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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I've just started my first grow around 2 weeks ago. My lighting setup was : Lumii 600w Dual Spec HPS with Lumii 600w Dimmable ballast and reflector. Yesterday an engineer from my Tv and internet company called and was checking the wires, he then knocked on my door and said there is a massive interference coming from my house, I thought nothing of it and left the lights with timer on. He called again today saying the interference is still there and that he will have to disconnect my services if the interference doesn't stop. I told him to wait a minute, went in to my dr and unplugged the ballast from power and then asked him if the interference is still here and he said no. He showed me a graph and log and it clearly showed the interference only being there when the lights were switched on. This means that either my ballast or bulb were causing a massive interference in the area affecting the nodes. I've unplugged the ballast and HPS and won't be plugging it back in until I know how to sort this issue. My setup is 1x1x2m and I'm wondering if I buy a 1000w LED on Amazon for £180 will this be enough to replace the 600W HPS? I'd appreciate your help on this one ! It's quite stressful
  2. Am currently looking into swapping current setup to The Gavita Pro-Lines E-series All In One Light Unit. with The master controller unit to suit.. Has anyone had any experience with the Gavita Setup? How did you get on? Digital Ballasts have been a concern for myself, as Many Years ago when I was looking originally to use them, they were throwing out magnificent rf to the point my radio didn't work (old fashioned I know )... but it knocked the frequency for the television out, so I felt it to be wise, to switch back to the magnetic ballasts. I'm aware of the cost difference and Overall performance showing that digital outperforms magnetic, It's just the radio frequency causing my delay Also is there much Light penetration difference between the 400v bulbs in the Gavita, in comparison with sunmaster or Sylvania? Technology always Evolves and its been a while, so I'm hoping maybe.. they have sorted the frequencies out? anyone care to clarify?