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Found 44 results

  1. We are off and running thanks to @HSO-Mark all popped and were placed in the propagation station. I selected the best three of each but had a forgetful feed and dried them out...they have now recovered and are in the system. hand feed initially with formulex I’m now onto a weak house and garden mix much love Kenny
  2. Hello there everyone. ive been growing out Dinafem beans since i started growing, and honestly, can hand on heart tell you that ive yet to be dissapointed in any of the strains that i have done. Just lately my growing has been going off a bit, lost my mojo, gone a bit stale, ive not been as enthusiastic as usual about my favourite hobby, and have had more than my fair share of dissasters...just have a look at my outdoor threads, or my breeding fiascos, as usual. So ive decided that what i need is a challenge......... a real challenge............ a real big challenge.........real BIG Soooooo, ive decided that for my next grow, im going to try and beat my previous personal best, and im gonna try and get ONE KILO of dried buds,.............. from a single plant........ Yes, you heard it first here, ......the kilo challenge is on...ive said it now, so i better make it happen. my previous personal best was 760 grams from one, but this time we are going big or going home. Growing huge plants indoors isnt as straight forward as just veging them for ages and letting rip, these will be dependant on timings for everything, toppings, lighting and nutrient schedules and environment need to absolutely bang on. Any mistakes can prove costly... The strain choice is Dinafems BIG Kush, a strain which ive grown previously , which surprised me in just how massive it got, and how good the bud was from it (the two are normally not exclusive). Every one of my mates who smoked it agreed that it was a belter, and it improved massively after a good cure. Dinafem Mark has very generously agreed to front the beans for this adventure, and im going to try my damnedest to make the KILO happen. its been a long standing ambition of mine, just to see if i could do it...fingers crossed etc we will be popping the beans as soon as they land and vegging for about 10 weeds in the rdwc. i tell you now, this is gonna be EPIC....there will be more info in the diary, so keep yer eyes peeled for the diary starting Go BIG or go home, as Guy Martin would say.... Trees for life, as i would say
  3. Hello, my fellow herb enthusiasts, I have decided to put up a short build guide for people considering RDWC. Now I have pictured 2 of my previous system builds, but unfortunately, the pigs stole them so I'm a bit limited in showing actual photos of various parts of the build. I have built quite a few of these over the years, each one has been a learning process, and not without disaster along the way, as u do. The systems shown will fit in a 2.4 by 1.2 tent (the 4 pot one) or a 1.2 tent (the 2 pot one) These are NOT undercurrent systems, they are simple recirculating systems, utilising 22mm spray bars for the delivery and 40mm returns to the res. I have located the res outside of the tent in both systems, because this helps keep the temperature of the nutrients cooler, and reduces the work for the chiller (i'll come to that later) So the system works by the process of pumping nutrient around the system, through the spray bars. This nutrient solution is highly oxygenated, with high levels of dissolved oxygen produced by the falling water disturbing the surface tension (which creates DO(dissolved oxygen). Now I'm not saying that this system is perfect or cant be improved upon, because nothing is perfect is it, its all a compromise in some way or other, before you all start slagging it off and telling me how I should have done this or that or whatever. I'm not really interested, ok? good.......... then we shall proceed Lets start with a list of stuff you will need to complete this build (2 pot system) The pictures are meant as a guide only as some of the stuff I describe is what I would do differently if I was to do it again 3No. really useful boxes (2 for the plants , one for the res) either 64 or 84 litre jobs (the more nutrient you have the more stable the EC and Ph will remain). this is why I use big boxes A hole cutter for 22mm and 40mm pipework. A number of 40 mm tank connectors (6 in this case), plus 40mm pipework, bends and tees to suit. I use solvent weld fittings, which do not leak if done properly, unlike the push fit ones. The solvent weld fittings are also cheaper woop woop. the down side is that if you ever want to move the system or dismantle it, you will need a hacksaw lol. A number of 22mm pipework fittings including bends, tees and pipework. I am not stating how many of each you use because it will depend on how you lay it out. I'm sure you are capable of working this part out for yourselves A water pump _ I would recommend a 4000l/hr one for this size system, the 4 pot system I used a 6000l/hr one, but should have gone bigger. A reducer from the water pump outlet to the 22mm spray bar. These can be bought off ebay as silicone reducers , just pump in the sizes, e.g 22mm to 26mmm or whatever it is. Stainless hose clamps to suit this reducer, both ends. various drill bits, a drill, A chiller- will depend on the total capacity of your system, for a 2 pot system I reckon you would be ok with a 150l chiller, I used a 300l one on the 4 pot system Maxijet 1000l/hr pump and hose