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Found 18 results

  1. Well a friend of mine takes rso oil for medicinal purposes but we got onto the topic of adding rso oil to a drink such as fanta,cherryade, orangeade ect ect would anyone be able to help on such a subject if its even possible at all, would be looking at 100ml bottles and a stronger dosage is preffered
  2. Hey all so excited to be apart of this community. Im going to start this off as transparent as possible. I've been coughing blood (waiting on insurance rn to get checked, GO USA! -___- ) and as a result i've had to stop medicating as frequently. (dabbing .1 was my preferred method of consumption. Now i only use my Mighty Vaporizer) My chronic pain has intensified and life has become more difficult. I wanted to consume more cannabis than my body was allowing me to, so I decided to decarb some rosin and mix it with some ever-clear. It worked wonders on me, little to no pain although I had to double my dose by the end of the week though. With this successful experiment, Ive decided im going to switch over to ebibles, RSO to be exact. Ive been doing a ton of research on RSO and it seems that everyone has a opinion on the matter. So there's a few things im considering before making RSO. 1. decarbing in the oven before doing the alcohol wash or decarding during the evaporation process until only oil is left and all the bubbles subside. 3. decarbing temp 4. duration of how long i should do the wash? How many times i should do the wash? 5. winterization. Should i do it or not and whats your winterization process. Im not too concerned with plant matter getting in my final product. My only concern is making sure i get every bit of my medication. Regardless of how pure it is, ill just take more if needed. I dont want to loose THC to a coffee filter. 6. what solvent do you prefer and why? I used ever-clear to make rosin tincture but i recently purchased XFB 200 proof to use for RSO. Bit on the pricey side but i also purchased a distiller to make sure i get back some of my solvent. 7. Any tips and tricks on high yields? I typically get 20-23% yield off 24-26% THC flowers when i make Rosin. Im expecting the same if not more with RSO. Thanks in advance for contributing to this topic! I went out of my way to purchase everything i saw in the video i attached. I'm sure its not necessary but it was the best tutorial i came across and i want my setup to be as official as possible. I spent on total 220 dollars for all the material used in this video. VIDEO I USED TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE RSO:
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48556442 Marie is a British mother-of-four who helps run an illegal cannabis oil laboratory in the mountains of Spain. What she is doing is against the law in both Spain and Britain, but Marie claims she is helping people with a range of conditions gain access to a medicinal drug they are currently unable to get on prescription. Marie (not her real name) agreed to show me her entire operation on condition I kept her identity a secret. I asked her why she had to be anonymous. "Because it's illegal," she said. "Because I don't want to be stopped from what I'm doing, because if I am then a lot of people are going to be left in the lurch." The "people" she is referring to are generally sick - they are adults with fibromyalgia or diabetes, and children with epilepsy. I flew to Spain to meet Marie after a tip-off from a family I met in Scotland. Image caption The THC compound is extracted from the cannabis bud I was investigating medical cannabis and filming with families of children with drug-resistant epilepsy who were keen to try the medicine. One family I met had been dosing their child with a strain which contained THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive part of the plant. There is some evidence that cannabis medicines containing THC can help with epilepsy and reduce seizures. But there is also evidence it can cause seizures. Legally, doctors can now prescribe cannabis oil products in the UK but they are refusing to, saying it needs to be trialled properly to show that it is safe and that it works. Image caption Marie and the location of her cannabis oil operation need to remain anonymous In response, some people have been going to countries such as the Netherlands to get medical cannabis on prescription while others have turned to the black market. Experts warn this is a bad idea because their products are not pharmaceutical