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Found 1 result

  1. I used to grow kale, spinach, cucumber, and tomatoes. And I thought the same principles would apply, so when Canada made it legal to grow four plants I was sold. I have a space, and odor constraint, and was not on RIU, or GC, so I was doing my own research, and ended up spending some money on BCNLs Roommate Hydro setup. About BCNLs Roommate The Roommate is the smallest growing box offered, measuring in at 28” Wide, 54.5” High, and 28” Deep (external measurements). I’m currently at work, so I will measure the internal compartments later. It comes with 4 air stones that are set up in a series-parallel configuration on the bottom of a 16L reservoir. A water pump also sits in the reservoir that pushes the water up to a feed line that has 4 drip line inserts. Each drip line will go into the rockwool that they provided as well as mesh pots, giving me the potential to grow four beauties (hopefully). They provide 12 1.5” rockwool, and 4” rockwool both branded Atami BCuzz Roxx. For lightning they provided MH and HPS 400W lights and ballast ( I could upgrade to :The RoomMate’s LED fixture has one panel with four Citizen COBs, 120-degree lenses and a HLG 185 Meanwell drivers. The unit will use roughly 225 watts as opposed to the 400 watt digital ballast. For an extra 600 CAD, could use some input on this upgrade). As far as air circulation, both the intake and exhaust fans are built in, and a carbon filter is included. The box comes preprogrammed for when to feed, and when to turn on/off lights. On my end all I had to do was program the time of day, and choose if I want 12/12 or 18/6 for lighting. They also provided 3 cycles worth of Holland Secret Future harvest nutrients (it comes with their silver package which means I also got carbo blast, and Super B+, and bud boom). They also included some root cloned, and a propagation dome (I believe that is what it’s called). There are other ads-ons like clip on fan, blue lab pH controller, LED option, T5 lighting for under the plants (also interested in this, hoping to get your input!), and a ventilation package. Note that they have modified these so they don’t plug into normal ac outlets. I will show you what I mean when I go to the box next. Hopefully I’m not missing anything, but let me know if you have any questions! The Grow After I ordered the box, it was time to get some seeds. I opted to go with 4 femmed seeds from a local shop. Went there, and came out with AK-47, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights and Dream. My first mistake is not labeling the packages they came in, so after picking them... I have no idea which bag has which seed-not making that mistake again. My germination process consists of putting the four seeds in Nestle Pure Life (based upon what they said the pH of the water was I thought it was a good idea) water and storing them in a cabinet above my stove. After 24 hours, I took them out, soaked some paper towel (squeezed out most of the Nestle water) and placed the seeds in the paper towel, placed them in a ziplock bag and put them back up above the stove for another 72 hours. By this time all of the seeds have sprouted, so I soaked the rockwool in tap water (pH of 6.4) for 2 hours, then added one seed per rockwool. Since they were damp, I placed a plastic tray under the rockwool before placing them back above the stove. My next mistake was when the first sprout came through the top of the rockwool. I didn’t know about protective casing, and I thought the plant was growing upside down. I tried removing the new growth from the rockwool to flip it, but in the process the new sprout tore... I tried taping and putting it back with the others. Within three days, all the plants sprouted, and they all had the protective casing- another mistake that will not be made. I left the seeds as they were above the light for 5 days, feeding them every other day with Nestle water. From there I placed the small rockwool with the seedlings into the larger 5" rockwool, and placed the larger rockwool into its forever home within the mesh pots in the grow box. I watered the entire rockwool. The light schedule was 18/6, and I was watering using RO water for the first week-no nutes, non pHd- no adverse affects but I would most likely pH the water next time around. I put the plant that I cut, hoping it was just stunted and would pull through. A day after I put the rockwool in the box, one of my more stretched plants was having difficulty staying up. I tried to support him with a souvlaki stick- successfully. Within three days of putting the seedlings into the box, they have developed some leaves (1st set), though the protective casing is still stuck on. Within six days from moving to their new home, they have nearly shed the protective casing, and have the second set of leaves growing in, although the casing is still there... I decided to intervene and physically removed the casing myself, being as gentle as I could be. Anyways, I finished my grow and have been searching for seeds for some time, and when I came across Seedsman I felt like a child at a candy store. I continually added and added and then removed strains. I finally decided to pick randomly at what to keep and ended up getting: 10x Peyote Gorilla Fem, 5x Cookies Chill CBD, 3X Gelat.OG auto, 5x Zkittlez Auto, and 5x Purple Kush CBD Auto. Has anyone tried growing any of these? I’m really excited, and hope to do some group grows