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Found 30 results

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for strains available in seed for depression or mood boost?. personally im finding stuff thats abit to narcotic doesnt help but i aint a big fan of the fruity mild stuff currently growing fromage blue (bluecheese) and looking for effects at the moment rather then taste and flavour. peace
  2. has anyone (from experience) grown any good strains in terms of high thc content and large yields in eastern parts of the uk?
  3. New virgin grower here ( except for a grow in 2014 that was ripped in the first week (I got seen, schoolboy error) ). In advance apologies for a repetitive type of thread that is seen very often, stop reading now if you're bored of strain advice! Thing is I have done a lot of reading and I suffering from information overload on guerrilla strains. Looking at the main strain sticky its hard to take in all the information and my months of research around 2013 seem to be a becoming potentially out-of-date with the evolving trends of what people here are growing and new strains being created by breeders. From what I have read: Full season: Durban Poison = reliable (mould resistant) and strong smoke Frisian Dew = weak smoke but v. mould resistant Passion #1 Purple Maroc Lots of other strains! Semi -auto: RGSC Fast Diesel RGSC DFG Any other reconsiderations on semi-autos / early flowering? Auto: Apparently these strains are getting better to grow than before. Good for stealth and avoiding mould. Sometimes not good smoke and low yields depending on strain. Some mould up easily. Not sure which strain is best as there is a bewildering variety. In 2014 I attempted to grow Onyx and Mi5 from Short Stuff, at least they germinated well. ---- Just wondering how I can try and narrow down the right strains to buy seeds for? Maybe one of each of Photo, Semi-auto, auto -- as I cant spend too much on seeds and I don't want too many plants, and multiple harvest times should help avoid loosing everything to mould come the heavy rains. My priorities are: Reliability & Mould tolerance - I wont have a lot of plants and I am in a rainy part of the UK (54 lat, west of England). I need to have reliability as I think many plants could be lost to rippers and mould so the few survivors need to survive! Potency: this doesn't need to be very high as I am a low tolerance very occasional toker, but I don't want dud weed that cant get me a good high. Yield, this doesn't need to be high either, as long as its more than only one spliff! I'd like a minimum of 2oz from my 2020 attempt. ^the above two points could raise my chances of meeting my goals a lot! Many growers here seem to get massive hauls to smoke daily till the next season and more, but ive also seen disappointing grows too, i.e lost to mould or rippers. What do you veterans think of this: Durban poison x 3 Frisian Dew x 3 RGSC Fast Deisel x 3 HSO Blue Dream Auto x 5 Can I do better? I'm also a bit conflicted on the RGSC Fast Diesel, as they look like huge yielding plants and are well hyped up here but seem to be susceptible to bud rot. Thank in advance for letting me pick your brains. It's a great community here.
  4. Hey guys, been fantasising about growing my own blueberry strain for years now after smoking some many years ago and absolutely loving it, haven't been able to get any since. Even when i went to amsterdam, no coffee shop seemed to stock it :O I know Dutch Passion sells straight blueberry, but I'm dubious of buying from them as any of their stuff I've run outdoors has been a flat out fail. On the attitude DJ short's original one is there for a crazy price and the seeds aren't feminized. Are there any other breeders im not aware of that have a good version of this strain? Or are their other "Blue" versions of strains that would be just as good to try? Any suggestions would be great!
