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Found 29 results

  1. Could Catalonia’s growing marijuana market lead to a ‘narco-economy’? A regional police report is warning about the dangers behind a drug that is driving increased violence between growers and criminal groups ona - 04 sep 2020 - 8:25 CEST “This will never be Mexico,” concedes a Spanish police source, speaking about the violence linked to the drug trade. But this same officer warns about the dangers of widespread cannabis cultivation in Spain, particularly in Catalonia, the region with the largest seizures of the recreational drug: 12,398 kilograms, followed by Andalusia with 9,565 kilograms and the Valencia region with 4,694 kilograms, according to Interior Ministry figures from 2018. A 72-page report from the Catalan regional police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, warns about the risks of the region developing an entrenched “narco-economy” in which individuals who benefit from the system are “voluntarily excluding themselves from the legal framework.” The report also talks about “the creation of a cannabis culture and identity,” citing the Netherlands and Spain’s own southern Campo de Gibraltar area as examples. We’re seeing a growing number of members of the police force showing up the investigations Anonymous police source The report, which is based on police data as well as Spanish and European studies, categorically asserts that “Catalonia is the epicenter of the illegal marijuana market in Europe.” Between 2013 and 2017, cannabis plant seizures grew 538% (from 176,165 to 1,124,674 plants), making Spain the top European producer of the drug. In Catalonia, marijuana has long topped the list of drug seizures. In 2019 alone, the Mossos shut down 368 cannabis grow operations. One of the consequences of this widespread cultivation is corruption. “We’re seeing a growing number of members of the police force showing up in the investigations,” laments one source. Part of the problem is widespread social acceptance of marijuana, which is viewed as a soft drug. “The criminal does not always come from your classic drug background; there is less opposition to marijuana, and it represents a lot of money,” adds the same source. In the last six years, the Mossos have broken up 150 criminal gangs that were trafficking with marijuana And then there are the profits to be made by perfectly legal businesses that provide the technical support for grow operations. Indoors setups (which account for 65% of operations raided by the Mossos) are highly professional affairs: they use fertilizers, growth accelerators, light regulators, automatic sprinklers, ventilation systems and more. The Mossos have even found mobile spotlights powered by electrical motors that move to expand the area of light, and “smart” setups controlled remotely with computers. The police have also come across electricians and engineers who were helping set up grow operations in Girona. During an investigation in Tarragona, officers also identified real estate agencies offering premises for indoor setups. And on top of all this there are the grow shops, which legally sell seeds and fertilizer – the Mossos tallied 122 active shops in 2016 – and cannabis clubs, which are occasionally used by criminal organizations for trafficking purposes. There is no clear-cut profile of the average grower. They range from amateurs to members of organized crime. But the Catalan police warn that a rise in demand could encourage organized gangs to try to take control of the market, the quality and the price of the drug. Spain still has one of the cheapest prices in Europe, at €5.66 a gram in Barcelona compared with the European average of €7 to €13. And taking control of the market “can only be achieved through violence,” note police sources. This violence already exists. Last week, two people were murdered in Lloret de Mar (Girona) and Flix (Tarragona) over marijuana-related conflicts. There have been nine other homicides since 2016. And this week, Civil Guards in Andalusia were shot at after discovering a field of cannabis outside a village. (see side box). Greeted with gunshots By Jesús A Cañas On Wednesday, three Civil Guard officers were shot with pellet guns after they uncovered a marijuana grow operation in the middle of a field near Bornos, a small village in the mountains of Cádiz. Two local men with a long record of petty crime have been identified as the attackers, and more than 200 law enforcement officers have been deployed to track them down after they disappeared into the hills, which they are said to “know like the back of their hand.” Neither one of the officers is in a critical state, but one has sustained significant leg injuries. Marijuana growing has become increasingly common in the area in recent times. But most of the violence takes place when traffickers attempt to steal existing crops. Some use drones to identify grow operations before moving in. Meanwhile, the growers arm themselves to prevent getting robbed, leading to additional violence. In March, Civil Guard officers attempting to search a suspect warehouse in Riudoms (Tarragona) were greeted with gunshots. In the last six years, the Mossos have broken up 150 criminal gangs that were trafficking with marijuana, but they were only able to press money-laundering charges on four occasions. The Catalan police’s report complains about a lack of resources to conduct in-depth research into the “dirty” origin of the gangs’ money. The profits are often invested in real estate, and the more sophisticated networks put their money into the hospitality sector and in financial products. Besides the social acceptance and the low penalties for trafficking with the drug, investigators point to other elements that are driving marijuana growth in Spain, such as an abundance of sparsely populated rural areas and a real estate crisis that left behind many empty premises where it is easy to set up a grow operation. In the case of Catalonia, success also hinges on the region’s strategic location as a gateway to the rest of Europe. The border is populated with “marijuana brokers” who act as go-betweens for “markets, territories and criminal networks.” They buy the drug in Andalusia or Valencia for €1,800 a kilogram, take it to Catalonia, and resell it for €2,500. The report concludes that the marijuana trade will continue to grow in the coming years “unless a disruptive element comes along to slow down the system’s inertia.” English version by Susana Urra. https://english.elpais.com/spanish_news/2020-09-04/could-catalonias-growing-marijuana-market-lead-to-a-narco-economy.html
  2. After spending a small amount of time in the south of spain i was wondering if its possible to do a successful guerrilla grow in the wild. From what i remember the surrounding country side is dry and baron as fuck due to the roasting summers they have. I tend to see people growing in gardens and back yards. Can anyone tag our Spanish or Portugese growers in this thread? @InTheSystem@bigbadbudboi @Malagueno Me and my partner are considering leaving the UK after October. So its possible we could settle in the south of Spain or Portugal. Tell me what you think. Cheers Tom
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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

