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  1. P1250066.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom 2021

  2. Hello All, I just wanted to reserve my space in here ready for when the lovely sweet lady seeds arrive. Thanks in advance @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp @Sweet Seeds Apolo @Sweet Seeds-tommy. There will be a few space modifications in the cabin to do before the seeds hit the dirt and I will document it all in here as I go. My aim is the make this diary a photographic treat! Good luck to all on here and other forums, no doubt we're in for some sweet sweet ganja treats. One love. GrowingGold
  3. Hello everyone , We are very happy to be part of this year's competition from Sweet Seeds and thank Sweets Seeds that we could get a new home.We didn't really notice the way to our new home because we were protected in our shell. We noticed that we were in our new home when it got dark and cool. We immediately felt very comfortable. What we like very much, of course, that we are all sisters and that we don't have any stupid boys who annoy us. But let's start introducing ourselves! We're called Red Hot Cookies, Sweet Amnesia Haze, and Sweet Zkittles.We are actually 12 siblings but only 6 of us are allowed to hatch.We don't know much about our father yet. Here in our shell it is still too dark to be able to see him.What we already know is that his name is German Grower and that he has a pleasant voice. We feel that something is happening to us. It is getting warm and humid. It feels good and we think it's almost time to hatch our father explained to us what exactly happening We are apparently in Biobizz Allmix soil. In small pots measuring 9 x 9 x 10 cm (0.5 l). We got something to eat right away. He calls it Bio Bizz Root Juice.We don't know exactly what it is but it tastes very good and we have been growing since we were allowed to try it Very early in the morning it suddenly became very light and warm. Wow that was a nice feeling. Finally we can see and we take a look around where exactly we are We stand in a small box and we see many lights and tubes. Now we see our father for the first time. He explained to us exactly where we are and what it is all around us We live for the next 4 weeks with 4x20 W Sanlight Scopes in a Vegi Box which is 90x60x90 from Secret Jardin.We get wind from a small fan as soon as we are a little taller and can no longer bend so easily.We also have a small fan for the exhaust air in our new home, which makes us very happy that it is not really loud and that we can relax. Also fresh Air is what we really like! We are allowed to be awake for 18 hours before we go to sleep for 6 hours.But after the long time we are really tired. We have to grow now, and that is very exhausting, which is why we now need a quiet, dark, warm place to sleep.It's 26 degrees and 65% humidity with us. Perfect conditions to grow up quickly. This morning daddy came to us excited and said that we are 1 day old today and he is really happy that we are fine. We hope that you will follow our story and that we can tell you more about us in the future. Dad you want to tell something too? "I wish all participants good luck and nice grows" German Grower and his girls
  4. Welcome Amigos! As a sort of tradition by now, I'll start by thanking Sweet Seeds and their entire team for hosting another edition of the greatest comp in the weed net! You guys rock, especially in those "challenging" times! Now let's get to business... I received a few new strains and still had a few more in my stash box, just waiting for the comp to start. There will be two batches: one batch containing fast flowering strains (8 week flowering) and the other with regular speed strains (9 week flowering). I'll be growing 2 seeds of each strain. FV Batch (8 weeks) Gorilla Girl FV - I've grown the normal Gorilla Girl version a few times and enjoyed every time. Some strong and tasty smoke and wonder how the FV will compare. Crystal Candy FV - Same story the Gorilla Girl, done the normal version before... Green Poison - This is the first strain I ever grew during the first comp back in 2009. I remember it being a good smoke - looking forward to travel back in time. Sweet Cheese FV - One of my favorites from the catalogue. Never seems to disapoint. Normal Batch (9 weeks) Sweet Zenzation "Zkittlez" - First time growing this strain. I've just noticed the name change... are the original packs more valuable now? Red Hot Cookies - Hoping for some colourful phenos, but my first with her as well Psicodelicia - I think i've mentioned this strain a few times, but keeps returning to my grow room and for good reasons - I just love that strain! Black Jack - Actually, I wanted to get the CBD version for my gf... sadly, i did a mistake while ordering.... well, the normal Black Jack is still good in my books. Sorry Nutrients and Additives Biobizz All Mix Compost Grow - in use only during flowering Bloom - in use only after the 2nd week of flowering Fishmix - mixed into every other feed during flowering Topmax - mixed into every other feed during flowering Root Juice - mixed into every other feed during vegetation CaMg Boost - Mixed into every other feed during flowering from the 3rd week until end of 5th OG Granules - Only used during pot ups The way I germinate the seeds Always under the watchful eyes of my trusted accomplice. I place some Biobizz All Mix compost into a seedling tray. The compost is evenly spread and slightly compacted, not too much though. Water is sprinkled on the top of the tray and then small holes are made about 5mm deep. Seeds are then selected and placed into holes with the pointy side up! The holes are closed with a pinch of compost. Never forget to label! Tray with the lid is then placed onto a heated pad in the system. I actually left the light off during the first 24hrs. I also leave the vent holes closed until first seedlings appear of the ground in a few days hopefully. I plan to keep both batches in this system during vegetation and then seperate them when entering flowering. Possibly flowering the FV batch sooner then the "regular" batch. I might also only pot up the FV only twice while i will pot up the other batch 3 times. They will certainly be topped and cuts will also be taken... System used for vegetation Bonanza Box (110x78x160) CXM 320W LED light, courtesy of diyled - dimmed all the way down atm 125mm TD Silent with PK Carbon filter - passiv extraction The FV batch will remain in this system until the end of flowering, while the normal batch will move into another system. System used for flowering of the "normal" batch Darkbox 120 (120x120x200) 400-660w hps lumatek - mostly dual spectrum light bulb 125mm TD Silent with PK Carbon filter - passiv extraction All the seeds have been placed into the system just about 2 days ago and hope the first seedlings are going to appear soon. In the meanwhile, I wish all the contestants some good luck and for all to stay safe out there... AT
  5. Psicodelicia

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  6. Black Jack

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  7. Red Hot Cookies

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  8. Tent Mix

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  9. Sweet Zenzation

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  10. Sweet Zenzation

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  11. Psicodelicia

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  12. Red Hot Cookies

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  13. Red Hot Cookies

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  14. Black Jack

    From the album Sweet Seeds

  15. Welcome to my little corner of the world, not too far from Heathrow airport. I have been growing in my shed the last couple of years, ideally I would have moved to a new location and setup a fresh shed, alas not due to Covid-19. My move was cancelled the same week locked in the UK occurred, just felt the most sensible course of action due to all that was going on. Maybe I will move mid grow, we will see, it will all be fun either way - I am a master at turning lemons into lemonade, we have no choice but to right? Anyways, I digress. Lets get this show on the road! My shed is currently full of Sweet Seeds ladies. I never stopped growing Sweet Seeds stuff, continually providing all I could wish for and a little more on top I am growing in Biobizz All Mix & Plagron Batmix soil 50/50. A major change of nutrients, I have move away from BioBizz and this is my first grow with Intense Nutrients Organix range. @Intense Nutrients Matt My lighting is: The sun & a 1000w bulb running at 660w. I did have two on the go but it gets too hot so this is a bit of a smaller grow using just one light - I will sort this for the next grow as it will be winter and I should be able to get away with it. Gorilla Girl, Psicodelicia and Cream Caramel - All 34 days since flip. I am very much looking forwards to them completing as currently I have smoked all I have.......working from home has meant I have been able to enjoy being constantly stoned and as a result I have burned though all I have. Am very much looking forwards to 6 or 7 weeks from now when I have my first smoke again SO, pictures.......Here we go....... The seeds were started on 12th July: They opened fast, 2 days and ready to drop in the pots: Where possible, I like to make use of the sun. It kicks ass. Lights rock and all, but the sun owns all. So I had the pots going in the sun whenever possible and then under the light in the shed during the evenings, these are 35 days before flip: Here they are 25 days before flip: Finally ten days before flip: From this point onwards the lighting has been changed to 12hr on and 12h off. Flipped. They stay in the shed now. Lights on at 9pm, lights off at 9am. Here we go, 6 days after flip, they all shot up, the Gorilla Girls most of all on the left side: 9 Days after flip: And then a big leap forwards in time to now, this is due to I was unaware of a competition starting, just getting on with life n all that! Here we go, 34 days after flip, today: And another from a different angle. Next week I shall pull out my camera and give it a dust off rather than using my mobile phone camera, a Samsung S10: There we have it, up to date, a bit of a rush and not exactly competition winning stuff, but its not about the winning, its about the taking part and learning new things along the way. Until next week I wish you all the best, keep safe, look after those close to you, be kind to everyone else, and if in doubt of something - Ask, don't go into a frenzy Insp.
  16. Started with 7x Sweet Seeds Sweet Skunk Autos and 7x Sweet Seeds Speed+ Autos. To germinate (13/10) i put each strain of seeds in a seperate cup half filled with room temp water and kept them in darkness for about 20hrs. Then i drained the water on to a paper tissue as well as the seeds and then folded the paper tissue over containing the seeds inside. I then squeezed out the tissue a bit so it was not to wet. I then put the paper tissue in between two plastic plates and left in darkness at room temp for about 12 hrs. (14/10) Then after those 12hrs i opened the paper tissue and seen that all 14 seeds had cracked and were sprouting so i then put the seeds in small pots filled with coco and a few clay pebbles which had previously being soaked in water with a PH of 5.8. I only have space to grow 8 plants so i chose the best 6 germinated seeds of each strain and used the 12 of them which will eventually be taken down to the best 8 of those 12. Although all 14 seeds germinated so 100% germination for the Sweet Seeds.
  17. Welcome to my second grow diary and first competition entry, this time growing a solitary dark degenerate from Satan himself.. Strain: Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Medium: Plant Magic Supreme Soil Nutes: Old Timers grow/bloom Lighting: 250w/400w hps Tent: 120x60x110cm - this miniature netherworld is squished for vertical space so the plan is to LST her into a bushy savage fit for any pot smoking Satanist. Sweet dreams.. p.s. I've only got a single Dark Devil seed so if this doesn't germinate we may well see a switch to a very different Sweet Gelato theme