  5. Hello everyone, first of all let me start by saying how happy I am to be part of this group of people. I have my days as grower in the past, but never dared starting anything in the UK as too scared of unfortunate outcomes. Here I am now, with a lot more experience in different fields & willing to experiment something new. So, I’m planning a little aquaponic system for my conservatory. I’m oriented to place the aquaponic system within a grow tent, and here hopefully you come to my rescue with a few tips & advice. Here’s my questions: -Has anyone ever attempted growing in aquaponic & if yes with which results? -lightning need for about 2-3 plants? -LED yes or no? Obviously considering the number of plants above. -Aereation/Extraction most reliable & quiet choice? -And last what would be a good Indica strain, once again coming from your past experience that would give me a good yield? (In the past I sticked to Amnesia, Blue Cheese,White widow. Any recommendations of any new interesting fruity/sweet strain? Thanks in advance. Sonny
  6. G'day to everyone, I'd imagine every one is flat out prepping for a 'true guerrilla experience' during the lockdown! Was just looking for advice really, only just setup my first indoor attempt but figure in for a penny, in for a pound! I'm lucky enough to have been offered use of a super private, South facing plot which literally gets un disturbed all day sunlight with no surrounding neighbours etc by a very close lifelong friend of mine. Very secure and private area plus there are 3 big fuck off guarf Rottweilers on site too just for extra piece of mind. By the looks of it it's been a veg patch of Some sort in its lifetime by previous owners of the property so hoping with a bit of work that one of these beds can be turned into a little outdoor jobbie, Water supply there as well as a big fresh river at worst case... plenty of cow/horse shit nearby too (if that helps) Obviously bunny rabbits and foxes etc are around so I know I'm going to have to cage up etc but just wanted a few pointers on how to prep the ground and in which manner to do so. It's not a major drama for me to get back and too there on a regular basis as far as feeding/watering/maintenance so I don't know if that makes a difference as to how I go about ground prep/fert. Although I'm sure it would be prime for photos, I'd rather hit it hard with some big yielding autos for that faster finish making the most of our brightest and warmest months for the whole cycle. I can start them indoors and I guess ideally get them planted out late may to ensure decent night temps? I'd imagine it's the type of place that could get a little misty in the early hours. Again, not sure on numbers, genetics or prep yet so any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's a snap of the plot at 20:15 last night. I can have as much or as little as I want but figured that middle bed would be my favoured choice and almost build a bed within a bed. Was favouring the Bakery seed co. - auto mazar due to good mould and pest resistance genetics. Have done some research on ground prep myself already but so many different options and methods I thought I'd reach out as I know there is a tonne of experience here Thanks guys
  7. hi growers my name is sacha i live in thailand at 40 degrees celsius / 104F No Air Con. which indoor cannabis strain can handle this heat 40 degrees celsius / 104F and still give a good harvest? like Satori from Mandala Seeds. please only specify indoor cannabis strain that are very heat resistant reg. fem. (no autoflower) peace and love
  8. Evening all just having a looks at beans and what in house genetics have on offer can across the frosted gelato now they are nearly £200 for ten fems but are they gonna be worth it? Has anyone smoked this strain before or grown it? Don’t want to waste my money if there not gonna be great.
  9. Hi UK420, I'm looking for high CBD Outdoor Strains for next year, but finding suitable strains is difficult. So far I've found the CBD Crew Outdoors Mix and CBD Blue Shark, but it would be nice to know if there are any other strains that I could pick from. Requirements: * ratio of at least 1:1 thc to cbd, but would prefer 1:2 and beyond * easy to grow in the UK outdoors * would be nice if seeds weren't too expensive Thanks