  6. STAKED.jpeg

    From the album 2018 Garden

  7. 10:42 CEST+02:00 Spanish police said Thursday they had seized more than eight tonnes of hashish in two operations in the southern province of Cadiz, where drug traffickers are operating in an increasingly brazen manner that has alarmed authorities. Officers seized around 2.5 tonnes of hashish from a house in a rural area near the port of Algeciras on Wednesday night after a tense standoff with suspected traffickers who had barricaded themselves inside, police said in a statement. The police were targeted by "at least six shots from inside the house", some of which only narrowly missed officers, it added. The four suspects inside the house gave themselves up after two hours of negotiation and were arrested. Earlier on Wednesday, police seized more than six tonnes of hashish hidden in the basement of a house in the poverty stricken town of La Linea de la Concepcion on the border with Gibraltar, the disputed British territory on Spain's southern tip. The entrance to the basement was hidden by the floor of a shower. A video released by police showed how the shower's floor could easily be opened by a hydraulic system activated by a remote control. Police arrested one man during the operation, while several others managed to flee. Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido in February vowed to send more police to Cadiz after around 20 people stormed a hospital in La Linea and freed a suspected narco who was under police guard. In other cases traffickers have openly defied security forces by unloading drugs in broad daylight. Spain's proximity to Morocco, a key source of cannabis, and its close ties with former colonies in Latin America, a major cocaine producing region, have made it an important gateway for international drug dealers. According to the interior ministry, 40 percent of all drugs that come to Spain arrive via Cadiz. Video of the shower's floor could easily be opened by a hydraulic system activated by a remote control. here..https://www.thelocal.es/20180406/spanish-police-seize-over-eight-tonnes-of-hashish
  8. GROW-3663.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  9. Hi folks, I'm a total beginner, growing several strains of Dinafem and Greenhouse plants outdoors in Southern Spain. I've been reading up about topping, FIMing etc and I'm a bit confused about which I should be trying. I'd like to get as many nice buds as possible, what would be a good starting point for a beginner, outdoors? Most of my plants are around 7 weeks, some are a bit younger.
  10. 7 weeks

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  11. GROW-3203.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  12. Bubba Kush

