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Found 1 result

  1. hi, ive been lurking for ages but this is my first post, i couldnt find the answer to my question so ive made an account to ask it myself, i hope someone can help me cz i really dont know what to do for the best right now. my plants are a week past their harvest date according to the seed pack. im growing barneys blue cheese and liberty haze, chosen because they both have the exact same flowering time according to the breeders website, 60-65 days. today is day 69. im growing in coco in a small room using canna nutes- a&b, rhizo, cannazym, pk and molasses as a boost. ive got 12 plants under 3x 600w hps. i was due to chop last weekend but most of them had main colas that werent ready even tho the side colas looked like they were (which is the opposite of my usual experience) so i left them and have kept a close eye on them over this week and found that ive had a lot of regrowth on my main colas. some of them have turned a funny shape and are kind of square looking and there have been new white pistils shooting out and a few small roundish leaves growing out through the bud. my trichs are mostly cloudy but i have no proper loupe so im using my cameras zoom to look at them so its not all that clear as i have no tripod. ive found a bit of info on the subject that says it might be a problem with too much light so i have turned all 3 lights down to 400w and have been reducing the light by 10 min in the morning and 10 min at night (so 20 min per day) for the past week. i have also had problems with my temps being too cold during the dark hours. they were reaching 10 degrees but it does not seem to have had any adverse effect on them, ive had no probs at all until this. this past week ive bought a little heater cz i took one plant down last weekend but have no separate space to dry so ive had to fashion a little cardboard wardrobe to hang my buds to dry in. the little heater has taken the temps in there up to about 14-15 in the dark. i dont think raising the temps during the dark could of caused the regrowth as it started before i put the heater in there. maybe its adding to it tho?? of the regrowth, as of last night there was only one plant that had brand new pistils on one cola, the rest that have white pistils all look to be settling down and turning orange now. as i was planning on chopping last weekend they have now had no nutes for the past 2 weeks and the leaves are starting to turn yellow as expected. so my question is, should i leave them for another week until the hairs on the new growth has turned orange or should i chop them now? i know im meant to go by terps and not pistils but its hard to see what im looking at through my zoom. i dont have the option of chopping odd branches off as i only have one room to use. if the advice is to leave them for longer, should i give them some nutes? i hope ive put this in the right section. tia for any advice