to suit the chiller. Right, now to the construction part. we will start with the returns. these are 40mm, which are a decent compromise, you can go bigger (but they are expensive) or smaller (more likely to block with roots etc) So take your really useful boxes and lay them in the tent where you want them to go, this is how I did it As you can see the totes are side by side with the return pipes at the front and back of each box. Its always a good idea to set things out to make sure there is enough room for like lids to fit on (ahem), and all the pipework to fit etc. Now once you know where its all going measure out your pipes, notiing where each one goes. I lay them out on the floor the way they will go in the tent, makes life a little easier. The return pipes are attached to the box via the 40mm tank connector, which is solvent welded to the pipe When you drill the hole for the tank connector/ bulkhead, you want to try and get it very close to the bottom of the box,, BUT make sure you still have room to screw on the nut. When you get the tank connectors you will see a rubber washer type thing - this goes to the outside of the box ok? A word on solvent cement- you can get high as fuck off it so use in a well ventilated area (that's the health and safety pish out the way) Also, when using solvent cement, this is what I do to prevent bailing water out of the tent/ leaks . Saw cut the end of the pipe, then sand off the rough end where all the scrappy bits are, and a small chamfer on the end of the pipe. (Use 100 grit sandpaper or above) Make sure nothing is sticking out from the pipe, like rough edges etc Put the solvent cement on the end of the pipe, AND on the inside of the fitting it is getting connected to. Now stick em together, you don't get long. When I join them together I kinda push the pipe in and give it a 1/4 turn at the same time. wipe off the excess glue (don't put it back in the glue pot) Leave this for 15 minutes and it will be solid. So glue all the returns together, putting it in the box, measuring trimming etc as you go, to be sure it will all FIT properly. No point glueing it all together then finding out your 10mm out on a measurement has fucked half of it up is there. The returns are at opposite sides of the really useful box to equalise the return flow, so that the roots stay in the centre of the box. If both returns were at the same side of the box, the roots WILL migrate there and clog the returns. In the picture above you will see just below the spray bar Tee, the return pipes go to a tee fitting and then back to the res. If I was to do it again I would have 2 returns to the res, just in case the one was to block with root (unlikely tho it may be). The picture above also shows the spray bars, the 22mm pipe inside the box which delivers the nutrients to the tote. Drill the holes for these as high up the sides of the box as possible, you want as much fall from the water as possible. This one is drilled just below the top lip. These are done in a similar fashion to the returns, but it is easier to drill the holes for the nutrient to spray from before you glue the lot together. I use a small drill bit for the holes, and for this system, if I remember I had something like 4 holes on each long side and 2 on the short sides. I had these holes drilled in such a way to spray the water around the base of the net pot, about an inch or 2 away from the actual pot itself, but its not really critical where the holes go, as long as the water can splash on the surface, creating DO. The spray bars go to a TEE which goes to a single pipe from the water pump. A word of advice - the pump outlet has a reducer attached, and then it goes to the 22mm pipe. You will see that this pipe goes through the side of the res. there is a reason for this, which is - if somehow the pipe detaches from the reducer, it will not go flying out of the way allowing the fountain from the res to flood the room, as the side hole will keep the pipe in place. See pic below. Again if I was doing this again I would have the pump closer to the tent side of the box. this pic also shows the reserviour, outside the tent. You can see the single return at the bottom of the box. The red thing on top of the pump is the reducer Like a said, id do a double return next time, but you get the idea. If you look at the pic above, then this one, its like, inside the tent- outside the tent Here is my 4 pot system in action with spraybars (the spray bars are a different design, but the principle is the same). On the subject of dissolved oxygen, you can also add an airstone or 2 to this system. You don't really NEED to, but they help by creating yet more oxygen to the rootzone, like I did in the above system. so that's the spray bars and returns done, you are nearly there. For the net pots you need to make some holes in the lids. I use 200mm net pots, and to make the hole I devised a cunning plan, baldrick would be proud of. here is how its done. Mark the centre of the box lid, drill very small pilot hole, then get a piece of timber, and put a drywall screw through one end, so the tip of the screw ids protruding by about 3-5mm. then measure out 95mm and put another screw through the same amount. Put one screw in the pilot hole you drilled, and then turn the wood through 360 degrees scoring a perfect circle into the plastic. Then you just keep on scoring round and round till you eventually go through the lid , or it gets so thin you can cut it with a Stanley. Also when this is done insulate the boxes if possible, ive used Kingspan in the top pics, or even the silver reflective bubble wrap stuff for the lids is better than nothing, DO it. chillers - you WILL need one Chillers have a separate pump- a maxijet 1000l/hr job from the res to the chiller, and the warer will naturally return from the chiller to the res, , if you can try and get the return to make the water fall back to the res - more DO - you know it makes sense. Pop in your net pot, fill with hydroton and grow big fuck of trees. My first run in the 2 pot system produced 700grams from two (whisper it ) autos Mission accomplished. If I think of anything else I will add it. Mon the water
