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Found 41 results

  1. From the album Stigs shiz

    Leaf damage??
  2. From the album Stigs shiz

    Any help with diagnosing the silver mottling (looks like humidity sat on a leaf and burnt under leaf, really stumped as was with the girls. At lights on and cannot find any bug life. Cleaned everything and this appeared when I got home. Any ideas? any help muchly appreciated
  3. Got a few autoflowers on the go in my new setup and have run into an issue it seems. Nothing major, looks like the plants are doing well and will recover no problem. Just hoping to get some of your opinions to determine the problem and discuss any fixes. Background 80x80x180 (Homebox) Soil: Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Enhancers: Worm Castings (around 20%) Nutrients: Guanokalong Organic Dry Amendments: Vegetal Fertiliser (5-4-5) + Complete organics (2-5-3) Mixed 5 tablespoons of the 5-4-5 and 3 tablespoons of the 2-5-3 into soil before planting. (considerably less than the recommended feed) Can amend by top-dressing and/or compost teas. Attis 300w (currently set to 180w and 63cm from the plants) 125mm TT strapped to a carbon for exhaust Strains: 2 x Strawberry Banana (Fast Buds) , 1 x Wedding Cake (Barneys Farm) Day 16 since seed Temps: 25-26 Celcius on average Humidity: 55% average Watering has been on a good wet/dry cycle of every 5 days. Started LST and some leaf tucking just yesterday hence their wonkiness. Generally growth has been good, new growth has exploded since yesterday and their on the right track. The leaf discolouration has gradually gotten a little worse, take a look: 2 x Strawnannas on the left. 1 x WC on the right Strawnnanna #1 #2 Yellowing leaves on strawnanna same here WC general colour is a lighter green than the Strawnnanas: And has a similar yellowing issue. Thanks for dropping in LD
  4. Hello if anyone could please offer advice it would be much appreciated! My plants over the past 2 weeks have been gradually getting slightly worse looking. I have two which are speedy chille. I’ve been trouble shooting the problem and trying my best to resolve it but I can’t seem to work it out. I thought it was spider mites and have been using neem oil to try combat that but it’s not worked. I’ve tried to be careful with watering and don’t want to just throw nutrients at it and make it worse. Issues are: - yellow spots on leaves (this is how it started). Some leaves are worse affected than others - dry leaves (mainly in the middle) - top leaves on one plant are dark green and have clawed round before getting to any size - I’ve noticed the stems on the top two nodes which have sprouted look to be cracking along the middle with a brown line. - some leaves looked a little burnt at the ends I’ve trimmed off some of the worst looking leaves but have pictures. One looks like it’s just starting to bud and I was planning on repotting now so any advice would be great please. I have photos but not sure how to attach using my mobile. Cheers!
  5. Hi all I am a total noob to all this and am just starting out, I planted these 3 seeds a couple of weeks ago on the 4th May. They are in the green house where they sprouted and I was very happy, now after a couple of weeks they look like this. I thought it was because the green house was too hot so i cooled it down and now I am thinking it is too much water. Has this lot gone to far and do I need to start again? I am using a general compost if that makes any difference
  6. Hello, I'm fairly new to growing, I've produced a few autos getting 1.5oz per plant which is fairly decent, although I've not done much other than water them when needed, so beginners luck probably. I've now tried my hand at a few photoperiods and while I've been away on holiday (my friend was looking after the plants) I've come back to a few problems and I'm not sure what's gone wrong or what to do. Sadly, while I was away one of the plants succumbed to whatever went wrong and died, it had complete chlorosis and all leaves went white. 1 plant I have left is doing semi-okay, but the other is struggling, the buds aren't fattening as expected. Soil pH is 7.5, which I understand not to be optimal but the plant should still get nutrients okay. They were vegging about 9 weeks and have been in flower now for about 4. I'm using Westlands with john innes and biobizz nutes, although I haven't used them much as the soil seems to last a long time. I've also sprayed once a few days ago with an epsom salt solution as per some other threads here, but to no avail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The below are the worst affected plants needing the most help. Below is the plant that's doing better than the above, but still has issues.
  7. Hi everyone I’m fairly new. Hope you all good, and if anyone can spare some advice for me please, first indoor grow with auto. one is White W. Other is unkown. as you all can imagine, it’s been a learning curve. So many little problems needing fixing and I’ve happily sat on YouTube and looked at forums etc but this is worrying me a tad. if I send pictures, please ask me any question and I’ll endeavour to answer. basics: Growing in Coco + perlite. run off was about 5.8 last time I checked, although I aim to feed at 6.0. PPM went to under 200 after flushing.. I have Canna A+B nutes which are fed once, maybe twice a week. along with PH tap water which happens daily. Water from source (Tap) reads 6.7/6.8 before adding Ph. im running one unbranded LED. 300w which pulls 120. They are now in week 6 of life and maybe 1-1/2 weeks flowering. this unkown has had issues all its life but after LST with a flush a few weeks ago she bounced back only to appear ill again.. kinda sad really I’ve bonded with them both. thanks