grade. They say there can be a "very real danger" because users do not know exactly what is in the dealer's products. The family I met in Scotland felt they had a black market dealer who actually wanted to help people - that was Marie. Image caption CCTV cameras are in operation to protect the site Marie told me she makes the oils because she had used cannabis herself for a medical condition and was sick of buying from street dealers. "It was awful," she says. "But it was out of necessity, not because I'm a hardened criminal. I kept getting ripped off by them and so I decided to grow it myself." Her illicit activities soon brought the attention of the police in Britain. By then, she had met a man and fallen in love. It took her to Spain. She says: "I made a pact there and then that I would help other people so that they wouldn't be ripped off as I had been. And that's how it all started." Image caption The cannabis is grown in a small white-washed building up a narrow lane I met Marie in a bar west of Alicante, then she drove me into the mountains along dusty tracks lined with almond trees. The first stop is where they grow the plants. A small white-washed building up a narrow lane. There are bars on the windows and doors and CCTV cameras. Other criminals sometimes come and steal the product, she tells me. The door does not open far before we are hit with the sweet, pungent and unmistakeable aroma of cannabis. We go from room to room. The plants are in various stages of growth. Once the perfect size and age, the buds will be picked and dried and transported to the lab, which is where she takes me next. Image caption The laboratory where Marie makes the cannabis oils We head north, back through the fields of almonds and towards the hills. Then we lurch along the final stretch of a pot-holed dusty track and stop outside a small crop of outbuildings in the middle of nowhere. There is the obligatory metal fencing, the big barking guard dog and cameras - but once we are through the gates, everything changes. There, sitting incongruously in the arid Spanish plains, is a laboratory. Once inside, the air conditioning does much to dampen the heat, but the pungent aroma of cannabis remains. Marie tells me she is going to make up some oil, so I can see how easy the process is. I'm not going to detail it here, but she is right - the process does look pretty simple. Image caption The larger syringes sell for hundreds of euros The larger syringes containing the oil can sell for several hundred euros but Marie tells me that if families really need it and do not have the money, she will give it to them for much less, sometimes for nothing. Marie says this is part of her idea of "paying it forward", but what she really wants is to teach people how to do it themselves. She says: "I want people to be self-sufficient so that we don't have to break the law on their behalf. "Or I want the government in the UK to pull their fingers out and actually implement a system quickly. There isn't time for people to be waiting with dying children. "I want them (the government) to implement a system quickly whereby people have access to quality medication, that they know what's in it and dosing programmes." Marie says there has been an increase in people asking for THC meds since the UK government changed the rules on prescriptions last year. She says people think that if the government is saying legal medical cannabis is OK, then it can't be as bad as they used to say it was. However, Marie also says that she wants to stop running her cannabis oil operation. "I don't want the stress, I don't want the responsibility, I don't want people calling me at two o'clock in the morning because they've run out of oil," she said. "It's just way too much responsibility. I won't have people crying at me because their child's had 40 seizures." 'No control' Marie says she has dozens of customers in the UK. Does she worry she is selling to desperate people, often with very sick children? She admits that she has "no control" over what happens to the product once she sends it to people. "We do the best that we can to provide a quality product," she says. The oils are sent diluted, she says, with recommendations to be very careful with dosing protocols. "But we try not to take too much part of what goes on from there because I don't want that responsibility," she says. "My bit is to help them, but I would rather parents produce their own plants and made their own oil under guidance rather than me having to be part of that process."
