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Found 31 results

  1. Hey guys, been fantasising about growing my own blueberry strain for years now after smoking some many years ago and absolutely loving it, haven't been able to get any since. Even when i went to amsterdam, no coffee shop seemed to stock it :O I know Dutch Passion sells straight blueberry, but I'm dubious of buying from them as any of their stuff I've run outdoors has been a flat out fail. On the attitude DJ short's original one is there for a crazy price and the seeds aren't feminized. Are there any other breeders im not aware of that have a good version of this strain? Or are their other "Blue" versions of strains that would be just as good to try? Any suggestions would be great!
  2. hi all, sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I've been lurking these boards for a few days religiously but just been approved. What I can't seem to find out is; I'm growing from seed in a propagator- Do I have the light on, or does that go on once they're seedlings? Do I keep it in a dark place or put it in the greenhouse while it's still seeds? Thanks so much
  3. critical + 2 auto (ready for the pot)

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    put in water a day ago.

    © bluntz27

  4. Random. And not sure I’m in correct room. But here goes ... i was given a load of seeds. On the labels it’s stating ... CBN Critical xxl - medical no thc? BCN Powerplant - BCN? td I assume is tangerine dream and Afghan regular. Is that possibly males and females ? Also have some called kali+chocolate. Many question is. If you was to scrog any of these what would you use ? For a future idea. Im tying to plan ahead two grows. So I don’t mess up the cloning timing. I want to get it all sorted now really. Thanks for your help. Lots of love from a novice
  5. im growing 6x ww x bb from seed and 4x candy kush from cuttings/clones using dutch pro light mix 600w led for veg 1200w led for flower ph perfect nutrients 3 part by advanced nutrients seeds are 10 days old cuttings 1 week from rooting ive not started feeding the plants yet as when i bought the soil he said there would be enough in there to last a little while before starting to feed can some one please tell me why the leaves are going like the pictures ive added, i thought this was because ive no fed them nothing yet, but the cuttings are alot bigger than the seedlings, but then noticed the seedlings doing the exact same as the cuttings. bit wired i thought and i cant find nothing like these on any forum, i want to get them right before its to late if any one can help me that would be great ! hi, im a new grower, so helpful this site is !
  6. Any Guerrilla growers that have used Organic Seeds in Northern cold climates? Thinking about getting Hubble Bubble seeds for next years grow but don't know how good they are? Any recommendations?
  7. C99 x Blueberry FAST

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  8. Ive recently ordered some seeds and just waiting on their arrival. Ive never grown from seed before,i have always had a mother and taken cuttings so im not familiar with the process of growing from seed so i have a few questions and would appreciate any help given. ive done a bit of reading online and from what i have gathered you place them in a glass of water till they sink and them transfer into a damp paper towel till the root pops out then its ready to be transplanted inot media.. is this the best method? once transplanted into pots where do i go from here? do i give them light from the get go? if so what light cycle? what about nutes or just plain water? i normally use coco pro + as my media is this ok to use for seedlings? or something else? what temps are the ideal temps for them? any help appreciated thanks
  9. 6 weeks going on 7 weeks now... The rain and humidity was a killer last week! The floor was literally puddling around my feet when i stepped inside and pools were forming in dipped areas, which made the humidity and condensation inside really bad! New level'ish floor with a new damp proof membrane, completely dried and wiped the inside and now that the weather has picked up - conditions are amazing!! Too good! (Dry and the heat) new fan system coming next week! Heres a few recent pics!
  10. purple trainwreck Tap root emergence

    From the album KayDog's Return

    New emergence of tap root from Purple Trainwreck

    © UK420

  11. African Buzz 09

  12. Nemesis germination

    From the album Nemesis Seedsman FEM

  13. Hi all I'm a newbie with few good grows, all ran from regular seeds and I'm looking for advice on reliable fems and also for getting some ot1.genetics, which I've heard can be found here 😁
  14. Velvet Bud Seedsman

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  15. WW Seedsman

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  16. Hi, this is my first time with seeds. I have 12 blue cheese seeds from barnys, I recently transplanted them into Rockwall. 10 of them look like there on the right track. However 2 of them look completely different I have uploaded a pic of them as I don't know how to put them up on the forum. They are still under a propagation dome humidity is 50-55% and around 25 degrees.
  17. Seed

    From the album Seed

    She'll I chuck the smaller u developed ones away
  18. Seed

    From the album Seed

    Help most of them look how they should the other look awful should I chuck them away?
  19. Seedling Shedded shell

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Seedling has just Shedded it's shell
  20. Hello All I have just ordered my kit which involves a DS60 (60x60x140) a 250W HPS light and i'm planning on growing 4 OG Kush. The thing that is making me wonder is, once i have germinated my seeds and i put them in soil in small pots, what do i do with them now? do i just put them in the tent? with the light on? if so how hot is too hot? sorry if i seem a noob...
  21. Morning {just} all Wanted to post a separate question to get a wider consensus, this is running in my diary here too http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=358639&page=1 So I have 3 I need to sex, in coco, hand watered, currently Day 6 of 12/12 looong veg...dont ask... So first up I think obvious...tight growth on this one compared to No3 and lovely 9 finger fan leaves. No 2 Looking like a boy too? Same growth as above in terms of foliage and the 9 finger fan leaves. And finally the last of the 3 which I am hoping is a lady, this has a more stretchy growth throughout the whole plant... All standing approx 23' tall and a total of 9 in my tent, for the record, these 3 GojiCheddar, 1 x Sour Diesel and some surprises... Atb JTS
  22. Evening guys, hope you're enjoying your weekend! just a quicky about seed size.. I've had quite a few bag seeds over the years, so have got used to the general size they come, yet I've just received my seeds from Herbie's and they seem to be very small to ones I've had before? I've had a few seedy kind of bits of bud that 'half-formed' seeds have infested the bud and these reminded me of them. I'm just wondering does the fact they are fem'd somehow make them smaller? or are different strains different sizes? - no offence towards Herbie's, and I'm yet to even try to germinate them, just a general question about these magic beans!
  23. Ogre Auto fem x Ogre Auto fem

    From the album Ogre Auto Fem (The Joint Doctor's)

    Cream of the crop submission ? ? Ogre seed popping out

    © Inspiration101

  24. Ogre Auto fem x Ogre Auto fem

    From the album Ogre Auto Fem (The Joint Doctor's)

    Cream of the crop submission ? ? Ogre seed popping out

    © Inspiration101