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Found 30 results

  1. So here’s my little grow space which has been shaping up over last few years. It’s a single brick outhouse the size of a small cubicle. I’ve insulated it with polystyrene 50mm on the walls and 100mm on floor and ceiling and plyboard over top. I’ve got an inkbird linked up to the ceramic heater (set to eco) and a heat mat under tray to keep up root temps, this surprisingly doesn’t work too hard even in colder weather. The tube heater is on constant. Extraction is also on speed and temperature control and is oversized for space. Extraction has been turned right down through veg and this has really helped with temps. The light is 170w led Cobs but I’m resisting turning it up more than 2/3, plants seem better for it. Low humidity tends to be my issue but low extraction, keeping foliage and a wet towel occasionally seems to do the trick. Here are the girls about a week ago: Trying my hand at scrog. This is also my first run of photos indoors as I cut my teeth on autos in this space as I could run lights 24/7. Here’s an auto Neville haze from last spring: My main concern is night temps once in flower as the extraction will have to up, but so far am loving the photos, have taken cuts from them to play with, might plant them outdoors and hit them up with some pollen. Any road, that’s my groom, a mix of pride and shame as it works but looks like it’s built by a pirate, but we all have to start somewhere… Thanks for checking in,
  2. Hi, I have a 1.5 x1.5 x 2m tent which I intend to put in my new shed. I also want to be able to crop the end result without any nosy neighbours noses getting the better of me. I shall also be smoking in the shed daily. I have an 8" extraction setup and can set that up to ensure negative pressure pulling all the air into the tent, through the carbon filter, and then sent out; so that part is cool. I am looking at lining the entire tent with some kind of mylar. Stapling it on may not be the best idea I guess. Can someone recommend the best glue and sheeting to turn my shed into an airtight container? Except for the intake hole I create of course Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, 1st proper thread for me… re-arranged things a bit as I went very long with the background info. So TL;DR version… planning 1st grow, in a tent, in a garden shed, in the middle of Ireland, in the middle of winter… first worry is the cold. I'm thinking autos for my first few grows: 18/24 or even 24/24 might help with the cold; small size; faster harvest Qs: Am I worrying too much about the cold? Would the lamp be enough to heat the whole tent (60x60x140) given them temps outside in the winter (2-4 Celsius min temps)? Should I go for HPS in the winter, LED in the summer? What wattage HPS/LED? I could spend a bit more money isolating the shed and/or I could place some isolation around the tent itself (as I've read in some other treads, double bubble foil glued to the surface; rockwool on the top)? I've found a few random posts on isolating sheds but would be interested in more advice here I have a spare electric oil radiator which draws 1500w (max power in the shed 2500W thou) but would prefer to use that energy for lights. Would mat/tube heaters plus lamp be enough to heat? I've read I could extract inside the shed in the winter in order to recycle some of that warmer air. Would that cause humidity or CO2 depletion issue? I've read a few threads on shed grows (@stu914 @Wooden Monkey) but couldnt find direct experience with cold issues. Happy to be pointed in the right direction… cheers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Longer version: I'm an old time fan of the plant but a newbie grower. I'm based in Ireland which has similar enough conditions and constraints to the UK. I've read and learned a ton of stuff on the site already but have a few (several) questions to make sure I'm making the right choices ahead of starting to spend money. Will start my 1st grow in early Jan 2021 (I may even start earlier if COVID keeps us grounded for Xmas holidays!), for the moment I'm studying different alternatives, getting the space ready and starting to source materials. Budget is not an issue (within reason). I want to give myself a bit of flexibility in terms of expanding the size of the tent at some point so happy to go above the bare minimum requirements. I have 3 nosy housemates (a wife and 2 kids) so I'm trying to do this discretely… I may be wrong (and please correct me) but the starting point for my grow plan is the location/size restrictions: I'm going to be growing in a grow tent inside my garden shed which is also occupied by 3 bikes, lawnmower and other trinkets Preferred tent size initially would 60x60x140cm (possibility of extending to a 90x60x160 in the future) My main concern is the cold. I'm in Ireland and winters are harsh with minimum temperatures of 2-4 degrees C and frequent strong winds (snow and ice are very rare though) The shed is quite new but made of cheapish materials. It's positioned in a corner of the garden with a high fence protecting 2 of the walls (north and east facing). I will insulate it a bit with some foam under the roof, tarp on the inside of the walls and a carpet on the floor but I would expect internal shed temperature to be 4-6 degrees above