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Found 1 result

  1. Salutations, It felt appropriate to launch a dedicated thread to evoke this topic as announced, little conceptual abstraction effort is required to fill the gaps. Here's my proposal to solve an old apparent dilemma opposing inert/pure glass vs hot metal altering aroma/taste, just imagine some coaxial set of glass tubes being integrated to such simple KISS-inspired idea: Sorry if i won't be able to provide a full 3D drawing, envision an SiC Foam pellet contained inside a clear glass tube transparent to heat, itself surrounded by a ring-shaped Curie-alloy susceptor, all of it inserted inside a larger glass tube... The consequences?? Your internal glass tube which now actually corresponds exclusively to the lungs/cannabic path shall contain ZERO metal as it is separated by an air-tight glass barrier from the susceptor ring. So far so good. M'well, there's going to be Silicon Carbide though it's just as chemically-inert i think. As for the metal screen i'm not too confident i'd need it, but i like that hot Top-of-Bowl screens apparently got a tendency to stay clean, so it's to be considered optional. At least this will simplify what's coming next: Power Injection. I'm afraid the presence of a glass layer between such tubular susceptor and its SiC Foam target implies significantly increased delays and losses, yet this doesn't defeat the idea of storing heat THROUGH that same glass: after all heat can also be carried by near-invisible radiation, hence passing the barrier practically at the speed of light - which translates as no delay compared to conduction in glass... Too bad the received energy won't transform instantaneously, but i'm most confident using sufficient Pre-Heating time and IH Power can "inject" a fair amount of temporarily-stored energy, long enough to allow matching it to its WorkLoad during a final inhalation phase. While soaking a bowl with heat only requires its associated Release/Trasport Agent to displace from the SiC-contained air pockets right nearby. In addition lets mention the bowl is expected to be made of glass or ceramic, in order to preserve "purity" of the path, evidently!... The trick i believe might be to adjust the size of that SiC Foam pellet so it only contains the required Heat Charge (or "Q"), as a function of a bowl's capacity. Curie alloys would be most desirable but i suppose other metals are also suitable if "scanned" to help evaluate a safety operation temperature: power injection cycles can be stolen to reduce IH output anyway. Presence of a continuous magnetic field (from some electro-magnet or a natural magnet) would open the door to audio/ultrasonic applications IMO. An other hypothesis of mine would be that air-shaking during the IH Power Injection phase might cause a gain of speed, in a "Micro-Bursting" context where more brief + more dense promotes aroma/taste appreciation a great deal. In conclusion i submit that it may be worth having an energy budget where parasitic losses get redirected for more useful purposes, this ALL-GLASS concept conversion for example. M'well, of course YMMV and it's still missing Inlet Water, but at least that's rational and potentially beneficial all at once! Good day, have fun!!