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Found 30 results

  1. DSC06751.jpg

    From the album Sick Plant

    Hi folks I was wondering if anyone could diagnose what is going on to the leaves in the pictures. The older lower and middle fan leaves are yellowing and have blotches on them, Magnesium Def?? Plant is a NL auto, at week 9, outdoor poly tunnel grow in soil. I've been feeding Biobizz nutes, Fish Mix and Bloom, slowly building the Bloom to 3ml per litre, Fish Mix at 1ml per litre throughout grow. I'm in Scotland so my temps aren't the best, has dropped quite low to around 8 degrees C during some nights. My PH going in has been between 6.4 and 6.8, and the run off seems to be the same, so I don't think it's a PH issue. Any help and advice welcome please. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. I've been holding off posting anything on this for a few days while waiting to see whether an issue with my plant was due to over watering or something simple. I'm thinking now that it's probably something more complex. An overview of my set up is as follows: Seeds - California Snow Autoflowers Growing area - Approximately 1200mm x 1200mm area curtained off in an enclosed lean to at the back of my house. The area is lined with heavy black plastic refuse sacks and then space blankets for reflectivity Environment - Between 21 and 29 celcius, 40-50% RH. No additional heat or fan being used Growing Medium - Coco coir (flushed and buffered with cal mag over a 36 hour period) with 20% perlite Light - Kingbo 150w LED full spectrum UFO (approx 6" from the plant). Light is on 24 hours Nutes used - Only Biobizz Biogrow so far Before I start I just want to say that budget is extremely tight now as I just found out last week that I will be losing my job at the end of July so hopefully I can come up with a simple and low cost remedy - please bear this in mind if you can! The photos below are from this morning which will be day 25. Basically, all seemed well and she was growing fine up until around day 22 when I noticed that the lower leaves were yellowing a bit. For the first week I was watering tiny amounts around the base with no nutes and in week 2 I started adding 1ml per litre of Biogrow, giving her 500ml per day. The run off PH has remained steady at around 6 although I can't give an exact figure as I'm using paper PH strips. As I wasn't seeing any signs of over watering I continued with this until I spotted the yellow tint to the lower leaves. I haven't watered now since day 22 and the top surface of the coco still seems a bit damp to the touch which seems odd given the amount of water I've given her. She's currently 5 1/4" (around 135mm) tall and the top of the plant is around 1" (25mm) below the rim of the pot. I realise now that I've probably under filled the pot, hence lining it with silver foil to try and reflect some of the light to the lower leaves and bud sites. I realise that my LED lamp is a bit underpowered and to try and help things along I've been leaving her outside on sunny days to try and soak up some natural sunlight. I do have 5 additional full spectrum LED strips which can be daisy chained which may help in adding some more light but to be honest I'm not sure what benefit there will be (photos added below. Anyway - I hope that there's enough info here to allow some of you guys to take a look and advise but if there's anything else you need that may help please do let me know. Thanks in advance
  3. IMG-20200709-101433309-HDR.jpg

    Sick plant. Most of my leafs are like this. :-( Any ideas ?
  4. Problems1.jpeg

    From the album New album

  5. Problem2.jpeg

    From the album New album

  6. hello there i am a new grower and im having some trouble with one of my plants some of the leaves are starting to die back and go yellow on the tips not sure if this is stress related or it needs something can anyone help i will add some pictures.
  7. 20200507-212223.jpg

    From the album sick plant

  8. A question about my plant: Some of the leaves around the middle of the plant are looking a tad yellow. The top leaves are curling downward. Just checking, is this OK or do I have a problem? Ta.
  9. Sick plant picture

    From the album 420 2020

    sick blueberry auto
  10. Some better images of the illness

    From the album 420 2020

    sick gelato autoflower
  11. Sick autoflowers:(

    From the album 420 2020

    Really could use some help with these autoflowers!
  12. Sick Autoflowers:(

    From the album 420 2020

    Really could use some help with these autoflowers!
  13. Hey guys I’m growing some white diesel haze, I’ve got 2 of these going , one is a lot bigger than the other , I think this is due to me over watering the smaller one when it was young... any way I’ve noticed over the last couple of days I’ve started getting rusty looking sugar leaves on the bigger one. I don’t think it’s light intensity as the “smaller” one is actually taller and that ones fine.... any other ideas what it could be ? so info 1x1x2m tent coco , hand watered Dutch pro auto flower nutes 2ml/L Dutch pro explode 1ml/L lights : Spider Farmer SF2000 (x2) on 18/6 pH is good ec 1.2-1.3 I’ve noticed it’s spreading across the plant, it started with the main kola now it’s on pretty much all of them. im on week 5 of flower with While Label Seeds saying they take 5-7 weeks , so I’m assuming it’ll take a little longer than what they say . any advice , things to consider ?
  14. Leaf issues

