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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I've just put a 10ft x 8ft shed in my garden in sunny Manchester and plan to dedicate a small space inside to grow - organically, at least in the first instance. However I have to make it stealthy as feck as we have a lot of people in and out of the garden throughout the year and though I will keep it locked, my kids will no doubt peek in from time to time. I am trying to choose between a 60cm x 120 cm x 18cm tent and a 75cm x 75cm x 200cm tent and lights to go with it. I want to be able to grow taller plants as required 1-2 big photos or 3 - 4 autos at a time. I need to have it in place by October so if the end of the outdoor season is as crap as the summer has been, I will finish her off indoors before doing my first indoor cycle. That'll give me time between now and then to insulate the shed to maintain heat levels and stealth, to finish installing the electric supply etc. The reason I am having a job choosing is that I need to make it as easy to cover over when I need to make it look like a normal stacked shed (when people come over and look in). 75cm x 75cm tent will come up to the start of the first window, so may be harder to hide from the outside, the 120cm x 60cm takes up more width, so may need more concealing in general? If concealment wasn't an issue, I'd definitely go with the 60cm x 120cm as it should allow 2 medium large plants to grow with space for heat, humidity and fans around them. Can anyone offer any advice from experience as to which format makes sense? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to the difference in sizes/formats? Finally, would you say something like 200W/240W would be enough to max that space, or would it be wiser to push the boat out and get a 300W/320W as I suspect? Cheers! Midge
  2. Hi yall, so basically what the title says is my question, I'm on week 3 or growing and most of my autos are doing great. There is one that is outgrowing all of em but the others are growing at the same rate. But then there are 2 autoflowers that arent growing as fast as the other and I have multiple autos of the same strain and the other ones of the same strain are doing great so I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong but they all get the same amount of water and light so idk what its down to. Just wanted to ask yall as there are many with the expertise that I wish I had lol. Any and every input is appreciated! (strains I have are: Gorilla Glue, Runtz, Skunk, Purple Punch and GSC)
  3. Hi so first of all id like to say I'm new on here, but really glad that I found this forum. So on to my topic, Ive germinated and planted 18 different plants (5 strains) and as of now they are in 3,5l pots. But I've read so much about that the size of the pots can really determine how big the plants get, and my plan is to put them into 7l pots when they are at day 18. As of now the second set of leaves have sprung and are starting to grow. I feel like there are a lot of experts here from which I could benefit, are 18 plants in 7l pots suitable for the 1 square meter tent Ive got or should I sacrifice some of them to let the others have more space? And is a 7l pot too small or is it fine? (they are all autos) As of now they are growing well and seem to have it great but I'm just worried that it will be too crammed in there when they get bigger. Ive also thought about maybe only having 3 of each strain, as I now have 5 of each... I would really love some input!
  4. can somebody tell me if tent shape is an important factor? i want to get a rectangular based tent (120x60x180) because it fits better in my room but I'm worried it might not be as efficient as a square based one...thanks
  5. Hi. I am trying to design my own grow room. Right now the dimensions are going to be either: 50 cm (width) x 75 cm or 90 cm (length). I have ordered the wood and everything but now I'm starting to wonder if 50 cm is big enough? This is my first grow so i don't know what the minimum dimensions should be. The reason why the grow room is only 50 cm (width) is because i live in a small apartment and i want to keep it stealthy. Do you guys think it will make a positive difference, if i made the grow room bigger? (60 cm width instead). I can't make it bigger than 60 cm though Stiggy
  6. Hi guys. I need some help so I have a couple of questions. I’m going to build a small grow room (scrog) 55 cm x 55 cm x 120 cm (height). This is the calculations I did for the fan: 55 cm x 55 cm x 120 cm = 1.80 x 1.80 x 3,93 (feet) x 3-4 = 38,19 - 50,93 CFM = 86 m3/hour I guess my fan needs to have a higher cm/m/hour than that. I have been looking at this fan: I am going to be using a variac speed controller. I think I want to use the fan at 40 % of its max speed, in order to make it more quiet. http://www.onestopgrowshop.co.uk/fans-filters-and-air-control/duct-fans/systemair-rvk-5-inch-125mm-l1-in-line-duct-fan-341m3-hr.html : 323m3/h or 190 cfm. 40 % speed = 129 m3/h or 76 cfm. I have also been looking at the Ruck (can fan) and rhino fan. My first questions is, how powerful should my fan be for this grow room? Is this okay: 129 m3/h or 76 cfm? How much higher can a fans m3/h/CFM rating be than what the grow room needs as a minimum? My grow room is not that big, but I think I would be able to fit that fan inside of the grow room. I am going to put it in a box like this: https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=229614 (of course not as big) and then use oversized insulated ducting. The lights I’m going to use will be something like this: http://timbergrowlights.com/200-watt-cree-cxb3590-4-cob-grow-light-kit/ (DIY by following a guide) What size of carbon filter should I use for this grow room? My grow room is not that big, so I hope I will be able to fit everything in it. Should the carbon filters cfm/m3/hr rating be higher or lower than the fans cfm/m3/hr rating? I hope you are able to understand my English J Stiggy123, Denmark
  7. Hey im using hesi nutes in coir coco, i am using their coco feed im into my last 4 weeks is there anything worth adding to increase the size and weight of my yield? i am using hesi boost and their pk 13/14 as additives which im aware of their properties and what they respectfully do. all help would be great!!! thanks smoke responsibly (NOT)
  8. Another Size Comparison

    From the album Greenhouse grow 2016

    © Castro

  9. Size comparison (Easy Ryder taking off)

    From the album Greenhouse grow 2016

    © Casrtro

  10. hi people i have some extra room in my veg cabinet roughly around 40x40 in width and depth, with about 80cm height (50-60cm in grow height) i have some Sweet Seeds Black Cream Autos available, as well as a freebie Auto Seeds Auto pounder with Cheese my plan was to stick 2 in the cab, so i need to make sure that they dont grow too tall. my guess is that pot size will have a great influence on how tall they get, So what size pots do you guys recommend ??? i have 1L, 1.5L and 5L pots available cheers Gmaan
  11. Evening guys, hope you're enjoying your weekend! just a quicky about seed size.. I've had quite a few bag seeds over the years, so have got used to the general size they come, yet I've just received my seeds from Herbie's and they seem to be very small to ones I've had before? I've had a few seedy kind of bits of bud that 'half-formed' seeds have infested the bud and these reminded me of them. I'm just wondering does the fact they are fem'd somehow make them smaller? or are different strains different sizes? - no offence towards Herbie's, and I'm yet to even try to germinate them, just a general question about these magic beans!