  10. Iv been talking to a Nordic seeds company that specialises in outdoor seeds and I think indoor too for there climate , he has sent me seeds (on way) and has chosen what he thinks is the best for my lat I said 56,cold ,wet weather here on Scotland with sun coming and going he was happy to send some to the UK and pay for the mailing free and was exited too know his seeds are going to the UK ...I couldn't belive It was over the moon as I don't get a lot of money ..what a kind guy/company the strains are --- quoted An indica auto mix and a strain called Himalaya Blue Diesel. Anyone heard of these before or grown them in UK There is photos of them grown where there based ,will post them when I get on the laptop later they look intresting and I can't wait to try these things
  11. Random. And not sure I’m in correct room. But here goes ... i was given a load of seeds. On the labels it’s stating ... CBN Critical xxl - medical no thc? BCN Powerplant - BCN? td I assume is tangerine dream and Afghan regular. Is that possibly males and females ? Also have some called kali+chocolate. Many question is. If you was to scrog any of these what would you use ? For a future idea. Im tying to plan ahead two grows. So I don’t mess up the cloning timing. I want to get it all sorted now really. Thanks for your help. Lots of love from a novice
  12. Hi guys, iv just picked up a Oz of Stardog (Stardawg). Not smoked it yet but my guy says it’s a really good strain, choice for the weed connoisseur’s ? Will update ate what I think of it, what’s other people experience and opinions of this strain ? Happy smoking, Joey
  13. Hey guys i have heard a lot of people say they get a good yield from the scrog technique and just wandered if there were plant better suited to this technique and if so what , any help is appreciated thanks
  14. Hi all A bit of a weird topic with a poll and a thread but I just wondered if anybody has grown any of the strains below in the picture (my current stash) and if you have do you have any feedback on smoke report, plant growth and timeframes. I have never done any of them so I thought I would ask the community. I want to get them popped by the end of the week, so I have a few days yet for people to respond, I posted the picture in my current diary but nobody seems to pop they're head in much, bit of a lone diary but its all there to see. Also, am I okay germinating on the windowsill or do you think a 125w CFL in my veg cab would be more ideal? My house is always above 20 degree so I think it would be a nice environment to do on windowsill and not use the bulb until they're established somewhat. I would like to do 8 plants under one 600hps in flower. But I feel I should always pop 10 incase some fail to germ. The poll may well decide what medium I should go for, I have heard so many people say soil gives a far better smoke than coco but I am familiar with coco. I am currently doing one plant in my diary in soil and I really want to make the change over to mud, but fear of slow growth and poor yields holds me back. I didnt include DWC on the poll as its out of the equation in my house altogether. Thanks everybody MMT
  15. Tried a search but got no results, so there it is... Bit delicate, but we're all adults here and i can't imagine this subject hasn't come up before (no pun intended!). Weed and sex. I have an auto strain i like called 'Trainwreck' from Sweet seeds...it's a good strain, but like it's name, it wrecks me and makes me fall asleep quite quickly. Normally, this is a good thing for me because of the bastard insomnia i've suffered with for years...but to be honest, it's not doing my sex life much good! It literally zonks me out and i don't have the energy to 'perform', and end up snoring or monging out on the couch. All this isn't going down too well with the Mrs, so any recommendations for a low THC, energising autoflower that's not going to send me to sleep or dampen down my sex life?
  16. So i've got a bunch of Wild 4 seeds as freebies left over from last year. I think i only germinated 2 of them last year and they got eaten by birds so i've no idea if they're any good or not. The ones that survived were wild white and danish gold. Got them to finish and was really impressed by them. I have limited space at my plot so I am debating whether to just grow the wild 4, save some money and see what happens, or order some more danish gold which i know will finish. I know on the hfh site they say all the wilds are bred from the same gene pool as danish gold, guerrilla blah blah. But I have read in many other threads about the unreliability of some of their genetics and can't seem to find much on Wild 4. Has anybody any experience with these in the past?