  4. Hi guys hope all is growing well So gonna be a bit of a long one explaining how I've set up part of a shipping container as a grow. So back to work tomorrow after 3 months off on furlough. Have been nice and busy while off. I decided at the start of lockdown to have a go at growing for the 1st time. As we have a couple of fields I decided to dot 10 or so plants arround diffrent areas gorrila style. So after a couple of weeks turns out Iv caught the bug ( growing not corrona) 10 plants quickly turned to 20 then 30 not I'm at 50. With the unpredictable weather I decided to make a move to inside with the best few so have set up a 1.2 x 2.4 tent inside a shipping container that I wasnt doing much with. I have cut out all the ventilation and intake and extended the ring main from the house so that I have decent power. I have also built a distro board for everything. I have 2 600w duel spectrum lights with vented hoods running and am realy happy so far. I have a humidifier and dehumidifier in there set to keep everything at 50 as some are budding. I have a sms controler and have just ordered the pro controler aswell to help with heat as in the day I need to run all fans turned up but at night can dial them down to keep temps so that will automatically do everything. I have also just bought a 8 pot alien pro silver rdwc system what I'm keen to use. I've also just bought a 2nd tent to use for drying what also has a seperate shelves section what I may keep a couple of mother plants In. Any tips or of you see anything that you would do differently please comment as im sure there are plenty of ideas out there. If you have still stuck arround and read to this point cheers guys and thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all, I posted a similar question a few weeks ago but the thread went very out of topic so thought I would ask again in the lighting section. i have previously grown 8 in soil before in a converted walk in wardrobe but with 2 x Lumatek 600w HPS and all was good with the grows. This time I’m investing in some CMH lights, tent and RDWC (first time) setup (Alien). Looking to grow 8 in 20ish litre pots. So I’m either looking to do the following if the space is correct or what size tent and lights do I need? This is pretty much what I was thinking and also posted in the Hydro section but it’s more suited in here or environment I guess? 2 x 630w (dual) CMH lights. I was thinking around a 1.2m x 2.2m x 2m tent? Thats giving me room for 8 plants with the reservoir outside the tent? Or would 2 x 315w (Single) CMH be enough? I could throw in a few corner LED lights also maybe or perhaps 3 x 315w (single) CMH lights? 1 x 630w (dual) CMH light in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent allowing 4 plants and the reservoir outside the tent also? This isn’t ideal really as would like 8 on the go to be honest. I’m not fussed about the cost really, just want quality, ease of growth and speed. With regards to the CMH, what are the better brands? Like I have mentioned, looking for dual ones ideally with the ballast built into the hood but being built in is not essential. Cheers all, Hop
  6. Hello all, I posted ups a thread a few weeks ago but it got massively off topic and I have had time to do some more research. Previously I have grown 8 plants (Autos) in soil in a converted walk-in wardrobe under 2 x 600w HPS. I have since moved and it would be better suited to go inside a tent so was wondering the best size to go for?: 2 x 630w (dual) CMH lights? I was thinking around a 1.2m x 2.2m x 2m tent? Thats giving me room for 8 plants with the reservoir outside the tent? Or would 2 x 315w be enough? 1 x 630w (dual) CMH light in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent allowing 4 plants and the reservoir outside the tent also? Or would 1 x 315w be enough? Secondly, I'm stuck between the Alien RDWC or the Alien Easyfeed? Cost isn't a factor, what matters is quality, ease or grow and speed really. Like I said, I'm happy to pay extra for the RDWC plus I don't need to deal with loads of soil either. Lastly, for the above two tents, what size RDWC or Easyfeed pot size would be best? I was thinking around the 20litre mark? Cheers
  7. When growing cannabis in hydro (RDWC), does it matter if the air temperature surround the leaves/stem/buds is high (e.g. 22-35 degrees C), if the roots are bathed in chilled water (at 19-20 degrees) constantly? I am starting a hydro attic grow soon, and my attic gets quite hot. However, I have a hydro water chiller that can keep the water at a constant temperature of my liking, and I have plenty of circulation fans. I can also, regularly mist the leaves of the plant if needed. However, is there any point at all in starting an attic grow if I can only control the temperature of the water reservoir?
