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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome Amigos! As a sort of tradition by now, I'll start by thanking Sweet Seeds and their entire team for hosting another edition of the greatest comp in the weed net! You guys rock, especially in those "challenging" times! Now let's get to business... I received a few new strains and still had a few more in my stash box, just waiting for the comp to start. There will be two batches: one batch containing fast flowering strains (8 week flowering) and the other with regular speed strains (9 week flowering). I'll be growing 2 seeds of each strain. FV Batch (8 weeks) Gorilla Girl FV - I've grown the normal Gorilla Girl version a few times and enjoyed every time. Some strong and tasty smoke and wonder how the FV will compare. Crystal Candy FV - Same story the Gorilla Girl, done the normal version before... Green Poison - This is the first strain I ever grew during the first comp back in 2009. I remember it being a good smoke - looking forward to travel back in time. Sweet Cheese FV - One of my favorites from the catalogue. Never seems to disapoint. Normal Batch (9 weeks) Sweet Zenzation "Zkittlez" - First time growing this strain. I've just noticed the name change... are the original packs more valuable now? Red Hot Cookies - Hoping for some colourful phenos, but my first with her as well Psicodelicia - I think i've mentioned this strain a few times, but keeps returning to my grow room and for good reasons - I just love that strain! Black Jack - Actually, I wanted to get the CBD version for my gf... sadly, i did a mistake while ordering.... well, the normal Black Jack is still good in my books. Sorry Nutrients and Additives Biobizz All Mix Compost Grow - in use only during flowering Bloom - in use only after the 2nd week of flowering Fishmix - mixed into every other feed during flowering Topmax - mixed into every other feed during flowering Root Juice - mixed into every other feed during vegetation CaMg Boost - Mixed into every other feed during flowering from the 3rd week until end of 5th OG Granules - Only used during pot ups The way I germinate the seeds Always under the watchful eyes of my trusted accomplice. I place some Biobizz All Mix compost into a seedling tray. The compost is evenly spread and slightly compacted, not too much though. Water is sprinkled on the top of the tray and then small holes are made about 5mm deep. Seeds are then selected and placed into holes with the pointy side up! The holes are closed with a pinch of compost. Never forget to label! Tray with the lid is then placed onto a heated pad in the system. I actually left the light off during the first 24hrs. I also leave the vent holes closed until first seedlings appear of the ground in a few days hopefully. I plan to keep both batches in this system during vegetation and then seperate them when entering flowering. Possibly flowering the FV batch sooner then the "regular" batch. I might also only pot up the FV only twice while i will pot up the other batch 3 times. They will certainly be topped and cuts will also be taken... System used for vegetation Bonanza Box (110x78x160) CXM 320W LED light, courtesy of diyled - dimmed all the way down atm 125mm TD Silent with PK Carbon filter - passiv extraction The FV batch will remain in this system until the end of flowering, while the normal batch will move into another system. System used for flowering of the "normal" batch Darkbox 120 (120x120x200) 400-660w hps lumatek - mostly dual spectrum light bulb 125mm TD Silent with PK Carbon filter - passiv extraction All the seeds have been placed into the system just about 2 days ago and hope the first seedlings are going to appear soon. In the meanwhile, I wish all the contestants some good luck and for all to stay safe out there... AT