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Found 71 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm just ordering some bits.My plan was to have upto 6 CFL bulbs. However I can now get hold of a Maxibright LightWave T5 Grow Light (2x 2ft tubes)Would this be better than upto 6 cfl bulbs?I'll be using a 60x60cm Hydro Shoot Tent
  2. Hi, I have a 60*60*90 prop tent and 2 bars of T5 (24w). Extraction is a 5" bathroom fan so I can maintain 25*C in there. I either cook seeds or they end up very leggy. Is there an ideal distance I should keep between seedlings and T5 light? Starting to get fucked off with myself now, I'm spending a fortune on beans! Any advice welcome, Ta
  3. Hi all, I'll make it brief as you have better things to do im sure! So im doing a 5 plant grow in the coming weeks and I'm unsure on what lighting on the seedlings. I've found a 2ft 2 light t5 light on market place, will this do for the first couple of(2x 24w bulbs) weeks? And how long would you keep them under before swapping in the 2x 600w hps? Regards you beautiful people!
  4. IMG-1440.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  5. IMG-1437.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  6. Hi, I’m looking at getting a dp90 to propagate and veg in, I’m thinking T5, will I need a 4 way or will 2 way suffice? Or shall I go along the cfl route as in winter will need heat in there as it’s in a garage. Thanks
  7. Hi, finally signed up! im getting a dp90 for propagation and veg, I’m thinking of T5 lights, will I need a 4 tube one or could I get away with a 2 tube? Baring in mind I will have 10 plants vegging at one time sometimes. Would cfl be a more viable option as sometimes the temp in the grow space goes down to 14 degrees or would a tube heater suffice with the T5 because it’s such a small space? many thanks
  8. Afternoon people Can anyone advise the maximum amount of seedlings I should be able to keep under a 2ft 4 tube T5 Maxibright until ready to be taken outdoors? At the peak of propagation, I’ll have 45x vegging at the same time, and the plants in propagation will vary between being just germinated and 3 weeks old. Will I have enough space for them or should I upgrade to the bigger 4ft 2 tube model, or maybe buy another of what I currently have? Thanks in advance GB
  9. Peace and light to all who visit this sacred grow chamber. Thus begins my HSO diary many thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending the seeds and organizing the seeds for diary doo daa. I am a simple man with a simple grow for me and my good lady. It consists of a 250w hps in 75x75x160 budbox for late veg and flower. The seeds are started under a t5 in a 60x60x90 green cube on its side. They will start life in some house and garden light mix then into the bat special for super veg growth. They will be fed lots of PM root stim early on and no grow nutes as the bat special is good until flower. Biobizz bloom 2 weeks into flower until the end. I have some fishmix on hand too. See Simples!! heres what happened about an hour ago....... So fingers crossed for some signs of life soon i will be misting the plugs twice daily until they go into the lightmix. Take it easy folks and remember ...... smoke some grow some smoke some more!! lil d.
  10. H, Does anyone here know if supplementing a 600 MH bulb with a T5 110W would do anything to the veg time, other than increase my leccy bill? I'm reading up on light spectrums but all I have found is T5 vs LED and MH vs HPS. Not much info on T5 vs MH. Makes me think they do the same thing, but the MH is stronger? Cheers
  11. So I am a first time grower and I am around 1 month in with a single Northern Lights plant from White Label Seeds (although my tent is also full of chilis/peppers - more on that shortly). So far, so good ... I have topped her and just started training. As a first timer I have tried to do as much research and take in as much information as possible. I now have to consider a 2nd very small seedling/veg tent ... partly for these other plants (which is part of the missus letting me do it) and also partly because on grow 2, I don't want to be waiting as long for a harvest as I will do this time out. Some basic info on the grow as it stands... Room: Small cupboard room approx 1x1m footprint, 2.15m tall (there are some fixtures that mean I cannot use *all* of the space Tent (inside the room): 80x80cm footprint, 1.6m height Current Veg/Flower light: Viparspectra LED 450w (using both veg+bloom buttons on) Light distance from plant: 22" Strain: Northern Lights Plants: 1 Medium: Soil Container (current): 3gal fabric pot Other plants in grow room (lower than Northern Lights so not currently in light competition but probably soon to be): Chillis/peppers, basil, dill, tomato seedlings. Basically I am considering (or rather *needing*) to get another small tent which I plan to put on top of my existing tent. My best (only realistic) option for a premade tent is the Lighthouse clone tent which can be used either tall but ordinarily wide at 70cm(deep) x 90cm(wide) x 50cm (high). I would move some of my extra (non-weed) plants I have right now into there as my Northern Lights is about to get a fair bit bigger ... so i need something cool that can be kept very close to the plants. When I come to half-way through flower, I will then use this area for raising new seedlings or clones (first 3-4 weeks of life ideally) ... and hopefully by then the weather will be warmer so I can get some of the pepper plants into a greenhouse and/or outside! As far as I can tell this leaves me with CFL and T5 as options. T5 tubes look to be the best, but should I go for the T5HO (Lightwave T5 2' 4 tubes @ ~100w) or for the Maxibright PL4 mk3 with PL55 tubes @ 220W? They are not much difference in outlay cost, £20 ish. The PL4 gives a lot more watts and from what I can tell a good bit more lumens, but is this really needed or could I get away with the lower watts? My main LED only pulls 200W (ish) from the wall ... it would feel kind of strange to buy a veg light to use in 50cm that draws more than my main event tent ... or will I actually need 220W of non-LED to get a good 3-4 weeks of life in? Really keen to know what people think and can answer any questions etc. (edit) Also if people think there is a good LED solution I can use then I am all-ears. Most of them however seem to need 12" distance from plants due to light intensity (regardless of heat) ... at least from what I read. I have my Vipar 450w at 22" and I wouldn't be comfortable moving it any closer than 18" (at least until flower) based on my research.
  12. 2011ch3

