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Found 88 results

  1. Hi all hope every one is good an well an I’d like to take this time to firstly introduce myself I’m 80s-lad so ok here goes I thinking of making a return to growing my own as there’s so much shit around it braces my heart a lot has changed since I last tested my green fingers (2007) so advice is what I’m looking for an any would be much appreciated so I’ve found me a small space 900mm x 1100mm by 2400 tall pots an soil oil is my previous background but my method has changed drastically Ie , feeds have been reformulated (Mother Earth grow an bloom) an soils seem to of been played with (canna terra pro plus) which resulted in a lot of what I think to be ph issues on my last venture so I thinking it time to introduce my green fingers to the way things work in the future (or that’s how it feels) so im after some suggestions/ideas on a nice simple set up to try/use ie soil (if this is advices) coco’s willma’s nft Systems to go in the small space I like the way 60/40 sounds (drip,Wilma) but have very limited hydro knowledge so im open to an advice an it would need a lot i have a few bits to build my room 600watt light (spudnik air cooled shade) Limatek ballast Sunmaster 600watt Metal HalId an a 600watt osram sun t 5inch rvk out an 4inch rvk in an climavator controler (think the controller needs updating) aswell as a 5inch Carbon filter my room will be finished very soon so any ideas please get involved
  2. Hi all, running Coco, I usually feed with a consistent pH of 5.9. Doing some studies into Nitrogen and it's major component chlorophyll I came across some range charts. I've previously seen people use Cal Mg with Coco, this would tell me I'm dropping both to potentially zero on feeds. With this in mind, I noticed a 5.9 pH feed actually prohibits the absorption of other compounds. Would it be good practice to range the feeds at 5.9 then 6.5 (progress or at the very least repeatably) to ensure the full range is taken? Any experience on this welcome.
  3. Hi there, Need a hand diagnosing some odd nute issue as it is different for each plant, leading to thing something is off with the roots. Growing in Plant Magic supreme soil and using PM nutes as per their own schedule (following exactly). Root temps are 19-21C range and canopy 22-23C range. I think my water schedule is ok, potted them up 4 days ago when was the last time I watered. I wait till pots feel light to water again. Growing under 24/0 for now till I get the heating sorted for lights off. Current suspect is that my tap water ph might be too high messing things up (7.5-8), but after a bit of research, ph in soil should not be an issue (correct if I am wrong?). Anyway, let the pictures talk themselves:
  4. So I'm going to order some nutrients and soil today .. What shall I order .. how much do I need .. i have 8 pots .. newbie to growing .. how do I measure and mix them do I use a jug or ?.. any feeding plans would be a real big help .. tia
  5. Hi guys onto my 3rd soil Biobizz grow and still regard myself as a beginner and needing that extra help in certain things. So I have a few questions need to get my head around ..... i have been using grow (throughout the grow) introducing bloom in 2nd week of flowering . With the occasional mix of fish mix too. However I just want too try clear up doubts in my head that I’m feeding correctly . Should i I use fish mix and grow together or is it ok to use just grow then use the fish mix as a foliar spray 2 times a week on the whole plant up until flowering??.. been trying too do my own investigation but so many different opinions can’t seem to make my mind up on the right way too go. Or or should I just add grow and fish together throughout the grow with the odd foliar spray and then all 3 together when I get into flowering with the bloom? hope I have made it clear enough . also while I’m at it anyone used 1000watt mezhi led light just got my hands on one and going to use it with a air cooled hps 600 watt in my loft grow . Any advice love to hear back
  6. What are your favorite 'SOIL' based reliable go to nutrients that you swear by? I'm currently using the BioBizz range with Maxicrop Original Seaweed, but with BioBizz its seemed easy to overfeed, so you have to keep them lite but i'm still not convinced by BioBizz. I've also tried DutchPro but didn't get on with these at all. So i'm looking for an alternative nutrient regime to feed the Auto OG KUSH strain i've just acquired. Looking possibly into the Fox Farm, Plant Magic - Oldtimer Organic Grow Bloom, or Advanced Nutrients range but still undecided. I'm interested to know what the seasoned farmers on here use to feed their autoflowers with successful results.
  7. Hi all. Forgive me if I sound dumb, I have never done a full major run in soil I have just done one experiment at minute alongside some coco plants to see the difference, and that was simply lightmix then into allmix, which is working fine and given me the kick I needed to go further with it. So I will be potting up soon with my 5 choc mint OG and I have been scratching my head listening to others about what to put in my mix. So will the following work ok, I know deep down it will but I dont want to pot up and burn the plants because the mix is too strong for them: Im guessing the Biobizz will make it non organic, although it says so on the bags... 1/3 of Plagron batmix 1/3 of Coco cior for airation 1/3 of 50/50 Light/Allmix (just what I have left) Mix in recommended dose of Ecothrive charge (Organic beetle shit) Leave for a day or two Pot up plants with a good watering Feed with Ecothrive Biosys every 7-10 days (for those micros), then use Oltimer organic bloom if needed in flower as and when. Maybe a wet/dry cycle, but Im having joy with the current soil plant being watered daily. Its far bigger than the coco plants. I don't really have the capacity to buy new stuff at minute, a friend recommended BAC nutrients to mix in but Im maxed out cash wise so this is what I have been aquiring over time. But if the ratios could be changed I'm open to suggestions as the seedlings are only 5 days old and need some more time before going into a proper mix. Thanks MMT
  8. i have opted to buy an autopot system with 15 litre pots, generally i grow skunky type genetics or medium sized indicas, so they would be around ten weeks ish under 13/11. My question is this, am i going to struggle with coco and clay balls ? could someone please recommend a pre mix that they've used that was reliable and gave good results. i am researching this as i am a half whit when it comes to hydro, grew in coco a couple of times but got an attack of the borg so cleaned out and started again with soil. i will be going with dutch pro coco 2 part base plus pk 13/14 ??? i need help ! thanks in advance peeps
  9. white widow novice indoor grow

