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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys, i've been eyeing this up for a couple of weeks now and can't seem to figure out what im looking at. So I have two closets side by side. One has the immersion heater and the other is empty and houses my grow tent. I currently have an extension lead plugged in to the wall across the corridor from the closet, trailing along the floor and then in to my grow tent. Not Ideal as i keep tripping on it and its not very stealthy. I want to figure out a way of wiring the extension lead inside of the closet utilising the electric pints that are already in there, which appear to be an old house alarm (de-activated) and the immersion controller. Im not very electric-savy so I thought i should ask in here before I blow something up. I've got my grow tent set up in the small empty closet next to the immersion closet. The two closets are side by side. In the immersion closet theres the immersion heater tank, some shelves and the control switch for it on the wall with some grounding wires attached to a copper pipe and some other green (grounding wires also?) wire going through the wall in to my grow closet. Pic below: The two white wires coming out the bottom of the box go down to the water heater and are connected straight in to its heating elements. Its the green and yellow wires that go through the wall that have my attention as something to tap in to for an extension plug outlet. This is the old house alarm panel on the opposite side that wall and where that green wire leads to: Having a hard time figuring out whats what in here and how i would even go about wiring an extension cord on to any of this....Anyone have any ideas? Im completely stumped here!
  2. Just signed up . Contemplating a 2020 grow. First time grower here, well actually it's a second time, my first attempt resulted in being caught entering/leaving and the plants were destroyed a week after planting. I'm struggling to find good plots because it seems that any natural area (i.e. not a field or urban area) here is criss-crossed with walkers' paths. I have found some potential plots, but they are about 10m-20m from a path. Is this stupid? I am thinking about strains such as Durban Poison and Passion #1 + some autos or semi-autos I have not decided on. I heard Durban doesn't smell that strong so my chances might be higher than if it were a Skunk #1. What are the odds that I can make it to harvest? I may keep the plants spread out, even lone plants, so that I can afford some discoveries/losses. I'll keep looking for better and better plots, but there is basically no expansive woodlands or scrublands here without paths criss-crossing them. Thanks
  3. iMac G4 stealth grow inside

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Stealth iMac front

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. iMac stealth g4 carbon filter back

