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Found 185 results

  1. Howdy folks, welcome to my diary for Seedstockers Mac & Crack Autofower kindly donated by @Seedstockers-Mark Ive popped 3 MAC seeds into a glass containing 1% hydrogen peroxide (made by diluting 12% HP with warm water at 20'C ) and allowed to soak in the airing cupboard @ approx 23'C After 48hrs the seeds had sank (with a tap from a finger), the seeds were removed from the soaking solution and placed onto a damp piece of kitchen towel. The towel was folded over to cover the seeds, placed in sealed tupperware container and put back in the airing cuboard @ approx 23'C. I didnt expect much progress, so didnt check for 48hrs - after opening the paper towel I was in for a bit of a suprise. Ive never seen anything like it, massively long tap roots, one was 2 inch long after 48hrs - unreal
  2. Hi, Ive just started a grow again its my second attempt the first was doing well but had to get chopped due to house inspection, the plants look fine, and are doing well right now about 10 days in, however my Ph meter in the soil is reading over 7 like 7.3-5 ish and im reading mixed things about how much this matters in soil but i have seen it causing issues for nutrient uptake on other peoples grows and I really dont know the best action to take (if any) to avoid issues in veg/flower. The weird part is im using Ph down for watering and phing arounnd 6.5-7 but the soil ph isnt really changing and if anything it looks like its going up? How much should I worry about this? and would it be better to Ph even lower to push an adjustment through? Im really struggling with it because ive had 2 Ph pens that dont work and and relying on the liquid dropper to get the Ph of the watering water, and so its pretty inaccurate, also cant really be sure how accurate the soil Ph meter is considering it was a tenner off amazon. If you have any suggestions for reliable equipment/technniques I would love to hear it, and im hoping the answer will be ignore Ph, haha, cause its doing my head in. Growing in Bio bizz light mix btw 2x autos Og Kush and Gorilla Cookies Any advice appreciated thank you!
  3. Hello all, Looking to take some clones before the weekend and don't have time to go to the store. So was wondering if anyone has had success on putting them direct into soil or 100% perlite? Also, storing clones in the fridge. Does this actually work? Cheers, CSG
  4. Hi everyone hope you are all doing well. I'm growing 2 autos outside in coco coir and john Innes seed sowing compost with some vermiculite chucked in as well. So germination went well and I have now moved them to their final pots we are just a week into growing and I've just been using water (As autos don't like too many nutrients) I'm looking at adding some nutrients next week (Diluted down than what it says on the tin). What nutrients do you guys suggest I was looking at Biobizz - Outdoor Pack which contains Biobizz FishMix, Biobizz Bio-Bloom & Biobizz Top-Max then I read because I am using coco coir I need to use Canna Coco 1L A&B Bottles Set. Again it's a minefield out there can anyone shine some light, please To be honest I'm buzzing (See what I did there) that I've got this far As always many thanks in advance
  5. Hello everybody and welcome to my new diary, I have popped a set of seeds 36hras ago which have been kindly donated by @brock1 These are the SHD x Guerrilla Exodus - which I think a lot of the outside growers use, so its going to be interesting in a 140cm tent but @brock1 assures me they're not too tall There girls tails are showing and "were off"
  6. Thanks a mill to @Seedstockers-Mark for getting these seeds over to me! Very grateful to be able to give these genetics a run. It was difficult to decide between the Mac n Crack, Apollo Black Cherry and Thunder Banana..but I settled on the Thunder Banana due to the matanuska heritage. From my years of reading through diaries online this legendary strain pops up from time to time and always makes for a great read, so im pretty excited to be able to get a chance to give this a go. My seed just popped out of the soil a few days ago and looks great so far Very quick germination, used the paper towel method and she was good to go in under 48 hours. Currently have her in a starter pot with a mix of 50:50 coco coir and worm castings. She's sitting under the 100W Puck LED I've had the last few grows. The plan is to get her and a Dinafem Bubba Kush (needs bit of Indica in the jars) in to a 31 litre bed in my cabinet. This will be my 2nd attempt at an "Organic" grow. Hopefully it will be a successful one!
