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Found 59 results

  1. Morning OG’s Just a rookie here still making rookie mistakes, can anybody help diagnose? If I was to make an inexperienced guess, I’d say the little ogkz is struggling with a nitrogen excess.. and the 2 bubbas gifts have been overwatered and are still recovering but am not sure.. any help or advice would be appreciated!
  2. Hey all, Need some help with my plants!! They're all buggered!! So they were all healthy until two weeks back when i added some cannazyme to my fed to help get new roots and clear the dead ones. PH was fine. They were looking good for a day and then all started to droop. Didn't want to water straight after so waited until they dried out. Fed them with AN Revive and they were fine again for a day and then drooped. The PH had dropped somehow to 5.5ish (PH'd the feed 2 days later when they looked droopy. Fed them again when dry at PH 7.2 - to try and balance it out. Again droopy. G13 Labs Maltezerz PH meter I was using was now broken. Got a bluelabs meter checked the feed i'd previously given and it was 6.7ph - not 7.2 Came in today and they all look screwed - close to death! The stems are all flimsy and they look awful. This is one of them below. Just fed her plain RO water hoping she'll bounce back. Anything else I can do? I tried to PH the run off but it wont read. What else can I do to save the other two plants? Any help would be appreciated
  3. As you can see, my plants are indeed fucked. i cant figure out whats going on. but they were struggling from the very beginning. the one plant has these bright green/yellow splotchy leaves, which were turning into somewhat normal leaves after some time. at some point they all did ok for a little while actually. still they always showed signs of some kind deficiency/nutrient/water problem. (Twisty leaves, droopy, hollow stems, the 2 bottom leaves necrotic and kind of dark/greyish in color) and now since the last topping, i would say, their health seems to get worse and worse. there are so many weird symptoms, i'm completely lost by now. almost no growth, chlorosis, abnormal/twisted growth, spots, burns, mutations … just every shit imaginable. like i'm feeding them with radioactive trash or something. I really need your help. I want to know, the source of the problem/disease before I dumb them, at least. checked all plants for pests with a microscope already, but couldn’t find a single bug. so maybe its really TMV or something similar? i definitely hope not. Feed stuff: R.O. water + some tap water + canna coco a+b, rhyzo, cannazym, vitalink calmag EC: 1,3-1,4 pH: 5,8-6,5 (it did rise a few times way too much over night) watering: 2-3x/day with some run-off (too often, too much ... probably) environment (min/max): 19,5 night – 24,0°C day / RH around 55-66% depending on spot and time / climate house lights: ~400w cob cree leds; distance 50cm; cycle: 16/8 I think these are the most important information. Just tell me, if you need anything else for diagnosis. (more&better image in my gallery)
  4. Hi guys my third post here so please be gentle. Got 4 babys starting and i am getting some problems already with them. Got some clones off a friend of mine last week, they were just in little pots not much bigger than a mug. They were just starting to show the symptons of what they are like now. Over the weekend they started to get worse. Just repotted them in some bigger pots (5 litres) using Biobizz All-mix as i thought they may be getting pot bound. One of them seems to have a strange blistering on the leaves Gave them a light watering when i first got them and immediately after repotting them, no nutes added to the water, say 3 days between watering and used approx 500ml water for all 4 plants Temps seem fine 20.C overnight and 25.C during day. Using a 300w CFL light for now. The soil still looks wet after more than 24 hours so i am thinking have i over watered them? Btw, i saw some little brown flecks on some of the leaves, but once i had a proper look, its just specks of the compost that got on the leaves during repotting Lower leaf clawing and brown tip Strange blistering on edge of the green leaves Close up of the blistering (above) Last 2 pics are of same plant
  5. Are my plants sick? They are 3-4 weeks old I grow lots of Normal vegetables and this is my first time growing Cannabis if my normal vegetables were looking slightly yellow I’d be concerned.... am i right to be concerned? im currently growing seeds from barneys “CBD blue shark” i have a tent that’s in a shed. (120inx120 by 6ft) The light is a dual spectrum HPS 600w but is currently on 400w. The lights were 14in above plants I’ve literally just raised the lights to 17in. i feed 3 times a week. Got fresh air coming in. Warm air being extracted temps are 20-23c during 18 hours of light. Temps are 17-19c during dark. feed with FormuleX
  6. These are RGSC babies of various ages, all in 1/2L peat pots John Innes seed sowing compost with Perlite. I've sometimes been feeding them very diluted organic tomato fertiliser w/ seaweed. Otherwise just water. They are under cheap shit Chinese eBay LEDs (2 x "50W" + 1 x "100W") in a cupboard with pretty poor ventilation. I open the door when I can and usually have a fan going in there. But I have considered that the ventilation and humidity are probably far from optimal. I'm told these first ones, whitening at the edges, might be cold nights? What do you think? Then these brown bits, I've read both over and under feeding can cause. Finally, this guy just looks unwell. Yellowed leaves with sort of crispy brown detail. This photo looked good on my phone, if I get responses to this I could take some clearer and better-lit photos. If you have any advice I'd really appreciate it! Cheers guys
  7. Hi all i'm having some issues with my Autoflowers there at day 1 of week 3 from seed and are looking very small to me and 2 of them are starting to turn a light green to yellow i started them in there final 5 gal pots (like the breeded recommends) the medium is canna coco professional plus and perlite 70/30 mix i've been keeping my water ph at 6.0-6.3 they have had just ph balanced water for the first week on week 2 i started feeding them on general hydroponics flora trio and botanicare cal-mag plus (2ml cal-mag 1ml floramicro 1ml floragrow 0.5ml florabloom mixed in this order per 3.79 liter ) then ph balanced. any help welcome
  8. Iv recently got 4 cuttings of cali orange. I repotted them and feed them a few days after that. They had slight amber spots on the leaves when i got them but they have grown into strips.
  9. So i supercropped all of them and topped two yesterday, but they're looking soo droopy, and in the second pic You can see the bigger leaves towards the bottom are discolored. these are all autos, exactly a month old. First grow btw
  10. Hi all, So I am doing my first grow and I am facing a few problems the same as most of us do, I have managed to stay on top of most things but yesterday I noticed a few brown spots on one of my plants.. I have read up loads but depending on the site I look at the cause differs so I thought I would ask the community to see if any of you have any ideas as to what the cause might be? Auto NL Quick overview of setup: 450w LED (29" above plants) 75x75x200 tent Ram carbon exhaust fan I am doing a hydro grow, started them off in rockwool and now in Hydroton in a wilma drip system. sitting around 800ppm at the start of wk3 / PH 6.1-6.2 res temp at 20c with air pump. Let me know if you need anything else, any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  11. Sick Plant - Autoflower