external temperatures so the grow tent will have to generate and retain its own heat to keep plants healthy Noise/smell: not a huge concern but I do want a relatively "discrete" solution Power: will have 1 extension cord running to the shed powered from the house's external socket which has a max 2500W output Location/size influence on light choice: Open to any alternative but my preference would be for LEDs given lower running costs, smaller/lighter footprint But if warming the tent is an issue it might be worth getting a "hotter" light like HPS (or combining LED and HPS)instead of filling the tent with heaters I've seen suggestions on heat mats and tube heaters and I have no issue in adding one or both but given tent size I'd like to avoid putting anything larger for size/power/fire hazard constraints I have a spare electric oil radiator I could put in the shed but it has a 1500W draw so not sure if it would leave with enough juice for tent As stated above, I'd want a light that would support a larger tent going forward (volume wise, 50-75% larger) so possibly with a dimmer so I can adjust freely Location/size influence on seed choice: I'm thinking autoflowers for my 1st couple of growths for a few reasons: Can run the lights 18/24 or even 24/24 in case I'm having issues with the cold Suitable for the size of the space Quick turnaround for my initial grows… 7-8 weeks to harvest I do plan on trying a photo once temperatures improves and I can run lights 12/12 Other preferences so far (happy to debate them): 4-inch in-line far + carbon filter (still havent picked a product yet… suggestions?) 3 gallon fabric pots Canna Coco substrate + perlite
  4. Hi, I am in the process of insulating the shed in which my tent will be. After that I need to work out the best way to make the 3-in-a-row windows lightproof, so that when I open my tent, the overlooking neighbours won't be treated to a suspicious flood of bright light. Ideally, the solution won't look too weird and attract questions from visitors to our garden, or the last few friends who might even want to peek inside. Theres obfuscating materials inside, so the tent is kind of well hidden, but what to do about the windows? I suppose my best case scenario is mould proof, pencil-pleat, blackout curtains, pinned on the tent end. With a 2.2M length and 1M drop though, I'd probably have to make them myself - which I have no experience in and would probably make a dogs dinner of - or pay a fair bit for a custom made set. I could make a set of box shutters, but that'd be difficult, complicated or expensive. Roller blinds would allow too much spill around the edges. Any good ideas to help with my pauper build? Cheers! Midge
  5. Hi. I am in the process of setting up my 2ft x 4ft (120cm x 60cm) which will have a 320W LED light installed. I don't really want to get a HPS to use in winter. I am about to insulate the shed. But obviously need a heat source for my grow tent. I am going to get 120x60cm heat mat for the grow tent, but in terms of heat for the autumn / winter I presume I will also need a 60W or so tube heater or similar in the tent? I will be controlling the heater with an Inkbird. Could you advise on the likely heat requirements and method that would be your recommendation and how much wattage I probably need please? Cheers, Midge
  6. Hi, I've just put a 10ft x 8ft shed in my garden in sunny Manchester and plan to dedicate a small space inside to grow - organically, at least in the first instance. However I have to make it stealthy as feck as we have a lot of people in and out of the garden throughout the year and though I will keep it locked, my kids will no doubt peek in from time to time. I am trying to choose between a 60cm x 120 cm x 18cm tent and a 75cm x 75cm x 200cm tent and lights to go with it. I want to be able to grow taller plants as required 1-2 big photos or 3 - 4 autos at a time. I need to have it in place by October so if the end of the outdoor season is as crap as the summer has been, I will finish her off indoors before doing my first indoor cycle. That'll give me time between now and then to insulate the shed to maintain heat levels and stealth, to finish installing the electric supply etc. The reason I am having a job choosing is that I need to make it as easy to cover over when I need to make it look like a normal stacked shed (when people come over and look in). 75cm x 75cm tent will come up to the start of the first window, so may be harder to hide from the outside, the 120cm x 60cm takes up more width, so may need more concealing in general? If concealment wasn't an issue, I'd definitely go with the 60cm x 120cm as it should allow 2 medium large plants to grow with space for heat, humidity and fans around them. Can anyone offer any advice from experience as to which format makes sense? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to the difference in sizes/formats? Finally, would you say something like 200W/240W would be enough to max that space, or would it be wiser to push the boat out and get a 300W/320W as I suspect? Cheers! Midge