  7. I've been using BioBizz light mix for the past couple of years with decent results, but fancied a change. Light mix suffers from quite a lot of sinkage when watered, and think this gradual compaction was restricting roots. So, I did some research and a lot of growers on the forum suggested Clover MPC. I got a 60L bag of clover, which unfortunately was delivered damaged with 20% missing, but still had enough to start a few autos. I'm running an Auto Ultimate in a 5 gallon pot, and a Strawberry Cheesecake Auto in a 1 gallon using clover. So far, so good. Love the texture and can already tell there is less sinkage and pots are drying slightly quicker. A good indication of improved oxygenation. Plants are a week old and loving the new soil. So, a massive thanks for the advice!
  8. Casa Rural Semillas Da Bolsa - Male 2

    From the album M.A.C v2 Test Grow

  9. I am in the process in setting up my first grow and would appreciate as much advice as possible regarding a few items before even attempting to grow. As I want to give myself the best possible chance of success. I’ll definitely be using the following items unless convicted otherwise: - Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5 - Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro - AC Infinity Cloudline S6 6” Inline Fan - Clover Multi Purpose Compost - 5 gallon fabric pots What are the best synthetic nutrients to use is my biggest question? I’m relying quite heavily on grow weed easy to learn most things but all of the soil and nutrients they suggest are difficult to find in the UK I did plan on using fox farms trio at first but it isn’t easy to get in the UK. They also suggested General Hydroponics and Dyna-Gro. I could potentially purchase the General Hydroponics stuff as it is a bit easier to get in the UK. My question is what are regarded as the best synthetic nutrients in the UK? Is General Hydropincs going to be my best bet in terms of availability. I had the same issue regarding soil. I was going to use fox farms but all of the soil they suggest is impossible to get in the UK. This forum helped me find a UK alternative in Clover Multi Purpose Compost and a second option in Plant Magic Soil Supreme. Are these really the best two options? I’ll use an AC Infinity Cloudline S6 6” in-line fan with carbon filter. This is the model without the temperature and humidity screen. Is this the best option? I was planning on using another device connected to my phone for monitoring activity inside the tent instead. Any suggestions? I am going to grow 4 plants as I’ll be based in a European country where it is legal to do just that. Grow Weed Easy suggests that each plant will need 150w of light for the best yield which is why I’ve got for the Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro. That light has a footprint of 1.5x1.5m according to customer care people at Lumatek (even though the website states that it’s footprint is 1.4x1.4m). That is the reason I have gone for a 5x5 tent. If I’m wrong about any of the above you can you can provide me with better information then please do? I need all the knowledge I can get. They are my main issues but I’d also love any other suggestions be it other nutrients or equipment. I’ve read great things about Great White Myco for instance but I’m still undecided. Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially regarding the best synthetic nutrients to use. Like I mentioned previously I’m just trying to give myself the best chance at being successful by using the best equipment, nutrients and giving my plants the best environment to flourish.
  10. Hi everyone. I am a new grower and i would like to ask you. What would you recommend soil or coco and what nutrients should i use and when?
  11. So after getting some some encouraging results with the first try, (ok, less than half made it, but that's still some that did, in my book it's a WIN compared to dismal results I've had in the past (look up my post about growing the Ice strain in Dubai aka dubshit, i think i tried cloning then too, but it did not work out, i don't remember anymore, but on the plus side, the plants grew great and the smoke was incredible!!! (indoor growbox with cfls) [@vince noir rock n roll star was very helping back then with advice about mycorrhizae and training methods, i don't like to treat them that harshly to be honest, but now i get where you were coming from mate, it does make them stronger!, i accidentally bent the top three branches on the mother plant a bit too much and now they have knots in those areas!] ) Anyway sorry for rambling on, i took 5 clones off the mother yesterday and they are doing great under the florescent light, but i raised them closer to it this time, hopefully they won't take as long to root and with a better success rate, let's see what happens, today they look happy in the pots under the cling wrap, according to a cool video i saw i just gotta mist the cling film for the first 3 days then leave them after that, gradually allowing more air to get in and out by poking more holes in the cling wrap, and uncovering briefly for a little while every day, that should do it, they should have roots a week or two later. Did i miss anything please let me know, peace.