    From the album First grow

  15. Hey guys, i'm running into a bit of a problem , or so i think. First time growing autos. I have 2 Auto Diesel Haze growing. One has started to be real droopy with purple veins on the leaves and the leaf stems. The main stems are still green. The other one has green leaves , so i'm wondering where i'm going wrong. At first I thought i was over watering as I did start to get some fungus Gnats so i've been letting it dry out a little more before watering but the droop continues Set Up 1x1x2m tent Lights 2 x SpiderFarmer SF2000s 18/6 Medium : Coco Nutrients : Dutch Pro Auto Bloom A/B 30ml/10L , DP Explode 10ml/10L Pot Size : 20L watering everyday/every other day depending on how dry the soil is ..... average watering 5Ltrs Sorry if i've left anything out , i'm really stuff here ... oh heres some photos
  16. Hi all new here and new to growing! This is my first plant and so far Ive been getting by with just reading what I can online. As you can see I'm doing something wrong and I'm stuck as I have no one who can take a look at it for me so just after a little help. Im using the full bio bizz range and using half the amount they say. It's in bio bizz light mix, would really appreciate any help Cheers P
  17. 3 week into veg I think I gave them nute burn but I have flushed them out and they came back and started looking good. I then left them for 3 days once flushed and then gave them. 10ml of A and B Dutch pro and 5ml or take root in a 20 litre mix. 2 1 litre jugs. The day after they ended up going like this. The pots seem a little heavy. So don't know if they been overwatered or they gone back to being nute damaged? Temp around 24 to 28 when lights on around 17 when lights off. What shall I do. Will they get better is it worth carrying on with them?
  18. Hey guys I need some advice please. I'm growing pineapple express auto, i've ran into problems along the way due to root rot (from high water temps i think), i soaked the roots in H202 6% at 1.5ml/liter for a few days and then i removed all the bad roots by washing the roots off under the tap. the roots submerged under water seem okay now but the roots inside the pot are still bad and i think the root rot is still there and affecting the plant, the leaves keep getting brown spots and i keep picking the branches off to find the next day there's more infected leaves. I'm worried the brown spots will spread to the buds and i read that smoking it could make you sick? i was wondering if i should start flushing now and harvest early to prevent this? can someone please try diagnose whats wrong with the photos i linked below and give some advice on what to do. someone please help! thank you. photos of the buds and leaves - http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/gallery/album/16696-sick-plant-flush-and-harvest-early/ info about my grow set up 18 liter pot, 600w LED veg+bloom light 1-2 foot away from the plant, ph between 5.6-6.1 at all times, room temp 21-24c, water temp i try to keep around 16-18c (but it does go up to 22c while im at work which is why i think its gotten root rot) i've been dosing 0.2m/liter of pythoff since i got root rot and havent stopped adding it to the nuterients, ppm around 750-950, air ventilation aint the best as i need new fans and the carbon filter kinda sucks need a new one, plant is roughly 3 months old. if you need anymore information please comment below.
  19. hi thanks for looking this is my second grow im using coco medium ive been doing my first grow diary which you can check out on my profile to see the plants checked the ladies the other day and i noticed a couple brown spots i did a little research and found it could possibly be a cal-mag deficiency so i added canna cal-mag to my 60litre of feed they recommend 1ml per litre i used 0.6ml per litre 40mil all together ppms where 800 and the ph was 5.8 i fed the plants and and thought to check the run off it was 1000ppms!! and the ph was 6.3 so ive spent the last 3 days feeding until run off to get everything back down i believe what caused this was me not watering until run off and its maybe caused a nutrient build up of some sort upon checking the plants today inoticed the leaves have gotten worse on the ones that already had the spots only a couple of the plants are showing this deficiency maybe 4-5 out of 20 and its only 1 or 2 leaves on the midsection of said plants nothing on the new growth so any help on where to go from here would be highly appreciated thank you
  20. sickplant.png

