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Found 16 results

  1. hi and welcome to my first uk420 diary thanks to @panik for the seeds hope to do them proud mate. fast diesel Strain Lineage: Sour Diesel x GG2 The sour Diesel clone was crossed to the early GG lines to bring down flowering times to 7 weeks , these plants grow fast have great bag appeal and structure with a fruity hint of citrus Diesel. zkittzo Strain Lineage: Zkittles X Skunk#1 Rgsc take on Zkittles ,..Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to produce this candy-flavoured cannabis bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This award-winning combination took 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and 1st Place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The chunky Colas explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavours. The effects of Zkittlez are surprisingly Uplifting for an indica, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day, now crossed to our Skunk#1 it brings even more pack to the punch and is still fruity as hell Genetics: Zkittles x Skunk Mostly Indica Dominant Indoors 9 Weeks Flowering Feminised this will be a simple soil grow setting three of each off and will keep updates short and sweet. seeds will be soaked overnight in a glass of water then straight into a small soil pot and put in a warm place until hopefully i have 6 new babies to show you all
  2. today seem like a good day and date to begin, so... last night the moon was right, ( @Ch@ppers ) so... 4 DFG and 4 Mighty Gold got a 30 minute soak in seaweed solution before being popped into root trainers 3/4 filled with a mix of seed soil, worm shit and mycor max. whacked in the wee dome tent with temps between 22 and 26 since. 2 seeds of each strain are backups in case my unwanted super power of clusterfucking everything suddenly kicks in. plan is to nurse indoor (and hopefully out) then plant in plots late may/early june (work and life depending). out of the 7 different strains i jammed in the dirt the DFG seeds were the fattest, most business like lookin seeds present, with the mighty gold right behind. massive... gotta say, this is the only competition ive been in where the prizes are given in advance many of the biggest type thanks to @panik for the prizes. ill do my best to earn em... pictures will follow when there's something worth showing (see BeeZees diary for images of seeds and dirt. pretty much the same here, so...) LET THE WAITING BEGIN! merry 420...
  3. Hi RGSC fans. The season is moving quick. Hope no-ones been caught out by the cold snaps Anyone who knows my previous identity, knows I like to do things differently (the hard way) About to move onto some land with an empty building, no internet etc, no reception, and lots to do. Not conductive to creating a diary I know. But I like a challenge, and I couldn't resist the temptation of @panik's prizes Thanks for having me mate. Felt out of the RGS loop over the winter, so it's nice to be part of your comp. For those that don't know, I'm in west wales, about lat 53. It's wet and humid. Even when it's not My old patch ain't perfect, but it'll do. About to soak 6 x greengold reg's to go out. Also have feck loads of whitey freeze x whitey freeze to try out. These are going to be a right mix up I think, throwing out lots of variation. Given lots to my friends to plant out too, so hopefully we'll get something good to play with in the end. Also have a whitey freeze mum from my indoor grow, so I might stick some late cuttings out and see how she does outside. Although they came in a RGSC pack, I don't think the sagexfucktard panik gave me count as RGSC seeds, but they're going out too May all your seeds sprout, and turn into monsters
  4. The sun was shining and I had an afternoon free... So I've only gone and chucked 10 dfg into some compost Cheers @panik for the beans, I'll be keeping this lot in my greenhouse for the next 4 weeks feeding them comfrey tea and generally pampering them, any excuse to get out the house Mid may they'll be going out to this plot Where they'll be showing off next to some critical Cheese That's my start to this comp, I'll add some more pics when they pop up...
  5. Late start this year, but I have found everything thing at my lat53 is late this year. Grass has just started growing and the magnolias have come into bloom. Me being a gardener have noticed this. I like to prep my plots when theirs a little cover and things are a bit more covert. I have multiple RGSC Strains going out this year and am very excited. This week I intend to go out with the stihl strimmer and ripp out a nice patch as get the seeds in soak. I did intend to do the original release of whitey freeze but I got a load of males so binned em. Onwards and upwards. Pics to follow this week I’m onit going balls deep with the RGSC gear this season!! Good luck everyone and pray for the fooking sunshine aye
  6. Good mornings Uk420, Firstly a big thank you to panik for cutting me in on this, appreciated, thanks. I have germed a pair of pips, and they have popped up lovely, I thought I took a picture last night, but unfortunately I have not, I’ll put one on shortly. As these are regular I am going to take my time to find a mum, possibly even a dad. cheers.Jj
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  14. Ok folks, another Dodgee escapade in the making. Seeds landed Monday but I was away, wasn't actually due back till tomorrow but a family issue meant an early return so I made a trip to the PO sorting office and collected the beans. Anyways the forums favourite primate (I always thought it was BP in the gorilla suit myself but who knows maybe they bought or a job lot or god forbid maybe they share! Not at the same time we can but hope.. ) but yeh you all know who I'm talking about, the good lad we call Panik, he very kindly donated me a pack of his Gorilla Haze to try out! Top job! And a 12 pack to boot! Happy days... Big ups n massive thanks for the generousity! @panik Anyways the official start for the indoor diary (beans in dirt) will be tomorrow. The outdoor will follow in a coupler few weeks. I'll cover both in here side by side and will give the various details as they appear in my mashed up mind. Til tomorrow folks... Ta
  15. Thanks to Panik I have these plants up and running. Not had a bad start, but not the best either. They're doing OK. Out of 12 seeds they all cracked and this is six of the best selected to grow in the tent in coco. They're under a 250w at the moment until there ready to pot on into 10ltr pots where I'll up the light wattage, this is gonna depend on the heat as its bloody hot round ere now They should be ready for potting on within the week but will see how it goes