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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, Please see below for my setup: I had intended to only grow 5, but due to me effing up a few seedlings, and due to an over abundance of caution I have planted more than I need a further 5 as can be seen in the propagator), thinking I may eff up at least some of them again. However, they all seem to be fine so far, so now I'm left with more plants than holes. You can see the top right guy doesn't look too good. I'm thinking he will get the bin, and then to squeeze 3 into the top right pot and then then other 2 into the top left, so the top left and right will have 3 rock wool plugs in them. I can then train them out of each others way as they grow. I'm thinking that because its a hydro grow, it would be OK to squeeze them in like this, as the pot is not the rooting medium, in this case the rooting medium is the 5 pot hydro tub. Is that a valid thing to say? I know that growing multiple plants in the same soil pot wont work, but I'm thinking that the situation is different for hydro? Has anyone tried this before? Appreciate any thoughts you guys might have on this? Cheers,
  2. Running out of height

    Couple of pics just to show how high these photos are getting
  3. Cannabis Driving Industrial Demand In Denver, But It's Not The Only Driver The state of the Denver industrial market in one word, according to the speakers at our Denver Industrial Investment & Development Conference: hot. Hot as it's ever been. Cannabis is one reason, but not the only reason. A number of metrics show just how red-hot the market is, our speakers said. There have been 25 quarters of positive absorption in a row, vacancies below 5% since 2012, and every submarket is seeing record rental rates. Marijuana's been a piece of the story, but there's a diverse set of drivers, including population growth—after all, about 5,000 people a month are moving to metro Denver—and expanding ecommerce. On the capital markets side, the demand for industrial is enormous. That's true nationwide, but especially Denver. There will be some sublease space coming on the market in the coming years, but not enough to disrupt the market. CBRE research analyst Katie Murtaugh noted a number of positive effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado, including higher tax revenues and lower retail vacancy rates, but her research focused on the impact on the industrial markets. Overall, the cannabis industry accounts for about 2.6% of industrial space in the market, but its boom came at the end of the recession and gave a needed boost to industrial landlords, she said. One important effect was that growers took Class-B and C properties that might not have otherwise been leased. Lease rates responded to that demand, with B and C space seeing particularly strong increases. Our speakers involved in finding industrial space for the cannabis industry, especially in the early days when it was hard to find space, period. Often growers and retailers would have to take space absolutely no one else would take. The recession helped, as landlords were eager to find users of space, especially less desirable space. Finding willing landlords, including both industrial and retail, can still be a problem, since cannabis cultivation and distribution is still in violation of federal law. But as the industry grows and landlords learn to structure leases to protect themselves better, that's less of an issue. Also, the more efficient growers are investing in their own space, though that's driven property prices up. The challenges ahead for cannabis are less legal than economic, as they are in most rapidly growing industries, our speakers said. The economics of the business is changing, with wholesale and retail prices compressing. The upshot is that there will be a lot of failures, especially among smaller, less efficient producers. That will put some space back on the market, including older, less desirable space. Trouble is, no one knows who's going to succeed in the long run. Cannabis Still Drives Industrial Demand, But Faces Challenges In Finding Good Space https://www.bisnow.com/denver/news/industrial/denver-event-lead-64518
  4. Hey guys Im a bit stuck as to what to do, the plan was to buy a 8" mountain a filter with reducer to go on the 6" fan I already have, but now realising my drobe space is 100cm x 50cm I don't know if its going to fit with the added reducer and ducting. mountain air filter- 50cm, fan- 30cm reducer-? Inline its just not enough space, and without having all the items I can't work out if I can make it fit, The reason the fan and filter are oversized because I was soon going to upgrade into a bigger space and with money tight I didnt want to buy twice. Alternatively I was thinking of buying a rhino hobby 150x300 as a temporary solution but dont want it if its not up to the job ? or will this suffice in a 100x50x250 drobe for 6month ? A pro is last resort because its expensive and not on par with mountain air Any Ideas how it can fit ? Or will have to buy smaller Cheers
  5. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

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