  18. SWEET SEEDS GROW DIARY COMPETITION 2020-2021 • CHOICE OF STRAIN: Tropicana Poison F1 Fast Version (Sweet seeds). • GROW ENVIRONMENT : 60cm x 60cm x 140cm Tent. • GROW LIGHT : 150w Maxibright digital ballast, 150w Sunmaster “Dual spectrum, Grow+ Photonic” Bulb. • VENTILATION : Standard 4” exhaust fan with standard carbon filter, 6” clip on fan. • HOW MANY PLANTS? : 4 plants. • LIGHT SCHEDULE : 12-12 from seed. • HOW MANY WEEKS?: I expect this to take approx 9.5-11 weeks, “seed to harvest”. • GROW MEDIUM : Biobizz All mix soil. “5L Pots”. • NUTRIENTS : Biobizz organic nutrients. • CURRENT STATUS: Seeds ordered, preparing Grow room. • ADDITIONAL COMMENTS : This is my first official Grow diary start to finish and I am buzzing for it. I was about to pop some of crocketts “tangieland” beans which I had only just ordered but when I seen Sweet seeds were running the 7th annual competition I had to give it a try. I have always fancied trying some of Sweet seeds genetics and now here we are. Absolutely buzzing for it. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ENTERING I WILL BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL OF YOUR DIARIES DURING THE COURSE OF THIS COMPETITION. NOT TO FORGET “A MASSIVE BIG UP TO SWEET SEEDS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE” (Entering has gave me the motivation I need to bring joy and passion back to my garden). Thanks. Stay tuned for updates to come and happy growing to everyone.
  19. Hi I know I’m cutting it a bit late but should still have plenty of time. I am growing two Tropicana Poison F1 versions with a test plant out in front of it. I have a drobe set with three sections. A germination chamber, a vegetable compartment and a bloom closet. I am growing in soil with biobizz nutes but may change when I’m paid. The lights are from a company called fecida. I have their yj led light in the germination space(50w), a cr600 in the veg area and two cr600’s in the bloom closet. The vegging under these lights is brilliant and really quick but they are too powerful when the plants are full flowering so they need to be dimmed as the plant grows into them. I haven’t had them long and I’m just getting the power levels dialled in. I find if the lights are turned up too bright during flower then the plants can start getting deficiencies. I’ve used soil amendments for the test plants along with microbial teas so the soil should be loaded and ready for the extra work but it’ll still think it’ll need a bit of playing with to get it all just right. The lights have 120w draw and 588 leds each so that’s 1176 leds and 240w of true power draw on gum power. They have 5 types of led colours though from the three whites (2500k, 3500k and 4000k) as well as it and uv. They also span the drobe perfectly so I thought I’d rather have leds covering the whole grow space at a dimmed level towards the end than just 1 really bright one in the middle. Hopefully it’ll work out. the two seeds I have popped went into water for 12 hours then straight into soil (old flushed soil from the last grow) in a small seeding pot. The first seed came out within 24 hours and the second has now come out a day later. Both are looking fine. because my space is small I have been thinking of the best way to get as much yield as possible in my 40x60x170cm bloom closet. To achieve this have decided on going for two medium sized plants trained into a square with a flat canopy taking up around 40x30cm each. I have two plants I’ve tried this out with, it looks like manifolding but it isn’t. I’m basically just topping the plant to the fourth node, removing the bottom two sets of branches and then pulling the four branches left out as much as I can. One of the plants below was topped at the ends of the four branches so it stopped growing and all of the upward growth is practically the same size. this is in the bloom closet and has had 12/12 for about 5 days now so is just starting to stretch. the poison I’m running ahead of these plants is still in the vegetable compartment and I’ve pulled the four tops down around the square plant pot to achieve the same affect whilst keeping the four tops intact. I have time to see what works best as the plants for this competition are literally a day old and it’ll take about 5 weeks before they have grown to a point where I’ll need to choose, by this point the poison and the gorilla should only have a few weeks left. the competition runs u til the 23rd of may. The bloom closet will take 9 weeks from now to empty and these take two months flowering so I’ll be able to veg them for about two months before flipping them and should be able to still finish quite comfortably. anyway photos to follow, first the space, then the idea and then the competition photos. Thanks a lot @Sweet Seeds Apolo and @Sweet Seeds-tommy for letting me take part. Hopefully I’ll do the strain justice and have a wardrobe full of purple tropical tasting poisonous buds to smoke.