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Found 93 results

  1. Hi Guys, Am just about to start up again after quite a break. My jars are half full and so its time to get it on! I haven't used these LED's (I have two of them) for seedlings, only in my main grow area in an old property. I would like to use the Par240 to start off some seedlings. What distance and % settings should I use for week 1 please? I would hate to burn the new selection of seeds I have purchased. I intend to start them off in Root Riot plugs. Thanks for all your thoughts and opinions in advance.
  2. Hey guys, just a novice looking for some reassurance. How are my babies looking, as you can see in one of the pictures you can see a shell sat level with the soil. This has been like this over 24hrs now, it looks as if its bent. The shell has opened but doesn't seem to progress from there. Also on the other pictures you can see the mishaped leafs. (forgot proper name of them). Are these okay, somewhat worried.
  3. Hi guys, desperate for some help. As the title suggests its with the seedling stage. Its my absolute nemesis. If I can get the little buggers into 6 inch pots then I'm home and dry, but while they are small I have a nightmare with correct watering. Overwatering first, now its seems I'm underwatering. My latest run is at 3 weeks and they are miniature. In the past I've tried just spraying regularly to keep the soil damp, I've tried full saturation then leave to dry for wet/dry cycle. I just cannot get it right. I start mine in 50/50 light mix/all mix with a pinch of extra perlite in 3 Inch pots. Can anybody please give me a workable schedule or idea, there is soooooo much conflicting info out there I thought I'd cut the crap and just ask those who actually know. Thanks in advance chaps.
  4. Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading this great forum loads and particularly Serpents guide to growing autos in soil to help me get started with my first grow. I have got 3 Lemon auto seedlings from Seedsman in a prop in my tent (120x120x60cm) up in the loft now. I cracked the seeds in tap water (ph roughly 7.2-7.4) and then placed them in Root Riot cubes and placed them in my electric prop. After a couple of days, they had popped so I turned on my 1000w Philzon Cree COB LED on the half-beam setting at a distance of 24 inches, 24hr schedule. The following day there was a long root poking through the bottom of the Root Riots so I transplanted them into small pots (the ones that came with my prop - think they're about 0.3L). I sprinkled the Root Riots with myco funghi and filled the pots up with neat BioBizz All-Mix that I lightly sprayed with tap water beforehand. It's now been 6 days since they popped and I am worried that they will not be ready to transplant into their final pots at the 7-10 day mark. They have not seemed to do much for the last few days and the leaves on 2 in particular of them have started to look curled and crispy on the edges. I have been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle of tap water and at a steady temperature of between 25-27c. I know my tap water ph is a little high, but I read a thread on here by OldTimer1 that mentioned that my soil should buffer this to a more acceptable ph. I do have a bottle of ph-Down on hand in case I need to lower my ph. I have also read that Biobizz All-Mix may be too nutrient-rich for seedlings. Should I go buy some Light-Mix and quickly transplant them into that perhaps? Can any of you esteemed growers give a noob some advice on what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated. Pictures below for reference; This is the healthiest looking of the 3; This one is not looking so great (the wire is a probe for my electric prop); This one is not rooking so good at all now;
  5. (Scrap the other post in the DB thread please) Just popping back in temporarily as the "Disco Biscuit Germ Issues" thread caught my eye as I got some worrying feedback from someone this morning. I gifted someone some Footloose and Blues not long ago. From the video chat I could see all the blues came through and look strong but only 1/11 of the Footloose appeared by the time the Blues were on their second set of leaves (and the cotyledons on said Footloose were pretty malformed and pressing on the first set of leaves - so much so she's considering cutting one of them off ). She's no beginner, I think she's probably been at the growing game longer than I have and doesn't make mistakes (especially with seeds she's been raving about getting for months and months). I told her to go digging to look at the rest of the Footloose given how long it had been and she said most had just not opened, but one or two looked as if they were hollow with no sign of a taproot. I'm getting nagged pretty hard about it as she's a medical user and this will leave her high and dry for a week or two as things stand, would appreciate some help. @VRG I'd rather not email about a germination issue on a personal email but can create an email if required? Ideally would like to talk on here via message.
  6. Can anyone suggest what is wrong with these plants pls? There's 2x Blue Gelato 41 and 2x CBD Blue Shark. Started under T5 but have been under 220w LED since last week at 50%. Have I possibly got the light on too high setting too soon? Turn it down? In a 60x60x90, 5" bathroom extractor fan (4" RVK & Rhino Pro, AllMix & nootes arriving tomorrow). Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I have a 60*60*90 prop tent and 2 bars of T5 (24w). Extraction is a 5" bathroom fan so I can maintain 25*C in there. I either cook seeds or they end up very leggy. Is there an ideal distance I should keep between seedlings and T5 light? Starting to get fucked off with myself now, I'm spending a fortune on beans! Any advice welcome, Ta
  8. 3 of my seeding look as tho summat eating them, starts of with a hole that looks as tho leaf is transparent an then few hours later it’s an actual hole, been looking am looking for ages with a little magnifying glass an eventually have found an squished what I think was 2 tiny caterpillars? Is this likely an what are they an how do I ensure the don’t come back, any advice welcome
  9. 5ed194e94e04c-DSC-0442-copy-1238x22011.jpg

