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Found 8 results

  1. Sat here stoned feeling good with it being Friday and all that, when up pops in my head Rust. Does it have an effect on the plants, it bound to have an effect on the water composition but would it be a good thing, or a bad thing. I am thinking jubilee clips in the res. I know you can get stainless clips but it's just a thought. Has anyone got any input please?
  2. Hey you lovely lot, One of my girls has developed some rust spots over the last few weeks, she still seems to be growing at the same rate as her unaffected sister but it's getting worse so was looking for some help from a grown up So a bit of info on the grow 2 x Critical +2 34 days into flower Dr60 60x60 tent 150 par+ LED Plant magic soil PM OT grow and bloom (started at 4ml bloom this week but changed to 3ml bloom and 1ml grow today after browsing the forum yesterday) Temps are fine, crept up to 29 at canopy yesterday but that's the hottest it's been, usually around 26, lowest temp at the roots at 20. I've moved house recently and just discovered the water here is very hard (around 370ppm), I have a countertop RO machine though so I've been mixing half tap and half RO for the last couple of feeds. PH at 7. I have more in depth info re the water if that's helpful? I suspect that I've got a bit of lock out due to the hardness of the water, I noticed that there looks like a small build up of salt on the bottom of the pots where the water runs out, and that in turn is leading to a calcium deficiency. Diagnosis is not my strong point though, hence the post! I took some pics this morning but with the kids at home it was a bit of a rush so they're not the best, I'll try and get some more tonight... Wow those pics are bigger than expected! At least you won't need your glasses Any help/thoughts very appreciated EDIT: The pic with my hand in is from a lower fan leaf that isn't getting much light so think it would be looking a little unhappy anyway but the spots to the left of the leaf are indicative of the spots on other leaves.
  3. Hi guys, A few of you may remember a little while back I put up a thread because I'd forgotten to switch my T5 back on in the veg drobe after watering and left them in the dark for 20 odd hours. They were none the worse for wear as everyone said they would be... I've since done this two more times for a period of upto 2 days This cheese from my first crop is messing with me I swear! Basically I've been busy and neglected my babies big time and I've given myself a good kick up the arris for it! I've set the tent back up with a new filter and got the 600 hps up after a clean down from the cheese run and moved them into there so I won't have to worry about forgetting the light again!! They were looking amazing, with lush dark healthy leaves. Now they look pretty unhappy, a few out of 10 have yellowing lower fan leaves. One leaf even dried up and died. And the same 2 plants have little rust spots on a few of the leaves. One in particular was covered so I removed that one. They needed repotting so put them into 6l of light mix from the 0.7 pots. I did notice on a few of the worst ones that they're was slight yellowing to some of the ends of the roots. Most of them had nice white roots though. I'm sure they'll recover after a week or so of being in new pots and a bit of tlc, but I wanted to know what has caused this for future reference. Could it be because the medium had been wet for so long? Aphat (needs to lay of the cheese and tend to his biscuits!)
  4. Hi all, I have a head scratcher. I have 6 x skunk #1 in my room, all fed via drip irrigation 3 times per day until 30% run off, all in 8L fabric pots. I have 2 x 600w air cooled HPS lights and one 1200MarsHydro LED (600w equivalent). Nutrients are simple Canna A and B, Sumo boost, and Buddhas tree PK 9-18 as I am 3 weeks from harvest. I have good extraction, fresh air coming in from outside (loft grow), and fan ossilating around. 5 out of 6 plants look awesome, no problems, stems are like chair legs but one plant, in the middle, started with a orange/brown rusting on the bottom fan leaves just after I turned to flower. I did plenty of flushing, as first I thought maybe this plant might have locked out but as time has gone on I would say 80% of this plant is now infected with this dying, rusty leaves. However my buds are just as good as the other plants, and it might well be okay. Also the stem on this plant is also a bit rusty tainted. I just cant seem to diagnose it from looking at charts, its a bad case of whatever it is. I am ruling out rust rot, as I have rubbed the leaves and it hasnt come onto my hands, and my temperatures and nice and comfy, ranging from 23degrees daytime to 18 nightime, and my humidity is under 50%. The closest I have seen on a chart is calcium deficiency, but calcium is an immobile nutrient and deficiencies would start with the top leaves. Magnesium is a possibility I cant rule out, I have a bottle of plant magic magne cal on the way as another troubleshoot. I have some pictures attached, however the light isnt the best, girlfriends don't make good photo takers, but you can make out whats going down. Any feed back helps as always. Thanks
  5. IMG-0051.JPG

    From the album MMM Sick plant

    Typical example of affected fan leaf
  6. Rust

    From the album PFNC Tent

    © Arnold Layne

  7. Hey people. I have been reading on this site for a while and based on some of the really impressive organic grows I have seen here I decided to give it a go! Unfortunately, I am already running into some issues and really need the help of some more knowledgeable people which is why I am here! Hopefully as I educate myself Id try help out also. I have started some Sensi Seeds Northern lights in some miracle grow seedling mix and im 22 days in but seem to be having some nutrient issues. I am seeing what I consider slow growth and discoloring of leaves which begins with either small white dots or small rust colored dots. Pics attached. I have been giving them Plant magic Old timer grow, super-thrive and plant magic evolution (2 doses a week apart) and have been Phing the water (UK tap water left out for 24 hours) with lemon juice to 6.3-6.5. I gave one watering of Organic Cal-Mag and some molasses but even with this and PM evolution the leaves have got worse. Im quite confused as PM old timer is supposed to work well with UK water and supposed to be good as a stand alone product but even Phing im getting quite severe issues. I have just moved them into larger containers with soil supreme yesterday but I am very worried about the state of them and its a little heart breaking tbh. If anybody could advise me on what the problem could be or any extra steps to take it would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi all, I germ'd a mixed bag of 5 strains, 1 of which is this DP Auto Blueberry. It was the only auto I had as a little filler whilst I veg out the other 4 regs. It has just completed week 7 since being chucked in a root riot and all was going nicely until a week ago I noticed little brown spots appear and has grown worse by the day With so little time to go, I am not looking to treat it, just would like to know what caused it and if it could affect the others it grew up with? They are showing no signs of rust so am hoping it is feed related to the auto only as have been feeding her a different ratio to the vegging plants. Time for pics... She is in an 11 ltr pot, Westlands MPC, 1ml veg+2ml bloom (Biobizz), 400w on 19/5, good air exchange and as I use linked cooltubes, temps are between 29c down to 22c. Any input greatfully received as don't wanna lose my other girls. Cheers, Bogsy Just to add, a lot of the reading I have done here re rust, ends up with a suggestion of using Cal/Mag. So if anyone can pinpoint a cause for the above, then would Cal/Mag do the trick to prevent this happening again?