    From the album in the tent

    Just finished building the tent.
  10. Hi guys, I've been messing about outdoors on and off for the last 10 years now. This year I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could set up my first indoor grow at last! Currently got some exodus cheese clones in coco which will be coming down in 2/3 days I also have 11 Disco Biscuits (thanks @VRG for the extra bean and free Blues!) in 1" rockwool cubes. I originally went with the coco as that's what my friend who helped me set up uses. I thought it would be handy in case I ran into any problems, at least I'd have someone with experience to guide me. Luckily no major probs and although I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with my first attempt, I have decided I will be using soil this time round. I've always used bio bizz nutes in the past outdoors and from reading I've realised soil is a more suited medium for them. Plus it's what I've been used to in the past. Just trying to get a game plan together in my head so I don't panic when it comes to doing something and fuck up! I spoke with@FARMER G via pm and he kindly answered my queries, but I keep coming up with more and don't want to pester the man so thought I'd ask a few on here and hopefully someone else can learn from the info too First question is potting up.. I've read that several re pots are good through veg. I've bought 0.7, 1.5, 3.5, 6 and 11ltr pots. Do you think 5 re pots is overkill and will stress the plants more than do them any favours? Also I understand the idea is to fill each pot with roots before moving them on to the next. With the final pot, do I want to fill that with roots before flipping them to 12/12 or do I need flip them soon after the final pot up, so as to leave room for roots to grow in flower and not become root bound? Or do the roots stop growing in flower!? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.. Just can't learn enough at the minute! Aphat
  11. Used upside down planters for tomatoes for years as they are the dogs bollox and work really well, a friend of mine said that he used one for cannabis and it also worked Great? Anyone else tried this? and I’m thinking of experimenting with it? Any input anyone?
  12. Hello all I'm new to the forum but not new to growing! I have been growing my smoke for around 10 years now but without any advice (trial and error method) I've had reasonable success but in the past couple of years the yields haven't been as good. I grow a brick build shed using a grow tent 180x180x80 for flowering, my growlight is a 600w HPS i use a 4" inline fan using a carbon filter as an exhaust to save room inside the tent also got a couple of fans in the tent to keep the air moving. I use Ionics nutes for soil grow, bloom & Boost. Normally i think the 600w HPS would be a bit hot for a tent this size but with it being in an outhouse the temps seem to be fine sitting at about 80 degrees c with light on. I also use an oil filled radiator in the colder months which kicks in when the lights switch off. I also have a smaller tent for the vegging I use a 250w CFL in here along with another fan. I currently have a couple of SK1's on the go at the moment which were turned to12/12 on Sunday. I have joined the forum to pick up hints and tips to see why my yields have reduced, I think i my have been going wrong with my feeding schedule, I have been adding nutes every time I water my plants and i now don't think this is correct. I'm sure there are plenty of posts covering this subject for me to check out so will have a good look through the forum. As i said previously every thing i have done when growing has been trial and error. Cheers everyone I look forward to see what you are all growing and checking out your successes.
  13. Someone on here recommended me a few books on organics/no-till a while back and I've finally got round to reading them, really interesting stuff! Anyone interested in "proper" organics should give them a read, they teach you a lot about the magic going on underneath the soil, how it all works together, and what it does for your plants. "Once you are aware of and appreciate the beautiful synergisms between soil organisms, you will not only become a better gardener but a better steward of the earth. Home gardeners really have no business applying poisons, and yet apply them they do, to the food they grow and eat (and worse feed to their families) and the lawns on which they play." Teaming With Microbes Teaming With Nutrients Teaming With Fungi Author: Jeff Lowenfels
