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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Does anybody use Inkbird products? Im looking on eBay at a Inkbird temp socket....It has 2 sockets on it and wonder if one can be used for a heater and the other be used for extract/cooling Its also the same with the humidity ....I guess plug a humidifier in one socket and a dehumidifier in the other any advise would be great Thanks in advance
  2. Greenhouse temps

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Hey all so excited to be apart of this community. Im going to start this off as transparent as possible. I've been coughing blood (waiting on insurance rn to get checked, GO USA! -___- ) and as a result i've had to stop medicating as frequently. (dabbing .1 was my preferred method of consumption. Now i only use my Mighty Vaporizer) My chronic pain has intensified and life has become more difficult. I wanted to consume more cannabis than my body was allowing me to, so I decided to decarb some rosin and mix it with some ever-clear. It worked wonders on me, little to no pain although I had to double my dose by the end of the week though. With this successful experiment, Ive decided im going to switch over to ebibles, RSO to be exact. Ive been doing a ton of research on RSO and it seems that everyone has a opinion on the matter. So there's a few things im considering before making RSO. 1. decarbing in the oven before doing the alcohol wash or decarding during the evaporation process until only oil is left and all the bubbles subside. 3. decarbing temp 4. duration of how long i should do the wash? How many times i should do the wash? 5. winterization. Should i do it or not and whats your winterization process. Im not too concerned with plant matter getting in my final product. My only concern is making sure i get every bit of my medication. Regardless of how pure it is, ill just take more if needed. I dont want to loose THC to a coffee filter. 6. what solvent do you prefer and why? I used ever-clear to make rosin tincture but i recently purchased XFB 200 proof to use for RSO. Bit on the pricey side but i also purchased a distiller to make sure i get back some of my solvent. 7. Any tips and tricks on high yields? I typically get 20-23% yield off 24-26% THC flowers when i make Rosin. Im expecting the same if not more with RSO. Thanks in advance for contributing to this topic! I went out of my way to purchase everything i saw in the video i attached. I'm sure its not necessary but it was the best tutorial i came across and i want my setup to be as official as possible. I spent on total 220 dollars for all the material used in this video. VIDEO I USED TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE RSO:
  4. Hi everyone got an 8inch fan and filter from rhino so has the plug wired to it. Need a fan controller that wont hum i tried the smscom but hum was terrible. Could someone recommend one that i can plug my fab into rather than wire. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys i have another question about autopots. How do you maintain a good root temperature in autopots? I like the idea of heat mats but im not sure it would work with them or if it would cause other issues. Im only using a four pot set up in a 1.2 x 1.2 Any info helpful even just general autopot talk or tips
  6. I walked into my room. And to my horror the ac was blowing cold. Heater didn’t activate. It was 8°c for 4 hours. I’m using led and they are 10 days into flower. This was two days ago. I’ve give them a bloom feed since and they seem to be praying. So my question is ... what would that have done to my plants. As many say below 10°c will kill the plant
  7. I guys I’m planning on buying some sort of controller to help maintain the temp in my tent. I’ve got a 600w hps. A 150w extraction fan in 6 inch duct. And a 2kw heater outside the tent. Any suggestions on best set up to maintain temp? Thanks
  8. Hi There, Been studying how to do an indoor grow for ages saved up a bit of cash and have decided to go for it. So first grow is about to start Bubble Kush Auto seeds arriving tomorrow. So first thing first the room specs. DR60 Secret Jardin tent (small i know but its the only space i got) 1 x P150 PLATINUM LED 2X 2FT Full spectrum fluoros attached vertically in rear corners facing it 1x 4 inch fan and carbon filter with ducting pulling hot air out. 1x six-inch desk top fan for air movement in tent. 1 x exhale co2 bag (i know its not necessary but inquisitiveness got the better of me) Will be growing in soil - start with bio-bizz light with added ecothrive charge , nutrients will be bio grow , bloom etc. Been running tent for 2 days now empty to get the environment right Temps range from 20 - 28 degrees ( high temp is with all lights on and in bloom mode) i think the fluoros are a bit overkill but potentially good for vegging turn them off when switch to bloom. have extraction fan come on for 15 minutes every 15 so could even run it constantly to get temp down. humidity is averaging 56% Any way question with the C02 BAG instead of the exhaust just dumping the warm air out side wasting the co2 was thinking can i recycyle the exhuast back into the inlet thus sealing the room kinda, maybe even put another 4-inch fan on the inlet to move air abit quicker thus cooling it ? DO you think this is the right thing to do to use as much of that c02 as possible ?
  9. anybody tell me what temp and humidity should be when drying in 1.5 x 1.5 tent.extraction on,intake off,vent open.anyone??
  10. Hi just wondering if night time temp drops to 16c at night but root zone temp is 22c would the plant still be ok?
  11. AtticStairs

    From the album Loft_Grow

  12. AtticRight

    From the album Loft_Grow

  13. AtticLeft

    From the album Loft_Grow

  14. Daft question, if my fans are on a controller and the temp levels out for a while at say 25.5c at 50% power, if you put the fans on full power and the temp stays the same, does this mean you have reached the temp of your air in? Why else would increasing fan power not decrease temp Also as im in a loft I was going to run my lights at night, but after doing some testing on these hot days it seems the groom wont go much below 25c in the day time, would this be to hot for lights out? temp with the light on was 28-29c in daytime yesterday and 24-22 lights off in the night. This is with 1 light, i plan on adding another but for testing put the light the side of the senor. Does sensor position make a huge difference, I dont mean putting it on the bulb or anything, but my probes on reach half way into the room So would I be better battling high lights on temps, or high lights off temps? or is there any other tinkering I can do My air in is through a boiler cupboard that has an inch or so gap round the flue and gets a good draft, the duct is about 2 foot from the hole but if you put a joint in there the smoke is getting pulled straight up, so from that high tech test I thought the supply was good enough, am I deluded?
  15. Air Con Loft Room 1.

    From the album Design Instruction Pics.

    Rough details on how I keep the loft area around the grow room cool.

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