  8. hHi, i usually run a sterile system, but lately ive been considering running some form of mycorrizal innoculant, such as TNC MYcorr hydro. My latest grow has got off to a piss poor start, due to too high temps in the room, and me not turning the lights down to keep them lower. i eventually did, but not before the damage was done. this resulted in higher water temps, as my chiller couldnt keep the water cool enough, it was over 24 degrees, which caused really poor root growth in some plants, and some staining, but no slime on the root. i usually have a nice big healthy rootball, but this time, its really poor. some plant roots look ok, others look really poor, little development of the root system etc Anyway, the point im getting to is root innoculants. Has anyone used the TNC one in dwc or rdwc (im thinking ahead here, for the next grow). im really wary but it says it has been developed specifically for dwc, flood n drain and recirc systems.. anyone used it? notice any difference? cheers
  9. Hello and welcome to my competition diary.. I have decided to enter this competition as I have a few strains from sweet seeds that have been gnawing away at my sub conscious- go on Billy,..... try them …...it says, you know you want to.....and I do...….so I am...... strains in question are a few of Sweet seeds best performers. I have chosen Black jack, cream caramel and Sweet afghan delicious s1, all of which I have wanted to do for a good while, but never got round to. Heres the contenders, limbering up in the background Black Jack Crossbreed of our Black Domina with an exceptional Jack Herer that features a pleasant and intense bouquet similar to the Haze’s cathedral incense aromatic trait. The result is Black Jack® (SWS01), one of our most powerful and productive strains.This classic strain features great hybrid vigor and it is totally adapted to indoor grows. When planted outdoors, directly in the ground and with enough sunlight, it becomes a resinous hairy monster of about three meters of height.Indica/Sativa: 50%/50%THC: 16-21% · CBD: 1,0%Indoor Yield: 500-600 g/m2Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Cream caramel This synthetic strain is the result of a three way cross between our best Indicas: Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino.This classic strain features a sweet intense taste that is reminiscent of caramel, combined with a hint of earthy flavors inherited from the Blue genetic that intervenes in the cross. This strain is ideal for indoor growing.This strain is the favorite of medicinal cannabis users. Relaxing and antidepressant. Indica/ Sativa: 90%/10%THC: 15-20% · CBD: 1,6%Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks Sweet Afghan Delicious s1 Self-pollination of one of our most powerful and aromatic mothers, a Black Domina selected in 1998.The self-pollination of this super mother produces dense buds covered by abundant resin. This strain features sweet intense aroma and a musky flavor inherited from its afghan ancestors.This S1 seed allows for a very homogeneous offspring regarding the described characteristics. Easy to grow and very resistant to pests and fungus. Indica/Sativa: 90%/10%THC: 15-20% · CBD: 1,8%Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks And so to the plan . The plan is to wet 2 of each strain and hope hey all sprout nicely for me. I will play them music and sing sweet melodies to them to increase my chances. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to miss my previous ramblings, my system of growing is HYDRO, using a home made RDWC system with top fed spray bars and airstones. Its been developed by myself over the years and is working pretty well now, altho, as with most things, it could be improved. Here it is. I wont bore you to tears with the lowdown on it, but will condense it to say the totes are 60 litres, the net pots 250mm, the airpumps are 60litres, 2 golf ball airstones per pot, chiller is hc300 hailea, and the water pumps are 4000litre for the 4 pot side and 8000 litre for the 5 pot side. Nutrient line is Ionic, used for years and good enough for Heath Robinson (my hero...………...swoon....lol)…... im actually repairing a leak on it today, or at least that was the plan, but the section I cut out, I tested it and no leaks, so I just put it back, with new joint connectors. I will leave the glue to set and trial fill it tonight, with everything crossed. So once the system is cleaned and leak free, we will wet some beans . Can you feel the excitement? I can...…………. So take a seat, skin up a fat one, and hold on for the ride...….