  14. Welcome to my humble offering for the Sweet Seeds 2017 Diary Competition. Firstly, many thanks to Sweet Seeds for the free seeds, quite some deal - I send you no money and you send me three packs of seeds - I feel like I have already won before I started ! Here is a quick run down on the plan : Germinate the seeds in a 40x40x160 tent with a 125w Blue CFL using the good old fashioned standard - Wet tissue paper laced with 2ml per litre of Rhiztonic. Pop them into some Root Riot cubes and allow them to rise and root up. Once rooted their first pot will be a 0.7l square filled with Clover soil. Once they outgrow the small tent I shall transplant them into their final pots, 11 litre square's, once again using Clover soil but also with some additional organic bat guano - 1 litre mixed in with 80 litres of soil. Once in their final pots they will complete the journey in the big tent - 70x170x180 with 2 air cooled hoods holding 600w bulbs. I am using dimmable ballasts so can range from 400-1000w each if needed. Blue MH bulbs will go in to begin with then when flowering I can switch to the Red bulbs. Feeding will be kept simple, Rhizotonic all the way through until a few weeks before the end, Canna Start possibly whilst starting to veg out, Biobizz Fishmix once in full veg and in final pots, and finally Biozbizz Grow & Biobizz Bloom as appropriate. I live in a hard water area so doubt I will suffer from cal mag issues, but just in case, I do have a fresh bottle of Canna Trace Mix, so if there appears to be any kind of deficiency showing I will give them a few doses of this. Seed selection was difficult. Ideally I need a warehouse to fulfill my dreams, with a tent of every breed possible, but I had to settle on three. It was tough ! Jack47 (fast version) - I always kept looking this one up but its one of the more expensive ones - And I'm a tight arse Sweet Cheese (fast version) - I have done Sweet Cheese Auto a few times and even got a few hundred of my own seeds crossed with a SuperSkunk Auto male. My current favourite flavour. Sweet Skunk (fast version) - I couldn't resist, I am hoping to find a really deep skunky pheno, fingers crossed ! I will take clones, I would like to have a few mother plants. There are plans for a shed, in March I hope, if this happens then there will be a midnight move down to the end of the garden into a grow area twice the size of the tent. We will see ! They say a picture paints a thousand words. I agree. With this in mind I shall be setting up my DSLR camera on a little tripod with a timer so I can create a time lapse video to share with you all. I did a first attempt a while back which was pretty cool, I shall add it below. The plant in the video is now 82 days old and close to cropping, a Killer Kush Auto Last night I put all seeds into their tissue paper and covered them with a plant pot, it was nice and warm in the small tent with the 125w cfl powered up. Most of the seeds have cracked open and are showing their tap root, here a few pictures to get this diary started. Jack47 after 24h with a heavy watering of 2ml/litre Rhizotonic Sweet Cheese Sweet Skunk All seeds were put in to Root Riots And then heavily watered with the 2ml/litre Rhizotonic and put under the plastic hood of a propagator Happy smokes everyone !
  15. OT X OT sub seeds

    From the album Subbie seeds

  16. OTxOT subbieseed

    From the album Subbie seeds

    I think I flushed too soon, she's throwing out another wave of white pistils.
  17. OG Kush dinafem, 7w+2

    From the album Random

  18. OG Kush 7w+2

    From the album Random

  19. Just popping into say hello! just recently updated my profile along with images.. Any advice or critism accepted haha! BLhaze
  20. 58f670e1dded1-van3(2).jpg

    From the album Hindu Kush

    week 3 of flowering, but it seems to have stopped, have put liquid oxygen in with last flush, and flushed them again with straight h20, radiator in room producing 80$ F, good natural air flow, and great filter out take, but not budding bigger as i had hoped, any comparative pics or suggestions?