  7. Welcome to my little corner of the world, not too far from Heathrow airport. I have been growing in my shed the last couple of years, ideally I would have moved to a new location and setup a fresh shed, alas not due to Covid-19. My move was cancelled the same week locked in the UK occurred, just felt the most sensible course of action due to all that was going on. Maybe I will move mid grow, we will see, it will all be fun either way - I am a master at turning lemons into lemonade, we have no choice but to right? Anyways, I digress. Lets get this show on the road! My shed is currently full of Sweet Seeds ladies. I never stopped growing Sweet Seeds stuff, continually providing all I could wish for and a little more on top I am growing in Biobizz All Mix & Plagron Batmix soil 50/50. A major change of nutrients, I have move away from BioBizz and this is my first grow with Intense Nutrients Organix range. @Intense Nutrients Matt My lighting is: The sun & a 1000w bulb running at 660w. I did have two on the go but it gets too hot so this is a bit of a smaller grow using just one light - I will sort this for the next grow as it will be winter and I should be able to get away with it. Gorilla Girl, Psicodelicia and Cream Caramel - All 34 days since flip. I am very much looking forwards to them completing as currently I have smoked all I have.......working from home has meant I have been able to enjoy being constantly stoned and as a result I have burned though all I have. Am very much looking forwards to 6 or 7 weeks from now when I have my first smoke again SO, pictures.......Here we go....... The seeds were started on 12th July: They opened fast, 2 days and ready to drop in the pots: Where possible, I like to make use of the sun. It kicks ass. Lights rock and all, but the sun owns all. So I had the pots going in the sun whenever possible and then under the light in the shed during the evenings, these are 35 days before flip: Here they are 25 days before flip: Finally ten days before flip: From this point onwards the lighting has been changed to 12hr on and 12h off. Flipped. They stay in the shed now. Lights on at 9pm, lights off at 9am. Here we go, 6 days after flip, they all shot up, the Gorilla Girls most of all on the left side: 9 Days after flip: And then a big leap forwards in time to now, this is due to I was unaware of a competition starting, just getting on with life n all that! Here we go, 34 days after flip, today: And another from a different angle. Next week I shall pull out my camera and give it a dust off rather than using my mobile phone camera, a Samsung S10: There we have it, up to date, a bit of a rush and not exactly competition winning stuff, but its not about the winning, its about the taking part and learning new things along the way. Until next week I wish you all the best, keep safe, look after those close to you, be kind to everyone else, and if in doubt of something - Ask, don't go into a frenzy Insp.
  8. First time on here and first time grower so I am looking to have a small set up in my garden shed with a 4x4 tent inside , I am looking to insulate the shed either with 25mm polystyrene or thermawrap to help maintain ambient temperatures. Planning to do 4 plants and was looking at the Mars hydro ts3000 which outputs 600w , using soil , my main concern will be the intake air temperature as during night temps can go to zero . Any ideas or Advice would be appreciated
  9. Psicodelicia51days.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2020/21 comp + old photos of 1st grow hash

    Gonna be Psyco at the end :)
  10. GorillaGirl51days.jpg

    From the album Sweet Seeds 2020/21 comp + old photos of 1st grow hash

    Silverback Gorilla :D
  11. So here we go again, this is indoor grow number 6...ish? The seeds... (All Autos) 1 x Fantasmo express (freebie left over from last grow) 2 x Frosty Geleto (freebies left over from last grow) 1 x RQS Royal Jack 1 x RQS Royal Creamatic Only really got room for 4, so we will see what pops and take it from there. Same set up as before but i have now bought a thermostat for the heat mat. (set at 21c) 240w Dimmable quantum board LED 2 speed extraction Heat Mat and thermostat Canna terra pro soil mix Fabric air pots Biobizz root juice, fish mix and Cal mag. 21st February Seeds did 12 hrs in water then put into home made toilet roll seed trays, then put straight into the final pots. Soil temps are a steady 20 - 21c thanks to the thermostat, the last few grows i had been using a timer with the heat mat so this takes the guess work out, much easier! Drobe temps around 22c (using the light for heat) only using extraction twice a day for 15mins to retain the heat as its still damn cold in me shed! Humidity around 60%
  12. Hi and welcome to another year of Sweet Seeds fun in my little corner of the world near London. I have been growing in a 10x8 shed at the far end of the garden. The back 1/3rd of the shed is partitoned off and insulated with 10mm foam and double bubble metallic insulation foil - All staple gunned to the shed walling. There is an 8" acoustic box using phonic ducting to extract the air from the partitioned grow area into the rest of the shed - Not directly outside, the shed door is lame with a 1/2cm gap all the way around it and this has served well in ensuring decent fresh air exchange without the loss of all that lovely warm air which keeps the grow area a lush 25-32 depending on what power I set the lights or extraction to. There is an 8" passive intake hole within the shed to the grow area. With the lights I have two ballasts with simple reflectors, 