  10. 6 pot rdwc system is set up with clay pebbles currently in soak, i adjusted the ph to 5.5, went back 20 mins later and ph has risen to 6.0, i lowered it again hesitantly. Ive soaked root riot cubes in ph adjusted water and planted the paper towell soaked seeds in them and covered. Now under a 125w cfl in a propgator with the 600w hps set to 250w for heat purposes. I could do with running some water through the system to check for leaks but im unsure because im still a week or so away from putting the cubes into the netpots and didnt want to have to empty the water for when it comes to filling the system to the correct level. Would the water be ok in there from now untill i pot up or would it need emptying? Im also unsure of nute regime for example, im not planning on using a res, instead i was planning on doing a mix in a 40L bucket and then tipping into the brain which will then circulate throughout the chiller and the system, my question is, if i make a mix for example and get ph to 5.7 and tip that in, then create another mix for example of 5.7, then tip that in, would this affect overall PH throughout the system or would it all just mix together at a steady PH and Ec? Should i leave my tap water overnight before making a mix with it to steady levels? My background is 0.4 EC and 7.5 PH. If i would have to then i would be better off getting a water butt set up to use. Thank you all
  11. So.......Kenny is back in the game After listening to @badbillybob and @Dinafem-Mark and very very much against my own thoughts on the subject I quietly continued with my troublesome blue cookies whilst I awaited new beans. I let the water drop as a 'sink or swim' last ditch attempt.....they decided to choose life and finally searched for the water. (A faulty PH pen was causing me problems as was my inkbird - on the inkbird topic make sure the 'cooling' function' is set as far as you can from the temp you want as the compression switch turns both plugs off or constantly on - chattering also fucks them up) Now the PH is steady, they have decided they want to live......so I thought I still owe @Intense Nutrients Matt and @Dinafem-Mark the diary (not comp winning but Zen is a man of his word - so here it is) I have just flipped to 12/12 while they are looking semi healthy - billybob was right.....I just cant throw 8 weeks of electric out the door and I refuse to let my new illness stop me anymore. Photos to come.....Just wish I had photo'd them during the shite phases as you would not belief the turn around I am experincing - long may it continue
  12. Im back...... The water garden has had a facelift and is now ready welcome some new girls. I will popping using the traditional method of paper towels. I am using a RUSH system this time......I have upgraded it a little with better returns (ice line), I have two air pumps running 13 coke can air stones. (75l/m) I will have to use up the rest of my Plant Magic on this grow.....but it will be the last.....its f@ckin shite IMO So I will be only using the DWC A+B this time hydro silicon (a must) Canna PK13/14 (it seemed to be the 'cleanest' pk i could find) 1 packet of House and Garden shooting powder for the last week. I will use the root stimulations in veg in the x stream but that shite is going no where near the system as it 'furs' up my chiller. Just waiting for postman and games can begin
  13. Hello all I’m after some help I transplanted my cuttings into new rdwc system on Saturday and they were looking very stressed out I did damage a few roots but they had plenty so hoping they would pull through. Anyway they have progressively started to look worse everyday this week extremely droopy curled down leaves the roots are still growing as they’ve found their way out of net pots and about to touch down into the nutrient solution. AIR TEMPS DAY 24/25.4 NIGHT 18/19 ROOT TEMPS 19/20 EC 0.6 Humidity is on the low side around 40 lights on 50/60 lights off I’ve got a little seedling that seems to be doing just fine in my environment. So do I wait and see if they pick up over the next week or pull them all and plug up another three beans to run. I’m short on time this run as my tenancy runs out may so they need to be finished and in jars by then. Please any help from experienced dwc growers would be highly appreciated. heres a few pictures of them beginning of the week And now they look like this
  14. Hello again, im back with another adventure. this time its 2 bangers from HSO, chocolate mint og and Amherst sour diesel. im using my usual diy rdwc system 9 pots, under 5 lights. But this time im doing a mega scrog down one side of the room, the 5 pot side. its gonna be epic, I promise. im aiming really high this time. my last few grows have been lazy and the yield has suffered, hence the scrog. im gonna do it properly too, with the frame permanently fixed, instead of me dropping it on the plants like I usually do. Heres the candidates I was only meaning to germ 10, but I had 3 cmogs in another vial, so emptied them in, and tried tipping in another 2 but the whole bloody lot made a diver for the pool. oh well I suppose I could always do them as well, will see how they germ. buckle up and hold on to your seats, it could get kinda squirelly