  12. Howdy all, quick questions to gauge how much I should be watering and how often. I ruined my last crop starving the poor girls but this is a different setup so I'm none the wiser. I'm aiming to achieve wet/dry cycle from day 1& I'm using AllMix soil in 12ltr fab pots. I was thinking 1 gallon every 4-5 days but I'm clueless rn so looking for opinions please P&L Flav
  13. Hey folks, This season will be my very first attempt, and since I got some great advice in my post a few weeks back about finding spots I thought I'd try it again. So I have 3 potentially 4 spots that are good, but as is the nature of my location, they aren't as stealthy as they could/should be. Unfortunately though, options are limited (also someone else is already occupying all the best spots for miles) so I really do need to visit as little as I possibly can, and need to be able to prepare the plots in the easiest and least fussy way possible. They are all good South facing spots and will get plenty of sun, but have the disadvantage of being in the general vicinity of crop fields, so hopefully no nasty chemicals in the soil or in the air later down the line. I'm also not in a position to start them at home so will be putting seeds straight out (after popping of course). With all that in mind, what are the chances of success if I turn over the soil already there and just let nature take its course without adding anything at all at any stage of growth? Has this ever worked for anyone? The soil around here looks half decent, maybe a little on the clayey side. However a friend of mine who has tried to grow nearby many years ago told me the soil here is very difficult to work with and his advice would be to use fabric pots in my locations rather than any of the native soil. Also that it gives the option of moving them if necessary. Is this solid advice? I genuinely wouldn't know where to start with making my own soil mix for a fabric pot, so any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Perhaps since it's my very first attempt buying a pre-mixed soil would be my best bet. In that case any particular brands I should be looking for? Cheap and cheerful is best. Cheers guys
  14. Hi all I’m using John innes no2 soil and it’s been constantly wet at the bottom, I’m almost at start of 4th week and have never got it dry or even just little wet, it’s always just been wet. It’s a plastic pot with about 5 to 6 drainage holes and iv also added 6 air holes along the bottom sides of pots, I could read what’s in the soil but I have no idea about soil and what’s good and not, this is a first time for me and as much as I’ve tried reading a lot before starting it seems that there is always something I learn new to what I learnt before starting as many people grow differently etc. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks all
  15. Hey guys, Im wondering where to get good base soil potting mix for the purpose of building quality soil for no till/clackamas coot soil recipe. Most of the base soils are complete crap, infected and infested. I would like to buy something in big package so I would mix it in larger batch and then left it to cook. I was suggested to buy compo sanna but they only make small packages which are quite pricy. I would be very grateful for your help since Im looking forward to solve this issue for very long time ( years) and trying out commercially available mainstream soils only made my heart cry when I saw the plants were suffering.
  16. Hi guys, i am newbie and i need help. I have 2 Green Posion autoflower seeds which i want to grow simultaneously in SOIL and COCO. I have: - PLAGRON GROW MIX (White peat moss, black peat moss, peat moss fibre and worm casting) - BIOBIZZ COCO MIX (just plain Coco) - MYCORRHIZAE - PLAGRON WORM CASTING - CAL-MAG - GHE FLORA TRIPART - PERLITE I need help how to prepare medium. Where to put MYCORRHIZAE and WORM CASTINGS? And how much? I suposse i need to give GHE Tripart nutritiens after few weeks? Or should i give it to COCO before that? I am posting pictures of what i own. Thank you for your help.
