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Found 81 results

  1. The Beginning of the end. Let's get this shit show on the dusty roads. So @panik the king Kong of guerillas kindly entrusted me to put these bad boys through there paces Soooo.... Let's see how they get on Seed germing time boys & girls 1 of each will be picked and started From then on I will do the same but at stages of mid april, end of april and mid May Let's see how we get on Pics to follow soon
  2. I made this to find out if anyone's ever gotten a replacement pack since I don't have 50 posts to PM. I've cracked loads of beans most recently 38/39 hfh and 9/10 kc brains seeds. I got a 6 pack from RGSC because of all the hype and was greeted to only 2 mazars and 1 amnesia out of a 6 pack
  3. Finally banged my plants out sat just gone, fast diesel, lemonade freeze, dfg, short hazy days x B.B. gum, mighty wonder fuck, and a random lone fire 99. Not big numbers just a few of each spread over 2 plots, got a cream caramel runt I couldn’t bear to bin so I’ve kept her back for some tlc and a late plant out. The mwf has an astonishing growth rate, neck and neck with fast diesel but has the most incredible fruity smell just from rubbing the leaves. Rained just after planting so maybe this is my year. Bring on the flower show
  4. Fast diesel

    From the album The garden

  5. Auto purple

    From the album The garden

  6. Lemon drizzle

    From the album The garden

  7. Lemon drizzle

    From the album The garden

  8. Purple freeze

    From the album The garden

  9. Easy Sat x skunk no 1

    From the album The garden

  10. Cheers @panik for the competition, you've been generous with the incentive to say the least. I'm on an outdoor mission at the latitude 51N (SW). The strains I will be growing this year are: -GreenGold (RGSC) -Lemonade OG X Freezeland (RGSC) -Frisian Dew -Mango X NL Auto X Cinderella 99 BX1 -Double Blanche -Purple Sourlite -Purple Satellite The aim of my grow this year is to select the best strains for the welsh climate which sends all our weed rotten (I have no doubt RGSC will win me over). I want to cross the Mango X NL Auto X Cinderella 99 BX1 with a very hardy strain that has been grown in the area for about 60 years (could even call it my area's landrace). I also have a cancer patient who I am going to make some resin for which is very rewarding for me. I have dug 3 foot wide 3 foot deep holes at my plot which I will photograph in the next week. My babies gonna b lovin it in there! Never been that great with DIY but I've really gone for it this year and made a 100cm by 200cm coldframe for the young ones out of some old wood and a roll of polythene I had lying around. see pictures below. It's only my third year of growing so I'm not looking to win the competition but just share info and get advice from people that know better than me. I'm aiming to update you guys on the op roughly once a week. starting off with 70 regs and hoping to get about 40 ladies out of it if I'm lucky
  11. today seem like a good day and date to begin, so... last night the moon was right, ( @Ch@ppers ) so... 4 DFG and 4 Mighty Gold got a 30 minute soak in seaweed solution before being popped into root trainers 3/4 filled with a mix of seed soil, worm shit and mycor max. whacked in the wee dome tent with temps between 22 and 26 since. 2 seeds of each strain are backups in case my unwanted super power of clusterfucking everything suddenly kicks in. plan is to nurse indoor (and hopefully out) then plant in plots late may/early june (work and life depending). out of the 7 different strains i jammed in the dirt the DFG seeds were the fattest, most business like lookin seeds present, with the mighty gold right behind. massive... gotta say, this is the only competition ive been in where the prizes are given in advance many of the biggest type thanks to @panik for the prizes. ill do my best to earn em... pictures will follow when there's something worth showing (see BeeZees diary for images of seeds and dirt. pretty much the same here, so...) LET THE WAITING BEGIN! merry 420...
  12. 5dc81d2d53057-ImagenPNG.png

    Lemonade og, this one was well early
  13. Easy Sativa X Skunk#1

    From the album Easy Sativa x Skunk#1

  14. From the album Green Gold (RGSC) 2019

    Wicked herb! Over 1lbs weight!
  15. Saw these go up on the site the other day, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a pack. £15 for 6 interesting-sounding fems from RGSC, I'd be stupid not to right? https://www.realgorillaclothing.com/product/killer-orange-s1/?attribute_pa_seeds=6 @panik Sorry to steal your thunder if you were going to announce it later on in a new thread. I'm surprised no ones mentioned it on here yet. Is there any extra general info you can provide us with mate, like from your experience growing them out or with parents etc? Thanks!
  16. rsz-f.jpg

    From the album Year 2

  17. C5FB9A45-AC8F-4A80-8655-9A307F67F479.jpeg

    From the album Auto gorilla

  18. Want to cover all bases this year. Ie; August, september and october harvesting to spread my bets and also for variety. I have been considering 3 later finishing strains from rgsc. Skitzo#1 and real gorill4 are both on the indoor section but offer outdoor harvest times of october in the description. Has anyone got any experience with either of these? Also affie daze. Again, any pics or first hand info would be sound. Gettin close now!!!
  19. thumbnail-20190219-122718.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Project 2019

  20. Thought i would contribute more.. so heres a look at what im doing to prepare for the spring In the garden are 3 Auto Mazar 4 Auto Blue-Tooth, Green Gold, GG"4 and 2 x Early Diesel. additional 2 bluetooth and 1 mazar have just been popped for a slightly staggered harvest I have 2 x "300watt" chinese LED that i got from wish for pence .. and the biggest led flood light B&Q sold last year which i got in sale when they were discontinued lol. total guestimated output about 300watts of used energy ? seems pretty bright to me haha lets see.. 24hr lights on ! soil is Jacks Magic..seems ok.. All beans popped after 24/30 hrs.. first lot popped on 11/11... had about 10 days in little pots, first water in big pots with 5 litlre water with 1/2 teaspoon added "Q4 rootmore".. then watered with "maxicrop take root" . i dont really measure nowdays haha just a splash so im at about 3 and a bit weeks.. flowering should start soon on the autos.. Snaps to follow.. currently transfering from android to mac which is a fekin pain in the ass !!!
  21. 20190216-191345-001.jpg

    From the album Indoor Auto LED Grow

  22. 20190216-050625.jpg

    From the album Indoor Auto LED Grow

    a flower for yaz !!