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Found 6 results

  1. Blueberry x BlackDomina Auto

    From the album Sick plants

  2. Hey, I was just wondering what you guy thought of a couple spots, I found some woods that were very quiet it was walled but it has mostly fallen apart now. There were deer in the forest, a small track through it but I thought I might have been rabbits or something, no litter but there was some branches of trees rested up against trees like a sort of shelter. There was a clearing in them that I wasn't sure would be enough light but I will try to cut back as much as I can if I decide it's worth giving it a shot. It's quite an open forest but near the clearing is a couple fallen trees where bushed have started to grow around and there's a little clearing in the middle, you wouldn't be able to see into it from most angles once the leaves are out. Is a bit of a gap though but it's prety far from anywhere. Another one is at the bottom of a fairly steep west facing slope, it would be much easier to cut back stuff here to get more light than the other spot, it's fairly close to the back of some peoples gardens but it's all overgrows for an are around it. There's a fairly well used footpath about 150m away on the other side of some barbed wire and those fences they use around construction site. There are nettles at the spot as well and next to it a patch of mossy ground, i wasn't sure if moss is good or bad as i know nettles are meant to be good. I read moss might indicate slightly acidic. The last one I'm unsure about is on the top of a hill with a fairly well used footpath at the bottom of the hill, the hills all very overgrown and the spot is south facing quite a big clearing, can see some houses in the distance and there's a couple abandoned greenhouses near by, completely overgrown. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. My plants so far: 1 x Afghani Skunk Auto, 1 x Anibus Auto, Both in Westlands John Innes, potting soil have been for 50 Days, Temps are at a steady 27C at canopy, and using 300W CFL, (have the light at about 2.5Inches from plants). They've both been on 1.5ml / ltr BioBizz Grow for about 2 weeks, and I started 1ml of BB bloom climbed to 2ml/ltr over the last 2 weeks, I stopped grow on Wednesday last week, and have just went to 24/7 for lighting (helps maintain the temps, and they're Autos..... ) since they're Autos and I only have about 800mm in grow height I went with 4.5Ltr pots, I'm started to get yellowing about 5 / 6 days ago so I gave another feed of Grow, told it could have been Nitrogen def, but the leaves are starting to look brown, (I find it difficult as I have trouble with green, red and brown, my eyes see them, when grouped as more red than brown, but we can talk about my colour vision defect another time ).... I've been told that it could be lack of Oxygen to the roots, and I'm tempted to explore an air pump for my water storage, as I have a 25ltr barrel, that just basically saves me dragging bottle after bottle to the "out-house". just wanted to cast the net far and wide and see what others thought? Cheers in Advance. Dweeeb
  4. Hi All, My friend has a couple of plants which he is having issues with. He's using RO water with a PH of between 6-7. He's not used any nutes except sprayed diluted super thrive and bio-silicon. The soil is Plant Magic. They have been vegging for over 4 weeks and a few other plants have signs of extreme stunted growth, as they are only 2 inches high. I haven't taken photos of the really small ones. Also, they have been since taken out of the prop and onto an e-pap blue light adjusted to 750W and about 3 feet from the plants. Temp is 23 during the day and 19 at night with humidity between 60% 70%. Apparently they have hardly been watered in the last 4 weeks because the pots are quite heavy. They were grown from seed, i can only think that he left them in the propagator for a wee bit too long? He has a double height propagator and thought that he could veg them inside that until they reached a larger size. I think may be they could't breathe very well inside the propagator. Although they have been out in the open for about 2 weeks, some are very slow to grow and others show signs that they are not in the best of health. These first 3 photos show Amnesia Haze by Soma strain and the last 3 are The Ultimate Can anyone shine some light on these issues he's having. Thanks,
  5. hi guys I noticed the leaves going brown and curling and becoming brittle and disintegrating on Friday on Saturday I did a flush and they still haven't dried out from that is this some sort of lockout ,nute burn or deficiency they looked fine one day then two started to look like this another one is just stating to show signs on its leaves of brown spots these are super skunk in 15 liter pots week six 12/12 flowering westland seed compost biobizz grow and bloom bio heaven 600 w lamp average 26-28 day time 20/21 night passive intake 4 inch out air cooled hood I have ph tested the soil at 6.1 run off at the beginning and when flushed it was reading 6.3 I have never altered the ph of the water while feeding from the tap its at 6.8-6.9 is this a calmag problem or something more serious thanks for your help here as this is my first grow
  6. A few of the leaves on my Power Africa have started developing a few yellow spots. I have moved the light further away now. 16" away 400w MH/HPS combo But after a few days the problem still persists. Can anyone with more experience give me any pointers as to what this problem could be.