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Found 184 results

  1. The first of the troop has been given a bath . The Pink Cherry Pie . Was going to do 3 of these , but the first one sunk , so I soaked 4 to be sure. The rest of the troop will be the Fast Lemon Cake Super#61 Erdpurpz Thanks to @panik and RGSC for the chance to grow some of their beans again . Basically giving out free weed . DIY. I didn't manage to do them justice last year and hope to redeem myself . Best of luck to all the growers , but we all won anyway just with the beans .
  2. From the album Stigs shiz

    Bag of all sorts
  3. Saw these go up on the site the other day, I couldn't stop myself from grabbing a pack. £15 for 6 interesting-sounding fems from RGSC, I'd be stupid not to right? https://www.realgorillaclothing.com/product/killer-orange-s1/?attribute_pa_seeds=6 @panik Sorry to steal your thunder if you were going to announce it later on in a new thread. I'm surprised no ones mentioned it on here yet. Is there any extra general info you can provide us with mate, like from your experience growing them out or with parents etc? Thanks!
  4. Hi, hoping some folks that have grown Real Gorilla's GG4 could point me in the direction of a few diaries to read / look through. Want a nice GG4 and have always liked the looks of Real Gorrila Seeds GG4. Any diaries to peep at would be great. Cheers.
  5. Anyone got this on the go wonder how it performs outside
  6. Topped MightyGold or Purple Freeze

    From the album GG 2022

    Topped MightyGold or Purple Freeze
  7. 2022 Outdoor Seeds.jpg

    From the album 2022 Outdoor

    RGSC: Fast Zkittles x3, Fast Cookies x3, Auto Gelato x3, Auto Wedding Cake (freebies) x2. Urban Legends: Burning Kush Auto x5. HSO: Auto Mango OG x3, Auto Chocolate Mint OG x3. Dinafem: Gorilla Auto x3.
  8. Hi @panik Any news on Easy Sativa x Skunk#1 (Outdoor Fem), which has been sold out for ages on your website? Any chance of it’s return this coming season? Lovely plant, early finisher, suits my environment plus good yield and strong effect. Also, noticed your Fast Zkittles has just become minimum of 12, it was showing 6 yesterday? I don’t need a dozen, but if that’s the deal, then so be it. I’m after some Autos also, so my order is evoloving… Have a great summer, out and about at a latitude near you! Mcgarret
  9. Gorilla-Dawg-Day56.jpg

    From the album DeltaMeltersPostStuff

    Gorilla Dawg
  10. Firstly my apologies to Panik for the delay in getting this journal up. I was kindly offered a couple of free seeds from Panik and i said i would get a journal up as a thank you, numerous months later after a pc nightmare i can now get some pics up I was kindly sent a 6 pack of RGSC Auto Mazar & Auto Gelato - up until this grow i had never grown any RGSC strains - this will change next season as both the strains ran were outstanding and i will be running a few RGSC autos next season. They both yielded more than any other auto i have grown , the end product is very nice with the Gelato being very very nice in respect of flavour and effect. Both strains were easy to grow, no dramas other than both being light feeders. Both strains easily beat my go to auto strains and as such i will be swapping over next season. I was plagued with slug & snail attatcks resulting in losing 1 of the 4 i was growing with 2 others getting badly nibbled upon, however they seem to bounce back happily where others died. I have over 600 pics to wade through and resize so i will pop these pics up here for now until i get to resolving all the picture dramas
  11. Fast Zkittlez - #3 31 August

    From the album 2021 RGS GG

    Fast Zkittlez - #3 31 August - Another absolute monster of a plant about same size as the exo gold bx1 I have out