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Found 633 results

  1. Here we go then! welcome to my competition entry for the Seedstockers Pot Noodle Challenge 2022! I've wanted to do a micro grow for some time and also a scrog, so in the (or da) words of Ali G "We is knobbing two birds with one connie." innit. The space is a part of my nursery tent that's lit by an 8-75w board in a 60(w) x 40(d) cm space which should be plenty to kick your arse in the competition with pull a Pot Noodle sized yield and more(?). I thought 3 seeds should be enough to find a plant that should suit the style, if they all come out squat well then it's going to be a long fucking ride in veg. I chose my weapons wisely, firstly based on the fact I've got to eat them (it's been a while since I sampled the culinary delights of the famous hot cup snack) secondly the size of the vessel is going to be important - go King or go home. I cut holes, holes are very important for drainage see and also I made them a bit bigger so the roots would come through freely and air prune, if you copy my design and you qualify for a prize you owe me £50 of that money. Home of the Pot Noodle Challenge 2022 Cup winning entry.. Screen (for the green) Obligatory seed pack and seeds shot, once again thank you to @Seedstockers-Mark and the SEED STOCKERS team for these and the oppurtunity to have a bit of fun I took the 2 large ones lower right and the large slim seed top left, put them in some damp coco/peat mix in their own pot and just placed my cloner prop over them to trap some of the warmth and humidity above the pots. And this is where we are at. Say hello, shoot the shit, have a laugh, winters coming (or is it? said 16c on my car thermometer at 7.30 this morning, crazy!) Oh yeah and one more thing...
  2. Hey folks, hope yer all doing good. A question no doubt repeated through the ages for all of time on this forum but…. What’s the best diy scrog frame people have settled on? Wood, pvc pipe, normal net, bamboo screen? Determined to have a go next time round. Many thanks in advance.
  3. micro grow

    Hello folks. I have been growing in a small cabinet for nearly a year now (85h x 70w x 60d - centimetres, not inches). LED lighting, growing in soil. Exclusively autoflowering strains to this point, mainly because they don't grow so tall and are slightly less complicated to bring to harvest. I have some feminised seeds from photoperiod strains, a couple of freebies and also some subbie seeds. I was thinking about trying to grow one later in the year. Given the lack of headroom in my cabinet (after taking into account the lights) I'll need some way of keeping the plant short, and I'll have to think about which strain might be best suited. Was mulling the option of doing a scrog grow, to try and keep the canopy low and away from the lights. I've done a bit of reading on the topic, but most spaces I see using this technique have a bit more headroom. So my question is really whether this is feasible in such a squat space? I mean I've seen pics of scrog grows in PC cases, but the plants were really tiny. I've got a bit more space than that (about 0.7 square metres) but not much more height. Also I suppose any tips about pot size, strain choice, etc. I read that for scrog with a single plant it's good to use a fairly big pot, say 20 or 30 litres. However I wonder if using a smaller pot will help to keep the plant stretch more manageable? My freebie seeds are Peyote Critical and Green Crack. I'll probably try one of these first, as they're single seed packs so no risk of others in the packet going off once opened. From what I've read elsewhere, Green Crack seems more difficult to train as it grows very tall. Maybe Peyote Critical might be a more appropriate choice for this space?
  4. Having never really been one for training of any type let alone SOG, SCROG etc I have decided that I want to give it a go, or at least dip a toe in some LST to get me going. I have read about all there is to read on the various methods and really like the look of the Nebula Haze methods of LST and SOG.... Having read and re-read only one question seems to remain fixed in my little brain and that is.... How much extra Veg time should be allowed when undertaking LST, SOG? I may be wrong but I am assuming that after topping and splitting you need to extend the veg time to allow for the extra growth required to make a decent low level canopy.... Happy to be guided if I am not thinking this through clearly or overthinking... Wouldn't be the first time!! Cheers
  5. Slight Light Damage From Harsh LEDs

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    This is a leaf from lower down on a Smile x Blues that I think this has light burn from a couple of weeks ago. Have raised fixtures and reduced wattage since then and don't see anything similar in the canopy. So fingers-crossed!
  6. Week 1 Flower Subbie Seeds

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    Bamboo screen on ready for final week's stretch, drippers seem OK so far. 1.4EC 7.0pH in reservoir after 34l top up: 1ml/l universal traces and 4ml/l grow A&B.
  7. Bamboo Screen Half Built

    From the album Subbie Seeds & A Couple Of Footloose Coco Grow

    Reducing my plastic use a bit and using a bamboo screen.
  8. Wanted to post first actual thread by asking your opinions. If you’ve grown single or multiple strains using 2x2 scrog, how much you have harvested on average? Or how much I could expect. Quick backup info: - 3x Northern Lights (photoperioids), growing in soil Biobizz light mix and two of them in 4L (1gallon) Air pots and one of them in 6L (1.5gallon) air pot. - Lighting is 250w HPS + 100w LED panel with balanced spectrum. - CO2 bag hanging inside the tent and air venting/circulation should be OK. Temp range stays between 19-27C. So they should have had favorable environments. Only veg’d them for ~24 days, since decided to keep those air pots as a final containers. Managed to fill the entire net pretty well after the flowering stretch. Also the lighting distances are set so I benefit most lumens and everything is centered to the canopy. Only limiting or ”bottle necking” factors are small pots. Now as getting close to the harvest (todays 45th flowering day) Im slowly getting the picture what am I going to pull out from this growth. Not too satisfied or then my eyes are just lying.. Am I jokin much if hoping over 4-5oz or does UK’s prefer ”zips” of dry product? My first actual experiment using scrog, and Ive heard ppl managing to pull out +1lbs harvests using 4x4 nets. and to get better overall view whats going on inside the tent. Heres the pics of the canopy:
  9. A new blog to discover the scrogging method. A screen of Green to maximise the space.... A Matrix dimension?!??? No, a beautiful green carpet flying from Paradise to your garden 10 SCROG Cannabis Plant Training Tips for Beginners Enjoy the reading and share with us oyour experience, i you feel like Happy Weekend UK420ers' !
  10. SCROG

    From the album blog

    How to scrog ?
  11. scrog.jpeg

    From the album blog

    How to Scrog
  12. It’s my first scrog so At what height do you start the scrog net the tent is 1.2x1.2x2m high and I’ve got 4 orange push pops in 20l pots what have just been transplanted and how long in veg do they have to be
  13. Dinafem-BigKush-BudBuddy1byeargrow.jpg

    From the album What's bubbling in the bucket now?

    Dianfem BK
  14. Dinafem-BigKush-BudBuddy1yeargrow.jpg

    From the album What's bubbling in the bucket now?

    The first 10 images are just some veg images.