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Found 13 results

  1. I hope this is in the right forum. Is anyone here familiar with TOR (The Onion Router)? www.torproject.org Apparently, it masks your eye-pea address so others cannot track you online. I have a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to address. 1. I'm using TOR and I get a notification in my email inbox. Perhaps someone has replied to a thread I'm watching, or perhaps I get a private message. I click on the email link and go to that website. Can interested parties track me or does TOR hide my eye-pea address and data footprints? 2. I'm using TOR and sign in to Youtube and type >insert relevant info here< into Youtube's search box. Can interested parties track me or again, will TOR hide my eye-pea address? It's ridiculous we have to go through these shenanigans because certain parties think we are criminals, but there you go.
  2. OK, so I saw some smoke from the bottom of my neighbors garden at the weekend, so thought he was having a twig/garden rubbish fire. Turns out as I sneakily checked this morning he has a Fire pit, patio and seats all set up down there now, get this, this is only 20 feet away from his other patio'ed seated area outside his conservatory. Why he felt the need to do another I have no idea. The head of one of the chair seats on this new patio rests against my 6ft fence. My GHouse is 3 feet from this fence. My plants are therefore 3 feet, the thickness of a pane of glass and an inch away from this chair with a vent facing that way. 3 of my plants are just about to flower (1 month old), luckily I only have 5 of them on the go. I can move 2 to the garden but I am obviously now furious. I have put in tags saying they are something else and am re-whiting the glass after the rain the other day... What else can I do.... they aren't smelling ...yet
  3. From the album KayDog's Security Folly

    Door Handle - Middle Bar Removed

    © UK420

  4. From the album KayDog's Security Folly

    Door Handle with Middle Bar

    © UK420

  5. From the album KayDog's Security Folly

    Door Handle Plastic Cover - Micro SD Card

    © UK420

  6. From the album KayDog's Security Folly

    Innocent Door Handle

    © UK420

  7. Remember a long time ago was reading a thread about this topic but its primary focus was about grow shops in the USA and California in particular. There were lots of issues to discuss. Mostly about avoiding possible pitfalls but there was a lot of discussion about protocol in the shop as well as the logistics involved in getting safely to and from the store. For those of us whom lack a truly safe addy to send such products mail order the grow shop is an acceptable option. I'd like to propose a thread where such discussion is permitted as long as it is non specific at all times. mods, I don't want to make your jobs any harder so...... At the very least some kind of templete of do's and don'ts at the growshop would be useful to members I think. I'll start the ball rolling with some fairly obvious DON'T's (by the way these are general guidelines only. There may be a reason to break any or all of them in certain circumstances but at least that asks the question, is it a good reason?) DON'T ask for a receipt. Why would you ever want there to be a record of you buying growing gear? DON'T try and pay with a bankcard. Same reason as above. Now some DO's... DO carry or ask staff to black bag any purchases. DO store your purchases out of sight in the vehicle. Now I know they are pretty obvious but there a lot more to this topic than meets the eye bit like the layers of an onion. Hope it can become useful guide to help folks stay safe out there.
  8. I live in a pretty intolerant part of the country where mostly snobbish middle class types look down on our favourite recreational activities and police are vigilant in cracking down on counter culture........ well point is I regularly go for skateboarding sessions which leaves me the victim of regular "routine" stop and search maybe office security calls the fuzz or or shopping centre security. Point is I get searches quite regular but only when I'm out skating as this obviously attracts the fuzz ....... I ALWAYS take smoke plenty of it too. But I've never had my stash taken I've always got too good a hiding place like I have shoes called supra where the inside of the tongue is hollow pocketed and Velcro shut really nice I can fit a half Oz in there between the two tongues and I've been held in cells with these shoes full of weed sat on the other side of the cell door from me and never been found out. It gives me a major thrill to think fuckwits got my q in his hand and he's just gonna leave it there for me to get back later or if he's felt inside the shoe like they do then he's actually touched it anyone else got a bulletproof stash ? Btw only the Chad muska supra shoes have the stash they save my arse often
  9. Some rotten bugger broke into my place and took my girls my 2 mother-plants "uk cheese" "super silver haze" and all my equipment whilst i was in hospital getting my Trigeminal neuralgia fixed. i came home looking like a stroke victim and cried into my beer. had to replace my pc also after i stumbled and spilled a drink into my laptop... i know who took my gear and so 3 of my door supervising, steroid consuming hot headed mates nicked his car and took it down to the booth and shot blasted all the windows on his bmw to a nice frosted finish then sprayed the alloys and roof with reflective road paint and parked it back outside his house. HOPE U ENJOY THE BUD KEVIN YOU PEE NARSE so i get back on the bike.... i've scrounged 2x300w dual spectrum cfl ,a 1.2m tent a couple of 140w extractor hoods plus carbon filters. so i just need genetics and a bit of luck to start over. ? how many plants will i get under these 2 cfls they are 300 w each i'm used to sodium you see so any guidance would be gratefully received. thanks in advance chaps
  10. Hi all, might be in the wrong place, sorry if it is. I'm moving all of my growing ebooks, diaries, notes etc onto a USB drive rather than on my laptop, feeling a bit paranoid lately but rather safe than sorry. I've been doing a bit of browsing, and I'm aware that most encryption requires admin privileges on any device you plug it into in order to work/de-encrypt it. So far it seems my best guess is BitLocker or PGP.. but find myself reminded the main reason or the encryption is so that our lovely police force can't decrypt it. I am aware that some sort of KillDisk loaded onto the USB as a backup would be a better idea, so I'm open to advice. Cheers
  11. So I have this plot ... I thought it was perfect but lets face it - there's no such thing - I've never seen anyone there as such but its not a million miles from civilization and last I was there I discovered something that put the shits up me ... shotgun shells. Now that in itself might not be the end of the world cause A) I think theres a good chance they're a few years old, and B) I found em out in the open in the "meta area" not inside the "cover zone" where the plot is hidden (and where nobody other than a GG should have any reason to go on account of the dense vegetation/bramble etc.) but I did find one a bit too close for comfort to the "entrance" to the cover zone (3): see diagram 1
  12. 4 x 120 Stinging Nettle seeds

    From the album Grow Photo's - My First Album

    Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

    © iBlazeDaily

  13. Basically I have just completed a 5 plant grow in a 600w 1.2x1.2x.2 tent, everything was perfect regarding environment, vented out of a well designed window box, carbon filter etc, no smell, no tell etc. Overall security was pretty good, no inspections from any landlord/agency. Recently moved to a 3 bed semi, v nice, much posher area. Not wanting to grow in spare room anymore there is a flue I might be able to get a T style junction to fit my 8in ducting, running carbon filter. What are my major security issues? Barring visits, keeping gob shut...I am talking choppers and smell, and the best way to minimise risk...Do I need a new tent? Mine certainly wont fit...but could I modify it? Anyone with experience in this please help, cos at the moment I am venting indoors, in the spare room, it's winter, and I am about to flip 6@2 month veg to flower. House is gonna PONG HAHAHA Cheers.