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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! Welcome to my Sweet Seeds competition grow! I want to start by saying thanks the guys at sweet seeds for their great customer support when I had a issue with my seeds parcel, resolving the issue and getting it to me so I can join in to this competition. This new year I've decided to run a "sweet shop" theme grow including some colourful and interesting girls for the competition. For personal reasons I had to take my grow tent down this Christmas but it has given me a chance to add the build to my diary which I'm pleased about so let's start with that! I started by getting the filter system in, the use of rachet straps made this much easier to align the ducting and attach the jubilee clips while suspended. After checking the fan, filter and ducting for any leaks I moved onto the lighting, again the use of rachet straps made this much easier, I am using a 250w HPS dual spectrum and a 315w CDM lamp, to get started I am only using the HPS and will add the CDM later during flowering so they run side by side. In my last grow I had some temp issues so I've had to bring in a radiator and thermostat to keep temps where I want them. After getting the tent ready and at a stable temp of 21/22c last night I started the germination of my chosen seeds, once in the paper towel I wet them to the point they wont drip but feel moist to the touch, then they have been placed in a sealed box in the airing cupboard for the next 48hrs. Thanks for reading the build intro to my sweet shop diary! here's a breakdown of my setup in use so far: - homebox q120 tent - cyclone duel speed fan - fan speed socket - carboair 60 filter - 250w hps - 315w cdm - oil radiator - inkbird termostat In my next update I will be sowing the tapped seeds and going over what soil and nutrients I will be using during this grow. Catch you then!
  2. Had to repost because my original was in the wrong category. Hey guys, a little confused atm. I'm using ghe nutes, my plants were planted on the 17th and 23rd of december. I was giving them preflower nutes and now flower nutes for 2 days. On other sites I read from some experienced growers that autos should be kept on veg nutes atleast thru week 6 to help them last 10-11 weeks regardless of whether the seed comp says they need 8weeks. So I was wondering, should I go back to veg or preflower feed? Also, was thinking about adding PK and Mollasses later on.
  3. was given a little taster of this, looked ...well i'll let you decide... pics don't do the purple's justice so she's real pretty but then..... .....for me, disappointment, again. should have known really; ever since I first saw/tasted purple haze(late 80's maybe) was massively disappointed then every 10 years or so the purple makes its way in like its new and exciting(stardawg, the purple cut and the like, more recently) and then the same thing-all pretty but no flavour or substance... just my 2p's worth and yes I use baccy
  4. I already started my general growing diary for 2016 in the Guerilla Growing section, but want to do a more specific one for the Sweet Seeds strains I’m growing this year. I’ve got quite a few on the go but for this particular project I’m growing five different autos side by side. I’m starting off two seeds of each strain, one of which will be planted in the greenhouse border and the other outdoors in the garden (with the exception of Black Cream, as I only have one seed of that, so that will be in the greenhouse). It’s pot luck what phenotypes I get for each strain, so it’s not very scientific, but I’ll be quite excited to evaluate the different strains side by side and give my impressions of them. As you can see, I like the ones with interesting colours and aromas! The five strains are: 2 x Dark Devil 2 x Red Poison 2 x Cream Mandarine (the standard one, not the XL) 2 x Sweet Special 1 x Black Cream (which I got as a freebie with a Sweet Seeds order) I sprouted the seeds in late April. I put them in some wet kitchen roll on a plate, with another upturned plate on top to keep the light out. As soon as the seeds showed a tiny tail I put them into Rootrainers with a simple soil mix as follows: roughly equal parts of… Fertile Fibre coir (reconstituted from brick form) John Innes No.2 …plus a goodly handful of perlite All mixed together and left to sit for a day or two. I actually started off the Dark Devil a week earlier than the rest because it arrived in a different package of seeds, so it’s slightly ahead of the others. Germination was 100%. I’m not sure to what extent the colours of the emerging seedlings are an indication of the colours in the final plants, but I noticed that Dark Devil and Sweet Special both showed a bit of red colouring in their first set of true leaves just after germination. It was only visible for a day or two, because once the plants start to produce chlorophyll they turn properly green. All the seedlings have red colouring in the stems to some extent, though one of the Dark Devils is much more green than the other. The Black Cream seedling has more of a dusky brown stem. Dark Devil seedlings about a week old:
  5. Red Poison harvested

    From the album Perpetual Auto Grow

    Full harvest pic before I washed....yes I bud wash Total Yield after drying was 76g.... Thanks Sweet Seeds!
  6. From the album Perpetual Auto Grow

    Measured as I was so impressed and 12" x 3.5" at her fattest of colourful trichy goodness!
  7. Red Poison harvest closeup

    From the album Perpetual Auto Grow

    Trichs all over the leaves and great colours I felt
  8. Red poison

    From the album Sweet seeds

    Red poison
  9. IMG 20141215 161907~2~01~2~01

    From the album grow