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Found 1 result

  1. What up fellow farmers?! I am pleased to be back with another diary on the forum so quickly! This has been strange times with lockdowns, restrictions and so forth.. Nothing to do really but crack on full force! That said, plan has been in motion and I am converting to shed growing... That's right, living the mans dream! Not only that, but the lads at DiyLedUK HQ have kindly put me down as a tester for them to grow and document with the new SCOPEX-680 grow light! Would like to say a BIG thanks to @diyleduk and @Diyleduk Craig for the support and motivation booster to crack on. This isn't just giving me new equipment to use, but has also made me pull my finger out to get a diary going and growing back on form, bigup! I will do the usual format with my diaries and of course, it will be a Living Soil / No-Till diary. This won't be a regular weekly updated diary, but a consistent one seeing various genetics grown out with the light cycle after cycle in the same soil un-tilled. As usual, tap water only: No EC or PH ever measured or adjusted meaningfully. Photos during the diary you are going to have to bear with me to be fair... I am shooting in Manuel mode on my DSLR and still learning my way around the camera in different scenarios and mostly lighting, so they will vary as I experiment with settings, tripod etc THE SHED The shed is a basic 5.52m2 kit shed snapped up at a lumber yard during winter sales. The dimensions are 216 x 256 x 220cm, it didn't come with a floor - so I have ordered 6 skid beams and an 18mm sheet for the floor which arrives this week. For insulation, 75mm cellotex panels will be added and then covered with 12mm sheets. Intake will be a 6 inch inlet, outtake 8 inch as per my RVK fans. The flower chamber will be 1.5 x 1.5 x 2m which is all I can really confirm at the second to be honest. I am a build and go guy, difficult for me to take a sketch and plan rather than stepping inside and seeing what actually works functionally and practically. So anything else in the shed will be built around the flower chamber on the fly with ducktape and a hammer like a true pro Anyway, a chippy mate is coming down to give me a hand, so should be more than a pile of wood on the weekend The plan moving forwards, is to add a 3000w inverter, solar panels and batteries so that it can take some strain off the grid consumption. However, my budget has been spunked - so it will be an addition Easter time greatly welcomed being based in south east of Spain. Got to be worth a go right?! SCOPEX-680 LED GROW LIGHT This is the latest in LED lighting, I shall just start off saying I have owned and used 5 different makes/models of LED lights including; HLG Quantum boards, Scope V1/V2, Atreum ARA-20 and Highlight V1 - so definitely feel in a good position to stretch the lights legs and give some honest feedback. The light I have is the SCOPEX-680 ADVANCED model which is similar to the PRO, the difference being a 0.1 μmol/j as the ADVANCED uses Samsung LM301H white diodes and the PRO uses Osram white diodes. They both feature Osram 660nm deep red diodes (to my knowledge). Unboxing it was quite the experience, I have owned a 6 bar strip LED light thinking it was a big fixture, this box was big! I genuinely thought the Mrs had ordered a new TV, so sent Adam a message excited after discovering it was from him. Adam replied something like "Wait until you get it out the box..." - it was folded in half! These are big fixtures and really look smart folded, and unfolded: The brightness impact on them is 10/10 really, they are blinding! The photos above were taken with the light dimmed to 280w or it would have been tricky to get exposure haha! I do have a sticker kit on route so excuse it's nakedness. With the fixture itself, the kettle power lead input is a dream. I had 4 Meanwell drivers and cables hanging down on my last grow combining LED fixtures - so this a huge plus for me having a single cable and plug for my lighting. Dimming is done with a dial on the fixture, which is amazing compared to using a screw driver to adjust a dimming screw. I will get the controller hooked up when they land, but this is just peachy for now: GENETICS IN DA SHED I am on a bit of a Strain Hunter mission right now - after losing loads of time running seed packs, losing mum's and generally not being satisfied with the final outcomes after having a vast mother collection in the past..... So with a little help, I am not cycling through some genetics. Current mother plants in my cab with T5 lights is: Apple Fritter - Lumpy's Flowers Unknown information on this strain heritage, that I know of anyway. Root Brother - The Source Genetics / ThaRealOGKushman Rootbeer BX1 x Pure Thai x Face Off #4 Sour Lime Glue - Unknown Info No info currently on this strain, it may come soon though. Bit of an animal though thus far! I also have Jungle Cake, Runtz, Ice Cream Cake cuts with a mate I will grab in the next couple of weeks and will probably give MAC 1 a run at some stage also. That should keep things interesting cycling through different genetics, some of it being "Cali Hype" I guess too... The overall game plan here, will be to keep track of flavours, effect, THC tested levels etc in a spreadsheet or similar I can refer too (geek!) and filter down the mum's to personal keepers/faves. I am no connoisseur by any means, but I would like to end up with 4 mum's I can pull cuts off on repeat and keep it to that... Probably a bit ambitious, but I do like a challenge! LIVING SOIL MIX I will be using the same soil mix as my previous cycle/diary in the DiyLedUK 2020 Grow Diary competition. This will be cycle 3.... For anyone not following along from last time, my soil mix is: - 40% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss - 40% Worm Castings - 10% Coco Coir - 10% Biochar Per cubic foot, the soil is amended with: - 3/4 cup of Kelp Meal - 3/4 cup of Neem Cake - 3/4 cup of Crab Meal - 1 cup of Malted Barley (2-row diastatic ground fresh only) - 7 cups of Basalt PEST CONTROL Anyone following me last time will know I had massive spider mite issues on my last cycle towards the last week of flower. This is something I really will be going to town on this time! Basically, it took me over a month to get rid of the spider mite completely AFTER chopping. The main conclusion, was that my Emerald Mountain Royal Wedding was a fucking beacon for spider mite indoors! I figured this is not really an issue outside, as you have environmental factors such as; wind, rain, humidity what don't make it so habitable for an infestation. I have passed the cut to a friend who grows outdoors, so it's safe should it be worth keeping for outside runs only. Since getting rid of it, I have not done any pesticide or neem foliar treatment - only lots of Dill seedlings growing, occasional Aloe foliars and good air circulation using an oscillating fan. Being a new grow room, I don't have any predators established now, unless they have hung out in the soil for 6 weeks or so outside! That said, I will be making full use of Indian warefare in the forms of; Beauvianna Bassiana,Verticillium Lecanii and Metarhizium Anisopliae. These are organic fungus that as a foliar blended, will paralyse, shut down and kill off any soil or leaf critters. This was information passed to me by FarmerPalmersNT, so shout out to the badman! Once the grow room, bed and girls are established - I will start adding predators, millipedes and all sorts to get the soil food web and pest prevention back into full flow as quickly as possible. SNIP AND GO! I think that's everything I can say, so down to business! First step was to grab snips off the mums. I take my cuts using tap water and freshly squeezed gel from Aloe Vera plants. I let the stems sit in the water for 24 hours to eliminate oxygen entry and then plug them into eazycubes. Set and forget in the prop for 5 days, then start hardening in with air so they don't wilt when you remove them from the prop: Apple Fritter Root Brother Sour Lime Glue With the cold nights at the moment they have taken way longer than usual to throw roots, so I put a heat mat on 2 days ago and the Sour Lime Glue shot roots the 24-48 hours. I expect the rest will follow in the next day or two: Right, that's enough waffling! I do struggle with these first posts to condense info.. Should probably just link to a previous diary, but hey ho! I will check back in on the weekend with the shed build completed and hopefully everything potted up into 1 litres ready to move into the No-Till bed soon after. I will also get cover crop and companion plant down in the main bed - or the cuts will just out grow it within 2 weeks Thanks for looking, stay safe everyone!