  4. After ruining most of my weed after burning it I have managed to dry my last plant and now have 3oz (90g) of dried, ground and decarboxylated bud. I want to make an oil based ticture something similar to the CBD oils you can buy online but much stronger and with THC in it too and without using solvents. (today I hear you can buy CBD oils from Holland & Barrett) I've read about making cannabutter, Rick Simpson Oil and other edibles and my weed is now decarbed so has anyone got any views on how to proceed from here? Many thanks Cmoon
  5. Hey Everyone, I have seen quite a few posts regarding oil and methodology so I thought I would start my own topic because as you will soon see it is vast and in depth. I can also pop a link in my sig this way so I can point people here when I see someone who needs help. OK so I have been making oil for my Dad for a few months now. It's been a bit of trial and error up to now but I think I have finally nailed it. IMO my method is safer healthier stealthier and better for the environment than Rick Simpson's method. I use isopropyl alcohol as my solvent, lesson number 1 is not all ISO is created equal. Make sure you get hold of 99% pure ISO otherwise you're going to have a bad time! Readily available from that great river online bookshop. Buy bulk it's cheaper. Then buy a rice cooker the current one I'm using cost £15 from the big green supermarket. Lesson number 2 don't buy expensive rice cookers you are going to ruin and break them and cheap ones work prefectly fine. I just went for their cheapest own brand one which has a glass lid. (more on that later) Now where my method is slightly different from Rick's I use a copper condenser coil to reclaim my ISO and eliminate the highly volatile and toxic fumes ISO is nasty nasty stuff. I got the idea after watching a documentary about Popcorn Sutton a famous moonshiner in the States. I bought some 8mm copper pipe (which came very loosely coiled) from a DIY store to make my coil. You want space (approx 1cm gaps) between the coils to allow the water to cool and condense the ISO vapours. About 8 coils should be enough more is better. This copper coil was made by threading some string through the copper tube and then wrapping the copper around a pringles tube. Then removing the string. The string was used to prevent the tube from kinking. In hind sight sand is probably better as the string can be difficult to remove. So fill the copper pipe entirely with sand plug both ends with gaffa tape and boom! If it does kink you can usually fix it with pliers but take your time and wind very slowly and you should be good. Ensure you leave a nice straight bit at one end (approx 8cm long) this will become the spout your, nice, safe(ish) liquid ISO will drain from. Also leave plenty of extra uncoiled tube at the other end of the coil. This will be used to attach the coil to the rice cooker. I then used a 5l water bottle (the cheapest one that big blue supermarket has) as a water chamber for the coil but any sealed plastic vessel wide enough should do. Empty the water out the screw the lid back on then very carefully drill an 8mm hole in one side about 1-2" from the bottom then cut the top of the bottle off ensuring that your copper coil fits mostly inside the bottle. Gently feed the coil into the bottle ensuring the spout lines up with the hole this is quite fiddly and you may need a hack saw to trim the spout down a touch so that it fits. This might take a few attempts to get right. Now feed the spout section through the 8mm hole. Now secure the top of the coil to the top of the bottle using wire. Drill a couple of very small holes in the top of the bottle to anchor the wire through and twist the wire round the coil a few times to ensure it is properly secured. Now seal the spout and hole at the bottom I used epoxy resin but bathroom sealant would have been easier but I didn't have any. The top half of the coil gets very hot and will melt plastic or burn anything it comes into contact with. So make sure the top of the coil isn't in direct contact with the bottle. Also be mindful of that when working around it. I've had a couple of minor burns (nothing that left a mark) when I've not been paying attention. In the lid of the rice cooker is a small vent hole to allow steam to escape. There is a rubber grommet that you need to pull out but it's not very hard to do a pinch and a yank is all you need. I then used a rotary engraving kit with a pink grinding stone to widen the hole to just over 8mm allowing the copper tube to fit with ease. This means when the lid is on the vapor is forced up the tube where it begins to cool and condense back into a liquid as it makes its way down the coil it gets cooler and cooler until at the end it is pure liquid ISO again. This can then be poured back into a container and reused. When widening the hole you need to ensure the copper tube has a tiny bit of wiggle room. If it doesn't you risk shattering the glass lid. The tube should slide easily into the hole (oi oi! ) so don't try to force it. Or you might need to buy another rice cooker (that was lesson 3! ) To make the seal airtight simply use a small amount of electrical tape about 1cm away from the end of the tube. Then you can shove the tube into the hole and the tape creates a seal. You will need to replace this from time to time but it works well enough. You should end up with a contraption that looks something like this: