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Found 8 results

  1. So week 1 of flower of Greencrack punch. RH - 40-45 Lights on temp - 27c - 31c surface temp 28c Lights off temp drop to 16c. Girls look happy no discoloration Keeping outflow on full at all times to control Lights on temp and keeping the hurricane flowing during Lights off also to maintain RH. I know that recommended temps are 18-26c however sometimes it is not the case as plants have an adaptability to climates within variable ranges. I have read that the lower end of that spectrum promotes pink & purples to form within the calaxyes. Hoping that these ladies pull through with bright colours based on setup and genetics. Is 16c a terrible place to be ? And what should I expect as a result? Thanks growmies. Halo B
  2. So ive had my grow pretty under control until today outdoors its mad hot and tomorrow its meant to be worse, my tents gone from a nice 24 -29 to 35c!!!the plants look okay and ive put a humidifier and opened every bloody window/door to try get some heat disipitation around the tent but id like to see if anyone else has struggled with this and what they did? Im not going to LST OR water or anything during this they got water yesterday and i dont want to burn their roots or stress them anymore than the heat has, should i raise my HPS light to counter this? Its a complete unknown and lesson for me, all help is appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have a 60*60*90 prop tent and 2 bars of T5 (24w). Extraction is a 5" bathroom fan so I can maintain 25*C in there. I either cook seeds or they end up very leggy. Is there an ideal distance I should keep between seedlings and T5 light? Starting to get fucked off with myself now, I'm spending a fortune on beans! Any advice welcome, Ta
  4. Hi all,, a couple of quick questions for you? 1, Does your EC have an effect on the temp of you res water? What i mean by this is, does the water in your res warm quicker/easier if the EC in your water is higher? 2, What temp is ideal for a res? Ive modded my wilma so the roots dont go into the res in the thought that i may be able to get away with slightly higher res temps if the roots are in it. Lights off im at 19c and lights on it climbs upto 22c. Ive tried everything to bring res temps down and really dont wanna have to buy a chiller. Thanks in advance...
  5. Harvested a plant today and in a bit of a predicament. Took the best part of a year due to several long story issues. Luckily it made it, and I got a fairly good yield. Now I really don't want it to go tits up. Heres the problem. I've been using a grow room I built inside a garage/shed. I'm glad it was finally time to harvest as the outside temps just entered a bit of a cold snap here as we get closer to winter. Online showing my area as 5C outside tonight, but its only 8:30pm. Worried that tonight might drop to freezing outside - so inside the grow room will be too cold at night. I have no room inside my house anywhere to dry them, and certainly nowhere the smell wont be overpowering. Here is a solution I came to for now - as expensive as it may be :- I sectioned the plant out, and hung everything on a few lines of string inside a big cardboard box. I put the box in the grow room, off the floor on two woodblocks. Left the light on and will run it 24/7 for now. Its hanging about 3 - 4 feet above the box, and the box is not directly under it, but beside it. I've then covered the top opening of the box with more cardboard so that it is still as dark as I can make it inside. I've then perforated the side of the box at the bottom with a patch of small holes the size of a pencil. I've then placed a fan about 3 or 4 inches from said holes, allowing a small amount of air to flow into the cardboard box and encourage air circulation. I've also one small greenhouse tube heater left on beside the entrance of the grow room. Don't think it really has much affect. I put a temp/humidity meter inside the box for a few minutes and then opened it up to check out the readings. It seems less than ideal, wavering between 16 and 17C and the humidity is about 55%. Outside the cardboard box, it reads more like 24C. I reckon its a combination of both being in the dark, and the fan air blowing in. I also know direct fan air is bad, but it really is a barely detectable draught when I put my hand in the box. How long do you guys reckon I can get away with this set up before mould sets in ??? My entire first grow was ruined by mold so it terrifies me now. My second grow was a quick auto to tie me over and I managed to avert mould with it. Dried that one in the same box for about 4 weeks, then transferred it to brown bags for another week before jarring and it worked out good - but that was during the summer and the temps in the room were much better lights on or off. I was thinking if they hold out for a week in these conditions, and the smell dies down, I could then transfer the box to my bedroom to finish the drying there ??? Cheers!
  6. Apologies if this has been beaten about already but I think i'm a give it a go, all I need is a poly box...... http://www.todayinmanila.com/2015/03/how-to-make-improvised-air-conditioner.html#.VZZiGHgk_zI Atb JTS
  7. Ext temp/humidity in room

    From the album Initial Tent Temps, testing

    So I have placed the probe dangling into one of the unused vents?? This is the reading outside of the tent.
  8. Tent: Green Roon GR120 (120x120x200) Lights: 1 x 600watt HPS Extraction:: 5" Systemair RKV A1 (low output model) / Rhino PRO Carbon Filter Air Intake: 2 x 5" Passive from open window Location: Bedroom Hey all. really having a hassle with temp at the moment and it's winter. ran a similar setup 12/12 last winter with no problems but doing auto's on 18/6 this year and struggling to keep temps with above setup under 30c. got 2 x 5" passive duct running into tent but it's still way too hot in there as ladies are "curling in" to retain moisture. looking to upgrade extraction but can't do this at the moment as i've just went into flower this week so not wanting to disturb environment if possible. i have a 4" TT fan lying in the cupboard which is louder than the systemair so am trying an extra passive that i just added this morning to see if it will cool temps. if this doesn't work will the 4" TT bring temps down a bit? my 2nd question is that i'm looking at upgrading extraction to a 6" Ruck with a temp controlled SMS fan speed controller. would this help with temps while retaining a passive intake or do i need an 8" Ruck? I really would like a passive intake only but if i have to use controlled intake, could i use the 5" RVK i have the now for intake with a 6" / 8" extraction fan? would i need an additional fan speed controller for the intake or can i run intake/extraction fans of the same controller? don't grow in summer but would be nice to have the option if i was going to run out of personal during the summer months so looking to "future proof" my upgrade. cheers the now.