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Found 13 results

  1. Firstly big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for letting me be one of the five chosen for this UK420 Ocean Grown Cookies pre release grow show. Hopefully I can do them justice and do a good preview of this new strain. I will be growing out 3 of them along with 1 Dinamed, I have never grown CBD strains before so this is a first for me. Also in the mix is 2 Purps#1 and 1 Remo Chemo, I ran these 2 last year and I want to fill my jars up again. Lastly 1 each of Gorilla and Bubba Kush, these two are new strains for me too. So that’s the plan, 6 strains over 9 plants to showcase Dinafems brand new unrealeased strain, a CBD strain, 2 old favourites and some new ones to me. I will be getting them wet tomorrow evening, I loves a Dinafem grow so this spring should be a lot of fun.
  2. Alright there Uk420, Right then the year is almost over so time to get some beans cracked, so thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for the prizes So far I have popped two Remo’s and two Dinamed cbd+ which from now on I will refer to as cbd+ or something like that, I placed the beans in separate jars of water with labels on each,some time later both the remos cracked along with the cbd pair, so into their little party cups they go, both the cbd girls are up but only one of the Remo has joined the party, hopefully the other one will arrive by tomorrow. Remo chemo that has joined us, Pair of Cbd girls. Lights i am using are Quantum boards, currently running one at 100 watts around 16 inches, feed wise I am on formulex at the mo once they are a bit more established probably potted up into 1L pots I’ll start with the grow, Advanced nutrients, easy peasy. Ill back on a mostly weekly basis with updates, Take it easy,Jj
  3. Ongoing Dinafem Specific Diary - Going to be growing the new CBD Autos from Dinafem with a Remo Chemo that is currently mid veg. Thanks to @Dinafem-Markfor the opportunity. Never grown or tasted anything CBD related so pretty chuffed to sample the what CBD can do, hoping for some anti anxiety meds and help with Glaucoma.
  4. Hi folks and welcome to my first Dinafem only multistrain diary, I did a multistrain diary in here last year but there were only 3 Dinafem plants in the grow as I had some strains from other breeders as well. This time I am doing only Dinafem strains, the grow will be 8 plants and I plan on veging them up nice and big and hopefully end up with some big and heavy monster plants. I will be doing two each of the new purple genetics Purple Moby Dick and The Purps#1 and one each of Dinachem, Remo Chemo, Strawberry Amnesia and Diesel. I will update later today with some more info about my set up and plans for this grow and also why I have chosen these strains. It it should be lots of fun and I am sure there will plenty of ups and downs along the way.
  5. remo chemo

    From the album thingummyjig

    put seed in plastic bag in tissue wet it and 2 days later a tail shows, in to coco sprayed with a very week solution of root stuff this is it 7 days after breaking ground, its in an aldi bag for life with a 2ft strip light sitting on cardboard stilts across open zipper works a treat. was scared of gassing off but all is well.does for a starter. had to intervien with tweezers to remove shell as it just couldn't lose it.
  6. here we go with my diary for spring 2018 .. DAY 1 grow style .. indoors , tent in the attic tent .. growlabs gl150 medium .. jacks magic compost nutes .. bio bizz fish mix , OT grow , bio bizz bloom light .. 600w HPS , parabolic 1 meter shade , lumatek switchable ballast , soft start , heavy duty timer fans .. 6" can fan L1 , 6" rhino carbon filter , STR speed controller , 2 x clipon fans heat .. 3 x 80w tube heaters , 1 x bambino oil filled radiator thank you dinafem mark for the blue hash and cali hash plant seeds , currently smoking some blue hash very nice , kinda sweet and moreish 1 x california hash plant 1 x blue hash 1 x OG kush 2 x shark attack 1 x remo chemo ( attitude freebie ) seeds hit the compost last night 19 feb 2018 , no soaking , no tissue , just straight into the compost , about 4 mill deep , light sprinkle of compost over the top , small spray of water , then into the germinating tank this jacks magic compost is very very good , light and crumbly , i always riddle the compost first ( this stuff hardly needed it ) AND SO IT BEGINS...