Now you are ready to start making your oil. Here is a list of things you will need: -Measuring beakers I use a couple of 250ml pyrex ones and a couple of 500ml pyrex ones -Unbleached coffee filters -Funnels (I just cut the tops off a few bottles) -A glass mixing bowl -A spare Kilner Jar -A soft silicon cake spatula -A stainless steel sieve -Syringes -An electric candle warmer -Rubber gloves (optional) -Kitchen roll -An oven mit -A tipex pen/ permanent marker -Last but not least some high grade, preferably organic, cannabis! Stage 1 Take your dried cannabis and chop it up with scissors in the glass mixing bowl. Once chopped into relatively small bits transfer into a kilner jar. Now add your ISO just enough to cover the plant material. shake like a mad man /woman for 1-2 mins. open the kilner jar and shove the scissors in there and start chopping this will remove any residue on the scissors and also breaks up the plant a bit more. Close the jar and shake for another 1-2 mins. Now put your sieve over the glass bowl and empty the contents of the jar into the sieve. Use the spatula to press any excess liquid out of the sieve. you should now have a golden / green liquid in the bowl and all plant material in the sieve. Transfer the plant material back into the jar. Don't forget to wipe the spatula with kitchen roll once finished. Stage 2 Grab your funnels and coffee filters set the filters inside the funnels and pop both into the 500ml pyrex measuring beakers the more the merrier I find 3 is optimal when processing approx 2oz of plant material. Pour the mixture from the bowl evenly between the filters. Leave these to filter. Stage 3 Go back to your jar of plant material and fill with fresh ISO once more shake vigorously for 3-4 mins essentially repeating stage 1 pour the mixture back through the sieve etc etc Stage 4 The beakers should now be filled with filtered solution carefully fold the top of the coffee filters and give them a good squeeze to ensure as much as possible is in the beakers. Now pour the beakers into the rice cooker. Now repeat stage 2 with the second wash. Once the second wash has finished filtering I add this to the rice cooker also. I find for 2 oz of plant material I need approx 1 - 1.5 liters of ISO (500-750 ml for each wash) this is about perfect for the capacity of the rice cooker. Stage 5 Pop the lid on the rice cooker and attach the coil to the lid. Fill the water chamber with you guessed it... water! I like to top it off with a couple of handfuls of ice. Monitor the setup and wait for the liquid to start heating up. you will notice the ice around the top of the coil start to melt make sure you have a suitable container ready under the spout to catch the condensed ISO I use 2 250ml Pyrex beakers for this and swap them around. When one is full it is replaced with an empty one and the full one is emptied back into the ISO container. I find at peak full steam a 250 ml container will fill in about 5 mins so make sure you keep an eye on things and check back regularly you could also use a bigger vessel! I find I manage to reclaim approx 75% of my ISO this way the majority of the loss is soaked into the plant material and you always loss a small amount as vapor and there is always some in the copper tube at the end. Note: Now the first time you run this setup attaching the coil to the lid is a really fiddly part. You will require some patience to get it right. You will need to spend some time gently bending and adjusting the copper tube so that it fits the lid and the lid fits the rice cooker correctly if there is any play in the lid when you press it down you will have a leak through which vapor will escape. You will know this is happening because everything will smell very strongly of alcohol. If this starts to happen mid way through processing the oil don't panic. Take your oven mit and see if you can make an adjustment to fix the leak. you can also try adjusting the angle of the rice cooker. If it continues to leak you will want to power everything down and move it to a well ventilated area. Don't mess about with ISO it's toxic and you do not want to breathe those fumes in. From here you have 2 options see if you can make adjustments to fix the leak, or finish this stage by boiling off the remainder of the alcohol in a well ventilated area as per Rick's method. But if you are patient and persistent you can get the setup working. Once you have found an arrangement that works, I recommend marking the copper tube and rice cooker lid with a tipex pen or marker so you know how that lines up. Then mark the lid and the rice cooker so you know how that lines up. this will ensure the angles are always correct after you find the sweet spot. Stage 6 Eventually the rice cooker will flip from "Cook" to "Warm" this is usually around the time the oil has reached a pretty concentrated state you will see there will be hardly anything left and what is left should be black and thick and bubbling. Now here is the part where you need to act pretty quick. Whilst the oil is hot it is relatively easy to handle and will run like a normal liquid as soon as it starts to cool it turns to the consistency of Marmite / Honey it is incredibly stickyand difficult to manipulate. So the key is to act whilst it is still warm. So before it cools you want to prep one of your 250ml beakers and your candle warmer. Set the beaker on the candle warmer and switch it on. Then grab your oven