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Found 158 results

  1. Award-Winning Cannabis Cultivation Author Jorge Cervantes teamed up with Seedsman for a FREE, Comprehensive Digital Book on Home Growing. ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ is the first cohesive guide to growing cannabis indoors, in a line of digital books that has been released on Seedsman's website, co-authored with Seedsman’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Yates. ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ provides beginner and advanced growers with an easy-to-follow, free-to-access collection of cultivation wisdom through 270 beautiful high-quality photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text. Combining science and love, ‘We Grow Cannabis!’ is an excellent reference for any cultivator, expert, or beginner. Download for free now at the following link: https://www.seedsman.com/grow-cannabis-book
  2. Just for genral knowledge, what's the oldest seeds someone has germinated, for example 10 years old ect ect
  3. I’m sure someone somewhere has covered this I know there’s problems moving plants from HID to LED now if I’m using a LED Propagator can I move them on to HID’s when there ready?
  4. Hi guys, gals, Most of you will probably not be looking at our website every day/week, nor will most of you be subscribed to our newsletter, which is totally fine ofc! But this way it is clear you are missing out on some of the promo's that we run on the website. That's why we want to share this with you all Just in case anyone is interested in some seeds, it would be better to buy them with a discount right -------------------------------- This week we have a special promotion on the website : For anyone who is interested in some original Dutch Passion seeds, we are having a 20% discount on the complete collection via our website : Get 20% off all seeds with this promocode: UKOUTDOOR *The promocode can be used until 22-05-2022 and is not valid in combination with running discounts. --------------------------------- We will use this thread to update the promo's once they go live so you can all have the chance to get our beans at a cheaper price. Should there be any questions regarding a certain variety, you can ask them here too
  5. Hi Guys, Am just about to start up again after quite a break. My jars are half full and so its time to get it on! I haven't used these LED's (I have two of them) for seedlings, only in my main grow area in an old property. I would like to use the Par240 to start off some seedlings. What distance and % settings should I use for week 1 please? I would hate to burn the new selection of seeds I have purchased. I intend to start them off in Root Riot plugs. Thanks for all your thoughts and opinions in advance.
  6. Hi guys, I seem to be having success with germinating the seeds in my x-stream using RR cubes and 50mm net pots, they have been in 6 days and already go roots showing. My question is has anyone got a tried and tested watering times? I soaked them in rhizotonic (both the RR and seed) before placing them in, the cubes seem to hold quite a bit of water so I cut the time down to 5mins per day and gentle squeeze out the excess water, bit of a pain and I think the next ones will be fed from the top. Now I’ve got a few roots showing should I switch it on to 24/7 feed as I would with clones or will the RR hold too much water.
  7. Had a successful first year. What are you planning on putting out? Gunna go for DFG and mighty gold and MAFF. Are real gorilla bringing out anything new this year?0
  8. 45 Seeds Planted Straight To Dirt

    From the album Smile, Skunk Liver, Smottie Remix

    All in to dirt 16th December. Low humidity so added a humidifier to increase.
  9. When There Is Hope In The Air!

    From the album Smile, Skunk Liver, Smottie Remix

    45 seeds straight into compost. Wish them luck with me!
  10. Hi all Quick Question. So i had a blurpul purple light. Upgraded to mars hydro but all 3 plants "Fem seeds plants" all grew some seeds my guess is the light spectrum change caused this bit of stress they was all week 5 flower anyway Are the seeds any Good to grow or would i be wasting my time ??? Thoughts?
  11. I hope I’m not stepping into no-no territory here, and forgive me if I am, but I have a question regarding seed production. Let me start by stating that I am in NZ, and seeds are less likely to get here than most other countries so it seems. So, I thought that it would be best to order just regular seeds and first, breed male/female to obtain a few years of seeds of a particular strain. The thing is, many of the “WOW” strains seems to be offered in feminised only versions. My question I guess, is can you somehow breed from this basis? I mean either turn one of them male, or just try and cross them with a regular strain? Is this frowned upon by the seed companies, or is it even possible?
  12. We're giving you a chance to win 1 x 30W UVa (395nm), 1 x 30W Far Red (730nm) LED light, 3 packs of 5 x Dinafem Seeds (White Widow, Bubba Kush, Shark Attack), 1 x 130G OCD Cube of your choice and a pack of The Jungle rolling papers. The seeds were left over from a previous competition... thanks again to @tokenroll for generously donating them. To enter, all you have to do is drop a comment below....maybe share a joke or tell us what you would do with the prizes. Each member who comments will be entered into a random draw (please don't post more than you're allowed or we'll have to disqualify you). Competition ends Midnight Sunday 7th November and the winner will be announced Monday 8th November. You must have a minimum of 50 posts to qualify. Members get 1 go, subscribers get 2 goes, lifetime subs get 3. Good luck everyone
  13. I’m an looking the start growing from seed and I’m trying to find the best genetics out there I know there are so many bad genetics out there, I’ve looked in to jungle boys and humbolt farms. I’m growing in doors UK
  14. Since my last grow Pick N Mix seeds has closed down, gutted! Can anyone advise on reliable places to purchase single seeds from within the UK?
  15. Gorilla Zkittlez by Barneys Farm

