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Found 8 results

  1. I grow quite well - but I'm making renewed efforts to work better. I did some cuttings the other week and I have 100% success. It's quite rare for me to have a failure. I have an established routine and equipment which I keep to rigidly. Should I take particular note of those cuttings that root the fastest? Would that trait follow if I were to make those fast rooters into mothers and take further cuttings from that in time? I get that chance has a part to play in my cuttings itself and how I propagate it. But over time would that chance reduce to leave me with only a strain that naturally roots faster? tThe fastest has rooted in 5 days. Then There's about 10-12 days for last to root. - if that's any help. Many thanks KayDog
  2. Day 18

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  5. Day 1

  6. Hi all, this is my second attempt at a grow. The first one was great until they turned hermy. I'm using DWC, mainly because it's what I have access to currently. This time I'm falling at the very first hurdle and would appreciate ANY help whatsoever. I obtained 4 healthy Green Poison cuttings in rock wool and they were transported in a car (inside a plastic propagator) for 5 hours in normal temperature. I placed them in the corner of my tent inside the prop away from the direct light. The temp in the tent is 21 ish and the humidity is around 47%. I have a Can Fan keeping the air circulated amd the are getting 18/6. I have ensured the rock wool stayed moist but 3 weeks on and there are still no roots showing through. The lower leaves are dying but there are tiny new healthy leaves appearing from the top. Do I just need to give them more time?
  7. Hey amigos, I want to grow out some Oldtimes regs, but only want to do a maximum of 24-30 days veg before flipping to 12/12. Looking at some peeps diaries I see this strain can easily go up to 40 days or more to show sex. My plan is to veg in a 1 or 1.5l pot for 24-30 days, flip to 12/12 to hopefully show sex within 5 days, and then pot the females up straight into 5 or 6.5l while still on 12/12 so they continue flowering. From anyone's experience, would the plant root out the final pot sufficiently during the first 2/3 weeks of 12/12 if I were to do this? I also use PM Granules when potting on. And would the male/female ratio be affected by doing this also? Gracias
  8. I've tried many ways of germinating seeds and found soaking them in ph6 water for 24 hours, then placing them between some damp kitchen roll in a dark covered container works best for me. I find if they are going to crack, this method will produce the results. I believe some seeds will never crack no matter what you do to them, The problem I have is the consistency of the ones that crack, some crack straight away & usually go on to develop well but I do have problems with slow seeds quite a lot. These take a lot longer to crack and usually die in the planting medium having only developed a small tap root. Occasionally I do manage to grow 'slow seeds' but it is a rare occurrence. I've found planting into rockwool cubes is a lottery as is direct into soil, coco & vermiculite. So to get to the point of this thread, have you used Root-it sponge plugs & do they work for you? I've just ordered some to try & I would appreciate your feedback on them and be grateful for any tips. Do you also suffer with 'slow seeds'? Thanks for reading my thread & I look forward to your response Skunnymonster