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Found 2 results

  1. Purps#1 and Sapphire Scout. Alright dudes? I'm doing a regs grow at the moment so I waited to see what females I ended up with before filling the room with feminised seeds. The original plan was 5 regs, hoping for 2 or 3 females and then fill the room with HSO fems and a couple more including Dinafem. The plan changed and I put more regs in and ended up with 5 females. I put a Dinafem Purps#1, Femaleseeds Cherry Pie, HSO Sapphire Scout and an HSO Mango Sapphire in to germinate and the MS failed. Put another in and that failed too. Now I didn't want to wait and try a 3rd as the regs were approaching way too long in 10cm pots without a root trim and I didn't want too many plants at different stages if I waited for another to germ, so I settled for 8 plants. Having only 1 of each, Dinafem and HSO, I couldn't decide which forum to document them in and seperate diaries would be too much work for 2 single plants. I've decided to document them both in here as I haven't done a Dinafem diary in a while so the Purps#1 will be the star of the show because she's one of my favorite smokes, only 2nd to some Afghani I bought way back in 96. I've been searching for the same stone ever since I started growing and P#1 comes very close if not equal to The beans were put in root riot cubes (wet from the bag) on 11th Aug with a couple ml of seaweed solution at 2ml/L added and were up in 3 days. They were then potted into 8cm pots of H&G Bat Special with a good sprinkling of MycorrMax. For some reason I haven't got pics of the new seedlings as they emerged or for week 1 so I'll have to start from day 14. I've never had seedlings stretch this tall in all my time growing (as far as I can remember) and the reason they did was...I'm trying out my new Magnus ML365 cob led with a dimmer switch for the blue and the far red. I've explained in my other diary but to cut a long story short I think the dimmer switch is wired the wrong way round, ie, the blue dial is controlling the far red and the red dial is controlling the blue light. I followed the manufacturer's instructions and it seems I had them under the lamp with the blue fully down and the red fully up because the controls are wrong. I thought something was amiss from the off when the light spread was a deep red, but I gave it a chance because I've no experience with this kind of lamp. They were like this for the best part of a week before I decided to take out the lamp and replace with an HLG quantum board to get the plants back on track while I scratched my head and sussed out the problem. Well I already knew what the problem was but I was pondering over whether it was safe to use or not. Day 14 Here they are with a little added support. P#1. SS. Day 21 pot up. On day 21 I potted them up to their finals, 7L fabrics of Bat Special with added Mycos. I buried the stems a bit, but not too much that the root balls were too low in the pots. Pre pot up. P#1 on the left. P#1 top view. She's got that nice olive green colour of PAK in veg but no doubt there'll be plenty of blues and purples later on. P#1 roots. P#1 potted up, pre watering in. SS top view. SS roots. SS potted up, pre watering in. They were watered in with 500ml of 2ml/L @Intense Nutrients foundation root stim. At some point (can't remember what age) when the trusty old quantum board had sorted them out I'd put the Magnuslight back in and tried the dimmer controls the opposite to what they should be and everything was hunky dory. The lamp was hung at 18" and set to 82w on my watt meter. Bingo, a much brighter pinkish light and no stretch Day 28. They were fed with 1L of 2ml/L root stim on day 23. On day 24 I bent the tops over and tied them down. Fed again on day 26 with 1.5L of the same. This gave a trickle of run off. Temps have been 21-25 most of the time, roots a couple of degrees cooler. On the recent hot days we've had, 23-28 and again the roots a bit cooler. The lamp was still on 82w at about 20" since I bent em over. Purps#1. Responding nicely to the LST. Sapphire Scout. Same again, responding nicely and very healthy. Day 34 super crop. I tried bending the tops over with plant bendz but the main stems were too thick for the bends so I super cropped them and tied them to a lower branch with pipe cleaners. I managed to get some bends on a couple of P#1 side branches but cracked the stem on one of them. I think it was the one top left in the pic, snapped just below the node that's below the plant bend. It's repaired itself ok though. This plant has strong limbs so should hold the weight of her buds nicely with no support. Depends on the stretch I suppose. There's two phenos I'm aware of and I got the short Indica one last time. This one is looking similar up until now. Purps#1. Sapphire Scout. Day 35. There's no keeping these fuckers down. I have been tucking fan leaves under the lowers but they keep bouncing back up so I've had to remove one or two along the way to allow light through. Purps#1. Sapphire Scout. The middle leaflets on some of these fan leaves are 6cm wide Gonna be a strong plant me thinks The environment has been nice and steady, no extremes. The lamp was set at 2' above the canopy and turned up to 111w after training them. Extractor fan wired to slow setting and also the circ fan on it's lowest setting. The circ fan is on a timer to go off at lights off 18/6. I think I've covered most details to get this diary started. They'll be 6 weeks old and 3 weeks in the finals on Friday so that's when I'm planning on flowering, if my regs don't get too big in the meantime. Here's the full canopy, Purps is bang in the middle, Scout to the right of it. Thanks for looking, happy growing and be lucky
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first attempt to grow out some Humbolt seeds very generously gifted to me by @HSO-Mark so I will do my best to give them a good run to their full potential. I have planted all 10 seeds with the view of selecting the strongest to flower out in a 1.2m2 tent with 2x315`s CMH, under pot heating and sms controlled extraction. They will be started under a 250 MH in a 0.8m2 cupboard with the same heating and extraction specifications. A couple of pics to get started, I want to crack them under a decent light as I suffer stretching otherwise. I had to split the wood to get the seeds out, I didn`t want to risk crushing them. The Sapphire Scouts are in the 5 large pots on the left, the OGKZ in the different size ones to the right! now they should be starting to show up in 48+ hours, so until then...