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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, need some help/advice this my first time growing anything so been trying my best, had a bad start with these babies and tried to slowly help it get better unfortunately it hasn’t been so great, could you guys have a look and let me know what I can do to make sure the budsites I do have on my small auto will create some nice buds?, the plant is only about 12 inches tall, it’s in a plastic pot that has been terrible for letting soil dry out or receive enough oxygen. This has been a lesson learned for me as the soil I used (John innes no2) combined with the plastic 11litre pretty deep pot has been horrible and never dries out fast enough and had issues being always wet at bottom in the beginning , I believe I’m about 1 week in flower but I’m a total newbie so not sure exactly when it started,and help or advice appreciated and also let me know if the bid sites you do see would have some potential? My light is mars hydro ts1000 working at 150w 18inches above plant as it’s started it’s flowering, humidity 55%. Also about nutrients.. I’m using bio bizz nutrients... how much bloom, and grow do you guys suggest feeding my plant at this stage in the soil I’m using? Thanks for your time all
  2. First ever grow, Hi all, so I have had issues with my 2 girls soil (John innes no2) was always wet, bad lights in beginning , recently found a gnat or 2 jumping and flying around, caught a couple now but doesn’t seem bad for now, recently been seeing yellow spots appearing on some leafs so had a look online found out it was something beginning with S forgotten the name as I’m here writing but I see a good treatment for it was neem oil which also helps with prevention from pests to your plant so have ordered some of that, for 3 to 4 weeks they were under bad lights I bought cheap from eBay, also ventilation wasn’t great as had no inside fan circulating air and was relying on air vent and extractor fan to help circulate, they are now 6 weeks and have had mars hydro ts1000 above them for couple weeks, and have a fan inside tent, also have a heater to go below pots to help dry out soil , my light does have a dimmer and is 150w at max, I have put them on max about 20 inches from plants for a week then after doing some reading of seen you don’t need them full blast at that height? They are both females (white hairs showing from a week or more now) am I at preflower stage? Or still veg, as the timing I guess should be in pre flower? But I know I’m in slow growth so not really sure where I stand, If anyone can have a look at my girls and let me know, what could be done or what I’m doing wrong or what could be going wrong, if my lights being at max is ok? And if so what height is best, a lot of new growth happening but not much in size in general, been also doing some lst last couple of weeks, I have also today done some snipping to some leaves that were to big and some that had yellow spots so it’s not as bushy as it was but still tiny, also due to plant being always wet at the bottom, I have not been feeding it properly, and only given 1ml of fishmix since week 3 to 6 and little root juice but only using about 300 to 400ml as bottom still wet (just trying to get some food to them to help them grow during slow growth of being to wet) not sure if I was making it worse or not , hard to find all the answers online. yesterday I added 1.5ml per litre fish mix and 1.5ml per litre of bloom so it was its first bloom feed at week 6 and the end of week 6 at that, as tomorrow is the start of week 7 from seed in soil, any tips/advice/help greatly appreciated thanks all
  3. Hi all can anyone give me an idea what could be wrong with her, if there is anything wrong? From first look can you see signs of any problems please let me know, I feel it’s very light green. I can defiantly say she is a slow grower. she is 3 and half weeks, any help greatly appreciated, Started with 100w full spec led and saw leggy seedling so bought 600w full spectrum (eBay cheap) 80x80x160 tent using John innes no2 soil and plastic pots with like 5 to 6 drain holes below (soul at the bottom always wet need help with this if anyone can) been feeding it fish mix at half ml per litre for the last week and half but been seeing mostly outdoor growers use fish mix? Should I continue or switch to bio grow instead? Anything else you need to know please ask, really feel something is wrong with them, thanks all
  4. Hi everyone, I’m very new to it all from equipment to auto flower, but I’ve done some research and as much as I am confused on so many methods I’ve decided to go at it, I am at almost reaching week 4 from planting my seed, seed took 5 days to pop out which was slow process to what I have been reading and it seems my blue cheese autos are growing very slow compared to pictures I see out there, at first I had my 100w fullspectrum way to high when it was at seedling so it stretched a fair bit, I brought soil from the edges of pot to surround the main stem so it don’t fall in future, I got a 600w full spectrum which was only a cheap one on eBay and not sure of the actual power as they do not say in description, iv been keeping the 600w above plant about 55cm, my soul at the bottom of plant pot is wet so I tried piercing holes on the sides near the bottom for more airflow but it doesn’t seem to be helping much, thought about getting the fabric pots but I wouldn’t know how to transplant from a 10litre plastic pot to a fabric one. Can anyone have a look at my picture in gallery BY Twist90 and let me know all that you think is wrong with my plants, I feel like the leaves could be a little light in colour, and I have one 3 finger leaf that has a little droop on its left side. This is almost 4 weeks old from planting seed. Thank you in advance for all help.
  5. Hi guys hope everyone grows arr comming along well now. I germed some seeds about 3 -4 weeks ago. I have planted out the few good ones already but some that I still have inside under the light have been very slow growing. The bottom leaves on a few have started turning yellow and drying up. Anyone have a clue what this may be. I have been watering every 2 or 3 days when the pots are light.
  6. Hi Folks, I'm having some issues with slow growth. And I'm noticing a pattern. I find that generally that seeds that sprout within 3-4 days seem to continue growing quickly, usually pushing out their 3rd set of leaves some time around the 8-10 day mark, whereas seeds that take 5,6 or 7 days to sprout seem to take forever to get to the same stage. My seeds can't be old as the strain has just been released this year, temps are fine, seeds weren't over watered and the soil mix was very light. Humidity may have been a little low but this has never really affected things too much in the past. Banging my head against a wall here trying to figure this one out and no longer have the time to restart the grow. Seeds are Sweet Gelato Auto - just over a week from sprouting and seemed to have almost completely stalled - although seem healthy enough. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi all, I hope all is well im just after some quick advice my seedlings are now on day 14 and still only on their second set of true leaves is it worth continuing? Data sheet for the seeds says they are 10-12 weekers Any advice welcome
  8. Day 34 (2)

    From the album First grow Bag seed terrible start.

    Re-potted in Biobizz Allmix , tore off the ends of a few long roots!
  9. Day 34

    From the album First grow Bag seed terrible start.

    Re-potted in Biobizz Allmix , tore off the ends of a few long roots!