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Found 16 results

  1. Good evening growers, Setup: Hydro drain to waste. Going into week 1 of flower. Strain: RQS Green Crack Punch Using Shogun nutrients. Silicon Ph down to 5.8 A & B Katana roots Calmag Zenzyme Sumo boost. During veg i went up to 1.6 EC So I am starting week 1 of flower at 1.6 EC & will increase it by .2 each week. What I want to know is do i have the right idea? Thanks
  2. Hey All, Just noticed some sacks on what're supposed to be my autoflowers? Am I being silly and they're just flowering, female glans? Or have my plants gone hermie or male?! RQS Northern Lights and Diesel, both about 9-10 weeks post popping.
  3. Kinda as the title says really, Zamnesia and Royal Queen seeds have released a limited edition zz punch pack, 5 seeds for €60.. I don’t care about the price I love limited edition stuff and there is only 86 packs left so has anyone out there had any and grown it yet? Any thoughts on it from anyone at all? Happy growing guys
  4. RQS Sherbet Queen

    From the album RQS Sherbet Queen #2

  5. RQS Sherbet Queen

    From the album RQS Sherbet Queen #2

  6. RQS Sherbet Queen

    From the album RQS Sherbet Queen #2

  7. RQS Sherbet Queen

    From the album RQS Sherbet Queen

  8. RQS Sherbet Queen

    From the album RQS Sherbet Queen

  9. RQS Sherbet Queen

    From the album RQS Sherbet Queen

  10. Hi guys, I'm new to this whole process and i'm a bit worried if my seeds ok i have tried looking on google but nothing is answering my question Does this look OK its been in the soil for 5 days Like i said im New to this and didn't want to kill or let it die by my mistakes
  11. Hi all, First time grower here. Been trying to figure this one out with search and google but I'm out of ideas. This girls is on her 28th day - 250w HPS in a small 60x60cm (4inch RAM exhaust). PH level read 7 - 7.5 Pic1 As you can see she has white marks on her upper leaves, and some 'burn' spots on others. She also had yellowing of the lower leaves (trimmed all the worst affected). Earlier this week she was looking worse, with all new growth with white marks and suddenly quite slow growth (before that she had been great). So she had the first round of nutes (Tomorite), and raised the lights up which helped a lot overnight. also bought some Cal Mag in case it was an iron, or magnese deficiency, which was given to her 48 hours ago which helped-ish (less than than the raising of the light and Tomorite). Pic2 Is from before all this happened about 7 - 9 days ago As the title, do you think this is a deficiency or just light/heat stress? Very wary not to over-counter it and make problems worse. The new growth at the top doesn't seem to be affected. There has been with low humidity levels (around 30 - 40) which I corrected with humidfyer when really low and spaying walls of tent in case that's relevant. I am aware that a 250w is fairly big (?) in such a small tent so maybe it was too close (followed guidelines on here). Thanks lads Seed is O.G Kush RQS
  12. RQS browsing

    From the album Summer 2019

  13. Royal Queen Seeds - Amnesia Haze

    From the album 2018 Harvest Pics

    Amnesia Haze dried bud shot.
  14. DSCF0029 (800x600)

    From the album 2014 outdoor