  15. Hola and welcome to the water garden (sort of like an adult version of the night garden ) This will be run in RWDC using the intense nutrients line up. I have choosen OGC for the first run of the competition (blue cookies will be the next entry) I put them in for a 24hr soak......all have popped......Onward to the paper towels....we have three bursting to go....two lagging behind I have put the three front runners in the root roit cubes as per usual and given a chance to the laggers (very unlike me) They are in the prop now under a T5......fed a nice glass of plain water about 24 c....I placed them round the edge as the prop is already on for another project and I dont want them too wet at this stage. Now seabiscuits......run for that finishing line
  16. hello dope fans, im back with another diary, this time its HSOs latest and greatest Sherbinskis "The new" As with a few other the new grows, heres the foreword - im not interested in your opinions on the strain, whatever they may be, and derogatory comments will be flamed, so shut up, sit down, and watch the magic unfold. If you like what gets produced at the end of this grow - buy some, if you don't - don't, simples eh? right off we go, these were cracked a week or so back and are now in the system. Its a DIY RDWC system of my own design which has proven to work quite well, if I say so myself. 60 litre totes, waterfalls and 2x 60l/hr air pumps see to the growing part. Ionic nutrients are used for grow and bloom, they are one part, none of the A and B bullshit. I use canna cal mag, because I preffer it to IOnics, and I wont be bothering with any PK this time, it doesn't make much difference in my opinion. Nutes are at 0.6, Ph is fluttering between 6 and 6.4, because I raised the water level a 1/3rd of the way up the pots, and the hydroton messes with the ph when I do this, despite soaking it in 5.6 for days. Its not a problem, and its only till the roots start to grow down thru the net pot into the bubbling cauldron of nutes. So here she is, the new, from HSO/ Sherbinskis. I might end up scrooging her, time will tell. its under a 400watt metal halide, and will stay under MH lams till a week of bloom has passed.i might crank it up to 600w in a week or two. depending on temps good times......
  17. Hi new to the site and looking for some advice, been growing for many years now, tried many different ways and systems, I recently bought a Rush RDWC 16pot 60ltr system. I’ve had this connected up with a chiller included, all was working fine until the chiller broke, I removed it from the system and connected back up without chiller. Now when I plug in the pump the system does this, it’s 4 lanes with 4 pots in each, when I switch the pump on it starts recirculating after 20secs you can notice in control pots that the water level goes down on one side of system and rises on the other, if pump left running the side that’s filling begins to overflow causing a flood (system holds 860ltrs total) I have drained the whole system and refilled it with pump running to try clear any air locks etc but once full it does the same thing, does anyone have any idea what’s happening here, it’s doing my head in lol, it’s as if the pump is putting more water into the system than it’s draining out. I used al sorts of hydro systems aqua farms, nft, Oct pots without problems but cat seem to work this one out, any help would be appreciated
  18. large Bush

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

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    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

  20. Hi all, thought I would showcase how I have fit my RDWC in the new tent. I needed a new one and a few months back noticed BudBox Pro had made there inlet manifold "Hole" larger on the newer tents. After several phone calls and a very helpful growshop chap I decided they would actually be large enough for my RDWC Pro system. The pipework is 4" pipe similar to guttering so it was a bit of a gamble but late last week I finally had a clear enough tent to set it all up. The header pot (below) is tight, but it worked. It sits outside the grow tent meaning not only is ALL the grow tent just grow pots, I dont have to go into the tent to do my water changes. Meaning I don't need to disturb the light cycle with green headlamps in the warmer months. So the manifold comes of the header and through the purpose made hole already there..... And then it splits to the first two grow pots inside the tent. So atm I am waiting on some seeds and clones to decide which goes in. I have my own Dark Glue (GG4 BX3) X (DiscoBiscuit BX3 X DiscoBiscuit) clones in the Aero' Prop' and some of @panik 's Zkittzo in soak. I'm leaning towards the clones going in because although the Zkittzo are all one strain they are from seed and may require some different levels of feeding whereas the clones should be more similar in terms of EC needs. But I will take a punt if the Zkittzo look ready enough before the clones root out enough. Flip of the coin right now. I have some major changes going on in here over the next couple of weeks. I have a new