  7. Here we go Ole ZZ is gonna have a bash at Remo Chemo. Sounds like something I might like the buzz off . Anyway these seeds were a cunt to germ. Tiniest seeds I've ever seen and fucking toughest seed shells I've ever seen. So I always soak them for 24 hours so the shells can split and I know I have viable seeds. So 24 hours in plain water in the tin they came in 3 seeds Bosh. In a bit of coco , a bit damp . The picture below is especially for people laying down on the sofa . That is as far as I could get these remos to split . I had to resort to covering them with some plastic as to increase the humidity . This seems to be what the seeds needed to germ as I had failed without it, the seed staying semi split and its insides going to mush. Thank fuck at last 3 days later got 2 of them broke the surface. One still has the seed casing on and I had to pull it off because still it was rock hard and tough. The first one was potted up into a 1 litre ,early I know but I feel safe with a 1 litre not drying out . A few days later I'm up and bloody running. 2 Remo's, the third didn't make it out of its shell. Anyway fuck that germing shit now ZZ is growing the green .
  8. In the Night Garden... Welcome all to this diary test run on this new Dinafem/Remo - The Urban Grower collaboration folks. For this run I'll also be testing the Remo Nutrients 'Supercharged 500ml Nutrient Kit' provided for the grow and this is a step in a new direction for me as I've never used Cannabis specific nutrients in all the years I've grown on and off, (those who'll be familiar with my ways will know that I usually use liquid growmore for veg and a tomato formula for bloom with additions of Maxicrop seaweed extract, Epsom salts and home made brews of various concotions if any nasties become an issue, which predominantly is the odd Sciarid Fly about the place from time to time. I've had difficulties lately with my system and I'm not a 100% sure as to whether I've nailed it until running this lot, but I think I'm on it and have a pretty good idea as to where it is I've been going wrong and what issues my growing environment has been experiencing (I may go into more detail on that front throughout the diary but for now it's best to keep it relatively simple). The Nutrients & The Beans Provided some time ago and with the utmost of gratittude, two boxes of these Supercharged Nutrient Kits arrived from Remo Nutrients' UK distributer and not only that, they also came with a set of Grow Room glasses (which are really fantastic for my Sodium lamp) and also a measuring cup AND a bonus emblemed T Shirt! Many thanks for this Remo Nutrients and many thanks also to @Dinafem-Mark for arranging all of this, of course my gratitude also extends to Dinafem Seeds for putting up the Remo Chemo beans in order to do the test...you've looked after me guys, all of you and not just on this run either and I hope this test run will prove fruitfull for much information gained Included inside the pack of nutrients are as follows :- 2 x 500ml Remo's Micro 1 x 500ml Remo's Grow 1 x 500ml Remo's Nature's Candy 1 x 500ml Remo's Magnifical 1 x 500ml Remo's VeloKelp 1 x 500ml Remo's AstroFlower 2 x 500ml Remo's Bloom The seeds were taken out of their packaging yesterday and were placed into a cup of water with the addition of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract. After a few hours, I gave them a tap and pleased to say that all five sank. Today then I have put together some starter pots (3" square) and there's a suprise here too folks The suprise is that I've been thinking about how I can test these nutes and strain without it being just a straight old run, thus what I've decided to do is a comparison side by side but not only that there's a little extra too The side by side is a compost (It's reused and was boosted some months ago with some FBB and around 25% coco addition, which has been 'cooking' away lovely in a compost bag) v coco grow off (the coco is from brick type that I'd purchased last year and has been hydrated and the dusty shite removed for only the decent fibres/medium desired, it's also PH balanced etc and comes from the Netherlands). It's going to be tricky because I don't have any EC measuring devices and will be winging this from reading the plants (although this is how I always grow anyway and I'm looking forward to the challenge). The 'extra' bit mentioned is to do with an experiment I was messing about with last year and is concerning the air pruning element of growing with consideration to the 'four inch rule' (for those unfamiliar I suggest a quick google as there's some interesting reading and findings which make absolute sense). Of course, there's nothing new in air pruning and many growers employ these techniques, what I have done though is a 'poor' man's version of an air pruning starter pot by putting holes all over a standard starter pot to form a mesh structure, it is Vince Noir that has piqued my interest with this method after reading hiis exploits and so cannot take credit for the idea of the pots, but I like learning via doing tbh and reading can only provide so much info. Not all of the starters are air pruning pots however, what I've done is to put three seeds into compost (1 in an air prune pot) and two into the coco (1 in an air prune pot). And so the seed is set... As can be seen above, when planting the seed I also put a pinch of Hormone Rooting Powder to help them on their way with getting some rootage going sharpish Both mediums were of perfect hydration levels and so went into the propagator which is now currently sitting in my little old starter box in complete darkness...temps are 24 C and so there's not much more to say at this juncture except, many thanks for journeying in and getting this far (bit of an essay this opener is becoming). I'll be updating at weekly intervals because quite soon one will be engaing with education system once more as I'm going all out for a Degree and perhaps Masters afterwards if I fit into it and who knows what else life will bring. Until next time, thanks for watching