    From the album Green Gelato 1

    Green Gelato, one week above ground. Lights Diyled v2 scope 275 at 105cm, PPFD 230 ( Approx). Temp. 25c. RH 65%. In 50% Allmix and 50% seedling compost with added perlite. In 1 litre fabric pots, soil, moist.
  10. Hi there ran into some issues maintaining humidity in seedlings grow area. temporarily maintaining humidity with a ziplock bag ofer the pot, but this cant be ideal as the seedling as no fresh air. For young seedlings would you prioritise humidity or air circulation? normal humidtiy without ziplock bag is 40-45% Thanks S
  11. Hi guys, Firstly glad to join your community , thanks for having me I've heard good things. I have just started my first grow and thought I'd start a thread to share my experience. . . . and maybe ask for some guidance if that's ok? My setup is a 1.2mx1.2m and 2m tall budbox, RVK Extractor with PK Carbon filter (filter not attatched yet) .At the moment just a desk top fan pumping air into a bottom vent flap ( room well ventilated) I have an adjustable digital ballast with a 600w dual spectrum bulb for both veg and flower. I am growing in a 70/30 Coco/perlite mix, with Vitalink Coir Max nutrients. A RAM air humidifier with Therm and hygrometer. currently at 25°c in day and 19°c at night , lights on 18/6 with RH at around 65%. I will be managing PH levels , if I need to start taking a PPM count I will, but hoping to just have good control over my climate and nutrients and read my plant well to spot deficiancies and toxicities. I have already planted 2 kush seeds from a smoke I had a while back, just to play around (I'll be keeping an eye as I have zero idea if they are male or female). I have also just germinated and sprouted successfully 1 Cherry Bomb and 1 Atomic Bomb from bombseeds, both feminized. These were planted roughly 10 days apart, I'm hoping to spot any signs of the Kush being male before it becomes a problem , ( a few weeks away I know but any advice on that appreciated). I have not yet fed anything other than 1Ml/l of Plant start and a very small (1ml/l) dosage of root stim. I will slowly up this and introduce 2 part nutrients after first transplant. Curious as the what level a freshly sprouted seedling can handle under HPS. I have it on an adjustable ballast, 250 , 400, 600 and 650. I have the light currently held at about 140 cm or 55 inches. Seedlings can tend to reach for the light if they are not receiving enough. Shall I leave my light at 250W or move up to 400? Thanks! JPC420 I will post photos when I find out how to looool
  12. Afternoon people Can anyone advise the maximum amount of seedlings I should be able to keep under a 2ft 4 tube T5 Maxibright until ready to be taken outdoors? At the peak of propagation, I’ll have 45x vegging at the same time, and the plants in propagation will vary between being just germinated and 3 weeks old. Will I have enough space for them or should I upgrade to the bigger 4ft 2 tube model, or maybe buy another of what I currently have? Thanks in advance GB
  13. 3 01/05/20 Seedlings looking slightly sickly

    From the album Nephilim Skunk Sanctuary’s First UK420 Grow Diary

    Seedlings were unhappy due to low temps, low nutrients and unbuffered cheap, soggy coco.
  14. 1a 11th April

