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Found 66 results

  1. I've got 4 plants being bottom fed in 16 litre fabric pots with coco. They've only been transplanted into the 16 litre pots for 2 weeks but I've already noticed some fine roots starting to poke through the side of the fabric near the bottom. Is this something to worry about? am i doing something wrong. This is my first time using the bottom feeding method, apart from that everything looks perfect. Thanks in advance
  2. Afternoon all, 28th Sept - Popped 2 seeds in riot cubes. 2nd Oct - put them in the net pots after the roots started showing on both. 6th Oct - Added to dry DWC - 60 Litre Oxy Pot XL as 2nd set of leaves were showing and wanted to protect the roots if they were coming through. 13th Oct - Still no roots coming through the net pots. Plants look fine. Just got my RO system sorted and wanted add RO and nutes to the reservoir and have the pump going to tease the roots out. I was advised to let the root system build be for adding them to the DWC but I expected them to root quicker than this? I've been hand feeding them 10ml morning and evening. 10ml of mixed 1.5 litre of the following with half the recommended dosage - 1ml AN calmag, 1ml AN rhino skin, 1ml, 1/2ml of each AN Grow A+B, I've been feeding around and in the centre to try and tease out the roots. I went to 3 times a day and noticed it may have been too much. Shall I fill up the reservoir halfway to get the bubbles splashing on the net pot? I would have done this sooner but again wanted to get the root system spread. Any advice would be great. Yo
  3. Evening all I’m after some advice please, anyone who has experience in dwc. I moved my pair of seedlings into there main system as the diy starter box I made was getting abit warm. My main system has chiller plumbed into it, Temp is set to 20c on the chiller so temps fluctuate between 19.7-20.7 I think I left two much of a air gap between water line and bottom of net pots, the roots are looking shrivelled up and dark coloured above water line below water like they are bright white and look thick and healthy. Is this something to be worried about or normal? Couple pictures not the best quality sorry. I have topped up the res so the roots are further covered now. Just panicking as it’s my first time dwc/hydro. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking to get something so that roots do not block up an IWS Flood/drain system. What are better to stop roots blocking the lines? The large copper discs that sit in the bottom of the basket or the smaller straight inserts that just stick in the end? Has anyone got experience of either? Thanks
  5. Zkittles root ball repotting

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Bubblicious cut

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. Exodus cheese cut

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Pot noodle roots showing- Bubblicious

    From the album Summer 2019

  9. Craft beer plant

    From the album Summer 2019

  10. Beer can plant re pot

    From the album Summer 2019

  11. Coco hempy bucket

    From the album CPK & BS

    Roots on the smallest lack Sugar
  12. Nice Roots

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

    Yes, that is me behind it,
  13. Hi guys i have another question about autopots. How do you maintain a good root temperature in autopots? I like the idea of heat mats but im not sure it would work with them or if it would cause other issues. Im only using a four pot set up in a 1.2 x 1.2 Any info helpful even just general autopot talk or tips
  14. c4735e3a-3ef4-4ad5-966d-8a528478c2d4.JPG