    © Bertie the Biro

  21. Hi, Im a newbie to this site, but have been a grower for about 35 years. ( Ive only recently started growing indoors and am a bit mystified by what is happening. Im growing Hindu Kush OH and cannot fathom why the leaf structure has turned from the broad Indica shape to the thin sativa shape. I'm in my fourth week of flowering, and its really slow. Some help would be useful. I'm not using a tent, , Im using just a 600 HPS bulb and ballast, a really good 4" intake of fresh air and a great out take via a filer ( 6" ), Umbrella sunking 1 metre shade and only 3 plants. I'm growing in my own soil mix, ( broken terracotta at the bottom, washed grit on top of that, then a mixture of sand and grit and soil, then soil mixed with bat shit, then soil and grit, then a nice layer of finely crushed egg shells. The pre potting was all this mixed with bone, fish and blood meal, and the customary pint of Guiness, I wanted to grow it in a cupboard, but the plants became triffids. ( incedentally , the soil, pre clone, was a great 5.8 ph, and have been running on 5.6 all the way through, but they have turned into leggy plants and now at this stage are almost 7 ft tall, so have had to knuckle them. I'm also using an 18 inch pifco rotating fan , on low, every 4 hours for 1.5 hours. Some help would be good, as I dont know how to get pics up..
  22. Mate's Alien EasyFeed Hydroponic System

    From the album Alien EasyFeed System

    this is a snap of my mates room that I saw with the EasyFeed System I liked the look of it so gonna try it out :-)
  23. Hy, I want to make my own organics soil mix. For example this: "LC's Soiless Mix #2: 6 parts Pro Mix BX or HP / Sunshine Mix (any flavor from #1 up) / Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Light Warrior 2 parts perlite 2 parts earthworm castings Powdered (NOT PELLETED) dolomite lime @ 2 tablespoons per gallon or 1 cup per cubic foot of the soiless mix. If you use a 3 qt. saucepan as “parts” in the amounts given above, it equals about 1 cu. ft. of soiless mix and you can just dump in a cup of powdered dolomite lime. The dolomite lime is for Ca. and Mg. not just to adjust the PH of the soil." As I see the components of the soil I will use BioBizz Light-mix, because the other soils availability in my area is hard. Than I want to put some guano in my soil and give weekly a tea. I found a recipe also: "RECIPE #2 If you want to use guano in your soil mix... Bongaloid's Guano Mix. Use all these items combined with one gallon of soil mix. 1/3C hi N Guano Mexican Bat Guano or Peruvian Seabird Guano (PSG) 1/2C hi P Guano (Jamaican or Indonesian Bat Guano) 1TBS Kelp Meal" My questions: 1. Do I need the extra dolomite lime (I can buy a product, called Dolomita, 36% Ca, 20% Mg). It is in Biobizz light mix too. Do i need due the guano high PH? 2. I can buy just Guanokalong bat guano. NPK: 1-15-1 + Ca + Mg 1/2 cup to a gallon soil isn't a bit too much? 3. What can I add instead of the high N guano? Because i can't order this. I can order for example Guanokalong Fish Powder 4-5-1 or alfalfa powder. 4. For kelp meal i can order this 1-0-2. Or Guanokalong seaweed 0,5-2-0. But probably not the same as in the recipie. 5. What about K? I bring it from the molasses? Or can i use something else? Guanokalong Palm Tree Ashes 0-3-14 but this act as dolomit lime as i see Algae extract 0,5-3-19 6. I live in a hard tap water area. My EC is 0,7, ~350 ppm, PH is 7,8. So i need a soil mix, that i can water with RO water, or atleast 50-50 tap-RO. Can you help me, please?
  24. 20160306 160252 (1024x576)

    From the album Auto Amnesia Haze