mit and your spatula. (make sure you didn't forget to clean the spatula if you did clean it now) put the oven mit on your weak hand, with the oven mit pull the copper tube out of the lid the tube will be very hot so the mit is very much required. Now remove the lid then remove the hot bowl from the rice cooker (again using the mit.) Now with the spatula in your strong hand tip the contents of the bowl into the beaker on the candle warmer use the spatula to scrape the residue into the beaker also. (Don't panic about leaving a small amount in the bowl and on the spatula just clean this off with a small amount of ISO and add that ISO to your next run.) The aim here is to do the best job you can you will never get it all out. Stage 7 Now that your oil is in the candle warmer the end is in sight but don't rush this stage. There is a small amount of ISO in your oil still and the candle warmer is here to fix that. Watch the oil closely and you will notice tiny bubbles on the surface this is the last of the ISO evaporating this stage can take a while depending on how much ISO is left in the oil. You will know it is ready when the surface of the oil is perfectly still without any bubbles it will look like black glass and will smell strongly of cannabis. Because it is still warm the oil will still be quite runny now grab a syringe and tilt the beaker so the oil collects in a corner. Pop the tip of the syringe so that it is just in the oil gently draw up the plunger to about half way. Now carefully knock any drops of oil off the tip. Then hold the syringe with the tip pointing directly up pull the plunger down a bit more to clear the oil from the nozzle and now very carefully and very slowly push the plunger up until there is no air left in the syringe. Repeat this process until the syringe is full. Rinse and repeat until you can't get any more oil from the beaker. I now add ISO to the beaker to get the remaining residue dissolved and I add this ISO to the ISO I used to clean the rice cooker and spatula this is then stored in a jar ready for the next run. Conclusion Following this method I average approx 7g of finished oil from 2oz of plant material meaning you will need approx 16-17oz of premium bud to get 60g of oil. I know this method doesn't yield more but there are many benefits to doing things this way. But what I will say is this was a method I discovered for myself and I have quite a few runs under my belt now so I think this is maximum efficiency. but there is always room for improvement. Now if you have made it this far a salute you! that's a whole heap of reading. This is just my method that I have worked out through much trial and error. There are some shortcuts you can skip the whole condenser coil its an added bonus that i believe everyone should use but it is agro until you get it right. But it does work! no fumes no risk of explosion which means a reduced risk of losing a batch IMO very worth it from this perspective alone. There are other benefits such as economy etc. But yeah if you have the cash you can invest in a proper copper still you will have to faff monitoring temps to ensure you are not burning off precious cannabinoids. It's late and I've spent a long time writing this today but if it helps someone it was all worthwhile. Happy to answer any question and give any advice. Also I'm open to any suggestions on how I can improve my technique I will continue to add to and update this thread with discoveries and further tips I will get round to another post on dosage and how to measure dosage etc Until then keep it green NezA
  6. Cannabis works! Ive seen it with my own eyes! I posted on here a while back asking for some advice on treating my mates mum who had a very rare cancer of the Petronium original thread is here: http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=337326 we have been making her lots of oil and turning it into a sublingual tincture by diluting it very slightly with olive oil. Her family blown away at how the oil has helped her, turning her from a really sick person into someone moving towards health. Almost straight away after taking the oil her appetite came back after essentially not eating for 2 weeks after diagnosis, she started to be able to move better and walk more even go visit friends. As things went forward and her tolerance went up we just kept making the dilution of oil stronger and tried to get as much in her as possible. She was necking liquid morphine when we started treatment, a few weeks after treatment was started she had completely stopped the morphine and a few weeks after that she had also managed to stop taking(completely under her own steam) a load of other prescription drugs she had been on long term. they are planning a rather invasive surgery and did a load of tests in prep for that, which is why she just got these tests back and the results were that the cancer markers they were testing for were down from over 1500 to just over 50! the doctors are completely dumbfounded, hehehehe shes on a super healthy diet now with the odd treat and we are continuing with the oil, shes by no means out the woods but this is a really positive indication that we are doing the right thing. If someone you know is really sick with cancer you have to start treatment, it really does work, they can be happy and healthy with this plant. thanks to everyone who helped with advice. I will keep everyone updated as things move forward.