CarboAir Filter going in which I already have. Its one of the CarboAir 100's so only 660mm in length and should fit nicely down the centre of the tent rather than central along the back. Got some rigid ducting for fan and filter connection as well. I also hope to have some new lighting going in. I've decided its time to go to LED and out the HID monsters, so fingers crossed @diyleduk can make me something nice, dude I will be in touch soon, just figuring this all out then I will drop u a PM etc. I also have a 2000L a day RO System ready to go in, I'm working on the logistics of this during this week but my plan is to have a collapsible 300L water butt I found on the net for £30 in the room and have the RO system attached to wall above it. Then the day I need to do a water change I switch it on first thing and by about 2PM it should have given me the 270L of filtered water I need, something I will have to measure and mark on the water butt during the week. Still working out how I get the waste back to the bathroom safely but I think I have a rough plan. Should then just be a case of mixing the nutrients etc to the correct EC and leave it for a night to settle before adjusting PH if needed and then empty old and add clean fresh.... I think... Need to Get a SCROG net in here and I have been looking at those elasticated ones that clip to the tent poles. If anyone uses them and reads this and dont mind dropping a little opinion on how they do I'd be really grateful as I'm on the fence with them from what I see pics of online. Well cheers for reading though if yo managed it. Will do another topic when its all done, hopefully Take it easy all. GV.
  21. Hello and welcome Just popped my gorilla girls. will update in due course
  22. Time to get this Bubba76 grow dairy going These are being grown out in soil so I can take cuttings to sex before taking more cuttings to go into the RDWC system, it’s just easier this way for me without having to setup a new hydro system for the 2x2 veg tent These popped the surface on the 14th of December and out of 10 seeds popped I snapped 4 tap roots transplanting, 3 didn’t germinate so we are left with 3 plants to work with here, last time I’ll be transplanting while baked Veg Area: 2x2 tent. 200 watt Monsterled fixture. 1 litre pots then potted up to 10 litre. Biobizz All Mix soil. Remo Nutrients. Flower Area: 4x4 tent. Migro 400 led. 75 litre rdwc system by Gorillahydronponics. Hailea 60lpm air pump. Opengrow environment controller + Tankbot for auto dosing ph. Netatmo Home Coach for monitoring co2. Remo Nutrients. So I have already had my first bit of drama with this grow, couldn’t get near the grow for a few days and when I did this is what happened 27th January I potted them up to 10 litre pots and foliar fed a mix of Remo Velokelp, Remo Grow, B52, Diamond Nectar, URB Natural. Bellow is them 1 day later. 28th January 28th January 28th January I continued with this foliar feed and they got just plain tap water when watering. The below pics were taken on Monday 4th February and they bounced back pretty good I’m messing around with little plant bends you can see in the pics just to see how they do at spreading the plants out a bit, I’ll be using these to train the clones that go into the rdwc system. Well thats it for now, @HSO-Mark I’ll be keeping this diary up to date mate unlike the last one
  23. hello there guys, just wanted to ask what the hell is happening, growing four plants in my rdwc system, and one plant has leaves like this all over the place, I see that the plant doesnt look healthy at all. its a third week in vegetative state. please take a look at these leaves and let me know what this might be? I had spider mites but all dead, and other plants are lush and looking very nice, but one of them doesnt look healthy at all. thanks guys!
  24. Hello, I'm off again, planning ahead for my next grow. This will be HSO's finest, 2 x Blue dream and 2 x chocolate mint OG. this thread wont be updated for a while, I'm just putting a few pics on to remind me of when these were started. My plan. I plan to grow these out in either coco or mud, for 8 or so weeks, and use them as mums, well the best one of each. I plan to take cuttings off the most vigerous growing, smelly ones (Scientific or what lol) and install them into my RDWC system. Because of this I don't really want them to shoot out of the blocks and grow like mad, hence the poxy CFLs, rated at about 20w each or thereabouts. I also have a 150w and 250w cfl, for veg duties if needed. I soaked the beans on Saturday and the shells split yesterday, with the first signs of tap root, so I transplanted them into root it cubes. These root it cubes were then put into hydroton in cups, and placed under my home made veg light (40W). Have a look at the craftsmanship that went into it ha ha, You don't get pine like that just anywhere you know....... This is just to get them out of the cubes and will be upgraded in a week or so, or when I can be assed to get some soil / coco on the go. They are living in a spare wardrobe for now. I thought about buying a small veg tent.......but they cost money.......... See you in a few weeks, all going well.