  15. Hi everyone, A couple of seedlings have started to droop the leaves and turn yellow. I have them sitting above a res of EC 0.5 and ph 5.8-6. I must admit, when these seedlings where only in the rockwool, I let them dry out too much and they completely collapsed, but I caught them just in time and they came back to life, with just water. Not sure if this kind of abuse would have a long term impact on the plants chances, but they seemed fine afterwards. Since putting them above the res, I've been watering them with the liquid from the res instead of plain water. The leaves started to become a bit droopy and turn yellow. I think it could be either: - A problem manifesting itself out of the fact that I let them dry out completely, and just managed to resuscitate them. - Maybe I shouldn't be watering them with res nutes. Maybe I should be using just plain RO water? - Something else.... I would be grateful if someone more experienced than me (not hard!:) would be able to comment as to why these might be like this? In particular, why would the baby leaves have turned completely yellow? I fear if I don't act now, these ones will die. (Killed 4 already due to silly mistakes, like letting dry out). Live and learn... Thanks in advance
  16. Hi All, Ive just started my second grow and they are currently seedlings. I discovered something seemed to be on one of the little'ins and flew off when i picked the rockwool cube up. It was too small to kill or identify, but I have caught another one in the tent with a water bottle spray, and it seemed to be a small black fly. Not sure what it could be, but I'm looking at spraying them with Neem Oil and peppermint castile soap as I've heard that it good for many things. Is it safe to spray seedlings (eg 1 week old 1st pair of leaves) with this? Cheers
  17. Purple cake seedlings

    From the album Purple Cake Seedlings

    First Two fem Purple Cakes up.
  18. Purple cake seedlings

    From the album Purple Cake Seedlings

    First Two fem Purple Cakes up.
  19. 5e4d2565bdbc2-FILE0064(1).jpg

    From the album seedlings

    jack47,sweetskunk,cream caramel,sweet cheese
  20. Gardening Witch compost trials for seed germination maintaining seedlings and finally raising young plants plus some blurb on storing compost. Its all worth reading if you buy your compost from garden centres Finally GW;s take on storing and the lifespan of bought composts.
  21. Pineapple Jam seedlings

    From the album Pineapple Jam

    Pineapple Jam Seedlings
  22. Checked my seedlings / plants this morning and was greeted by one curling the edges of it's leaves up . These are on Day 10 (Thats day 1 planting the seed in the soil) - soil temps were a little low - 21 C average canopy is 26 C and they are under LED lights - running at approximately 200W at a distance of around three and a half foot. These are Auto's , using Mill's light compost, Foundation at 2ml / litre, calmag at 0.5ml/litre. Help please all advice gratefully received ! many thanks Compz
  23. Right....mistakes were made. I've got the two plants still in a dry reservoir top feeding twice a day 10ml-15ml - small amount of AN A+B and 0.5ml of superthrive for 1L RO water. PH'd 5.8. EC 0.3. The pebbles were dry so I put a fair amount over them and the centre. Came back 15hrs later to droopy plants. Checked the PH in the litre tub and it had shot up to PH 13.8. Feed the plants some AN Revive and they looked perked for a day but had light green leaves and began drooping again in the evening after feeding superthrive and RO and revive - 250ppm. The morning they weren't drooping as much but still looked ill. I checked the PH pen and the probe I had and both were out by quite a bit despite calibrating them a 6 weeks ago. So my plants have PH issues - droopy & yellowing leaves. I calibrated both and now constantly checking the PH. I didn't realise surperthrive changed the PH. I've now read I should have left the solution 1hr or so and then check the PH and then fed. I've now put them in smaller 10L buckets with air stones temporarily to keep the bottoms moist and hopefully tempt the roots out. EC @0.3 PH 5.8. Pot is 2inches below with 2x 4 inch flat air stones. Both plants are HSO The New. One is short and stubby and had one leaf when germinated. The other seems like a decent grower but both have never prayed to the lights as it were. Bottom leaves turning light green/yellow. Taller one below but leaves still look droopy and yellowing. Nute burn happened a few weeks back. I was thinking of adding them to the Oxypot XL tomorrow so I can leave them be and get the roots teased out. Keeping the pebbles wet and not letting them dry out whilst top feeding twice a day wasn't working. Every time I increased the frequency of the 'pebble wetting' they'd wilt - due to my pens being off. The one leaf one below - I wasn't sure whether to just put her in some soil and let her be? Not sure if it's just a short pheno or just naturally stunted due to one leaf during germination. I kind of want to now have this one in soil and have the other one in the Oxypot XL. Would it be too late to transplant into soil? My other question is does it matter what PH you're feeding your seedling to when waiting for the roots to grow? I know the solution has to be in range of 5.8PH but until the roots are out and in the reservoir whats the best PH to feed seedlings at? Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks in advance!