  7. RIce cooker in Lidl, for the princely sum of a tenner. e2a, sorry the pic is upside down, but you get the gist.
  8. Hi Everyone, As we all know RSO has been proven to show great results at treating people with cancer. We also know this works from the cannabinoids working with the endo cannabinoid system, a system which is present in both humans & animals. My dog was diagnosed with cancer back in September, Squamous cell carcinoma to be exact, which ended up, after months of her limping & vets saying she's just getting old, with her getting a toe amputated to remove the tumour. We was then told by the vet to wait until she's in pain & they'll treat her for pain only. I love my dog & I wasn't going to wait for cancer to eat her up! So I made up some RSO & mixed it at a heavily diluted ratio with coconut. I started her on the RSO caps on 25.10.14. & Believe me you really gotta dilute the RSO! Animals have a very low tolerance & it's horrible watching your dog super high not having a clue what's going on.... It happened on the first night & I've felt guilty ever since haha! We are now 8 weeks into the treatment & she's doing great. Honestly you wouldn't know she's ill. The only problem is a Rottweiler with the munchies can be hard work & she's also got a whole lot lazier. Just a stoner stereotype thanks to RSO! Up until now my starting material has been from high THC strains but I've recently grown out a Sweet n Sour Widow from CBD Crew, supposedly a 1:1 ratio, much more suitable to fighting cancerous cells. We will be starting this over the next week or so. It's a tough one trying to work this out on your own so any help, guidance or support would be much appreciated. Have a Great Xmas & New Year People
  9. Week 1. Background: After a year of researching and head scratching as to how best to go about it all, we properly began RSO treatment for J45's stage 4 lung cancer on Wed 30th April 2014. We made 60 grams of oil, using a mix of approx 16oz of Bubblegum, Amnesia and Blue Cheese. We used ISO as the solvent. We followed Danzigs instructions re De-carboxylation. The oil is very clean. The plants were gifted by a pal of a pal, so a bit hazy on their beginnings, the next batch of oil will be made with CBD Crews Critical Mass. We grew organically in soil. J45 has incurable, inoperable, stage 4 lung cancer and has been told he has 'months rather than years'. He was diagnosed in January 2013 and is currently on Tarceva, a targeted drug therapy. He was last CT scanned in March and told his disease is 'stable' ie very little growth since last October. He see's the consultant again mid June and we are hoping for a marked reduction in tumour sizes. Tarceva cant achieve this, so if it happens it's definitely the oil working. I hope our oil diary will be helpful to folks considering RSO as a treatment for cancer. Dosage: He has been on a very small 'maintenance' dose almost daily since November 2013, approx 15th of a gram, so we began his dose on Wed 30th April at 1/4 gram per day spaced out over three doses: a smaller dose in the morning, and bigger doses through afternoon and night. We upped the dose today (4 days into treatment) so he is now on 1/2 a gram a day till Thursday, when he will hopefully begin the gram a day. Effects: We think the maintenance dose has decreased his regular (weekly almost) migraines down to only 2 in this past 6 months. This could also be attributed to a extremely good diet, mostly vegan, all organic, however the diets been on for over a year, and the headaches stopped when the oil was introduced 6 months ago. So in week 1 of treatment, we have noticed a marked increase in his appetite and he is also sleeping very well. He is in extremely good humour and looks and feels pretty stoned. He is enjoying the oil and is happy to increase on Thursday. We also noticed how quickly the tolerance builds up, he was very stoned the first day, but much less the second..... Anything to add @@J45 ? More from me later.... Yee haa. x