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  15. Hi all. I've got 7 plants in a WILMA 8 in pebbles and rockwool. The problem is the roots won't grow and the plants are ofc not growing either. I'm using Dutch Pro nutes and Atami Rootbastic, the same as last time with no root problems. Maybe I used more rockwool this time and it's holding too much water for the young roots, I don't know. They had their last water 2 days ago and are still not showing signs of dehydration. How long should I leave them before watering again? I was thinking when they start to look dry (water by hand as each one becomes 'ready') or will this damage the roots further and should I water, say, once per day or every 2 days whatever the plants look like they need? Any help greatly appreciated. Always with the root problems for me
  16. I have a slight issue if anyone can help!? Have you ever had your roots grow out the top of the soil? My pots are absolutely packed with roots can see them everywhere under drain holes etc, and now coming out the top, but not like 1 or 2 root heads, its like a full cobweb of roots slowly appearing, i have been reading its a sign pots to small but damn im in 10L pots and they’re ament to be autos?! Any advice? Already at 28” tall start of week 5 been in flower for one week, any idea how tall they could get little worried im going to have plants touching the ceiling soon!
  17. Hi there, Anyone know anything about aeration of roots in a coco mix? Any particular times that are best, night time vs day time, once a week vs few hours a day... I am wondering if theres too much air being pumped as I can't imagine it being too good if that causes heat build up in the plant medium. What is the optimal temperature for the coco medium? I put a temperature probe in and the pot is currently 24°C. Is the medium too warm?
  18. Hi All, how many growers using Coco cover up the pots ? I did a side by side experiment when I first noticed when checking the pots after a grow the roots wasn't really reaching the top 15-20% . Now with just a cardboard cover with a slit in the roots are bursting out of the top of the Coco. Anybody else done this ?
  19. Hi, I think I made a mistake and germinated a seed in a very small plastic net pot. Then when the time came to plant in the DWC res, I simply put the entire small pot in the big one with more clay pebbles. In order to do this, I had to thread the roots through a hole, but I'm thinking I have artificially harmed the ability of the roots to grow out of the net as they all emerge from the pot through the same small plastic hole. Does anyone know whether this is the case? Cheers
  20. green ninja

    From the album n

    2 weeks into flower...curling leaves
  21. Now then all. Just wondered if anybody has ever come across a root system like this guy I just watched on YT (link attached) Long story short, he germinates then puts straight into a 4x4 inch rockwool cube, takes the outer foil/paper off. Keeps it moist until the roots come out and they then air prune themselves, once he has a massive root network he puts straight into his coco, then for a week just waters around the perimeter of the cube so the coco on the outside is dryer so it gets air to it, which keeps the roots around the cube until a week after transplant then from what it seems like the whole thing just goes bezerk!! By the way, I dont know if your allowed to link videos on this forum so I apologize in advance if this is not allowed. I do not know this fella, just came across it doing some research. But check his roots out....and he shows his 1 auto plant, I aint ever seen anything so big with a stem like that in all my life. For an indoor grow anyway.
  22. Hi guys, A few of you may remember a little while back I put up a thread because I'd forgotten to switch my T5 back on in the veg drobe after watering and left them in the dark for 20 odd hours. They were none the worse for wear as everyone said they would be... I've since done this two more times for a period of upto 2 days This cheese from my first crop is messing with me I swear! Basically I've been busy and neglected my babies big time and I've given myself a good kick up the arris for it! I've set the tent back up with a new filter and got the 600 hps up after a clean down from the cheese run and moved them into there so I won't have to worry about forgetting the light again!! They were looking amazing, with lush dark healthy leaves. Now they look pretty unhappy, a few out of 10 have yellowing lower fan leaves. One leaf even dried up and died. And the same 2 plants have little rust spots on a few of the leaves. One in particular was covered so I removed that one. They needed repotting so put them into 6l of light mix from the 0.7 pots. I did notice on a few of the worst ones that they're was slight yellowing to some of the ends of the roots. Most of them had nice white roots though. I'm sure they'll recover after a week or so of being in new pots and a bit of tlc, but I wanted to know what has caused this for future reference. Could it be because the medium had been wet for so long? Aphat (needs to lay of the cheese and tend to his biscuits!)
  23. Any help, direction etc very much appreciated... I have three clones, doing very nicely, though stuck in a small veg area while their mum flowers... I staggered taking the cuttings, so I can experiment to a degree - the first clone was potted from 0.5 to 1lt 3weeks ago and is becoming or is, root-bound. I do not have the option of potting up so plan to trim its roots and re-pot into 1lt. If it all goes to crap, I have a couple of weeks to work out what to do with the other two - worst case, one lives and is potted up. Can anyone advise on good practice for root trimming or direct me to any relevant threads, please? I have found a few discussions, though on hydro trimming, which isn't really helpful - I guess bonsai'ing a mother would be the closest to what I am trying to achieve, though temporarily. As I say, the aim/hope is to put these three in for a few additional weeks veg and turn them to 12/12 when mum comes out... Many thanks in advance.
  24. 2011ch4

    From the album From the start 2017

    One of the reasons i like air pots.