  8. im growing 6x ww x bb from seed and 4x candy kush from cuttings/clones using dutch pro light mix 600w led for veg 1200w led for flower ph perfect nutrients 3 part by advanced nutrients seeds are 10 days old cuttings 1 week from rooting ive not started feeding the plants yet as when i bought the soil he said there would be enough in there to last a little while before starting to feed can some one please tell me why the leaves are going like the pictures ive added, i thought this was because ive no fed them nothing yet, but the cuttings are alot bigger than the seedlings, but then noticed the seedlings doing the exact same as the cuttings. bit wired i thought and i cant find nothing like these on any forum, i want to get them right before its to late if any one can help me that would be great ! hi, im a new grower, so helpful this site is !
  9. Hey my fellow smokers... I am in the middle of my first grow and I have been told that it is not looking good... stunted growth for one thing (31 days old from seed) and told they should be twice if not 3 times bigger... Last night i had these spots appear on the lower leaves on one of my plants.. Auto Northern Lights. 75x75x200 groom 450w Vespa LED (on 24/7 to help moderate root temps as the groom is in the shed) 4 x 11ltr Wilma Carbon filter extraction fan heating tube (set to come on if the room drops below 21c temps between 24-27c humidity 45-50 using Ionic Grow with cal mag due to previous advice (i had brown spots forming and it was thought to be mag def) PH 5.8-6.0 PPM 700 – Water out the tap has a PPM of 310 (i was on 1000 and trying to creep up to 1200 for the start of flower but two of them started showing nutrient burn) they were taking a lot more water out of the res so dropped to 700 and they seem to be doing ok, not sure if i should push it back up tho? I am struggling to get advice on my grow so any help would be great.. I am going to finish the grow even tho i have been told to forget it and start again but its a learning experience and maybe if i can figure out where i went wrong then i will do better next time.. I have given them a spray with Neem oil about 3 days ago but these spots have formed after the treatment??? Thanks
  10. Hi All, Wondered if anyone could help. I have 7 small and stealthy autos each 2-3 Meters apart along a field. Medium - Soil. Heat - Very Hot. I've Used Fish BB, Calcified Seaweed, Water Retention Crystals, Chicken Pellets And Sulfate Of Potash - All Dug in 3 weeks before transplant out at about day 15. Unfortunately due to location i only manage to water every 6-7 days - Each Gets approx 2 liters. Please see attached what seems to be a white splatter on the leaves of the plants - This is on 6 out of 7 of my plants - Anyone any ideas? Some sort Of Deficiency? There was no evidence of dusty/powder mold or mildew - the heat in London has been far too hot for that! No evidence spider mites of or any webs around and of the ladies. Recently - about two weeks ago the farmer cut his field but i don't think that has anything to do with it. If anyone can give some advice - i would be very appreciative. Thanks for the help Shagz
  11. Hey All, This is a first time grow. I have 3 plants in a 60cm x 60cm set up. They are Purple Bud from Sensi Seed. Size of strain is meant to be small (so suitable for the compact area). Since first germination to today it has been 43 Days. Grown in soil medium, approx 20 litres. LED 400W The plants are on a 18/ 8 light cycle. Temperature 20-25 celcius (25 day, 20 night); constant CF extraction and a small fan blowing indirectly at one of the sides of the grow tent. Relative Humidity is 55% They were given Nutirents for the first time 1 week ago (only for 3-4 days) PH has been constant at 6.2. I wasn't happy with the nutrients and became worried that they were getting nitrogen toxicity, there was also some tiny yellow/ brown dots appearing on a few leaves; so I dumped the resevoir and flushed them out with PH6.2. They started to go very yellow. The number of spots increased, and then the size of them grew. Since the flush, I have limited their watering, but given them a small amount with nutrients again (this has improved their colour). I have also pulled up the lights, although it was always 18 inches away. I removed a C02 bag that I put in there around the same time as the Nutes. I have also become worried that this could be a pest problem > I have been unable to find any pests (top and underneath of leaves). Attached are some photos of the plants, and close ups of one of the leaves. Any advice would be welcome. I have some mite spray on hand, should this been the diagnosis. Slysir.
  12. Hi people I am a bit worried about my things I'm doing a g13 haze, but when I had them as cuttings they suffered with major thirps and what not , I bought a spray from local grow shop and thought worked well but I've noticed a few plants have deformed leaves on them , there 2nd week into flower now does any one know if this is going to effect my bud don't want them having seeds or the buds to turn out weird any one ever had this problem any advice or anything is appreciated
  13. rsz-img-7687.jpg