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Gorilla Zkittlez by Barneys Farm
  16. Queen CBD by MMG

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Queen CBD by MMG
  17. Hi Everyone, this year I’m thinking about doing my first outside green house grow. I have only ever grown in tents with lights before so I have a couple of questions. Seeds Can I please get a couple of recommendations for seeds please, I live in the south east UK. The green house is about 7-8 ft high at the top of the apex. preferably something not too smelly, the neighbours are always blazing away in their garden so probably wouldn’t notice anyway but obviously I’d rather they didn’t know. High yielding would be nice. Should I use auto flowering? Ive never tried autos before. When would you put them out if using autos? when would you put them out if using normal seeds? Spiders There is a couple of big spiders in there, one of them I’m sure is a false widow. I was going to clear all the spiders out but then thought maybe I should leave them as they might kill any insects so your thoughts on that would be much appreciated. If I only get one bit of feedback from all that then I would love a recommendation on the strain. Thanks a lot guys
  18. Hi guys, Smoked some of this from Prix d'Ami in Dam 3/4 years ago and absolutely loved it. Smooth creamy chocolatey skunky goodness with a happy up high. Just gone to look for some regular beans in the hope of maybe finding something similar and can't seem to find them in stock anywhere. Plenty of fems about so I guess they haven't discontinued the strain? If anyone could shed any light on where to acquire some regs that would be amazing. Also any info or tips on growing this would be greatly appreciated! I understand she gets tall, but I was planning on topping and a bit of LST anyway. Hopefully be ok! Aphat Spliff
  19. Could someone give me advice in keeping seeds fresh for years. Mine are in my fridge at around 3-4 celcius and i know it should be 6-8 for best storage temp but can i get away with it? Nice one!!
  20. Hi guys, anyone grown any of these girls ? Dieselicious (Freedom of Seeds) Sour sorbet (DNA genetics) Critical kush (Barney's) Blueberry cookies (Dinafem) Heavy grapefruit (Europa seeds) These were freebies and are all marked up as being feminised . Will be an indoor grow, anyone had experience with these specific seeds ? Any good for topping?
  21. The 'Black Friday' of the year arrived, that day that everyone goes crazy to buy stuff like a 65" TV, super ultra automatic coffee makers... And in this crazy day, we are going to give you this super promotion so that you can enjoy it with the color of hope. That's why today we are launching Green Friday with some super discounts that we have never launched before. GREEN FRIDAY ► 35% discount ◄ For orders under $99, you get a 35% discount on your Sweet Seeds® seeds ► 40% discount ◄ If you are going to fill your shopping cart with more than $99, you will get a 40% discount on your Sweet Seeds® seeds Take this opportunity! The offer will only be available until the 1st of December, 2020. Access the promotion at the following link: GREEN FRIDAY
  22. Wondering if anyones seen much or grown any of Afghan selection. iknow other seedbanks have the mazar but these seem to have more to offer but not alot about them online. "cleaner longer lasting high" they say with these varietys. which is what im looking for and a sleep aid.
  23. 9lb Hammer, seems i've slept on this one. Was watching a breeder cast with all of the remainig TGA crew on it and the way Jinxproof described the strain really caught my attention. Sounds like the mother of all Indicas! Especially in terms of terps, which i really look out for. Went for a look online for seeds just now but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. Is this a strain worth getting? And if so where still sells the beans?