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Found 46 results

  1. Wondering if anyone's got any tips or opinions on Sensi Seeds Silver Haze? I popped one of their fem seeds alongside two Lemon Haze Autos and grew them all outdoors these past few months - the two autos are nearly done (still outside), and the silver has been moved into my tent for the last 3 weeks, on it's own, onto flowering. It's looking lovely - really nice structure, vegging it outside in occasionally intense summer sun has done it well (I topped it twice, and have trained it into a square bush), and already got that sweet mild silver hazey smell. It's just stopped stretching I hope, on nearly week 4 of flower. I'm hoping for that frankincense smell in the air whilst smoking after the cure, but who knows - I find it fairly often with street silver haze, but have no idea if that was Sensi's stuff. Impressed with it so far, but anyone else got any experience with these?
  2. Hi all, i recieved a 35% off discount code for seeds off the sensi seeds website if anyones intrested, FAM35 Cheers
  3. Hermie seed originating from super Skunk which was pollinated by master kush
  4. Hermie seed originating from super Skunk which was pollinated by master kush
  5. Hello all, as the name suggests this is about oldschool strains still going strong. Ive been growing some shiva skunk feminised from sensi seeds, ive grown these about 4 times over the last 20 years firstly in 1999 twice (regular version) again in 2014 (fem version) and now ! Every time they seem quite uniform and stable, it’s a lovely potent smoke with a sweet skunk smell and taste ! First bred in 1987 and still going strong ! The 4 plants are growing in coco pebble mix in 25 ltr pots under a 600w HPS and seem happy ! They are 30 days since switching the lights and I’ll put a few pics up each week, if anybody has some ancient genetics feel free to add some pics up, cheers !
  6. My babies have been growing vigorously of late so i thought id post a quick photo, theyre in the very early stages of flowering so not too much to show yet but im very pleased with progress so far. They were germinated mid April and were then moved outside in early May as it started to get warmer and they grew slowly but steadily. I moved them into the greenhouse and they've had a growth spurt though, going from about 3-3.5 ft to about 6ft and theyre still going!! I have them all in 20L pots and use House & Garden Bat Special soil with lots of extra perlite i added to help with drainage, nutrients are Hydrotops Grow and Bloom mixed with plain old water from the tap. To the left of the photot you can just about make out my Northern Lights Autos again from Sensi Seeds, theyre not anywhere near as big but they are flowering nicely and really enjoying their new home in the greenhouse
  7. SJJ-7206.jpg

    From the album 2018 Garden

  8. nlxhazetree11oct.jpg

    From the album SweetTai&NL/Haze

  9. Hi guys can anyone help me ? My autoflower not growing big buds ... I have 2 LEDs 1) mars 300 w 2)1000w led unknown brand 110+5%actual energy. And one week ago I add a CFL 200w My grow room is 80cmx80cm and 160 .. All the help will be really appreciated !
  10. NLxhaze16Aug.jpg

    From the album SweetTai&NL/Haze

  11. nlxhaze9thAug.jpg

    From the album SweetTai&NL/Haze

  12. Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, Flower 47

    From the album 19th September

    Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, Flower 47
  13. Sensi Skunk Auto week 6

    From the album Greenhouse grow 2016

    © Castro.

  14. Got me some of these yesterday. Planted 'em today. Not sure if anyone on this site has done a full grow with these yet - think they are quite new. Anyone had any experience? Hoping for a nice easy version of an old-skool classic. My first ever grow was some NLs from cutting !!
  15. Skunk #1

    From the album Skunk #1

    66hours babyes

    © Jointza