    From the album SICK PLANTS PLEASE HELP !

    hey guys these are my babies under a 315 light vegging, since repotting they haven't grown much and are looking real bad 18 hours of light using remo nutes ec 1.7 but just lowered it to 1.5 today ph was 5.8 but didn't check the tank fr few days and it rose really high to 6.5 ! i just re adjusted it today to 5.8 there are currently on a flood and drain table flooding 2 times a day whats wrong they look really bad thanksss
  14. okay so coming upon week 6 flower getting close now guys but ran into another problem. started getting red/orange blotches on the fan leaves and tips seems to be curling. in soil from seed, 4x4 space, intake, outtake, extra circulation and osilating fan. room temps have been quite cold again because winter doesnt seem to want to fuck off for good but it didnt seem to affect the girls too bad last time round. feeding with oldtimers bloom and been giving em hints of calmag. anyway as soon as iv noticed everythings been flushed well and there about to resume half strength feeding with pk boost. any help appreciated ?
  15. okay guys got some blue cheese plants around 4-5 weeks into flower, theyre real heavy feeders. but one plants going a bit weird. random fan leaves started blotching slightly, came back to the tent after a couple daysof my old man tending it and hadnt told me what happened. the ones that hat started blotching had curld up with big brown patches (doesnt smudge not mold). trimmed the dead fan leaves off flushed the plant and it seemed to slow down. buds and sugar leaves are fine just a few fans. been reading up and put it down to phosporus deficiency. no pics atm but its in soil from seeds and im using old timers bloom and a wee bit of calmag. anything with added phosphorus or something you guys could reccommend seen meal worm tea and stuf like that. im going to grab some pk boost this weekend anyway as im out, you think that'll help or something else i could do with ? any tips appreciated PF
  16. evening folks, managed to upload a few pics to another thread and i cant seem to work out hot to move it (sorry Admin) However i think i may have some hermies ? maybe not, i just dont know,,, can anyone point me in the right direction please ? ive linked to the other thread here many thanks, although prepped to be pissed off
  17. Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and nicely stoned! I have been having a list of never ending problems that i am just starting to get past but just cant quite clear the end of it. A short time ago i done built a whole new grow room out of wood. The idea was to make the most of my spare space and improve some of my equipment. For those of you interested in knowing more about the spec just check this link and you will get the run down... https://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=372839&hl= To start with i did have some clones that i had vegged up and put in the new box under the new CMH lighting. They were quite healthy to begin with but the did need a pot up but nothing major... Its worth mentioning that in the same room i have 2 tents with plants in with no problems. One mother tent with no real problems, and a 60cm squre tent with a 150w mh. Both no problems. I vegged them up for about 4 weeks or so and they had barley grown. They hated the environment. I also had really bad problems with fungus gnats and i put the problems down to that as it was really bad and nothing worked in getting rid of them. I used gnat off, multitude of sprays, smoke bombs, and gnat nix (recycled ground glass on top 4” of pot to stop them reproducing). Nothing made a blind bit of difference, i even let the pots dry out to the point they nearly started to wilt before i watered to stop the larvae. No hope so i decided to let the plants die in the pot as they were clearly not going to produce anything worth the time judging by the 3” growth in about 4 weeks. After they all died in their pots i cleared out my growing space and sprayed everything down