  17. Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading this great forum loads and particularly Serpents guide to growing autos in soil to help me get started with my first grow. I have got 3 Lemon auto seedlings from Seedsman in a prop in my tent (120x120x60cm) up in the loft now. I cracked the seeds in tap water (ph roughly 7.2-7.4) and then placed them in Root Riot cubes and placed them in my electric prop. After a couple of days, they had popped so I turned on my 1000w Philzon Cree COB LED on the half-beam setting at a distance of 24 inches, 24hr schedule. The following day there was a long root poking through the bottom of the Root Riots so I transplanted them into small pots (the ones that came with my prop - think they're about 0.3L). I sprinkled the Root Riots with myco funghi and filled the pots up with neat BioBizz All-Mix that I lightly sprayed with tap water beforehand. It's now been 6 days since they popped and I am worried that they will not be ready to transplant into their final pots at the 7-10 day mark. They have not seemed to do much for the last few days and the leaves on 2 in particular of them have started to look curled and crispy on the edges. I have been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle of tap water and at a steady temperature of between 25-27c. I know my tap water ph is a little high, but I read a thread on here by OldTimer1 that mentioned that my soil should buffer this to a more acceptable ph. I do have a bottle of ph-Down on hand in case I need to lower my ph. I have also read that Biobizz All-Mix may be too nutrient-rich for seedlings. Should I go buy some Light-Mix and quickly transplant them into that perhaps? Can any of you esteemed growers give a noob some advice on what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated. Pictures below for reference; This is the healthiest looking of the 3; This one is not looking so great (the wire is a probe for my electric prop); This one is not rooking so good at all now;
  18. OGKZ Week 4 Under a Mars Hydro SP250 and TSW2000. 540watts Total. Organic Dry Amendments and Liquid Seaweed.
  19. So im on day 71 and feeding this auto white widow 4L of nute water with 0.5ml of biobizz grow and 4ml of biobizz bloom per litre, theyre in soil and have a good wet dry cycle, i cant work out this problem! Tenps are between 18 and 28c and humidity is between 38 and 60 and its under a 250w hps 10inchs away from tips. I have no clue whats causing these leaf mark and cant find them on any charts Here is the whole plant Help is appreciated!
  20. Hello i'm first time grower. i want to build soil mix, but im bit confused how much should i mix into the soil, then how much can i put into teas? i have EC meter but i does not found any thread about how tea EC should look like. What i have: Plagron Lightmix soil Fish Hydrolyzate NPK 2-1-1 Plagron Bat Guano NPK 3-15-4 Blackstrap Molases NK 0.6-2.8 Kelp Hydrolyzate NPK 1-0,1-21 Leonardite extract humic/fluvic acid Botanicare Liquid Karma Bacillus IT35 Amyloliquefaciens Volcanic Basalt Epsom Salt Perlite Root Pouch Peace
  21. Hello growers, So ive read about using a bubbler for fish tanks to disolve oxygen in a bucket of water and then use that water to water soiled plants to increase uptake of nutrients, has anyone had experience with this process and can bring some knowledge towards the subject squashing any myths or confirming any truths about the subject? Thanks!
  22. TheNew

    From the album schmoakie photos

    1st day in the sun, has been topped at 10 nodes, is 30 days in veg so far, flowering should begin at end of first week of august. was raised indoors to avoid hostile conditions while recovering from the various trimmings, shall source some liquid potassium soap tomorrow and give a light spray just to deter bugs settling in around the pot, i keep an eye on spray PH.... just in case, try to keep it not much higher than 8.5 in dilution. Shall also be using Propolis for mold resistance and B-Toxin for green caterpillars later on when well blooming. Am expecting every baddie to visit so there will be plenty of preventative spraying and hot oil ready at hand Shall see you good folk soon.