  9. REMO CHEMO and DINAMED CBD Righty ho peeps I will be growing 3 x Remo Chemo and 1 x Dinamed cbd under a Viparspectra until after the stretch in flower, then under a 600w dual spectrum til the finish if attic temps don't get too high with any more heatwaves. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for this opportunity to grow their new high THC strain along with Remo's nutrients I know this is meant to be a Remo grow but I thought it a good idea to grow 2 powerful strains of up to 25%, one of THC and one of CBD and be able to cocktail them together in different amounts and feel the different effects. Might even make some hash of both their trim mixed together. The last time I used nutes other than organic was Canna terra about 15 years ago and have been using organic nutes since then so this will be a new learning curve for me. That's my early excuse in case I fuck it up I managed to source some Clover MP compost today so I'll be trying that for the first time after hearing good things about it. I haven't had the time to proper research the Remo nutes yet but I had a quick read on their website yesterday and I won't be following the schedule until the nutes in the compost are nearly spent. They'll be getting Velo kelp from the off and some Nature's candy and maybe Micro, all in small doses and in different waterings. I think I need to find more info on the Micro though before I decide when to use it. Final pot size will be 11L square and I'm hoping to have them vegged enough in about 5 weeks before flipping. See how it goes with whatever training method I go with. I've bought a TD silent extractor fan and acoustic ducting especially for this grow, in case we do have any more hot weather and I have to run my fan at full. Does anyone know if I'll be able to run it through my diy Variac, with it being two speed already? So I put the beans between wet paper towels in a plastic container last night and into a black plastic bag before placing in my veg cab that has been running at about 75 to 83f just lately. They'll go into starter pots of Clover when I get some tap roots. More when I get signs of life. Happy growing and keep it green
  10. Well folks I could've sworn I started this already but buggered if I can find it now.. Anyway a good few months back now, mark and the dinafem team very kindly donated me a packet of remos chemo to grow out and document here. Due to a few hassles there's been a considerable delay in getting this diary started proper like. For that I can only offer my most humble of apologise. @Dinafem-Mark very sorry mate, your not the only guys I've let down in recent months and whilst that's no excuse I hope it demonstrates there's been nothing intentional on my behalf. Now that's out of the way, onwards! Well the girls got feet wet well over a month back now but have been languishing on a poorly lit windowsill until I was able to reserect another tent and move a few other plants around. They were in small seedling pots through that whole period and obviously they have suffered for it. Of the five seeds that went into soak all 5 broke the surface but 3 had a bit of issue shucking the seed shell. I'm loath to interfere at this delicate part of the game but when one finally keeled over I intervened and assisted the other two from there jackets. One of them suffered a severed leaf at that point but without to much harm done. So we are 4/5 on the germination/seedling front. Though the fifth might have been saved had I intervened sooner. Hindsight is a wonderful thing though so ittis. So after a recent pot on and a week under 250w mh here are the 4 girls hopefully on the road to recovery. And that brings us up to date for now. Hang on! Nearly forgot! The uk distributors for the remos nutrients very generously donated a few packs for the folks here at uk420 and I was fortunate enough to be selected to trial those too. So these will get the full compliment of nutrients and beneficials along the way... I'm a bit nervous on this front tbh as its a lot more bottles and bits than I would ordinarily use and I'm wary of fucking up. But I'm sure with you guys observing and a few gentle prods in the right direction we'll manage in the end. Well to anybody who managed to read all that, well-done! And many thanks. From here on in the diary should follow my usual picture heavy/details light format. Hope some of you will join me for the ride! Once more many many thanks to mark and the rest of the team as well as remo and the nutrient uk distribution team. Nnnnnnniceeeeee1 peeps! See u all again soon!