  25. Hello my fellow stoners, how are we today? Good, im glad to hear it! Well im back with another diary. Dinafem Mark very kindly gave me some seeds to grow out earlier in the year (purps#1 and purps moby dick). Due to my own stupidity and a cheap shite EC pen, I ended up pulling them in a rage. I had a few seeds left which I planted, but also had to pull, due to a security scare, and the fact that my set up wasn't set up all that well. So I decided to do it properly, and start from scratch. First I built a big fuck off room to house my new prisoners/victims plants er plants. Because I had previously promised Mark I would do a diary, I felt that I had unfinished business with the mobys, so went out and spent my own cash on a replacement purple moby beans......I know...…..the extravagance, but needs must. While I was at that I also decided to run some of my old favourite Super lemon hazes (I will try not to include them in this diary, but ive got to show you something later on …...no …..not that.....some plants.) So to my set up. Room is approx. 2.4 metres wide by 4.2 m long, ceilings are 2.4 high For these I will be using my newly constructed RDWC system, built from 60 litre totes, 40mm returns and 22mm top spray bars Its all run from a hailea HX 8840, which, to be perfectly honest is a bit on the small side, but it was cheap. Ive supplemented this poxy pump with a hailea airpump, with 1 stone per pot. The air stones aren't really needed, but I thought it would get them going in early veg. Ive ordered a chiller, as the temps are too high in the rdwc, its getting delivered today. Mobys on the left, not so super lemons on the right, its chalk and cheese. for the super lemons they are in 4x mega bubblers (60litre) , with 2 stones per pot run off a hailea 60l/min pump Ive got 4x lumii digita 600w dimmable ballasts with adjustawing shades, run off a timer box. RVK 8 inch A1 intake, 2x 12 inch RVK outtakes, both controlled from variac controllers. one runs at a pre set 50%, the other ramps up and down according to temps. Humidifier and dehumidifier when needed 2 oscillating fans Ionic nutrients, bluelab truncheon and ph meter, ph down all the usual shit, you know. Anyway the seeds were cracked, all the dinafem stuff cracked and were transplanted in to root it cubes, and into the propo with a scoosh every morning and night to keep them alive. they were in here for a week,The Dinafem stuff got out of the cubes in a day and started to reach for the lights, great stuff. while I tried to get the greenhouse seeds super crap lemons to germ. I eventually managed to get 5 of them, out of a 10 pack of seeds , to crack. one went into the cube and refused to do anything, at all. They eventually broke the surface, by the time the Mobys were needing into the net pots. I held them back a week till the not so super lemons tried to catch up. I eventually decided to get them into the room, after trying it out for a day or two to check temps etc. Temps were too high with the lights at 600, so ive had to turn them down to 400 till my air cooled hoods arrive (and yes, I know air cooled hoods are generally crap, but needs must. At 400w the fans are sitting on idle, which is great for outside noise, and the way I want to keep it. SO they have now been in the room for 10 days, and ive just topped the mobys at 4 nodes, so they will probably take a few days to recover before going for it again.. So far they look great, apart from a little fan burn, and are very consistant in size and development. As for the Not so super lemons, well, have a look, they are all different sizes, with 2 underdeveloped runts, which I will give another week or so, and if they don't start growing properly, they will be seeing the compost bin. neeedless to say, I should have gone with the quick Kush instead of these bloody things, but hopefully 2 of them will provide some decent smoke. I wont be doing them again tho, im fairly sure of that, just look at them, they look pathetic compared to the mobys. Enough of my drivel, heres some pics, of the mobys, they look pretty much identical pheno wise, so far, which is nice. These are in flood and drain net pots, big 10 inch jobs, with a nice flat rim, so they wont topple when they get big, which should help. And the not so super lemons, looking all over the place. the 2nd and 3rd ones looks decidedly ill to me. oh well, too late to start more, i'll just put up with it. these are in 200mm nets so they are at least 1/3rd smaller than the mobys. Currently being fed at 0.5ec, ph is 5.7 Last week they were started at 0.4ec, ph 5.8. So let the journey begin...………………………... And the award for the longest opening post goes to...……..me.