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. iMac G4 micro grow box

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. I am setting up a grow tent (50 x 100 x 200), which is relatively small, and have some questions about the exhaust and intake fans. 1. Does it make any difference if I place the exhaust fan inside the tent, or outside the tent with ducting running inside? 2. Does it make any difference if I place the carbon filter at the 'blow' end of the duct system, outside of the tent, so the fan is sucking air directly from the volume inside the tent? 3. How noticeable is it to aim the exhaust duct at an open window (with no direct line of sight)? Will it create a noticeable, strange noise that would get attention?
  8. And lights on Edited to post pics on phone
  9. hi all. so ive been reading a lot about COBs and my interest is piqued. Clearly LEDs - COBs in particular - are finally starting to rival/take over from HIDs in terms of yield and spectrum (if not yet price) but what really interests me is a different kind of potential which I think they might have. LEDs dont need the kind of bulky reflectors an HPS bulb does, so it should, theoretically, be possible to hide one behind a standard domestic ceiling light fitting. (even if it has to be a bespoke built unit) also they can be dimmable, so the idea (the dream!) is to do this in a bathroom/wetroom and rig the door to trigger the dimer function when the handle is turned, so that it looks only as bright as a normal domestic light when the door is opened. if popo ever come looking all they get is a couple of (monster) plants in a bathroom with no sign whatsoever of any grow equipment at all. (C.F. would be housed behind dummy bathroom extractor unit and nutes would be coming in through the shower head from a second water tank (res) in the attic ... run to waste in coco and kick back. "they just grew like that officer" I know how to do the rest of it but im not a spark. i know it has to be possible so my technical question to anyone who really understands the electronics is ... 1) how hard would it be to remote trigger the dimmer function? can it be done realistically? and 2) what type of opaque/ 1 way glass would you use in the fitting to minimise any loss of lumen intensity from the COB? Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance for any help or research resources, stay safe. cheers MM
  10. Hi there, a hilariously simply tutorial for y'all - how to do e-liquid real good real easy. Starting material - high quality vac purged BHO - rosin never matches closed loop cryo bho for terps - ever. here is 0.52g, placed in a 60ml glass jar - this gives a small surface area on the bottom so not much space for material to spread around too much. Next, using a syringe and 21g needle, draw up 0.5ml c8 caprylic acid (refined portion of MCT oil), or alternative liquidiser (most are toxic). Then, add the liquid to the shatter..... Then place on a plate warmer for enough time for solution to hit between 27-30ºC - the higher you go the more terps you lose.... on the warmer with an RSO run... After the first 4 minutes, pre mixing - I work the timing out by pre-testing with 1ml mct oil and a food thermometer - I timed 4 minutes before my oil hits 27ºC when placed on warmer - so that is my heating timing before I remove my jar and use my dab tool like a pestle - grinding and dissolving the shatter.... Keep repeating the cycle, take your time, and you will very quickly have - Vape liquid! Use the same syringe to draw it back up..... Then dispense into your chosen cartridge(s) - cart on the left is designed for thickest of distillates and has a high pull rate - lovely for a strong blast. Cart on the right is the new full ceramic system - fucking devine. unbelievably good. so worth the wait. shits all over the c-cells even... In awe If you are running cheaper wick based systems - use a 2:1 ratio of liquidiser to shatter, it'll run better. Thick liquids need large holes and ceramic coils for flow rate. always run your vape at 6-8w, no higher! If you have the money, a lab centrifuge is amazing for mixing this liquid at room temps - I tested a run of sauce and bho liquids thanks to a sneaky phd professor pal of mine at the university - they ALL mixed perfectly at 18ºC In my experience, the better quality the extract, the easier it is to dissolve - the more I've winterized, de waxed, and vac purged/ flipped my stuff, the easier it is to dissolve... So, cold temperatures are key folks. Any questions/criticisms just hit me up here. Peace OOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT X
  11. Just had a thought.. (it's in the title) I've tried various ways over the years to lower the noise of air rushing out from my grow room - the only options I can find boils down to -make the outlet hole bigger which is not doable (6" outlet already), or to lower the amount of air- not desirable.. So- sitting in the back garden just now listening to the sound of splashing water from a neighbours water feature had a bingo moment...it disguises all other background noise really well..thought I'd share as it might save someone some grief further down the road.
  12. Hi guys, After a bit of advice! Currently running a 6" system air rvk and it's a bit too noisey for my liking. Even turned down on a controller. After a bit of googling I've come across the Phresh Hyper fan stealth. Watched a YouTube review and looks pretty impressive. Any users on here that can shed any light on these fans or if there's better available I'd love to hear your suggestions please! Also been looking at the filter silencers for extra stealth. Would this be compatable and again any users out there? Are they worth using? And finally do you think it would be worth upgrading all my 6" to 8" so I could run it even lower therefore reducing the sound even more.. Would this work? Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Evening All, I have had this idea floating round my head and I'm wondering if you can let me know your thoughts and tell me if it is feasible or not. I gave up growing because of landlord inspections, I used to have a 1m x 1m tent in my spare room with a 600w hps and got some good results, I tried to time it right every time but things either over ran or what happened when I made the decision to jack it in I had a huge leak through my living room ceiling and, after almost having a heart attack, had to quickly ditch my grow week 4.5 of flower. Wounded. So my plan is to build what looks like a wardrobe on the outside with a grow box on the inside. I will use MDF to build a box that is 70 x 70 and then build a box around it which is 85 x 85 and fill the cavity with insulation, either the stuff they use in recording studios, rockwool or sound proof plasterboard. I will also have 2 doors with the outer door having same insulation. I will use a 315w CMH in an open air hood, 6 inch TD Silent fan, 8 inch carbon filter, fan silencer and acoustic ducting, a rubber mat under a tote which will be my dwc bucket and will have about 9 plants 12 12 from clone in a sog style set up. I'm hoping that by employing these techniques I can dampen the sound enough that if a landlord inspection happens, I can have a game running on my PC and have the fans mask any sound that leaks out. I don't know if all this will be in vein with a passive intake which is basically a hole that all the sound can leak out of, I only thought of the intake when I tried to draw my design. I am also unsure whether cooling will be sufficient. I have attached a crude drawing of my plan. My budget for the build is 1k and space is limited so I have a 90 x 90 x 200 area to play with. Can anyone throw out some ideas or let me know if you think this will work. Cheers,
