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Found 1 result

  1. In the Night Garden... Welcome to this, a first for the Night Garden and that being a Dutch Passion grow Years ago and before I gave up growing for a good few years, Dutch Passion were my go to breeder. I was so taken by their White Widow that I wouldn't deviate from it but for the odd occasion here and there. At that time regulars were the go to seed as I didn't really subscribe to the feminised and then burgeoning auto market which was relatively early on in development. Times change and of course and I've been growing again for a couple of years, indeed it is welcome return to be growing some Dutch Passion smoke. The chosen strains are new and the first is Lemon Zkittle, with the second being the Bubba Island Kush. Without any further ado I'd firstly like to offer my gratitude to Dutch Passion and Tony for the opportunity to try out these strains, it's great to be growing some Dutch Passion ganja once more and long overdue so looking forward to it . They were sent out and delivered in quick time, well packaged and also Dutch Passion threw in a few packs of skins (they're excellent wraps btw ), plus some branded planted markers to identify the different plants, many thank guys Right then, I'll crack on and get this diary kicked off First thing I've noticed that's different from old is the packaging. Swanky new tins to ensure the beans are well protected from damage during transit and not just a paper packet..cool little tins too Plant markers to be used for the run and also the skins which are great to use The Lemon Zkittle seeds, all are uniform in size, very dark and well matured, all hardened off tidy too The Bubba Island Kush were not so uniform, a couple, as can be seen, are slightly larger and they are all paler with mottling more prominent, they were all hardened off with no give. Some may know that recently I decided to run a perpetual type system because I keep running out of smoke This means I pop a couple of beans every few weeks and then do all my vegging under the reflector I put together, running 8 x B22 coupling fittings. That reflector became the top of my vegging box which is strapped to my bloom box for the purposes of running the one extract fan for two and performs lovely, however it's not large and neither is my bloom cab. Well when I was giving this grow a think over, I decided to go back into my 5L pots for the finals, truth be told the 7.5's I'm finding a bit tall and with the stretch my lamp is too close to the buds for 400W and hence the switchback to the smaller pots as I found them great in there but it means running two more plants and so I've put two of each into starters of coco (I'm finding a starter of coco better for initial rooting and quicker to the next pot over compost). From there, they'll go into my next pots which will be compost (reused as I'm waiting for the new stuff to come in), they are 6" and the finals will be the 5L tubs. All the vegging will be done under my LED/CFL combo (6500K LED & 4500K/2700K CFL) and they do ok in there, will get a full veg and when the time comes for it, will go into bloom, the room SHOULD be available For now though, the pots are in the prop and sitting on top of my veg box with the constant warmth underneath providing a stable temperature for them to germinate. In a few days with some luck I'll be reporting in on some sprouts, until then though, thanks for watchin'