    Very unhappy girl, over 2 weeks from germ and under 300w dual spec CFL
  12. Hey All, This is a first time grow. I have 3 plants in a 60cm x 60cm set up. They are Purple Bud from Sensi Seed. Size of strain is meant to be small (so suitable for the compact area). Since first germination to today it has been 43 Days. Grown in soil medium, approx 20 litres. LED 400W The plants are on a 18/ 8 light cycle. Temperature 20-25 celcius (25 day, 20 night); constant CF extraction and a small fan blowing indirectly at one of the sides of the grow tent. Relative Humidity is 55% They were given Nutirents for the first time 1 week ago (only for 3-4 days) PH has been constant at 6.2. I wasn't happy with the nutrients and became worried that they were getting nitrogen toxicity, there was also some tiny yellow/ brown dots appearing on a few leaves; so I dumped the resevoir and flushed them out with PH6.2. They started to go very yellow. The number of spots increased, and then the size of them grew. Since the flush, I have limited their watering, but given them a small amount with nutrients again (this has improved their colour). I have also pulled up the lights, although it was always 18 inches away. I removed a C02 bag that I put in there around the same time as the Nutes. I have also become worried that this could be a pest problem > I have been unable to find any pests (top and underneath of leaves). Attached are some photos of the plants, and close ups of one of the leaves. Any advice would be welcome. I have some mite spray on hand, should this been the diagnosis. Slysir.
  13. Hello from the South-West! This is my first grow. I could really use a second pair of eyes to see what the problem may be, and any help would be amazing! After researching and looking at diagnostic photos my guess is that it could be a... Nitrogen Deficiency? My Indoor setup: 2 x Skunk No.1 plants. 11ltr pots. 3rd week into Flowering. (Had 2 months of vegetive growth) Secret Jardin DR60 tent (60x60x170cm). Mars Hydro 400w LED Light. Can Rk Fan 100A with filter. Feeding with Plant Magic Soil Grow and Bloom. Problems: Losing bottom leaves. Usually older ones. A hand full every 3/4 days. Older lower leaves getting brown spots, becoming crispy, thin, droopy and weak. New growths at the bottom end are a very pale green. Some almost yellow. Weak. Droopy and curling inwards. Top leaves are suffering few brown spots and tips. White bubbly patches I cant identify? 5% of pistils getting brown tips now too. This is a very recent thing though. Everything seemed to be going very well until the last 2 weeks of vegetive growth. Few brown spots appeared and some leaves getting crispy. Assumed I over fertilised and eased off it for a couple weeks. (originally doing water,water,feed.) Problem seemed to be getting worse and I realised I could of been too careful and under fertilised. As the plants have started the flowering period the problem seems to be escalating. Since i've done a few soil slurry's and tried to fertilise more frequently. Between 14th and 20th I fed 3 times on half strength bloom (2ml per ltr. Watering each plant just over ltr water every 3 days) Slurry Results: 1st Jan: PH: 6.10, EC: 0814 us/cm, PPM 0407. 17th Jan: PH: 6.2, EC: 0880 us/cm, PPM 0444. 23rd Jan: PH: 6.6, EC: 0710 us/cm, PPM 355. (I did water plants first then take the slurry on this one.. would this of fudged the results?) Im not sure what I should do. From the slurry results I feel like I should keep feeding every time I water until I get higher results..making me think its a deficiency (Nitrogen?). But I'm also worried I may be burning them at the same time. A flush is something I've considered too. Thanks for any help, Cheers everyone!
  14. IMG-0054.JPG