  23. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker for a while and thought it best I leave a diary, or at least outline how my first attempt is going! You'll have to excuse me as I've been a bit lacklustre in terms of keeping everything up to date and I still haven't figured out how to upload pics But I'm now on day 18 since germ so here's my private notes so far: CITY SEEDS KOSHER KUSH GROW Equipment: Tent 60x60x140cm Mars Hydro TS1000 LED 4" rhino/ram filter+fan combo 12"oscillating fan 1' tube heater for lights off Plant level: 9 litre fabric pots Biobizz light mix+all mix Biobizz rootjuice/grow/bloom/topmax Days 1-10 I followed @Serpent how to grow autos in soil guide and it helped massively so shoutout to you buddy Day 1: 23/03 Germinated: Damp paper towel in ziplock (closed) in airing cupboard Day 3: 25/03 TAPROOT 3-5mm Into solo cups (Biobizz light mix - pre wetted) covered with cup, sprayed with water to increase humidity until soil break In airing cupboard Day 4: 26/03 (around 21hrs later) SOIL BREAK Temps 24-29 humid 35-55 Into tent, kept moist, under 24hr lighting. Still covered with sprayed cups, Day 5 Still moist Temp: 27 Humid: 40% Using wet shirt to increase humidity Not much progress - hoping ^RH% will help Day 6 Temp 27-29 Humid around 65% Given very light watering with spray bottle but leaves starting to fade? Day 7 Leaves more faded Day 8: 30/3 Temps 27-29 Humid low 40 high 77 steady average 68-70 Finally got fan+filter setup. Cups moist, soil lightly watered Day 9: 31/03 Temps 27-29 humid 50-60% Final pots in tent to acclimatise soil 2L water+0.5ml rootjuice for pre-wetting final pots Day 10: 01/04 Temps 27-30 humid 60-70% FINAL POT TRANSFER Leaves were starting to droop slightly - due to rootjuice overfeed ? Given 1L water (very small amount of runoff to flush rootjuice) Day 11: 02/04 Temps 27-30 humid low 55 High 70 Recovering from transfer really well, good new growth - 3rd set of cotyledon leaves showing Day 12: 03/04 Temps 27-30 humid 55-65 Added oscillating fan Day 13: 04/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-55 Big growth on 2nd set of leaves Day 14: 05/04 Temps 28.5-31 humid 55-60 WATERING 1L per plant No nutes Day 15: 06/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-50 FIRST ATTEMPT AT LST I've no idea what I'm doing - tied main stem down and started tucking leaves maybe too soon ? Day 16: 07/04 Temps up at 29/30 Humid up 60+ Day 17: Temps 29-30 Humid 50-55 1 or 2 big leaves leaves starting to curl - one leaf showing rusty tip Day 18: Temps high 29-32!! Humid 45-55 Raised light to highest point and lowered intensity to 50% (as advised by Mars Hydro) Temps concerning but extraction on full blast Noticed a couple vaguely rusty spots One minuscule tear/hole in a leaf I know my temps and humidity are moving mad but it's dependent on the time of day and I'm struggling to regulate them both It's just nice to be able to share my progress with like-minded enthusiasts and to know there's a vast wealth of information and knowledge to take in so thanks for stopping by and hope you've enjoyed the long read. Pop in occasionally for updates and to see how these babies progress! (If I can figure out pics ) PEACE AND LOVE
  24. Blueberry auto in soil 6 weeks

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    6 weeks and she is getting a little spindly on top. Going to start LSTing soon
  25. Hi guys, been growing soil just over a year . Tents is 1.2, 8inch extract, passive intake, 600w , lights on 25-26, off 16-18. Feeding bio bizz nutes. Use plant magic soil as was getting issues in biobizz soil. yield anywhere between 10-15 from4-5 plants. 4/5 week veg. Topped and trained under mesh screen scrog type setup. looking to hit a bit higher yield . Reading of people getting close to 1gpw were as i am closer to 0.5gpw. any input would be great even considering hydro but it does scare me slightly with all the ph ec chillers and pumps. thanks