  11. Hey 420, The time has finally come for me to start my Remo Chemo grow diary. It's been a tough few weeks for many reasons with my Wife nearly choking to death probably topping it,I was literally only a few minutes away from losing Mrs B forever. It took the ambulance nearly 18 minutes to get to us by which time I'd been keeping her going myself for 10 minutes with help over the phone. Happily she was fine after a couple of days but to go from a normal,happy day enjoying a nice family meal to her nearly dying in front of our childrens eyes really shook us all up and everything else has seemed unimportant since then so my last grow and the starting of this one has been given minimal attention I'm sorry to say so apologies @Dinafem-Mark G/TERMINATION! I have to be honest,admit my lack of skills and say that I had a bit of a nightmare germing the Remo..... Having soaked 4 seeds for 12hrs,saving one for later.... I put them straight into moistened John Innes no1 kept at 24c under 2 x 45w Philips CFL and sat back and waited and waited and waited some more until after 5 days I had 2 come up for light dropping they're cases nicely and 1 that came up with it's shell stuck to it like glue that I initially left just adding drops of water every few hours to keep the shell soft for the Cotyledons to push it apart and escape from its iron grip.... It stayed like that for nearly a week until the seed head including Cotyledons just fell away in the fan breeze and pissed me right off but leaving a plump stem with the tiniest green spot of growth on top so decided to give it attention,some extra time and crossed my fingers hard to see what happened and sure enough it has slowly re-grown its first true leaves..... Over the last few weeks it has gradually grown albeit at a slow rate but it's alive and starting to catch up with it's big sisters..... Ive held my other seedlings back as much as possible whilst it catches up. As it stands I have 3 out of 4 planted with number 4 still sitting in a pot just incase she decides to join us at the last minute. They were put into compost on the 26th July and what did rise were all up within 7 days so from now we are officially on day 29. GROW PLAN. I'll be using a wick system and Plagron Royal Mix as a medium which should provide every bit of nutrition they'll need for the whole grow leaving only bubbled water for them to drink but if I have any issues they'll receive Plagron Alga Grow/Bloom. They've been repotted this week into Plagron Light Mix watered with a small dose of trusty Fishmix at 1ml per ltre. They'll be top fed a dose of Bio Bizz Algamic once a week as a tonic as soon as they hit final wick pots. It's a little hard to explain how I'm going to grow but it's a twist on a screen grow (not a true scrog) but with sides,of a fashion,I can't fit it until they've vegged enough but will explain it with pics once it's up. LIGHTING As everyone well knows there is not a single light type that is viewed as THE one to use as they all have strengths and weaknesses so I've ended up using all of them! I'm using the diy put together light I've used for 3 grows now that consists of 2 x LED Mars Hydro (145w actual each) mixed in with 9 x 35w CMH industrial Digital Control Gear with Philips Mastercolour Elite G12 bulbs. All of them are individually switched so I can add or take away light as needed which makes it great to veg under and the Remo are currently vegging under the 2 x Mars Hydro (actual 290w.) to keep node spacing short. Once theyre tall enough to feed into the screen and wall I will start adding the CMH into areas that need a pep up to keep things nice across the canopy. Once I switch to flowering I will introduce a Lumi 450w HPS that will run for 10 hrs of the 12 with an hour either side to smooth out temps. All in and at full power they will be receiving - 9 x 35w CMH - 315W 2 X 145W(act) LED - 290W 1 x 450w HPS - 450W So they'll be under 1055w in total which I think is enough in my 1.2m X 1.2m X 2m tent. PICTURE UPDATE Now a quick pic run though from early to now and some shots on the window sill in natural light..... The Remo ladies are a part of my Christmas grow so there will be other ladies filling my tent and keeping them company but Remo will be at the front with her two Dinafem sisters namely Diesel and Critical+2 alongside her for the run. There we go then everything right up to date and ready to push on with vegging that I expect to take 4-5 weeks leaving time for to get everything finished and curing by Christmas. Have a great evening people and hope you and yours are well.
