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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, i have two plants two weeks into flower... a gelato 33 which is doing just fine!!! and a green ninja which has started showing some signs of a problem that I need some advice on please. the ninja’s leaves started to curl down at the tips which I noticed this morning...upon checking them tonight the leaves are completely curling down...I thought it could be one of two things, and thought peeps on here might be able to help me pretty please... basically my ph pen died yesterday! It won’t calibrate anymore so I think the readings are completely off! (I’ve ordered a new one and will be here by Sunday). This morning I had to reluctantly guestimate my water ph as my ninja was in desperate need of water...so I’m thinking incorrect water ph may be causing leaves to curl down.... OR... the plants a bushy beast! In a 3 gallon pot and I can see fair amount of roots underneath via the drainage holes...so thought it might possibly be root bound?? Temps are constantly 26-27 degrees Celsius with lights on....21.5-23 degrees Celsius lights off...with a tower fan and clip on fan moving air around so I don’t think it’s heat stress.... Advice massively appreciated!!!!!
  2. Hi there. This is my first grow. I've got a northern lights Autoflower currently growing and is approximately 5-6 weeks old. The problen I'm having is the plant is exhibiting extremely slow growth. I'm growing in an attic and temps fluctuate heavily within the range of 18-30° and averages around 20-24°. Im growing in 60x60x140 tent with a 600w hps in a 5" air cooled hood and 4" outtake fan. My soil is biobizz all mix. My plant is growing on 24/7 light cycle I may have overwatered at one point but have no set schedule of watering as the information on watering online seems to have no set ratio of water to soil or timeframes, so ive been pretty much guessing. I have just transplanted the auto from a 20l plastic pot into a 40l fabric pot as I thought the roots had outgrown the container. Before I transplanted I looked at the roots and my worries were affirmed. The roots had wrapped all around the soil from top to bottom. As far as nutrients are concerned ive been using hydro coco grow at 2ml/litre and over the past week or 2 switched to bloom nutrients at 2ml/litre, as I thought my plants must be ready for flowering. I have 6 litres of water ready that I'm going to give it tomorrow and wont be giving nutrients for a week or two as the added biobizz soil is nitrogen heavy (I think). Another important piece of info I think you all need is the plant was transferred from the bedroom to the attic about 3 weeks ago. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  3. I germed 8 Smellyberry BX and 8 Psycosis BX seeds 25 days ago, into rootriots, then into 4 inch pots when they broke the service . I'm looking for ideally 4 females of each strain to go into flower, together. At this rate the Psycosis are going to be weeks ahead as once potted up from 4" pots they normally go mad for the growth. They went into plant magic soil, nothing but water for the first 10 days or so, and weak PM rootstim since then. I've just had to pot up all the Psycosis plants as they had all fully rooted the small pots and probably were a week overdue for potting, white root mesh everywhere. I've been holding them back as I wanted to pot all up together. I have given these also some weak Biosilicone and fishmix on alternate days and they are doing great. The Smellyberry by contrast are no where near ready to be potted, on a couple of the seedlings there are just one or two white root lines in the entire pot when tapping them out to examine the roots. They are smaller by comparison above the soil too and not as healthy looking. Some of the larger smelly berry plants are showing some deficiencies too - lighter green, brown patches. I have foliar fed all plants the last few days and it is helping, although I don't like doing this when the plants are smaller. I've never had such slow rooting plants, ever. Has anyone experiences this with the smellyberry? Is there anything I can do to speed them up? Temps are between 20 and 28 degrees, on a 20/4 light cycle atm. The soil dries out relatively quickly, rooted or not due to the small pots, good airlow and temps. I water them all every other day more or less. I am tempted to let the Smellyberries have a mega dry cycle perhaps to encourage the roots to really get out looking for water. Another thing I am tempted to do is sprinkle granules on the roots showing anyway, when I tap them out of the pots to examine the rooting.... does anyone else do this? Is there a reason not to do it?