in duct tape to keep it sealed and keep the humidity up so the cubes don't dry out. If any change colour over the next few days and look like they're drying I'll add some more water but hopefully this should see them right without adding more water. I checked yesterday morning and temps were 24C, humidity 90%. Then again in the afternoon and they were 25/91. Checked again this afternoon and they were 23/93. Nice steady temps and high humidity to stop the cubes drying out so I'm happy with that. Outside temps are gonna drop to 7C tonight/early hours so I'll be up late checking and dialling if needed. Steady temps are key to a good germination IMO. Well that's the best I can do for them, hopefully we'll see a 100% germ rate in a few days. I'll update when I see some life. Thanks for looking, happy gardening and be lucky
  13. Thanks Mark for the gift of seeds and wish I could have done them sooner but you know how it is sometimes, anyways they're here now So here is the lovely package Just gotta melt your way into that glue bit to get at them seeds I planted 2 of the 3 into some pots the other day along with some Sweet Tooth and Generals Daughter from this site. It's the first time I've been able to commit to a grow for a good while so here it goes. I got a Sweet Tooth through and then one of the New came through.
  14. Hi all. Seeds arrived today so its finally time to get the new environment up and running. First strains in the new grow environment are Sherbinski & HSO "The New" and HSO OGKZ. The New: And the OGKZ. Will be growing these in the Alien Hydroponics RDWC Pro system. The seeds are in a Seaweed soak for the next 8 hours and then I'll put them into kitchen roll until I see a tap root and then into the cubes. I'll be using the new Quantum Boards I got from DIYLEDUK for the first time with this grow well as using full on RO water for the first time, so if anyone sees me doing something I shouldn't don't hang about and shout very loud. 1500w of Quantum Boards over 350 litres of RDWC... I'm trying some Shogun Hydro Nutrients on this grow and I'll keep the diary well updated with what I'm doing along the way in the hopes anyone with DWC / RDWC experience will share some wisdom. This is my 5th grow with this system now, I'm just about getting the hang of it but with the addition of the RO water I'm in uncharted territories tbh. New lights, new strain, new water, new nutrients, I'm a born again nooob! To hand I have the grow and bloom, PK and Cal/Mag. Again if anyone with full RO water in hydroponics experience drops by please do follow and lend advice along the way. Possibly the most interesting diary I've done to date for me this one, lots of new stuff, so I'll be updating regular with what I'm doing, or trying to do... The net will be going down at some point too so this one should keep me well on my toes. Just to add, I know there's been a fair bit of flare up about these seeds and the price etc, really would appreciate it if we could stick to the grow rather than have posts about all that Got to say thank you to @HSO-Mark for the info etc on these strains as well, cheers matey. Thanks for reading. Hope everyone's well and toking something frosty. GV.
  15. hello dope fans, im back with another diary, this time its HSOs latest and greatest Sherbinskis "The new" As with a few other the new grows, heres the foreword - im not interested in your opinions on the strain, whatever they may be, and derogatory comments will be flamed, so shut up, sit down, and watch the magic unfold. If you like what gets produced at the end of this grow - buy some, if you don't - don't, simples eh? right off we go, these were cracked a week or so back and are now in the system. Its a DIY RDWC system of my own design which has proven to work quite well, if I say so myself. 60 litre totes, waterfalls and 2x 60l/hr air pumps see to the growing part. Ionic nutrients are used for grow and bloom, they are one part, none of the A and B bullshit. I use canna cal mag, because I preffer it to IOnics, and I wont be bothering with any PK this time, it doesn't make much difference in my opinion. Nutes are at 0.6, Ph is fluttering between 6 and 6.4, because I raised the water level a 1/3rd of the way up the pots, and the hydroton messes with the ph when I do this, despite soaking it in 5.6 for days. Its not a problem, and its only till the roots start to grow down thru the net pot into the bubbling cauldron of nutes. So here she is, the new, from HSO/ Sherbinskis. I might end up scrooging her, time will tell. its under a 400watt metal halide, and will stay under MH lams till a week of bloom has passed.i might crank it up to 600w in a week or two. depending on temps good times......