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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone So as the title says what preventive action do you take to keep pests at bay in your mother room? Particularly interested in the organic options to keep mites away but all regimes welcome How often,what do you use,method of use & for what reasons you use them? Or do you just treat when notice problems ? I'm thinking of using neem cake in soil & a regularly spray (not decided what spray)......At the moment I don't use any, I just treat when pops up which has happen a couple times in last few years
  2. Just got back from the grow shop and was chatting to the guy who works there. I know his Dad so I now he knows what he's on about generally. I was telling him of my ongoing battle with spider mites. I feel that I'm winning with my current programme but I was interested in anything new that might have come on the market. He mentioned Dr Schimmel which I've heard recommended on here by some folks then he said had I tried Garlic. They had a product containing garlic which you add to every watering. This is supposed to repel any pests including mites as no insect likes garlic. I suppose the theory is that the plant 'sweats' garlic essence which puts the pests off. I said that it would make the plants taste funny but he reckoned a 10 day flush would clear it all. I'm not sure!! Has anyone tried it? I've heard of using a garlic/chilli spray but not watering with garlic.
  3. hello there, so I got new clones from a friend. and few days later when I put them in a rockwool cubes I released something is eating them, they had those little white lines like if it was infected with thrips, I couldnt find them crawling, or anything. Got some treatment going for thrips and spidermites just in case its spidermites. I couldnt see anything moving after that either, ofcourse. Got some magnifying glass so I could see better and nothing. Are they very small in the beginning that its impossible to see them? and then my girls started developing some brown patches on their few leafs. Maybe because of those two different sprays I was using? one of them is for spidermites, the other is for thrips. Could it be? Now waiting for new leaves to grow so I could see if anything is damaging them, and if those brown patches develop. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Seems like a pest damage, but you cant see them, applying some sprays, getting brown patches on leaves as a result of it. Stressful :/
  4. I have a new clone which has some passengers which I treated with some 'miteshield' which is a systemic I got as a freeby but today I was at my local growshop and saw something I thought was pretty cool.A little sachet of predator mites (neoselulus californicus) which has a little tab on so you can hang it directly onto a plant,one per plant.Apparently they release 1000 predator mites over a month long period.Last time I used predator mites they were really expensive and had to be manually placed onto the plants,but these were only £2.50 a sachet!I'm trying one on the GG#4 clone I got at the expo,I didn't realise it at the time but the fella that gave it to me is 'Sonic' of uk pineapple fame,I hope it does the trick as I'd love to grow it out soon. Anyone else tried these koppert mites?Is this a standard way of selling predators nowadays?Any tips on use ie where on the plant to hang?
  5. Today I've noticed white and yellow spots on leaves, which I don't recognize as a sickness or some nutrient problem. I think it could be thrips, although I could be mistaken, as I couldn't spot any with a magnifying glass. Maybe its too early to spot them yet. I havent had any problems with pests yet. So I'm very worried. I made a gallery and will update it accordingly. I have 10 plants. Half of them are effected by these white and yellow spots. Please let me know comrades!