    From the album From the start 2017

    The cheese from another angle..
  13. 2011CH2

    From the album From the start 2017

    Not sure of the date but the Cheese..
  14. 1911CH1

    From the album From the start 2017

    Both the Cheese in the Air pots as they are as of 19/11/2017
  15. In my defence I'm a n00b on my first grow, but I need to ask what might be pretty dumb questions. I dunno. I was somewhere earlier today where there was a brand new job lot of what essentially looked like 4 or 5ft-ish 4-tube white T5 light units to me, with tubes. Not grow lights as such, more household. I don't know the wattage or the brand, if indeed there was one. Anyway, £30 a pop. I didn't get one but they're not likely to sell out and there were maybe 25 units, so plenty. Totally legit, BTW, not off the back of a lorry or owt Which got me thinking. What's the difference between these and the 'proper' T5 units you lot use for seedlings/early veg? Is it the bulbs? If different, how much are they to buy usually? Is it the unit itself? The performance? Would I just be better off getting a proper one? What's the capital of Peru? What am I thinking right now? Etc. TIA
  16. I have a DP90 propagation tent with a 4 tube T5 Lightwave unit. im concerned that the temperature for the just sprouted seeds is too high, the t5's are about 6" above the seedlings and im seeing temperatures of 30-33 deg c. is this temp ok? or should i raise the T5's up another 6" or so.?
  17. Killerskunk UGORG#1 Seedlings

    From the album UGORG#1 & Killerskunk

    All planted straight to compost pots under T5 lighting on 31st July. The Killers took a little longer because I think these seeds are about 4 years old but well stored.
  18. let there be light

    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    © iBlazeDaily

  19. Sleestack x Skunk#1

    From the album Colas Reminisce

  20. Sleestack x Skunk#1

    From the album Colas Reminisce

  21. Sleestack x Skunk#1

    From the album nugshots 101

  22. Sleestack x Skunk#1

    From the album Colas Reminisce

  23. Sleestack x Skunk#1

    From the album Colas Reminisce