  10. Hya folks, Very happy to have been directed to this site by my hubby. What an amazing amount of good stuff happening here, Danzig, and the folks helping you achive these remissions; you rock. 2013 has been a total challenge for us. Hubby was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in January and told it was incurable, he was given a targeted therapy, a pill a day, which has held his tumours steady, but wont reduce them and wont work for long. He has already beaten the odds as he was told to expect months at best. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in October and since then have had my tumours removed. (I have been advised to take chemo for 6 months, Radiotherapy for 5 weeks and Tamoxifen for up to 10 years - I am not going for these options) Where do we go from here... well, we have already changed our diets massively by juicing, alkalising and oxegenating our bodies at every turn. We have researched thoughout the year and have realised that a life time love of weed has a deeper, much deeper healing aspect, in RSO. We managed to get hold of enough bud to make 10 grams of oil and have been both taking a maintanance dose, this is about to run out. We have made plans with gardening pals to grow more and we ourselves are doing the same. This will take several months to come to fruition. The difficulty is always going to be getting enough of what we need. No one we know can manage the quantities and we can only grow so much oursleves. One of my questions for the community here is: Is it better to hold out for weed we know is CBD heavy and grown with more love than chemicals, or should we just bite the bullet and buy the 32 oz we need for the first 2 treatments, never mind it's journey to our door? I am feeling quite panicked about how to proceed short term. I'm supposed to begin Radiotherapy in February. (I have ditched the chemo and Tamoxifen, and hope to avoid the radiotherpay too). Scared about waiting several months to begin treatments as hubbys medicine could fail any time, and I want and need to be fit and well to help him. Any advice very welcome. We are in the Scottish central belt and are fully committed to saving our own lives, rather than being in the hands of the Oncologists. We are both in our 40's and are musicians. All the best. XX
  11. So it seems one can get private CA _ 124 tests done, for anyone that doesnt know what that is, this is the test for tumour markers in the blood, ie testing for the level of tumour activity in the body. I thought this might be useful for any of the oil warriors on here who wanting to supplement the sporadic and nonsensical testing efforts of the NHS. http://privatebloodtests.co.uk/CA-125-blood-test
  12. Hello pals.... Ok, so they're here...! They've been before...! So....I'm six weeks into flowering a mix of strains in a small tent....using organic compost. Had spider mite probs a week before flowering, sprayed with Safers 'Trounce' twice a week apart as per instructions....no sign of them until now. I keep a pretty close eye on the plants and so I reckon I've caught them early. The spray is organic, containing fatty acids and pyrethrins. No signs of webbing yet. Advice needed....do I spray again?....not keen! Do I do nothing? Do I chop......? I should also add, that the plants will be used solely for making RSO......if that makes a difference. Thanks pals.... J45
  13. Ay up pals..... Well, just about to harvest my first crop....all good so far.....thanks for the help. I'm primarily going to make oil with the whole crop and so wondered how careful and thorough I need to be with the trimming...? I understand that it needs to be done right, and hung in the right environment (I'm gonna to hang it in the tent cos I can)...... .....so how much can I leave on the plant without it affecting the oil..?.?.?. All thoughts happily received... Thanks.. J45
  14. Hiya folks, Just to quickly set the scene: I have stage 2 breast cancer, diagnosed in October 2013, treated with surgery. Since then I have been in and out of hospital with post surgical complications. The Oncologists are recommending 6 months chemo, 5 weeks radiotherpay and 5 to 10 years Tamoxifen. I dont want any of these treatments. My hubby has stage 4 lung cancer, diagnosed January 2013. Treated with Tarceva (targeted therapy). We are working towards treating ourselves with RSO. This is in hand and we expect to have each done a 60 gram treatment by early autumn. In the meantime we are both using tiny amounts of RSO daily to maintain some tolerance and well being. I spoke to my surgeon 2 weeks ago about our plans to use RSO and I asked for a PET CT scan to give us a baseline to work with regarding RSO treatment success or not. However, it looks as though the only way I can get a PET CT scan is to go private (£850). My surgeon then spoke to his boss, who is the head of the Breast Unit in Edinburgh, Prof Mike Dixon, he has now asked to see me to discuss the RSO treatment. Unfortunatly this appointment is not until 12th March. Hubby has a CT scan and an Oncology appointment tomorrow (21/02/14). Fingers crossed he is still static. Hubby is hoping to discuss the RSO and it's possible contra indications with Tarceva. Unfortunatley (or maybe it will turn out to