  14. Hey everybody, Long time lurker, first time poster! I've just started a build in my single block shed, and wanted some advice on venting and insulation initially. My shed is fairly overlooked by neighbours, with my next door neighbours using their own shed as a garden work study thing during the day, immediately adjacent to mine. So the absolute priorities are - No noise No smell My plan is to stud wall half the shed, giving me a a space around 2.4mx1.8, ceiling height around 2m, with the other half as a lobby with tools etc.. I've already laid a floor in using 100mm decking beams and 18mm marine ply, with the gaps filled in with 2x 50mm polystyrene insulation, tha ks to checking out this forum (cheers guys, had no idea I'd need to worry about it getting too cold lol) Next up I need to order the insulation. 2 factors, noise and heat. My idea is to batten out the space using 25mm batten. Fill the spaces with 25mm rockwool acoustic stuff, then board over ceiling and walls with 100mm Corolex, then tape Corolex with aluminium tape. Will this be a sufficient vapour barrier to keep the shed out and grow in? Will be running neg pressure so want to make sure the damp shed smell ain't getting in! Also will this be warm enough and quiet enough? I could go slightly thicker but don't want to if I can avoid (that Corolex is pricey!) Does anyone know if this will be sufficient to keep a (top quality) 6" silent running extract and intake inline fan from being audible outside the space? I'm thinking of using a 6ft baffle before it leaves the shed, on both intake and extract. We are going to start with only 600w and say, 3 or 4 plants initially, so hoping to run the fans well below capacity. If they hold out can then look at increasing plants and wattage slowly. I'm guessing I'll have to run lights at night for heat, so will be quiet when everything is running. There are houses around 10-15m from the shed. In terms of smell I'm hoping someone can recommend a top notch carbon filter... What do people reckon? I was also thinking of using a passive air heat recoverer between extract and intake to minimise heat loss in winter but not seen anyone post about that here - is it a stupid idea in terms of noise or pressure drop or something? They seem to go for a few hundred quid, would of thought that made sense compared to an oil filled 1.5kW rad. I'm near Bristol, so stays reasonably warm most winters... Has anyone tried this before, or considered it? Thanks for taking time to read. Let me know what you peeps reckon Techy Dan out.
  15. firstly a big thank you to the seedsman team and j trich for setting up this fantastic competition and of course for the chance to grow some great genetics so, here is a run down of my set up, seeds, plan, nutes n soil....... set up: stealth cab, inside measurements: L 82cm (2ft 8"), W 31cm (just over 1ft), H 112cm (3ft 8"). so as you can see not much room to work with!. 150w CMH 942 lamp for veg and early flower and (yet to buy) 830 lamp for rest of grow 4" rhino pro filter 4" rvk boxed and outside of cab str variac on setting 3 or 4 passive intake 120mm pc fan for air circulation cab open, since changed the light and osc fan ( please note: plants in pic are NOT of seedsman seeds) cab closed seeds: 3x auto lemon 3x cali orange (yet to germ) plan: as my circumstances have changed since signing up for this competition, im unable to use my tents to run 12/12 (at the moment , any way!) im now having to grow autos only in my stealth cab that i converted originally to grow my seeds, clones, mums and early veg in. i have done just 1 grow in this cab and found that topping kept the height down (topped one and was 6" smaller!) so i will be doing the same again this grow. i can fit 3 6.5L pots in there so i will be growing all 3 and going to train them as well as topping. i will be starting them in 3" pots for 10-14 days then in to finals. soil and nutes: keeping things simple and using pm soil supreme, pm root juice, pm ot grow (if needed), pm ot bloom and some equilibrium for cal/mg. so on the 30th dec 3 auto lemons hit the dirt, straight in no messing about with paper towels or anything never had a problem doing it this way until now. usually my seeds pop within 3 days, 4 tops, but we are now on day 5 and only auto lemon #1 has shown any movement and shes sprouted tap root up by the looks it . only thing i can do is give them another day or two if no action then i will pop either some auto chem bubbly or more than likely auto blue cush, both seedsman strains so will be able to hopefully carry on with this diary..... beautiful looking seeds! auto lemon#1 hitting the dirt auto lemon#2 hitting the dirt auto lemon#3 hitting the dirt group pic and here we are today, 5 days since hitting the dirt auto lemon#1 and a close up.......... [/url'> auto lemon#2 auto lemon#3 and a group pic from this morning..... so, until something happens, thanks for popping by peeps, till the next episode.............. coys
  16. Hi guys ! Here is my proposed grow space for my first grow. Unfortunately I have to go for a stealth grow but have seen some amazing results on here, Alot of them in even smaller spaces than mine !! Anyway I have converted an old set of ikea drawers measuring roughly 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.3 ft. Its a simple setup but hopefully I can work with it. I will be using a 200 watt dual spec CFL and using pc fans for ventilation. http://i68.tinypic.com/315mvbr.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/takoyh.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/257mw75.jpg Let me know what you guys think all opinions welcome. P.s Sorry I didnt know how to turn the pictures round as they are the right way up on my laptop
  17. So, I hope this thread will gather up the valuable knowledge and experience of the many envirolite users, past and present, in UK420... Please do not use this as a place to explain how much better other lighting systems are - there are loads of threads explaining that, I would like this to become a comprehensive go to thread for anyone, for whatever reason, who wants to or has to use envirolites. Some of the information is already available in other posts - I've been reading s LOT!!! But its usually between the lines as part of a grow diary etc, so the hope here is that some clear information can be grouped together in one place. I admit, its a bit selfish as I'm a newb to growing and want to find out what I can about the various types of envirolites on the market and the pros and cons of setting them up in various positions... So, to start things off, I have a bunch of questions. Is it better to get 1 X 250 dual spectrum envirolite or 1 X 6400 k and 1 X 2700? Basically, is it better to use a dual spectrum or to mix bulbs? Has anybody got any experience using the 340 watt models - are they significantly better than 250 watt in terms of yield, or does heat become an issue etc. Reflectors: some envirolites are sold with reflectors - when is it best to use a reflector and when is it better to hang the envirolite vertically? That's it for now! Hope to see what experienced users have to share!!! Thanks!
  18. Last week flower