  17. Hi guys, as the title states, i am looking for the highest yielder for INDOOR grow (in terms of dried and cured buds) that has a 50% sativa and a 50% indica in it and has a ratio of 1:1 thc:cbd. Which one is the best strain? Only feminized seeds please. Thank you Cheers riddly
  18. Hi all I have purchased a bundle of new gear to set up and wondering the best strain to grow to suit it. I've done a few single planters but not anything of this size, I'm looking for strains decent yield, take well to topping, With nice smell/flavour and obviously best for my setup. So here goes this is what I have purchased: Dr150 tent 1.5x1.5x2m 2x 600w hid dimmable with mantis reflectors...happy to use 1 or both 200mm fan Carbon filter Nft systems 424x 2 and the nft gt100... worth using or not? t5 starter lamp So what strain would you recommend and how many? Thanks in advance 邏
  19. I am sure there are many other similar requests, but I am about to embark on my first indoor grow....I have been gifted a free tent and some lights, so I really don't have an excuse not to get a grow on! The thing is I am a complete novice when it comes to growing, having only ever grown once in a pot, outside in my garden from some saved bag seed. I got the plant to full maturity, cropped and harvested. I made a few mistakes, hopefully, I will learn from them. (Mostly the harvest/curing stage) I have a free Dinafem 'Cheese' and 5 Kiwi 'White Island' seeds. I am tempted to subscribe and use those seeds to start off with instead. Is it worth just growing a few different strains together or should I stick to what I already have? Was thinking of starting out with just four plants in total, as don't think the tent and light set-up would be adequate for much more. Any recommendations or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hi, Just taken a few more pics and uploaded them to my gallery. Is it safe to say I have a female? Anyone know what type of strain it is? I'm around the two mark week of flowering and was wondering how long I've got until harvest and also is there anyway of keeping the plant after harvest as it has sentimental value, and also wondering about the best time to take clones? I've not got any kit at all to set up indoors sadly.
  21. Hello, I’m starting this thread here to share with you my experiences with some of the different strains I’ve grown. As I’ve grown many of them both indoors and outdoors, organically and hydroponically, etc. I think it can be helpful for someone. You will see elite clones, own selections, plants from seed, a few own hybrids, … I’ll start with a Panama x Deep Chunk hybrid from the spanish seedbank Cannabiogen. This was a cut selected in Madrid during 2007-2008. 2 cuts were selected, #7 and #10, which was the one I grew. Kaiki and his breeding team made these regular seeds from a Panama Pelo Rosa plant and Tom Hill’s Deep Chunk. Basically,the hybrid showed two phenos: one more Chunky and fast (about 60 days of flowering) which was represented by #7, and another slower (75 days), sweeter and more incensed, #10. The buds were compact and dense (not as much as #7), and the effect was mental stimulating but also body relaxing. Perfect for chilling with friends, reading, computer sessions, etc…While flushing, the plant showed beautiful colors, a true visual wonder for anyone’s garden. This plant was grown indoors, in coco coir. Nice yielder, and a textbook example of hybrid vigour. Panama x Deep Hunk #10: Best vibes!!
  22. sup all, nice to meet you. I'm looking for 4 strains today to put in the tent, 400w hps the first strain im looking for a sweet kush, hybrid with some decent yield and tasty smoke! it also cant be to stretchy because it will steal the light / get burned by the light (1.2m tent) some sort of heavy indica that will help me sleep, maybe some OG? northern lights is also a lovely strain (got some at the moment that smells like medical waste and will knock your socks off! some kind of sativa, sour diesel (maybe to stretchy?) jack herer or some sort of haze? lastly a cheese strain was thinking ugorgs #1 only heard good things and love me some blue cheese if the genetics are right but open to suggestions =] my main concern is keeping the plants level, i know i may have to tie down the sativa pants but would love to be able to leave them cheers all cant wait to read some responses! peace and pass it round! toke out.
  23. Hi all. I have 3 huge unknown strains in my groom and they dont seem to have budged for a week or more. These clones arrived and unknown to myself until almost finishing the veg stage, there were 3 strains. 1 strain is already down as it was very ripe and ready. My problem is with these huge sod's that wont give in. They smell like a haze, stand 4 feet tall from the pot and have produced a few cola's the size of a pringles can. A guess would be a possible silver haze or a cross of some kind. But the buds just wont seem to thicken up. They look good but the pistils are stil white and the buds have an almost baby foxtail appearance to them. Although as I said the buds are huge, they are not very dense, and this saturday is week 11 since the 12/12 switch. Is it the strain or am I being a little to cautious ? Anyone with a little haze experience and some wisdom would be greatly appricated. Cheers. GV.
  24. Blue Elite Indica

    From the album Blue Elite Indica

    Only shot I could find of this strain before harvest, this one is about 7 weeks in bloom.