  12. Easy all.. Fairly new grower here. Started my growing career in February this year and I've got just the one completed grow under my belt. I'll be soon harvesting my second and third crops in the comming weeks. This is thread is going to be my 4th run and my entry to the Dinafem 17/18 Grow Comp.. I'd like to start off by saying a big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and the Dina gang for the donated seeds. Always appreciated. As you probably guessed by the title, I went for the recently released Remo Chemo and the Purple Afghan Kush. I've always been a big Remo fan... Followed him since he repped Advanced Nutrients back int day, so when I heard about his chemo strain I was really excited! When I finally got round to setting up my first grow, I thought I'd start off old skool remo style and went straight for the A.N bottles. Not sure if the big man would approve of this these days, but oh well...I don't think he'll find out haha!.. It worked well on my first grow and doing the same magic again on my current crops, so I'm gonna stick with it until it's all gone. I'll then switch to the Remo nutes and give them a whirl! I know there will be a few people growing the Remo Chemo in this competition and most of them will be testing out the Remo nutes (lucky lads!), but I'm hoping to be one of the first to run it on here using one of Remo's main competitors and company he repped so hard a few years back. Ok, so on with the grow diary... I'll be using entry level LED grow lights (Viparspectra & MarsHydro), Canna Coco and three small-ish grow spaces (there will be more details on the spaces and environment in future updates). The initial plan was to run 3x Remo Chemo and 3x Purple Afghan Kush... However, due to lack of space and ongoing grows, in order to do that I would have to wait months before I had room and be able to run all 6 in one go..soo, change of plan... I now intend to start this diary off by running just 3 of the 5 Remo Chemo seeds. I will be starting them off under a T5 light along with a couple other clones which I'm running (I won't mention any names ). Once the seedlings are of a reasonable size, they will move into the 90x90 veg space and under the MarsHydro II 400 LED...I'm a fan of a long veg, so they will hopefully get atleast 6 weeks in this space. Before I flip the Remo's into flower, I will take cuts from the plants. They will then be moved into the 1.2x1.2 flower space under two Viparspectra 900s to be finished off. ** SPOILER ALERT ** This is where I hope the diary will get interesting and become unique to the competition.. I plan to document the cloning adventure within this thread and whilst the Remo clones are (hopefully) rooting under the T5, I will start the germination process of the Purple Afghan Kush, also documenting that. The Remo's will start flower maybe 2 weeks sooner due to the longer bloom time, but I've read the P.A.K can take a while to get going in veg so it might work out just sweet anyway! It's just going to be a matter of timing this right! I'll hopefully finish this diary off by harvesting 3x Remo Chemo Clones along side 3 P.A.K seeds! Enough with the rambling...I can't half waffle, here's my starter pics.. They had 12 hours in the shot glass (2 out of the 3 sank to the bottom) then placed in a damp paper towel inside an airtight container. After 24 hours, two seeds had cracked open. One had sprouted its tail and the other looked like it was about to do the same...nothing from the third seed jus yet! I folded them back up and put them back in the tub. 12 hours later, and after being in the damp paper towel for a total of 36 hours, I checked again to see that the two remo's that previously cracked open had now fully sprouted their starter roots! Still nothing from the third bean. I decided that I'd pot the two germinated remo's and leave the other one in the paper towel, checking it every 12 hours. The pair hit the dirt this afternoon and are now sat in a propagator, under the T5, on a 24hr light cycle. Temps in the room are 25.4 degrees at the minute RH is 47% in tent but will be alot higher in the prop. Here's a quick shot of the nursery..remo's in the propagator. You won't see much of my other girls in this thread...this is a one off. So to finish up this post, 2 out of 3 remo seeds fully germinated in just over 36 hours. I'd say at this stage, there's still hope for the third one, so I'm going to hold off on starting the germination process on my final two seeds for now! I'll probably give the seed another day or so before I sink a fourth bean. Today is officially day #1 of seed for RC #1 and RC#2 and I'm confident they will both break through the coco within the next 24 hours. That's it for now, but I'll be checking on the third seed in the morning. It's still early days I suppose, so we'll see what's what then! Sorry for the long intro.. Hope everything is clear and makes sense! If anyone has any questions or got some advice they wanna share, feel free to drop a comment! Untill next time, peace out farmers!
  13. DSCF1432.JPG

    From the album Dinafem 2017-18 indoor grow comp

    arrived safely....