    From the album Stealth closet #1

  19. The Drobe

    From the album The Drobe

    Near complete Drobe.
  20. 1st shot of the stealth closet

    From the album P

  21. Hi guys, I've decided to start off small and simple, my issue is one of very limited verticle space to grow in (less than 5 foot). This makes the use of LED's much more useful as I'll be able to get closer to the canopy without burn. Also the added risk of fire etc and it being a loft grow it will be easier to keep warm in winter than cold in summer etc... I will be looking to grow 5 plants in this space and want to be able to grow as close to the lights as possible. I am willing to invest a reasonable budget, idealy it would be great to spend £300 but if you have more expensive suggestions at the £500+ range do please list them. Things have moved on in this area and would greatly appreciate your advice and whats currently best and proven on the market, Looked for a bit in this forum but couldn't find any good thread with options without it turning into a MHL vs LED debate which I'd like to avoid! Cheers
  22. Here is how i extract out of my window like a ninja also can put ona blocks in the speaker to help with oudour. check it out. Front of normal speaker to start with. Back of speaker Remove the speaker so there is a hole and stretch tights over the hole so you cant see in to it. Cut a hole in the back for ducting Put it on your window sill and put the ducting in the back and your all good.
  23. Hi guys, I'm growing a Think Different autoflower after reading some great reviews. Currently I'm using; - 125w Dual Spec CFL - 25w 6400k - 11w 2700k 4 weeks left to go, and I've bought an 8 socket extension so I can add more lighting I was wondering which outta these two is best, I'm guessing left, more lumens... Watts: the amount of electricity used by the bulb (a.k.a. "power") Lumens: the amount of visible light the bulb produces (a.k.a. "luminosity") Equivalent watts: an approximate incandescent bulb wattage that outputs a similar amount of light. Luminous efficiency: the amount of light put out by the bulb per watt. Higher means better efficiency. . I've copied the definitions above as I don't understand the relationship between watts and lumens, and now I've read the definitions above, it seems lumens in more important, therefore the bulbs I've bought to fit in a bayonet fitting, may be unsuitable.... Could someone shed some light on this issue for me, as I should no better!