275w-660w and a 400w-1100w but I have been and shall continue to run them at 400w each for the veg cycle. The bulbs are Sylvania blue for veg and first two weeks of flower then its on to using the Sylvania dual spectrum bulbs. I shall be sticking with the BioBizz stuff with the addition of Plagron Batmix for the final pot up. i have been using the following: Rootjuice, Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, TopMax, Alg A Mic. Well I think that's the main points of the setup, now to let you know they just went in to 12/12 I took some clones from the last grow I did which was associated with last years Sweet Seeds Grow Competition and so I have 4 Green Poison and 5 Sweet Cheese. Here they are from back on November 3rd all pushing roots and ready to pot: Sweet Cheese at the top, Green Poison beneath. And here they are in their first pots in my little 40x40x180cm tent which I also have within the shed - This has a 125w CFL, no fans, no real intake or outake. I dumped one of the Green Poison, you can see which one above didn't get potted I'm sure Fast forwards two weeks of them being in this tent here they are: I needed to keep them in this tent as long as possible due to my grow area being full of their parents and more. I also had Gorilla Girl in there and now kick myself for not having taken clones from this also considering how awesome a smoke it is - I have been smoking it this past two weeks and its brilliant! Sweet Cheese and Green Poison are lovely smokes also but I just found a preference for Gorilla Girl... Fast forwards some more to 14th December, they have been repotted into BioBizz All mix (I only add plagron batmix when going into the final 11 litre pots) and they are now in the main grow area: Along the way I have been topping them, lots. All the lower growing tips removed as early as possible, really only allowing the best branches to grow and keeping things all tights on height. 24 hours lights on! Moving on to some time later in December things are taking off: And then bringing us to today where I have just set the lights to 12/12: Green Poison 4 are on the left, the other 5 are Sweet Cheese. I will take the time to put up a few shots without the red ambience from the bulbs, plus some bud shots from their mothers since I have a couple of bags full Until then sweet smokes, I shall mostly be smoking Gorilla Girl and waiting on my competition seeds which are Gorilla Girl, Sweet Amnezia Haze & Sweet Pure CBD - This one I will be doing for my two friends in need. Insp
  13. Welcome to my new thread which will be used to document my fun goings on down the back end of the garden for the remainder of this year. Current status: The Sweet Seeds competition has ended and I have a variety of plants in various stages, plus competition-winnings-seeds to germinate. A Cream Caramel clone who nearly died months ago, was waterlogged and took forever to root, the others were fine but this one I have nursed and nursed - Now she has rooted, taken off and I have topped her twice and had some bonsai type fun. I hope she will, in the end, bring nice large half metre long sticks of lush sticky buds: The Cream Caramel clones which did take off well, there were three, are well into flower, I think week 6 is now completed, could be week 7 I am unsure. There is also a single Cream Manderine which rooted well but its other 3 failed to take, so on the left side of my shed I have these four ladies: There are also four smaller Cream Caramel clones nestled in the middle of the shed between the larger Cream Caramels and my new Crystal Candy ladies which were sprouted from seed when I made the original clones. Here are the Crystal Candy ladies, I tried some LST but they were just unwieldy and two grew real high and fast for the sky Here is the largest bud forming up well: Since all of the above are a month from being cropped I have put on some new seeds, Sweet Cheese (on the left), Green Poison (middle row), Gorilla Girl (right side): Here they are in the tent, I had to take out one of the four legs to fit the box in as it is too big but with some black awning covering it - No light escapes. That's just a 125w CFL to keep them happy during night time. During the day the box is moved into the garden to get the best the sun has to offer That's where I am at right now. Fingers crossed ! So my setup is 2 x 400w Sylvania bulbs, not dual spectrum, brand new. Biobizz All Mix soil. Biobizz nutes: Grow, Bloom, Fishmix, TopMax, AlgaMic, RootJuice.
  14. So I have a Bay 6 XL loft tent running a Telos-0008 and only currently have a 4" extraction fan sucking through a Ox carbon filter. I am looking to upgrade my ventilation system and having a intake fan paired with a fan speed controller to keep the environment dialled in. I am considering venting into a box buried underneath the shed filled with woodchips and some kind of oil or smell neutraliser, as im paranoid that my Sticky Beast Autos are going to stink to high heaven come flower ripening time and my neighbours are going to suss me out. Has anyone ever done something like this before ? Im hoping that if I rig it up properly and get a decent fan system inside the tent and outside in the shed venting down the same ducting into the box and then out into the underneath of the shed I can kill a lot of the odour and stay stealth - thoughts please?