with multiple pesticides about 4 times, let of smoke bombs daily for about a week and half. Ok i chalked them up to the fungus gnats which i thought was funny as they aren’t the most harmful pests but i had a lot of them. In the mean time i had started some seeds as i wanted to do some pheno hunting and hopefully find a stud male. I cracked 10 x Yeti OG F3 from loompa farms and 5 white OG from karma genetics. They were going with no problem or hiccup in the 60cm tent under the 150 MH. I eventually repotted them and put them in the wooden box under the CMH bulbs... After about a day they had all drooped heavily and looked like they were on their way out. I thought it might be the light intensity as temps were fine so i turned one of the CMH bulbs off and checked regularly. Temps stayed fine but still, no joy as they just got worse if anything. They had stayed droopy as fuck and started loosing colour from the bottom upwards for about 4 days before i decided to see what would happen if i put them under normal MH lighting as that was the biggest change from their previous environment in which they were flourishing and healthy. I put in a normal 400W mh light and went to work. I cam back 8 hours later to find all my plants not drooping and looking about 60% better. I was and still am puzzled as to why this is was, but i was just happy to see i still had plants that could recover and i could still have a decent phenol hunt. Thought i was out of the woods but the gnats managed to come back but have so far not been as bad as before and i have been adding liquid oxy /oxy plus and gnat off to the water to hopefully kill any larvae. Any way the plants started to droop again i noticed so i got chatting to a few good pals that also grow as i was growing tired and hoped a fresh eye to the situation would help... it did as they got me to check my humidity and it was low at around 25% and in all my other tents it was about 40% - 45%. I got a large bowl of water and left out and the humidity rose to around 30% and the next day they had started to go back to normal. Since then i have brought 2 humidifiers to run in there during lights on to raise humidity, they work and the plants are mostly happy and all new growth looks good on most of them, a couple look a little rough still but nothing to far gone. I am also going to line the box with plastic silver or white sheeting to hopefully stop the wood drawing too much humidity out of the air. Now the thing i need your help on is the fact i have noticed that my plants are still drooping in the last 3-4 hours of their day and i cant work out why as the next morning after their 6hrs darkness they are all perked back up and look healthy. But they look like shit for the last few hours. I have just potted up 10 Sour Power OG from karma genetics and put in the environment a day or 2 ago now and these plants don’t droop in the last few hours of the day as you will be able to see in the pictures. Any suggestions on why this is or what is causing it. All plants are in hand watered coco, and under 2 x 400w MH lights with lights on tmeps around 25c-27c. Any advice on plant drooping, humidity, gnat management would be great as these are all new problems from me. Thanks in advanced for reading and trying to help with my problems, i know it was a long read and appreciate any and all help as i just need things to get back on track as i have run out of bud a good while ago and don’t want to waste any more time, electricity or plants. Manny Thanks Fatcalyx
  18. Sick Plants

    From the album Sick Plant

  19. Sick Plants

    From the album Sick Plant

  20. WP 20160111 001

    From the album Sick plants

    over watering or nitrogen toxicity
  21. WP 20160111 002

    From the album Sick plants

    over watering or nitrogen toxicity
  22. i have flushed my plants for a week tomorrow, but most of the leaves are dead on my plants now, and one of my plants seems to have died completely, i am just wondering is it ok to harvest after just a week of flushing?