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Bubba Kush at 6 weeks
  13. GROW-2398-2.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Original Amnesia at 3 weeks
  14. GROW-2354.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Jack Herer Automatic (Positronics) with DIY bamboo dog guard.
  15. GROW-2333.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Blue Kush
  16. Hi Spanish cops arrest Irishman and Brit partner after discovering huge ‘sophisticated’ cannabis factory and guns at their home Officers uncovered more than 100 cannabis plants in the raid and two sawn-off shotguns- one loaded and ready to use By Paul Harper 17th March 2017 SPANISH cops have arrested an Irishman and his British partner after discovering a massive cannabis factory and two shot sawn-off shotguns in their Costa Blanca home. The pair had 104 large-size cannabis plants discovered in their garage seized along with the weapons and a crossbow. Officers said one of the guns was loaded and ready to use at the property in Catral near Alicante. The Irishman, aged 35, and his 28-year-old British partner, who have not been named, have been released on bail following a private hearing. A spokesman for the local Civil Guard, which made the arrests, confirmed: “The Civil Guard have arrested in Catral a couple who had a cannabis factory in their garage, with a sophisticated watering and ventilation system. “A total of 104 large-size plants have been seized along with two sawn-off shotguns, ammunition and a crossbow. “Officers were tipped off about the possible existence of cannabis inside the house and could smell the drug from the street when they got there. “The occupants let officers in who discovered the plants in the garage. “The shotguns were found in a small case that caught the eye of investigators. “The barrels had been sawn-off which is illegal. One of them was loaded with two of the 30 cartridges that was also found, ready to be used. “The officers also discovered a crossbow with two lead-tipped arrows that the owner had no documentation for. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3110891/spanish-cops-arrest-irishman-and-brit-partner-after-discovering-huge-cannabis-factory-and-guns-in-their-home/ More Photos on Link Bongme
  17. Madrid (AFP) - Spanish police said Thursday they had smashed a ring that smuggled cannabis from Morocco to Spain by helicopter, arresting 20 people including a former Ukrainian pilot who used to fight wildfires. Spanish police smash helicopter cannabis smuggling ring Police launched their investigation when they detected a helicopter flying at "a very low altitude and without any lights" from Morocco to southern Spain, they said in a statement. Officers seized the helicopter after it landed in a farm in the Los Alcornocales National Park and arrested the pilot, co-pilot and a third man who was helping offload the drugs from the aircraft. "The pilot of the helicopter, a Ukrainian national, worked in his country as a pilot of helicopters used to put out wildfires and had extensive experience with night flights," the statement said. Police found 615 kilos (1,355 pounds) of hashish inside the helicopter. They then arrested 17 other suspected members of the ring which police said had "several farms and warehouses where they hid helicopters". Police found a helicopter that had been damaged in an accident buried several metres below ground in one of the farms used by the ring. The ring used Alouette II helicopters which can normally fit four passengers but would remove the back seats of the aircraft to fit more drugs in each flight. Spain's proximity to North Africa, a key source of cannabis, and its close ties with former colonies in Latin America, the world's main cocaine-producing region, have made it a gateway into Europe for drug consignments. Spanish police seized around 100 tonnes of hashish last year, about three percent less than in the previous year. https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/30576036/spanish-police-smash-helicopter-cannabis-smuggling-ring/
  18. Mountains

