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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All Starting to get back into this after a LONG time out and buying absolute rubbish to smoke! My memory is very hazy tbh so been watching a few Vids etc. I have roots just poking out of RRiot cubes and looking transplant into 3" cubes. What EC do i need, just looked at this video and he states 400PPM, is that not about 0.6? That seems high to me?? Plus his PH seems low, should it not be 5.8, should he not of soaked them for longer and let it 'level off' as we know RW increases PH. Also surely he should of trimmed them roots, would they not rot off at that length? I am SO looking forward to this guys, i've missed my own looked after and cared for smoke, i have some nice Gelato!! I also might add a tiny bit of Nitrozyme as well to the soak mix. Cheers guys and so glad to be back on here, i look forward to replies and the great chat, god i have MISSED this place......... VIDEO -
  2. Anyone got any experience with Root Riot? I have emailed the company and got zero response after a bag of 50, only 10 came up and the rest died, again another batch of 100, its 50:50 and these have been treat AS PER INSTRUCTIONS and find that the results are very mixed. These are cuttings that either take off in 3 or 4 days and have seen roots on the external of the block in 5 days before now but suddenly but there is ZERO consistency with the results. I can't post images to give you a reference of what these look like because the only operational camera I have embeds GPS data in the image.
  3. Hi all, I'm growing my seeds in root riot and was wondering how much light / temperature they should have/ be exposed to at this stage? I've seen many videos of mini tents, like under-the-counter things with lots of light and I'm presuming heat. many thanks in advance
  4. Welcome to my humble offering for the Sweet Seeds 2017 Diary Competition. Firstly, many thanks to Sweet Seeds for the free seeds, quite some deal - I send you no money and you send me three packs of seeds - I feel like I have already won before I started ! Here is a quick run down on the plan : Germinate the seeds in a 40x40x160 tent with a 125w Blue CFL using the good old fashioned standard - Wet tissue paper laced with 2ml per litre of Rhiztonic. Pop them into some Root Riot cubes and allow them to rise and root up. Once rooted their first pot will be a 0.7l square filled with Clover soil. Once they outgrow the small tent I shall transplant them into their final pots, 11 litre square's, once again using Clover soil but also with some additional organic bat guano - 1 litre mixed in with 80 litres of soil. Once in their final pots they will complete the journey in the big tent - 70x170x180 with 2 air cooled hoods holding 600w bulbs. I am using dimmable ballasts so can range from 400-1000w each if needed. Blue MH bulbs will go in to begin with then when flowering I can switch to the Red bulbs. Feeding will be kept simple, Rhizotonic all the way through until a few weeks before the end, Canna Start possibly whilst starting to veg out, Biobizz Fishmix once in full veg and in final pots, and finally Biozbizz Grow & Biobizz Bloom as appropriate. I live in a hard water area so doubt I will suffer from cal mag issues, but just in case, I do have a fresh bottle of Canna Trace Mix, so if there appears to be any kind of deficiency showing I will give them a few doses of this. Seed selection was difficult. Ideally I need a warehouse to fulfill my dreams, with a tent of every breed possible, but I had to settle on three. It was tough ! Jack47 (fast version) - I always kept looking this one up but its one of the more expensive ones - And I'm a tight arse Sweet Cheese (fast version) - I have done Sweet Cheese Auto a few times and even got a few hundred of my own seeds crossed with a SuperSkunk Auto male. My current favourite flavour. Sweet Skunk (fast version) - I couldn't resist, I am hoping to find a really deep skunky pheno, fingers crossed ! I will take clones, I would like to have a few mother plants. There are plans for a shed, in March I hope, if this happens then there will be a midnight move down to the end of the garden into a grow area twice the size of the tent. We will see ! They say a picture paints a thousand words. I agree. With this in mind I shall be setting up my DSLR camera on a little tripod with a timer so I can create a time lapse video to share with you all. I did a first attempt a while back which was pretty cool, I shall add it below. The plant in the video is now 82 days old and close to cropping, a Killer Kush Auto Last night I put all seeds into their tissue paper and covered them with a plant pot, it was nice and warm in the small tent with the 125w cfl powered up. Most of the seeds have cracked open and are showing their tap root, here a few pictures to get this diary started. Jack47 after 24h with a heavy watering of 2ml/litre Rhizotonic Sweet Cheese Sweet Skunk All seeds were put in to Root Riots And then heavily watered with the 2ml/litre Rhizotonic and put under the plastic hood of a propagator Happy smokes everyone !
  5. Ma fly shoppin

    From the album The Will Be Light

    got my debris ready, gonna start slowly but surely

    © as if I can/should copyright this when its an illegal act....

  6. Has been 2 weeks since I pop'd a Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk and its yet too pop its head out. Sunk it in a jar of water for 24 hrs then in paper towel for another 24 until taproot appeared. Carefully tweasered into a squeezed out root riot cube and covered. Temps are 27 and 80% humidity I pop'd another strain at the same time and that's now got its proper leafs. I have read this can be a tricky strain but should i persevere? Thx
  7. OK fellow UK420ers The good mrs has gone and surprised me with buying some fresh seeds after seeing me mope about after my failed attempt here with old seeds in my stash: https://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=336749 She has bought me 15 Dinafem Critical+ so im happy as larry at the moment...as she got another 5 Dinafem free from Attitude, so have 20 overall! Im wanting to germ these so i can use them in my amazon aeroponics system....any one know the best way to germ seeds for hydro? I was thinking of germing these the usual was i do, wet the seeds in a cup, then pop them into jiffy pellets, then into the heated propagator until they seedlings show and then i was thinking i could veg them in the jiffy's for a couple of weeks until they were on their 2nd set of true leaves and then strip the net off the jiffy pellet, wash away the soil and then transplant them into the amazon?? sound like a good plan anyone?? Im not confident germing in inert medium like root riots/rockwool because of my failed attemp above and previously...i always get better results with jiffy pellets...but anyone know of a good method to germ them? As i would like to avoid the jiffy pellets and then washing the soil to transplant them, as this could cause stress etc any help would be great