    From the album MMM Sick plant

    More leaf discolouration
  15. sick

    Hello,long story short i am growing 6x northern lights auto from royal queen seeds in my 1.2 x 2m tent at 600w hps They have been planted in 11L airpots ,feeding them only a+b and some ryzothonic ,temeprature at 24-26 degrees, 24/7 lights on. Well 5 of the plants are doing great,but the 6th one looks sick to me,leaves curling /clawing down ,posting pictures below : The faulty one is in the top right corner : Thanks in advance for the help.
  16. Hey Everyone. I have an issue with one of my plants, and potentially the other one too. Will have to check that in the morning. Here are some images of how it's looking. I'm new to growing and not 100% on deficiencies, diseases etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Kai
  17. Hi all, well it's been a crap 2017 ATM I've had root rot twice and now have got it a third time! After cleaning bleaching etc I have gotten it again!! I just can't get my head around it I even put healthy plants into new buckets but used the same brain bucket even tho I bleached it it must of still had the infection in it?!. The question I have is is it possible root rot can actually be in my grow tent. Ino it's sounds dumb but surely after all the cleaning I've done it has to be airborn in the room?!. thanks
  18. Right so these plants are 4 weeks old ! dont look it ths is the first time ive grown photos normally autos ive done everything the same as the other photos i have in another tent the others look alot healthier and are only 3 weeks old but look better here a re pics the have both have same nutes and same amount sick ones (chronic haze and afghan kush x black dom) under 400 mh these are the younger ones in different tent (heavyweight fruit punch) under 4 tuber t5 so what is wrong with the older 4? shall i throw them and start again ?? thanks guys
  19. Hey everyone, I have just taken some photos of my plants and some are not looking great, so just wanting some help and advice. They are all about 4 and a half weeks old, plant magic+ soil, under cfls. Will share photos.
  20. Ok the other night i may have over watered my girls a bit, i put them into flower last night, it has been there first day on 12/12 today, they are in 11 litre pots, in plagrons bat mix, they have been in there for roughly five weeks but the soil seems dry and kind of worn out since i over watered, i have another bag of plagron bat mix left over, so i'm gonna repot them into 16 litre pots thinkin with a fresh dose of bat mix they will love it right? is this a bad idea to do at the start of flower? how long until stretch? theres a quite a few yellow leaves on my afghan clones i was given but my o'g kush seems fine just a tad droopy since i over watered other then that quite healthy, apart from newer bottom leaves yellowing a little bit ive been giving them fox farms grow big recently also any tips and pointers will help tremendously thanks Logo
  21. Ok so yesterday I hit a problem. My cuttings started to claw I'll give youse a quick bit on info so you can help diagnose. I was given 5 cuttings under the promise they were rooted. So they've been sitting on my windowsill ( lack of equipment). I don't know what soil they were in, but yesterday I covered the top layer with bio bizz soil just to cover the little bits of the jiffy that were exposed. After that I watered them. However they are in my kitchen, and yesterday I was cooking dinner and went back into my kitchen to notice how sweltering the heat was in there. So I opened the windows and put on my extractor fan ( weak kitchen one). But by that time they had started to claw up like a nitrogen toxicity. They're looking less clawed this morning but are still clawed and a couple of the other leaves have started to claw. Sorry about the poor quality pictures it's because I had to reduce the size of them to post them...
  22. sick, nordle

    From the album Various group snaps

    © lasouris

  23. sick nordle

    From the album Various group snaps

    © lasouris

  24. hi guys I noticed the leaves going brown and curling and becoming brittle and disintegrating on Friday on Saturday I did a flush and they still haven't dried out from that is this some sort of lockout ,nute burn or deficiency they looked fine one day then two started to look like this another one is just stating to show signs on its leaves of brown spots these are super skunk in 15 liter pots week six 12/12 flowering westland seed compost biobizz grow and bloom bio heaven 600 w lamp average 26-28 day time 20/21 night passive intake 4 inch out air cooled hood I have ph tested the soil at 6.1 run off at the beginning and when flushed it was reading 6.3 I have never altered the ph of the water while feeding from the tap its at 6.8-6.9 is this a calmag problem or something more serious thanks for your help here as this is my first grow