be fortunate) he is not seeing his usual Oncologist who he has had over a years worth of meetings with. She is away on maternity leave and so he is seeing the head of his department, who we have not met before, Prof Price. So, unexpectadly, we are now both seeing the Professors, the heads of different Oncology departments but who work in the same Centre of Excellence. I am hoping they may be encouraged to talk to each other. We will keep the thread updated as and when we see Oncologists AND when RSO is discussed. I guess the point being that, throughout the UK, OncoloIgy Depts will be gettig more and more people talking about RSO and so I am hoping this thread will help encourge others to speak out. I'm also hoping other folks in the same boat may add their stories here. xx
  15. Morning everyone ! I'm due to have another batch of RSO done for my wife, she has advanced bowel cancer. She's been taking the first batch I had done, but can't get out of diamorphine, which actually had to be increased, she's constantly in pain. Want to get her to have more than a rice grain sized dose per day, but being a good wife she's stubborn as a mule ... Anyways, I need more RSO and will do some in the next few days. My problem is that I do have to make it indoors... know this is no good but have nowhere else, and as we live in a flat ground floor, just by the entrance door, I need to be very discreet (if there is any way possible). We have no family in UK and no friends with garden that we could go to. Will be making the oil over night, about 2am, hoping most of my neighbours will be sleeping then. Need suggestions of methods that could fit my purpose (making the RSO indoors with a minimum of attention from people around). Is it possible? Tried youtube, but mostly videos show outdoors or detached houses. I live in a bloc of flats. The road is pretty quiet specially at night, but still. Help much appreciated!! I have a gas stove, so will be using a rice cooker, or anything else suggested. Cheers.
  16. Hey peeps . I was just now reading an article on Hightimes about terpenes (http://www.hightimes.com/read/talking-terpenes), and it got me thinking about Rick Simpson Oil. The article explains the importance of terpenes, including their medical properties. With that said, how can one keep all these goodness when preparing cannabis oil??? Everyone here is familiar with Rick Simpson's method, and I believe when preparing his recipe most, if not all terpenes, are lost. At the end of the article they mention that one should add back terpenes onto oils, but how??
  17. I'm currently taking Tarceva as a treatment for stage 4 lung cancer, and am growing to make RSO as the treatment will not kill my cancer cells, only stop them spreading. Even then, it will only work for so long, and then my cancer is predicted to spread rapidly. So making RSO and will start a 60g treatment as soon as poss. What I would like to find out, is, should I take the oil alongside the Tarceva, as it's working to control my cancer, or stop taking the Tarceva while I'm taking the oil...? Any help, info or advice greatly appreciated. Will be seeing my oncologist in February, but she is not open minded, and doesn't know about RSO. THANKS PALS.... J45....
  18. I've been saving my trim, popcorn and leftover dust from dry-ice shake kief for a while, which gave me enough raw material to conduct a few experiments and hone my technique. As a firm believer in the tried-and-tested methods, I have photographed my attempts to produce Hash oil, using the excellent guidance in Michael Starks Marijuana Chemistry (Ronin, 1977) The relevant chapter is reproduced below. I'll add that I'm not a novice in this sort of thing so this was not a "first attempt" but a comparative run against other contemporary oil-extraction techniques I have experience of (Rick Simpson Oil, BHO, QWISO). Here's the Kit I've assembled: All equipment is stainless steel or pyrex. And a small album illustrating the process and outcome: I've probably made over 100g using this method. I estimate I get 3 to 4 times the quantity of oil I would with a QWISO, with no appreciable loss of potency. The amount of solvent lost is a fraction of that using an open evaporation method, and it can be run indoors with adequate ventilation and sufficient care because of the sealed reflux/distillation apparatus. It's at least as good as the Old-school hash oil I used to buy in 1g deals back in the early 90's. Mixing a little of it with kief in a 1:5 ratio made the stickiest black I've tried in a long time. I'm getting me some red cellophane and gold paint... Big up to Mr Stark.