    From the album Random pics

    Andalusia, Mountains 50km from Granada
  19. Four people arrested over indoor plantation that was being expanded to take up more rooms of disused building on the Mediterranean coast Spanish police have uncovered hundreds of marijuana plants in a disused hotel on the Mediterranean coast and arrested four people as part of the operation. “The group was preparing other rooms on other floors to increase the area of cultivation,” said a statement.Officers raided the hotel in the town of Pineda de Mar, about 40 miles (60km) north of Barcelona, on Wednesday and found marijuana plants in various stages of growth covering three of its five floors, police said. Police arrested two Russian women, aged 27 and 40, and two Spanish men, aged 34 and 63, from the nearby towns of Blanes and Lloret de Mar on suspicion of running the marijuana growth operation.. The authorities seized 2,491 marijuana plants from the hotel as well as ventilation equipment and air conditioning machines and fertilisers used for growing the plants. Police estimate the marijuana seized in the raid would have a street value of around €60,000 euros (£47,000/US$67,000). http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/18/hotel-with-three-floors-of-marijuana-raided-by-spanish-police
  20. I had never been to a cannabis fair. Working a full time job and having kids is not so conducive to attending trade fairs that are not mandatory to my work. This changed recently, once I completed my book and started writing for Marijuana Times. I needed to reach out to those in the European cannabis industry. For my first cannabis event, why not make a splash and go to the biggest in Europe, if not the world? The fact that it was on the outskirts on one the most chilled out, beautiful cities in Europe, (Barcelona) was an attractive bonus. This was the 13th Spannabis, and I was one of 34,000 attendees. Truth be told, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and was nervous that the entrepreneurial utopia I had constructed in my mind would be shattered. PHOTO: Courtesy of Percy Grower Landing late Friday afternoon, the show had already started. I won some time by grabbing a cab directly to the event from the airport. The public transport infrastructure in Barcelona is excellent, but I was later than I wanted to be. As the taxi pulled up to Fira de Cornellà, the 17.000 m2 exhibition centre that was hosting the event, I could smell marijuana smoke through the closed windows of the car. No sooner had I stepped out of the cab, I saw Franco of the Greenhouse Seed Co. and Strain Hunters documentaries fame. Being such a major cannabis celebrities, I couldn’t let the moment pass without saying hi. I approached from behind (my only clear access) and clumsily said, “I just want to say hi”.Thankfully, the two guys either side of him turned to me and said a cool but friendly “hi”. Franco didn’t turn and continued to finish the joint he was constructing. PHOTO: Courtesy of Percy Grower After a few awkward seconds, it was clear he wasn’t going to reciprocate my greeting. I totally get his reaction and that’s cool. We were outside the event and he was running two major stands on the back of an expedition to the Congo. If anyone deserved to enjoy a quiet joint without being distracted by strangers it was this man. I slipped away, cursing myself for being such a doofus. Onto the show. Judging by the smell of things, it was in full swing. I headed to the press ticket office. They couldn’t find my name on the list. The person on the counter called for backup. I showed her my emails with the boss. The queue behind me grew. She called the boss. Standing in the Mediterranean sun, I was starting to sweat. They looked and finally found my name hidden under the staple at the top of the page. It was in the T section for “The Marijuana Times”, not the M section for “Marijuana Times” where she was originally looking. PHOTO: Courtesy of Percy Grower Once inside, it was immediately clear this was not your average trade event. Despite announcements over the tannoy saying no smoking is allowed on the premises, cannabis smoke wafted through the air and the attendees looked more like they were attending a festival than a trade show. The press office was surrounded by young guys sporting large beards and even larger baseball caps. I must’ve looked a like real square and was ignored accordingly. Not wanting to embarrass myself any further, I headed into the throng. The expo housed 500 companies. It was a mix of seed companies with spectacular stands brimming with beautiful girls gifting free seeds, horticulture companies offering bio soils, nutrients and hydroponic systems and all other auxiliary companies you could think of and many you couldn’t. PHOTO: Courtesy of Percy Grower I headed to the seed company Dutch Passion, who have supplied me seeds in the past but who I have never met in the flesh. I was introduced to one of their expert growers. I talked through the project I have planned this year and he offered some advice for companies to hook up with. My hit list. No sooner had I set off I saw GOD. Jorge Cevantes, author of numerous cannabis growing books. One of which is lovingly referred to by growers the world over as “the bible”. I was filled with trepidation after my experience with Franco, but still couldn’t let the moment pass without saying hello. It turned out that he was a lovely man. He had even heard of my book which blew me away. I offered him a copy and he asked me to sign it in an amazingly humble gesture. We posed for a selfie, Jorge holding my book looking saint-like and me gurning like a fool next to him. If you follow me on twitter I apologise for the shock of seeing it – just concentrate on Jorge and the book, ok. I headed to my Airbnb lodging in town to relax and enjoy the sights of Barcelona, a happy man. PHOTO: Courtesy of Percy Grower The following day I wanted to catch the show early. I arrived just as it was opening. The queue snaked around the building as far as the eye could see. I waved my press wristband to security and was one of the first to enter. I wanted to settle business before the huge queue that I had passed bought their tickets and entered. The next few hours were spent introducing myself, exchanging cards and getting contacts for interviews. Everything went swimmingly. I was in the zone. Gone were my nerves and excitement from yesterday. After years of scooting around the peripherals of the emerging cannabis industry, I had landed in the European cannabis epicenter and it was awesome. I achieved more in those few hours than I would have ever achieved elsewhere. I realised that Spannabis is THE cannabis event to attend in Europe. Sure, the others are good, but Spannabis is the one where the most companies attend and you’ll get the most done. Everyone I spoke to confirmed this. Around midday, the show started to fill. Navigating around with my camera and growing collection of swag I was picking up was proving to be difficult. Last port of call was to say thanks to the Dutch Passion guys for their help. As I was there I had one last pleasant surprise. The guys on the stand where selling seeds hand over fist and struggling to keep up with the punters waving fifty euro notes in the air. As I patiently waited for a lull in the wave of growers I spotted a familiar face moving serenely past under a white fedora. “Excuse me” I called, “Marc Emery?”. He stopped, turned, and greeted me like an old friend despite never having met or heard of me before. We shook hands and chatted away for a long while about his experiences and plans for the future (of which I will cover in another article). It was a real treat and a perfect ending to my first Spannabis adventure. I thanked my friends at Dutch Passion and headed off. I’d achieved what I set to achieve and had the rest of the weekend to enjoy the amazing city of Barcelona which appears to be wrestling Amsterdam’s crown for Europe’s most cannabis friendly city. Walking the street of Barcelona that evening I spotted dealers in the alleyways hawking cans of beer. The cannabis clubs have taken the safe drug of cannabis off the streets and left space for dealers to peddle a much more damaging drug – alcohol.
  21. THREE men have been arrested on suspicion of trafficking drugs after they were stopped in their car at the Calahonda toll of the AP-7. Suspicions were raised when the three Moroccan men became agitated as their car pulled up to the police check point, however suspicions and eyebrows were raised further when one of the men got out of the vehicle sporting a large bulge in his trousers. Not believing that what they were seeing was all ‘him’, they searched the man discovering a large number of capsules full of hashish stuffed in his underpants. The police then searched the other two men and the car but found nothing. Unconvinced that there were no more drugs being transported, the officers sent the men to the Hospital Costa del Sol for x-rays. It was there that the police officers’ suspicions were confirmed to be correct as the medical team both extracted, and had to wait for nature to take its course to retrieve 250 capsules (three kilos) of hashish, which had a market value of €5,300. The three men were arrested under public health laws and taken into custody. http://www.euroweeklynews.com/3.0.15/news/on-euro-weekly-news/costa-del-sol-malaga/136588-suspicious-trouser-bulge-leads-to-hashish-seizure-in-calahonda
  22. A1Cannabica membership card front