  15. Welcome to my little part of the world, please do pull up a comfortable seat and sit back to enjoy my offerings for your viewing pleasure. Firstly, I must express my continued thanks and appreciation to the Sweet Seeds team, @Sweet Seeds-tommy, @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp, and all the rest of the gang who make the magic happen for the rest of us ! Last year, I was the lucky winner of the Sweet Seeds 2017 Best Video, I have the trophy in pride of place in my living room, can't for the life of me get a good photograph of it as its glass with white etching on it, will try again later.... This year I will be doing a timelapse of a Cream Devil, from seed to harvest. I have my fingers crossed for many shades of red towards the end of the video to give it that wow factor, we will see ! As I am mid project at the moment I will be starting my main grow for the competition around the 2nd week of December, this will be a wide variety of Sweet Seeds offerings : So, that is me committed, the ball is rolling, tomorrow I shall set up the 40 x 40 tent with a 125 CFL for the Devil Cream. Get the camera all set up, and hopefully next weekend I will have a little 20 second video to show you of her popping out of the soil Until then, keep safe and have sweet smokes
  16. Hi all Im in week 7 of flower and my shed grow stinks, I have a filter and that's blowing out clean air but the smell is escaping though the slats in the shed walls I don't think I have any choice other than to empty my room take the clading off and visqueen the walls before refitting it all ....nightmare Does anybody know another way i could combat the smell? someone i know mentioned a de-ironizer is this something anyone is using? I really don't want to strip my grow out if i can avoid it but still have another 4 week left then drying which i imagine is the smelliest stage Thanks in advance for any advise
  17. Hi I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with venting their exhaust under the shed? I've been searching through the forum and cant actually find out enough info on how to do it and how much it will reduce the sound of air passing out. Also, if anyone has any experience in venting under the ground (as in digging a hole for the exhaust ducting to go into) please let me know. Thanks
  18. Hello all I have recently got my grow up and running but not sure if I've missed something any pointers would be great My setup is...... 6ft x 3ft space in shed I have a pallet with storage heater bricks on it and 2 x tube heater in pallet controlled by a timer coming on for 15mins per hour lights off and 15mins per 2 hours lights on my root temps are 23 lights on 20 lights off I have an Inkbird controller for canopy height temps which turns a oil heater on for heat and the fans on for cool fans are venting outside and drawing from outside temps set for 26 and this method is keeping that temp lights on or off I also have a Inkbird controller for the humidity which is set to 60Rh with a humidifier in one socket and a dehumidifier in the other......the dehumidifier has not had to work yet (I think down to fans clearing air when temps go up) Humidity goes from 65Rh max down to 30Rh when fans kick in again humidity sensor is at canopy level I have my humidifier pointed at my oil filled radiator I have an oscillating fan which is on another timer set to come on 20mins in morning and 20mins at night I have this pointed at the back of my oil filled radiator so blows warm are and the humidifier outlet towards my babies Temps go up as this happens which in turn brings on my extract/inlet fans I have 2 x 600W LED viparspectra lights side by side 22inch above canopy on 18/6 at the moment I have planted in B & Q Verve mulitcompost and so far only given water My fans are 4inch on a speed controller
  19. I have a shed grow going and are finding spiders in there....probs the heat/humidity and its a garden shed Should I be worried about garden spiders? can they harm my crop?
  20. Good mornings Uk420, Firstly a big thank you to panik for cutting me in on this, appreciated, thanks. I have germed a pair of pips, and they have popped up lovely, I thought I took a picture last night, but unfortunately I have not, I’ll put one on shortly. As these are regular I am going to take my time to find a mum, possibly even a dad. cheers.Jj
  21. Right then, firstly I would like to say thanks to @panik for the opportunity to grow some of his new cross. I put 4 in a jar of water to soak, about 6 hours later they had all sunk, so I prepared some root riots and in they went, placed onto a heat mat for 24 hours and have started to pop up. Just a standard simple no thrills grow, I'll probably flower in 3.5 pots of coco, with AN a&b. The veg will continue for approx 8/9 weeks. Ill be back with more pics next time cheers.Jj
  22. Right first off, Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for the opportunity to run these beans. They turned up this morning so I have wasted no time at all as there are 2 of each currently floating in little jar bowl things. Once sunk to the bottom, I will put them into little root riots in a lunch box on a heat mat, probably indoors, just till they poke their little heads out, then it will be into the veg box, in approximately 9weeks my flower room will/should be empty, so I am looking at a 8-10 week veg, depending how this goes I might flower in 3.5 again, i will see how it goes, Feed will be AN, A&B, formulex for the roots and a bit of bone meal/blood worm dust on pot up, oh yeah and in coco of course. Ill be back with more pics as soon as they have popped up, cheers Jj