    From the album sick plant pictures

    This is a picture of my plant i was wondering why it suddenly went droopy over night? the night before i left the heating on in my house for like 8 hours because it was freezing then the next day i checked my plant too see this, it would go limp when the lights were on and stable when the lights were off, it did this for about 3 days now it is just staying limp, the leaves are starting to curl upwards and the roots have turned yellowy greyish colour. the plant was doing well for the first 3 weeks and then over night it went droopy, i suspect its root rot from what i've read on the internet, is this plant too far gone, can i cure it and if so how? thank you.
  21. GROW DETAILS: 5 x Chronic Lights in soil 1x 400w 1x 600 HPS Difficult humidity levels from the start (70%+) but this didn't slow the ladies at veg and looked awesome at switch over. No nutes while vegging and only minimal vitalink bloom (soil) while flowering. One lady cut and drying (10oz+ wet) and the other 4 are days from being ready. PROBLEM: Noticed one plant (tallest with huge main cola size of a beer can) has developed an area of dry, yellow bud. A quick look round shows one other plant has a lower bud doing the same. The yellow is the little leaves and the buds are greeny yellow (more yellow). I've removed the offending buds just in case its gonna spread. What is the yelowing and what causes it? As I said before the remaining 4 are days away from cropping. Do I cut and dry now or risk leaving them for another 48-72 hours, when they're 100% ready?! I don't want to have wasted the last 3-4 months and fall at the last few days :/ The pic below is of one of the smaller branch buds
  22. Hey Everyone. I have an issue with one of my plants, and potentially the other one too. Will have to check that in the morning. Here are some images of how it's looking. I'm new to growing and not 100% on deficiencies, diseases etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Kai
  23. Hello guys, It's been 3 weeks from sprout and now my plant gone wrong, after i'm putting HPS and start feeding. Is it too much water? Or too much fertilizer? Thanks pal. Ivan.
  24. Hi all, Hopefully someone an help me!? Q: Does my Short and Sweet Auto Feminised seedling have TMV?1st two pics below show my concern: I am new here, and a "bit" flustered by this potentially contagious/yield fatal virus, especially as everything else seems to be going so well...(so far)I am happy to provide any further info if needed..I'm afraid that the virus may spread to the others if I leave this one in the tent! Please help me! More info about my grow: Hi everyone, new farmer here who has been following the many incredibly useful threads on 420 for quite some time now...silently in the shadows no more as I need some desperate assistance from you expert growers...I have a 1x1x2M tent setup with X4 15 litre airpots and X4 different strains of autoflower for my first attempt.I am running 900 watt equivalent full spectrum LED panels (X2 450w equiv / 200w actual draw each), as well as a pair of 120cm Sunblaster T5's with nano reflectors vertically on either side.Active intake with filter, 350m3 extractor with Rhino pro scrubber. Good negative pressure.My readings are 24 - 26 deg celcius, with a regulated RH of 60%I have noticed one of my 8 day old since breaking soil seedlings is a bit Mottled and today after watering, one of the main leaves has a crinkle in it, a slight curl of one of the serrated side tips and isnt looking great. It has been treated exactly the same as the other 3 plants, 2 of which are growing at a great rate - 1 is nearly 5inches across its helicopter blades and looking very healthy as are the other 2.The strains Im growing:1: Green Crack Auto Fem (AKA Green Cush/NYC Diesel hybrid)2: Amphetamine Auto Fem3: Cash Crop Auto Femand lastly the suspected plant which may have TMV?4: Short and Sweet Auto FemI have attached a few pics and would greatly appreciate your help as I dont want all my other babies in my first ever grow to get infected if it is a virus!Other info:1st pic - Today (Day 8 from breaking soil)2nd, 3rd, 4th pic (4 days from breaking soil) - Seemed to have mottled appearance when very youngThen a few pics of my setup - this has now changed slightly with oscillating fan, larger extractor, more lights, humidifier, etc..etc...but for the most part that is how my tent looks.Never fed them any nutes, just Canno Pro soil, Canna Coco, Bat Guano, Perilite, Vermiculite mix with well rinsed Canna clay pebbles on the top.I leave my soft tap water to sit in the tent at tent temps for 48-72hrs at least to evaporate the Chlorine and then PH to approx 6.6 with PH Down and add Canna Rhiztonic at half strength. Thats all they have had so far. Watering about every other day, been misting in between as my RH was down at 35-40% until yesterday when I added an automated humidifier setup to maintain 60% RH. This resulted in all the plants perking up and much accelerated growth.Temps are 24 - 27 degrees Celsius for the most part, slightly lower at night as my intake is from outside, but the 2 LED panels keep it warm and I vent scrubbed air inside into second carbon filter to keep RH in the tent..working well so far.Lighting schedule 24/0 for the duration.Many thanks,Saint