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Found 3 results

  1. shed grow

    So as the title suggests I’m hoping I can pick the brains of some of you fellow shed growers for some helpful advice and tips. I know there’s been abit of conversation on here about shed grows and tbh a lot of my questions have already been answered just reading through other threads but there’s still a few issues I’m abit unsure on. So this will be my first grow and I’ve decided that the best option (well the only option) for me is to set up a grow in a shed. I have no spare space in my house and the attic is full to the brim with clutter, aswel as just generally not being in the best condition for a grow anyway. I’ve bought an 8 x 6 overlapping shed that I’m yet to build. when I do build it I will be leaving an air gap between the outer cladding and the battens, then lining the inside with 50mm Kingspan then vapor barrier foil insulation over the top. Quick question for all the builders out there though, will I need to put a breathable membrane between the battens and the insulation or will I get away without one? Firstly I have some concerns about where to position it once built though. Either I could put it against the back wall of my house, so the heat exhaust isn’t as obvious as I could feed it back into the house or down the side of the house so it just looks like a boiler flue. My only concern with putting it here is the noise from the intake and exhaust fans as it’ll be only a couple of meters away from the neighbours!!! Both fans will be 6 inch and housed in insulated boxes to dampen sound, plus I’m using insulated ducting aswel but will it still be quite loud from outside? The other option is to place it at the bottom of the garden. The garden backs onto fields so no worry about noise however I’d be more concerned about the heat being obvious to chopper copper with this option!!!! I’d probably vent under the shed if I placed it here as the shed will be raised on pallets but would that disguise the heat enough? My next thought is what light reflector I should use. Do you think it’d be worth running an air cooled reflector or will I be ok without? I’m sure in winter it’all be ok without air cooled as the heat of the lamp will help heat the room but will it get too hot in summer if I’m not cooling the light? All help and advice greatly appreciated
  2. So after a few grows using RQS I decided that I would give Dinafem a go, I'm just finishing a grow that was supposed to be all RQS but due to a couple of dodgy seeds not sprouting, I bought 2 Dinafem seeds (only one grew though, maybe my fault) but the one that did has really impressed me. (2 weeks behind the RQS and the biggest plant) Grow diary here... Anyway, I have bought 4 more seeds and plan on getting these going once the current grow has finished. The seeds are... 1x Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Haze 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Blue Critical Autoflowering 1x Original Amnesia Autoflowering Set up... Old kids wardrobe (insulated and made slightly bigger) Kingbo 300w led (120w real wattage) Topplanet 300w led (120w real wattage) (Surprised how well these 2 lights have done considering they are cheapies) 2 X modified ceiling led panel lights (4000k) 80 watts Ram mixed flow extraction Rhino 4" filter 2x 4" usb fans Heat mat 600mm X 600mm Fabric pots Soil will be a mixture of pre used (once) canna soil mix / home made compost/perlite / Coco coir. Various canna / biobizz fertilizers. Pic from current grow...it's a bit rag tag but does the job... Hoping the current grow will be finished in the next couple weeks, will get onto these then. ... Watch this space...
  3. Hi all shed grower here all seems.well inside the shed just finishin off list couple of autos. And vegging a few cuts of stardawg, so lights on 24hr, 2x 600w crranked up to 660 watt, tube heater and rootit heat mat with thermostat set on full, was -6 yesterday outside, between 21-25 in the grow room. had a thick layer of snow about 5 inch on the roof however woke up this mornin and the snow was melting fast now nearly all.gone, seems shed not insulated aswell as i thought, anyone else had this?