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Found 1,497 results

  1. From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    Start of week 5 flowering. 3x 375W Scope fixtures from @diyleduk dialled down to 300W.
  2. From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    Start of week 5 flowering. 3x 375W Scope arrays dialled down to 300W.
  3. From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    Start of week 5 flowering. 2x Lotus Larry at the front.
  4. Some want the glory Some want the prize money Some just want a wooden spoon I want a grinder Specifically a Sweet Seeds grinder I been after one o these for years now I wantses iiit my precious But I'm getting ahead o myself Welcome to yet another mess of a diary from me McHazy Just in case ye missed that like Once again @Sweet Seeds-tommy along with @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp and new guy @Sweet Seeds Apolo have consented to allow me to pour forth my pictish bullshit all over their subforum for which I give much thanks So lets see I will be growing in an old beatup tent held together wi spit an duct tape and a 250hps to start wi moving up to 400w when the time is right and an RVK fan with a Rhino filter which I hope like fuck has a grow or two left in it The first victims plants up will be One of each has been popped successfully and they are up up and away Maybe a wee bit too much up as like my Dinafems that they share space with they are stretchy little buggers but fuck it that can be how shall we say... tamed But as I say they are up and living (so far) so we shall see how we do wi em Next up are the seeds that arrived the other day I am still waiting for a Red Psicodelicia by the way @Sweet Seeds-tommy get them breeders telt mate I have popped two each of the above into coco tonight so luck willing we shall see life very soon All my plants are going to be in reasonably small pots because I will have (counts fingers) 12 plants in a 120 x 120 space so this could get interesting real quick This will very much be a diary to rival @vince noir rock n roll star diary but I dont want a spoon I want a grinder Now to be fair tommy and co have been good to me ower the years for some reason they think I can take a decent photo which has resulted in me having a very nice selection from their catalogue But I never managed to get them to part wi one o their sweet as fuck grinders I want a grinder dammit I will not rest until I can claim one Here is Zakk Wylde god of pinch harmonics playin on a hello kitty guitar because fuck it why not Aw the best abody see yez soon
  5. From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    Very squat Blues raised in the centre. Only 8 this side due to late discovery of a Lotus Larry male.
  6. Week 3 Coco LED Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    All 3 lights pulling 300W giving 650-800umols at 35cm from canopy. @diyleduk
  7. Last grow in the competition? Apologies and a big thank-you to Sweet Seeds for allowing the late entry. I've planted one Sweet Cheese. My first ever Sweet Seed. The plan is to keep the roots in a small pot with almost pure worm poo and give her as much organic feed as she can take. I'm brewing borage teas for her now to give in 14 days. I'll also be watering with Aloe Vera before the Borage is ready. Later I'll give a feed of 10% milk kefir made from grains. I've always wanted to do this. If she's still alive after the force-feeding I'll then harvest her on the last day of the competition. I can vape a test bud from wet in my VTower ... I'll then decide whether she's for jarring or butter. I also chose Gorilla Girl and Ice cool. I'll grow and document grows of these seeds during the coming months. I'm growing under a Scope 220w ... dimmed down atm. I recycle my rootballs and rejuvenate with worm poo and bat shit. I have 75 days .... I think she'll flower around day 25 ... so 50 days flowering ... I love growing weed .. thanks again Sweet Seeds for the great competition. Should be fun ... and a big BIG ... Thank YOU for reading/following ... Geoff
  8. 5e6e37081f7b6-DarkDevil2.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  9. 5e6e36fe70b6d-BlackCream3.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  10. 5e6e36fc29c7f-BlackCream2.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  11. 5e6e36fa110cb-BlackCream1.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs