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Found 64 results

  1. Fromage blue

    From the album FB seedling

  2. Queen CBD 5 days after germinating

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Queen CBD 5 days after germinating.
  3. Gorilla Zkittlez 5 days after germinating

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Gorilla Zkittlez 5 days after germinating.
  4. Gorilla-Glue-3.jpg

    From the album Mother Clone Diary 2021

    11 Day Gorilla Glue Seedling with purple expression under leaf
  5. Good morning people. Anyone have any idea whats wrong with this? I'm thinking it's something fungal? It's a 1 week old Critical Purple Kush, potted in Grow Sure Seedlings and Cuttings. It's been watered with 30ml of water with a little liquid seaweed twice, once before planting and once 2 days after showing. This began soon after the first true leaves had sprouted. Cheers, Sid.
  6. Hi all As the title says, I think I fucked up big. I waited till 6 nodes before topping to the 4th. I then removed all the growth tips below and left the leaves. Later, I decided to top down to the 3rd instead to keep plants shorter. But then, after I'd topped, realised I had no growth tips. What do I do? Plants appear healthy but growth has simply stopped now. Have I ruined this crop already? Info: Seed in house genetics "iced out" Light 600w vipar led Medium Coco / pebble 60/40
  7. Hi All, Looking for some advice on the supplied photos - the seedlings don’t look great, a little shrivelled and some loss of colour. 100w LED on min setting 24-26c 70-80% rh Only using clonex as a foliar feed atm
  8. Hi all, I'll make it brief as you have better things to do im sure! So im doing a 5 plant grow in the coming weeks and I'm unsure on what lighting on the seedlings. I've found a 2ft 2 light t5 light on market place, will this do for the first couple of(2x 24w bulbs) weeks? And how long would you keep them under before swapping in the 2x 600w hps? Regards you beautiful people!
  9. Hello all, I have a very nice looking 3 week seedling but I am leaving in 10 days for 4 weeks holidays... I live in Athens and grow currently in my big balcony in a medium size pot (22cm in diameter and 22 cm in height) which should hopefully be ok until I come back. The big problem is watering... I could take it with me on holiday but it is a bit risky. I am thinking to install an auto watering system with one drip head 5 cm from the center dripping a small amount of water say x lt and 4 drip heads 10 cm away from the centre all around the edge of the pot dripping 5 times as much water (5x lt). I must say I am not experienced canna grower , I have done it only once some years ago but I was home all the time. Do you think it will work ? Do you have any suggestions to make ? Thanks in advance.
  10. hi guys, first grow, thanks for clicking this site has already helped so so much but im struggling i have three auto white widows, i soaked my seeds 36 hours, planted in 1ltrs on monday and under light one seed from the start had thrived the other two not at all! two of them look like they havent grown at all and im worried. ive got a 600w led light on, 45 cm from plants i struggled a bit with humidity, i thought it was that, it was 30% monday and tuesday, i have a humidifier now and its up to 70 but they arent looking any better id be greateful for any advice, already have a few things i know ill do differently next time.
  11. Hi guys, First time in the forum and a first time grower. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on the stage of my seedlings. They are around 10-11 days old. The seeds I am growing are stardog auto from fastbudz. Germinated using paper towels, then put into small cups with coco coir. When they sprouted, I did make the mistake of not putting them under a light immediately and left them using natural light in my living room for 2 days (I thought this was okay until first true leaves grew). I transferred them to their final containers (as one root had grown to the point it came out the bottom of the cup) with a coco coir and perlite mix (around about 70% / 30% ratio ). For the first few days, I had them on 24/0 light schedule, and now they are on a 18/6 schedule. I have started feeding them with low dosage of nutrients, around about every 2/3 days. For the last 3 days I have been giving them a little water every day. I am currently using 1000W LED lights (true power around 110W). IT has the ability to adjust Veg (blue) And bloom (red) lights, so veg is 100% and bloom is about 10%. Lights are around 20" away from plants. Other things to know is I have a carbon filter installed in the grow tent, humidity is controlled between 60 RH- 70RH and I an oil radiator is configured to keep temps between 20c and 25c (68f and 77f). however on 'lights out' the heater is turned off and temperatures can drop to about 17c - 18c. (62f - 64f). 1) I am concerned as from what I can see online with other seedlings, it seems mine are growing rather slow, especially considering these are meant to go from seed -> harvest in 8-9 weeks. 2) Also, I am concerned of the markings on one of their cotyledons. As you can see on one of them it has weird lines. Thanks for any thoughts, advice and opinions!
  12. Hi all, Ive been lurking for a while and taking notes and just started a few plants in a 3x3 tent under a SF2000 light. Hopefully I can get some advice on whether these 2 plants look healthy? Ive noticed what looks like mild discolouring / spots but I dont know if this is something to be concerned about. The 2 plants are Royal Bluematic (RQS) and Dr Cheese (a freebie from Dr Rays Seeds) and they're both about 8 days old. Ive also got a couple of other plants the same age which look fine. The Dr Cheese seems to have a twin sprouting. Im guessing i should remove this sooner than later and possibly repot it? Im using GH nutrients Micro/Gro/Bloom (0.33/0.16/0.16 ml/ltr) and also calmag (1.32 ml/ltr) and Rhizo (1.58 ml/ltr) every other day, with plain Phed Water in between. Light about 26" above. Temps are regulated around 26c daytime & 19c night. Humidity is always between 50-65 RH. Plenty of ventilation. The medium is ecothrive coco (70/30) and they were germinated in RootIts. Dr Cheese Royal Bluematic
  13. Hi.. Question. Does somebody know what the problem is when a seedling only comes up and then stops growing after the sucker leaves? There are no leaves coming up after the seedling opend the sucker leaves? What is the reason for that, all other seedlings are doing ok.
  14. Seedling pic 1

    From the album Baggie Seed

  15. Hi due to isolating i decided to grow a couple plants in the garden. One seed is a bag seed so no idea what it is, the other is a auto fem i got from a friend. i have a question about the auto fem it looks to be deformed.. im not sure what happend but the bag seed is doing fine both were started the same time. as it my frist grow im not sure if its dieing or it will just grow out i will add pictures the auto fem is in the black pot, the bag seed is in the purple one
  16. Evening all! I'm struggling to find any information on what is a safe distance for a seedling under led lighting. I’m currently running 60w at 18”, temp 24c, 68 humidity, with a nice breeze. Does this sound ok? Or should I raise/lower or increase/decrease wattage? Thanks
  17. Hiya lads. I have an Amnesia Xl Auto that is roughly a week old. These weird marks have shown up on one of the leaves and are beginning to show on the opposite leaf. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what this could be or if its anything to stress about. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ex.
  18. Alright boys, this is my first ever grow and I’m currently running a 250w HPS on a 18/6 schedule. They’re 8 days old in 11 litre pots and in BioBizz All Mix which I already made a mistake on with how nutrient rich it is and how I should’ve started them off in something more appropriate for seedlings. The average humidity of the tent is between 78 and 80% and the temp is always between 19 and 20 degrees celsius. I’ve also got a 600w HPS kit I plan to switch to in their later life, I’ll add photos and any advice would be greatly appreciated lads
  19. OGKZ baby

    From the album Summer 2019

  20. critical + 2 auto

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27

  21. criticals popped her head up.

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    © bluntz27