    From the album Various

  23. The self-cultivation of cannabis has been decriminalized By Enrique Fornes. A wonderful surprise antiprohibitionist news for all growers, Grows Shop, cannabis growers and associations. I tell you as has been the public security law that takes effect July 1. The minimum fine has been 600 euros, not in the Euro 1000 as planned. Administrative penalty is still holding the minimum amount of substance in places, roads, public buildings or public transport (art.36.16). The wonderful news is that it has added to art. 36 for the first time a paragraph 18 on the cultivation of cannabis, and is said to be punishable only "in visible public places." (Art. 36.18). To meet for the first time in the democratic history expressly criminalized acts and illicit crop planting is determined and clearly expresses what is forbidden, and to the contrary, what is allowed. Franco previous law prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis was April 8, 1967, law "prohibited" but he did not sanction violators. Hence it is said that it was forbidden germinate seeds The government of Spain has decided all of a sudden, in the new law on citizen security, decriminalize cannabis self-cultivation. Why did he do? You do not know, because in the 2013 draft was not intended. Rule 36: "Grave breaches" 18 "The implementation of unlawful acts of planting and cultivation of toxic substances, narcotics or psychotropic substances. in visible public places, when not constitute a criminal offense ". The Grow Shop and growers can sell cuttings provided they do not expose them to the public. You must inform customers that the sale of cuttings is legal and cannabis cultivation, provided that no substances being trafficked or is "not visible in public places." You can also sell cactus and mushrooms. Article 36 is "non-organic" (fourth final provision) nature, so that the "merit" of decriminalization with this new wording of the law in principle can be attributed to the government and its parliamentary majority. Thus the self-cultivation has not yet been legalized but decriminalized, which is the best anti-prohibitionist news. The best thing you could do. The self-cultivation is only punishable if it is visible to the public. There is punishable indoor cultivation at home, or in a corral cultivation, greenhouse cultivation or in the back of a chalet. You can not fine or arrest. The bad news is that this law rises to 601 euros (twice) the minimum fine for possession of substances (art.36.16), and have released an article on searches, which he calls "external body searches" (Art.20 ). They pretend to be legal cache without providing a crime, with only suspect that you may be committing a serious administrative sanction possible drug possession. We'll see what the judges say. I'll take the good with the good news. At last you can grow marijuana indoors without fear of complaints. At last you can grow in a pen without fear. Finally it can be grown in a greenhouse. At last you can teach farming or visits to friends, taking photos. Finally cuttings can be sold. Now we need to remove the prison and fines for trade and ownership or possession. Health. E . I sgd. Enrique Fornes Angeles. Lawyer, No. 6,385. Valencia. June 5, 2015. http://growlandia.com/marihuana/la-noticia-causa-furor-el-cultivo-de-cannabis-ha-sido-despenalizado-en-espana-video